Debbie’s First Day

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A number of times since I had first met my lover Debbie, she had told me that she was anxious to find herself her own job. She said that her husbands income was insufficient and meant that she did not have the personal freedom that she yearned. I agreed that on occasions it had been difficult for her to get out to see me without taking risks, and I along with her would desire she have more space.

So therefore it was with some excitement that a possible position within the company that I work for came up.

I am the sales manager of a medium sized family run company that very successfully provides products, components and services, for the building industry.

I had been urging my managing director to allow me an assistant for sometime, to take on some of my workload that was increasing as our company grew. He eventually agreed that he would employ someone else, but not just for me, The chosen person would be assistant to both me and the accounts manager, A female named Amanda.

I passed this information on to Debbie, she applied and a few days later she attended my company to be interviewed.

I had no part in the interview process, but I was able to have a quiet word in the ears of the three people involved in carrying out the interviews… And happily Debbie won the job. On merit, I was reliably informed by the interview team.

My office window overlooks the works car park and I watched as Debbie arrived for her first day, I was quite excited and could not help but speculate how this development would help our love affair. I watched Debbie walk across the car park and out of my view.

Once inside she went to the reception and told Karen the receptionist who she was. Karen flashed a smile and said welcome Debbie, I will tell Mr Fellows you are here.

She spoke on the phone and then she said “Mr Fellows is sending someone for you.”

“Who is Mr Fellows?” Debbie asked Karen.

“He is the owner and chairman” she said, “he is a nice old boy.”

Just then a very attractive brunette appeared. “Hello Debbie,” she said warmly, holding out her hand, “I’m Hazel, I work in Mr Fellows’ department, he has asked me to take you up to his office.”

Debbie took Hazel’s hand and said, “Hello,” and was attracted by her big brown eyes and bright smile. As you walked up the stairs she said, “you will like working here everyone is so friendly,”

“Yes,” you agreed with her, “they were friendly at my interview,”

Hazel ushered Debbie into a large office and a man of about sixty years rose from his seat behind a big desk and greeted her. Welcome Mrs Carson, on your very first day, I hope you will be with us for a very long time.”

“Thank you,” Debbie answered

Mr Fellows continued, “At your interview Mrs Carson, you met our production manager Tony Johnson, works manager Simon Hill, and my secretary Anita Davies. They reported to me that you were their unanimous choice. I don’t know what you did to impress them but they all agreed you were the best for the job. What we have lined up for you is personal assistant to two of our senior people. Our sales manager, Jeff Collins and our accounts manager Amanda Smith. I welcome you to our company which is a very happy place to work, we like to look after our people, but if you do have any queries or problems, do come to see me. Now I will get Hazel to take you to meet the people you will be working with, bye bye for now and you have all of my best wishes.”

Debbie thanked the chairman, and with Hazel, left his office.

A knock came at my door and in came Hazel—–and Debbie. I wanted to rush over and hug her, but I had to pretend that we didn’t know each other. ” Jeff this is Debbie Carson, She is your new personal assistant,” Hazel announced.

I looked deeply into Debbie’s eyes and she into mine, we had done this so many times on the numerous occasions we had made love together. I shook her hand and gave it a halkalı otele gelen escort little squeeze, “Hello Debbie,” I said, please call me Jeff, we like to be friendly here don’t we Hazel,”

“Yeeeeesss,” said Hazel with a knowing smile.

“I’m happy to meet you Jeff,” Debbie said, “I will do my best to be a good personal assistant.”

I could detect the irony in Debbie’s words, but If Hazel denoted any other meaning she didn’t show it.

“You will soon get the hang of it” I said adding with a grin, “If you don’t I will put you right. John Fellows told me I have to share you with Amanda Smith, I have the bigger share of you, 60% in fact to her 40%, You will enjoy working with Amanda but she can be demanding.”

Turning to Hazel I said “Take Debbie to meet Amanda then come back here and I will show you what you will be doing.”

We smiled at each other and Debbie left with Hazel to see Miss Smith. Amanda Smith is a good looking well built woman, Mid thirties, short beautifully groomed dark hair, Large breasts and beautiful bone structure. All the men have tried to date her and failed, Because Amanda has a secret.

She got up from her seat when Hazel entered her office with Debbie, and came round her desk beaming at Debbie.

“Hello Debbie,” she said, even before Hazel had chance to introduce her. “I heard all about you at the interview,” she continued, “So I am sure we are going to get on very well together, Angela Davies told me you were easily the best of the applicants, and I am very pleased that you are to be mine, so to speak. I understand I have to share you with Jeff, but that won’t be a problem. Amanda turned to Hazel. “You can go now Hazel, Debbie and I want to get to know each other.”

