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Shawn was an average student. His grades were only decent and could be improved if only he gave a shit. He was a returning graduate, nineteen in a class with seventeen year olds. The truth was, he really didn’t care. Shawn and his mother lived alone and moved around the country at least once a year. Her jobs were only temporary so he never had motivation to do well in his classes because he would not be there long. He had been at Cordell High for about two months, and found himself acting up in class in order to be noticed; he did not have time to get close enough to anybody to call a friend.

One Thursday night after dinner, Shawn’s mother was clearing up the table when the telephone rang. “Hello?” she answered after a few rings. She talked softly into the phone, and after a while began to form that familiar “mother look” as she glanced disapprovingly to her son. “Okay, thank you. I will. Bye.”

Shawn groaned as he watched his mother stand over him with her arms crossed- he knew he was in trouble. “Shawn… that was your teacher, Miss Donovan.”

“And?” Shawn inquired. “I aced that test didn’t I? What did I get? 100%?

“Try 20%, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” She angrily spat out. “I work too hard to get you a good education, I have money saved up for college, and you won’t even try!”

Shawn would normally brush this off and go to his room to play his new football game, but there was something about his mother’s face that made him feel guilty. He knew his mom worked really hard, and it was tough for her ever since his dad walked out on her. This was obviously something that meant a lot to her, so he sat at the table and let her finish talking.

“Your teacher is giving you another chance to study for this test. She wants to see you do well and sees your potential, so you are going to stay after school tomorrow and write it over again. She is giving up her own bağdat caddesi escort time for you- so you had better not blow it. I will call her on Saturday morning to see your results; I think you had better study now.

“What a drag,” Shawn thought as he headed up to his desk. “I have to waste my whole night studying for this stupid test, and I have to give up my Friday afternoon to write this fucking thing.” He plopped down lazily on his chair, and opened up his textbook. After three hours of reading up on “The forefathers of America”, Shawn decided it was good enough. He walked downstairs feeling confident about his knowledge and was extremely hungry. He made himself a quick snack and went upstairs to bed.

The next morning as Shawn walked into his classroom, he approached Miss Donovan to tell her that he was ready for the re-test. It was faint, but he swore he saw her wink at him. Thinking nothing of it, Shawn sat down at his desk and waited impatiently for the end of class to come. After hours of doing what seemed like nothing in class, the bell finally rang. The rest of his classmates walked out of the room, and Shawn stayed seated- awaiting his paper.

A few moments went by until finally Miss Donovan looked up from her notebook and put down her pen. She had long dark brown hair that was pulled up into a bun, and wore a plain grey blouse with a knee-high black skirt. Her black high heels finalized the outfit, and her red lips smiled as she walked up to Shawn, slowly.

“Are you ready for your test?” She asked. This time Shawn was sure she winked at him, and froze in his spot. “Uh …um… yes, I think so”, was all he could manage to sputter.

Thoughts were running through his head a mile a minute and he did not understand what was happening. Once she got to his desk, she sat on the edge and rested her left foot on a vacant chair. bahçelievler escort Shawn had a clear view up her skirt and felt a bulge form in his pants. Her legs were long and her tights only pulled up to the top of her thigh. Shawn looked up at his teacher to find her noticing what he was staring at.

“I’m sorry… I, um.”

“Its okay, Shawn. I noticed you looking at me in class the other day, with a face just like the lustful one I just saw.” She proclaimed.

At this point, Shawn noticed that she did not even have a test in her hand. Before he knew what was happening, she leaned in closer and brushed her lips against his. One thing lead to another and the kiss became pretty hot! Miss Donovan shoved her tongue into Shawn’s mouth, but just as quickly pulled away. Standing up, Shawn’s teacher gazed into his eyes, very seductively as he watched her hand stray up to her shoulders. She began to unbutton her blouse, starting at the top and continuing down.

As she released her chest, she stopped and moved behind Shawn’s chair, where he was sitting. His cock was now fully hardened as he tried to justify what was happening. She spun his chair around and ripped the remaining buttons on her blouse- revealing her bright red push up bra. She leaned toward Shawn, allowing him a perfectly clear view of her round 36-C tits, which bounced sexily as she danced.

He gasped as she slowly lifted the bottom of her cotton skirt, and he stared at her strong and slender legs. She reached behind her, and unzipped the back of her skirt as she sexily slid out of it, one-step at a time. Miss Donovan was now standing over Shawn, wearing nothing but an enticing red bra and a matching lace thong. He could see her wetness seeping through which excited him even more.

Turning around, Miss Donovan bent over and pressed her tight ass against her student’s shocked face. bahçeşehir escort As if to music, she danced around him in a circle, until ending up in front of him once more. She swayed her ass, until reaching his fully extended cock. Giving him quite a lap dance, Shawn was sure he would soon explode and needed to be relieved.

His teacher stood up once more, and gave Shawn a sexy smirk. She unhooked her bra and released her perky nipples, which were fully hardened with anticipation for her sinful thoughts. She pushed them up against her student, as he lustfully licked- one and the other. He circled her nipples with his tongue, and bit down gently until she let out a lengthened moan. Shawn grew with excitement as his teacher undressed him, pulling his shirt over his head and unhooking his jeans. Dropping to her knees, she pulled down his pants and let her hot breath touch Shawn’s member through his boxers. Giggling as his cock twitched in return, she yanked down his boxers and teasingly sucked the tip of his shaft.

Shawn tried his best not to blow his load, but was sure he would not last long as she suddenly engulfed his entire 6 inches into her hungry mouth. Motioning up and down, Shawn moaned in warn of what was about to come. Just before Shawn was about to explode, Miss Donovan released his throbbing cock from her red lips and once again stood in front of him. Bending down, she grabbed the edges of her lace thong and slowly pulled them down, showing off her freshly shaven pussy.

All Shawn could do was gawk, as he stared at her pink pussy lips, which had soaked the inside of her panties. Swinging one leg slowly over his head, to give him a perfect view of her needful clit, she straddled her student and lowered herself on his hard cock. “You should study for your tests, Shawn. Otherwise, you’ll be punished.” She smiled as she began to rock her body over his throbbing shaft.

They fucked until they were both worn out, and Shawn headed home. His mother was waiting at the front door when he finally approached. “How did you do?” She inquired. “Good, I think. Don’t worry mom.”

The next morning, Shawn’s mother phoned Miss Donovan, only to happily hear the good news regarding his re-test. He got 100%.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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