Dessert Was Great

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I am in my hotel in Nashville, that one with a private hot tub. You are supposed to meet me for dinner, but you are running late and call me to let me know. You ask me what room I’m in so you can call when you get there. I’ll meet you in the lobby for a drink. Moments later, you knock on my door with a bottle of wine in your hand and a smile on your face. I am surprised and not too sure about this arrangement, but reluctantly let you in. This being a suite, I have a sofa and chairs, and after pouring some wine, you sit on the sofa and I sit on the furthest chair. We chat for a while, have a few glasses of wine and I ask if we shouldn’t be leaving for dinner about now. You stand and walk over to me and say you’d much rather have me for dessert as you run you finger from my chin down the front of my blouse into my cleavage.

I take a step back and I’m up against the wall with nowhere else to move to. You step forward again, unbutton just one button of my blouse, kiss the tops of my breasts and smile at me. I protest, but you repeat that you would much rather skip dinner and have dessert with me, as you unbutton another button ataşehir escort on my blouse. Slipping your hand around my back, you unhook my bra and begin to fondle my breasts. You kiss the hollow of my neck, running your tongue up to my ear and lean in towards me – I can feel your hard-on against my thigh and know we must quit doing this. I ask you to please stop, but you finish unbuttoning my blouse and pull it off. My breast slip from bra and it drops to the floor. We start kissing passionately, your dick against me, and my naked breasts against you. Your hand slides up my skirt and into my panties just, holding your hand there as we kiss. You begin stroking me, I moan and try to keep my legs together, but that does not deter you.

I feel as if I have no free will. My legs part slightly as we continue to kiss. I take my hand and unzip your trousers, tenderly pulling you out and start stroking your velvety soft dick. At first very slowly as it revels itself to me and then faster, as your hand moves faster to please me. I can barely stand, but there is no way either of us is willing to stop. avcılar escort Only aware of each other enough to know that if one of us quits, the other will too, we give each other an orgasm and continue to kiss, our bodies pressed against each other.

Thinking we are done and you are ready to leave, you pull me over to the chair and force me to lie over the back of it. Roughly, you pull up my skirt and rip off my panties. I struggle to get back up, but size and strength prevent me. You require no assistance in getting your dick in to my still wet throbbing pussy; slowly, teasingly you enter me.

I am tighter than you expect and it feels incredibly good for both of us as you take your time now. You keep rubbing my nipples and I have my hands on your ass trying to get you deeper. I can feel myself moving towards orgasm, as you trust you cock in to me ever faster. My temperature rises as I hear the sounds of our having sex and I begin to climax along with you.

You ask if we can sit in the hot tub for a little while as you pull off my skirt and take your clothes off. We have gone this far, avrupa yakası escort why not? As we sit in the tub, each with a glass of wine, I light a cigarette which adds a blue haze to the already dimly lit room and soft music play in the background, Our arms and legs entwined – silently we sit, feeling languid, we just relax with each other.

Eventually, I have other plans and slip my hand under the water. Not heeding your protests, I entice you to get hard again as you begin to suck on my breasts. I tell you we will do this one last time. Pulling you out of the water and over to the bed, I have you lie down. You ask me if you can use your tongue on me and I cannot wait to feel it. I straddle your face, your head between my legs, and you tease my lips with your tongue, always just avoiding that one little spot. I want o scream, but force my legs further apart and lower myself closer to your bearded face. I can feel your beard on my legs and your breath on my wet pussy, yet still you give me no satisfaction. I am forced to grind my hips into you and you relent – sliding your tongue in and out just perfectly. Circling my most tender spot and sucking on it until you feel all of my wetness, you hear me swear under my breath and feel my pussy contract around your tongue as I have my orgasm.

Having had my fill, I toss you your clothing and tell you it’s time for you to go – dessert was great, but I’ve had enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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