What on earth does she mean Debbie asked herself, But she had already discovered that she liked Amanda’s confident nature and forthright manner and would enjoy working with her.

Hazel left and Amanda offered Debbie a seat at her desk, she sat alongside her.

“I believe in honesty Debbie,” she began, “I want you to know about me from me and I don’t want you listening to rumours. We have to work together and that means trust, I want you to know Debbie, I am a lesbian. I am in a relationship with another woman.”

Amanda paused, probably to assess Debbie’s reaction to what she had told her.

Debbie just smiled and looked Amanda squarely in her eye.

Feeling reassured, Amanda went on, “I have had relationships with men in the past, but none satisfied me the way Jennifer does, we have been together for almost five years now.” “I want to be sure that what I have told you will not effect our working relationship in any way, Will you find it difficult to work with me? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable around me.”

Taking Amanda’s hand, Debbie looked her firmly in the eye and said reassuringly, “Not at all, I am quite OK with what you have told me, as we are being honest with each other, I will tell you that although I am married, I have discovered recently that I am Bi sexual. I have had a couple of relationships with women, And I am very turned on by it.”

“Really!” Amanda shrilled, “I am so pleased to hear that, We must swop stories about our affairs,” she laughed.

“Yes we will,” Debbie said, Then thought to herself, “How on earth have I got into this position on my first day at work and with the woman who is my boss.”

Amanda was speaking again, “Don’t think I am making a pass at you Debbie, so early in our relationship, but I think you are a very attractive woman.”

” Well like you believe in honesty,” replied Debbie, “I believe in starting as I would hope to go on, and, Amanda, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a pass at you,”

“You wouldn’t?” Amanda Smith murmured and leaned her face towards Debbie’s Two sets of lips met, lightly at first, then more aggressively.

“Oh Debbie,” halkalı rus escort said Amanda, “you are making me tingle.”

“Where especially?” Debbie asked, already guessing the answer.

“In my pussy,” Amanda whispered.

“Let me sooth it for you,” Debbie spoke as she nibbled on Amanda’s ear, and stroked the inside of her thigh. She pushed her hand up Amanda skirt to where she could feel her panties at her crotch, Amanda’s knickers were damp already, and Debbie’s fingers rubbed her gently there, She could feel the slit of Amanda’s cunt through the material of her panties, With her free hand Debbie pulled her lady boss closer and kissed her again then slipped her finger under her thong and touched Amanda’s feminine sex.

Amanda wasn’t shaved around her vagina, but her soft downy hair was short and neatly trimmed. Amanda parted her legs to allow Debbie’s whole hand to slip between them, She quickly found Amanda’s hole and inserted a finger, then two, Amanda was shaking and nodding her head and her eyes were tightly shut, Debbie moved her fingers in and out of her pussy and it squelched each time, Debbie flicked Amanda’s clit with her thumb, causing her to cry out, “Debbie Debbie, please don’t stop, make me cum pleeeeze!”

Debbie’s passion erupted within her, she wanted to possess this woman that she was in control of, She wanted to make Amanda want her and be her own, She curled her fingers inside Amanda’s sex and touched her G spot.

It was like Debbie had pinched Amanda’s bum, she rose up off her seat, her legs splayed out and her hips shook and shuddered uncontrollably as her cum squirted from her pussy,

Debbie continued to fuck this excited female until she begged for mercy, then slowly withdrew her fingers from Amanda’s cunt and held them up to her mouth, she gleefully licked her own cum from Debbie’s fingers, and then said, “Oh Debbie, what a way to start, I never ever expected anything like this would happen, But you have turned me on today in a way that I had forgotten I had ever experienced before.”

Debbie smiled at her and kissed her still moist lips,

“Thank you Amanda,” She said with great feeling, “I think I am going to be very happy working here with you”

“I know you will,” she said as she gave Debbie a hug. “I think you had better go and see Jeff while I recover,” she laughed, “can you remember where his office is?”

“I think so” Debbie replied, “I will see you later,”

“OK Debbie, Jeff and I will work out a schedule for when we share you,” she giggled again and rubbed her hand over Debbie’s bum, and whispered, “And I still have your body to look forward to,MMMMMM.” And licked her lips.

Debbie came back to my office and as soon as she shut the door, I took her in my arms and kissed her, “Its so good to have you here darling,” I said.

“Mmmmmmmm I like it already,” she said smiling.

“You were a long time with Amanda,” I said, “I hope she was being nice to you.”

“Oh she was being nice, very, very nice,” she said, and then burst out laughing at the puzzlement on my face. “Did you know she is a lesbian?”

“Actually I am one of the few people who does know,” I said, “she told me so herself some time ago. How do you know, did she tell you?”

“Yes! she told me she wanted trust and honesty between us, not only that Jeff but I have just had sex with her,” she said,Allowing a grin to spread over her face.

I stared at Debbie unbelieving, ” WHAT! you have had sex with Amanda? You are joking surely?”

“No its true!” she protested, “We were attracted to each other and it happened.” And Debbie went on to tell me exactly what had occurred in Amanda’s office.

“But you have only been here about three hours, I know people who have been after her for years and got nowhere.”

“You amongst them I expect,” Debbie laughed, “well I have beaten you all to it.”

“You halkalı türbanlı escort are amazing darling,” I said, and I hugged her close again. “Come on then I will show you around and introduce you to some of the people, those you don’t know already and then we will have lunch in the canteen.”

Later, during the afternoon I showed Debbie the work routines and records and files and introduced her to the computer she would use. I send out lots of sales letters which other members of my sales team have to chase up, and she would be working with them as well to ensure we met our targets. Nearing home time I asked Debbie if we were able to go for a drink,

“Well I told John not to expect me too soon because I didn’t know my exact hours so I have a little time.” she said.

“Although ours is a happy place to work, it doesn’t stop everyone stampeding for the exits at home time, and in five minutes the place was deserted. Debbie and I stood in the middle of my office and held each other, we kissed passionately and my hand stroked over her bum and hers did the same to mine, then she moved her hand to my front and held my cock.

“Uuuuuuhhhh I have been so close to him all day and not been able to touch him,” she said.

“AH but you were playing with pussy all the morning,” I chided playfully, Then I said, “you know those sex surveys where they ask women where they fantasise having sex and often they say “my desk at work?”

“Yes,” She nodded, “I have read some of them saying that,”

“Well,” I continued, “I have you and I have a desk, and I fancy having sex with you on it.”

“Mmmmmmmmm do you now, I fancy that too.”

I cleared my desk in seconds, picked Debbie and laid her on the desk top, I stood by the side of the desk and ran my hand up her skirt, while she giggled, I squeezed the top of her thigh and the side of my hand brushed against her panties, Then I pushed her skirt to her waist, she wore a suspender belt and stockings, I kissed the flesh of her leg just above her stocking tops, then nibbled her pussy through her knickers, I wrenched her panties down, I took them right off and pulled her body down the desk so that her legs dangled over the side, Debbie immediately opened her legs and I kissed her super slit.

Aaaaaaahhh you tasted heavenly, several times I have tasted her pussy straight after her shower, Now I could taste her at the end of a long days work and which must have included her juices when she had played with Amanda. She tasted delicious. I couldn’t get enough of her taste or smell, I sucked her into my mouth and gloried in her wonderful sex, I was extremely hard, even harder than I always am when I am near to her.

I quickly took my cock out and guided it to her hole, she held her legs wide open for me and I rammed hard into her gaping hole. She cried out with the force of my entry, and she gripped the side of the desk as I drove in and out of her pussy, She tried to hold my cock to slow me down but I was so full of passion that I fucked her aggressively, my bum moving in and out like a piston,

“Don’t cum yet Jeff,” she implored me, and by being stood up I was able to last longer.

Her body rocked back and forth, my cock spearing into her, her tits, still confined in her bra and top, bounced up and down, She cried and moaned and gripped the side of the desk.

“OH OH OH OH Jeff, UUUUUU,” she squealed and her cum poured from her sex seconds before I suddenly tensed up, crushed up to her pussy lips and squirted spurt on spurt of cum into her deep inner hole.

“Yes oh yes, AAAAHHHHH,” she called, and I groaned loudly.

I leaned forward over her stomach and breasts and kissed her lips, I licked her face like a cat licks his mate, hungry for each other.

I stood up and pulled out of her and she slid off the desk. there was a pool of cum and juice on the desk top where it had run out of her pussy, I got some tissues and wiped it off as we laughed and played with each other.

“And that was just the first day,” I said, “I wonder what you will achieve tomorrow.”

“Oh I will have sex with the chairman and his secretary,” Debbie joked. I must get home now Jeff.”

“I can’t wait for tomorrow, Goodnight darling,” I said, “see you tomorrow, Nine o’clock.”

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