Date Night

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Tonight I’m sitting at the bar alone drinking a glass of wine. It’s a nice place, not really what you would call “high class” but not a dive by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m wearing the little black dress that every woman has hanging in her closet for special occasions. Spaghetti straps, low cut, not too short. I’m wearing black, ankle strap 5″ heals. Ankle strap shoes are very sexy in my opinion.

I’ve had a few men ask me the typical bar pickup lines… So are you here alone? or What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? Cheesy and, mostly not worth the effort of a response. I’m not here to listen to boys trying to be men.

I finish my wine and am trying to decide if I want another or if I just want to leave when the bartender sets another glass down in front of me. “I didn’t order this.” I said. He points down to the end of the bar and you smile back at me. I smile, raise my glass and nod my thanks. You get up, and I think you’re going to come sit with me, but you turn and walk out of the bar. Ok, I think to myself, that was strange.

I finish the glass of wine, pick up my purse and move to the door. Men are still trying to get my attention but I’m not interested. I step outside and can’t decide if I want to walk for a while or call a car to come take me home. I decide it’s a lovely night and I begin walking.

I don’t get very far before I get the feeling I’m being followed. I turn around and there you are looking quite handsome in a nice pair of black slacks and a button down shirt, open at the neck with no tie. My heart skips a beat as I wonder what you want. I hardly have time to complete the thought before you are in front of me letting me know, in no uncertain terms, what you want.

You grab my wrists and push me up against a building. You pin my arms against the building as you press against me and kiss me hard. I find myself kissing back. My lips part and your tongue finds mine. You press harder against me and I feel your cock, your throbbing, hard cock. My heart is beating faster.

In beylikdüzü escort one quick movement, you spin me around so I am facing the building. You still have a grip on my wrists. You take one hand away and now both of my arms are above my head, pinned to the side of the building with one of your hands. With your free hand you reach down and unzip your pants. The back of my dress comes up and I feel your cock pressing against my ass. You move one of your legs between mine and separate them.

Before I know what’s happening, your cock is deep inside my pussy. I gasp as you pull out and slam into me again. I try to be quite but moans escape my lips. As you fuck me from behind you kiss my neck. You whisper in my ear “How do you like my cock pounding your pussy? Does it feel good? I know you like it, you’re so wet.” I can’t speak. You are fucking me so hard I can’t breathe.

You’re moving slower now but thrusting harder inside me. Quite unexpectedly my body starts to quiver and all of a sudden I moan loudly as I cum. “Yes, I knew you were enjoying yourself!”

You turn me around and kiss me. I kiss you back, biting your lip. “Who are you? What’s your name?” I ask, but you ignore my question. You take my hand and pull me toward a car parked at the curb. You open the back door and I get in and you slide in beside me on the seat. The car pulls away, taking us to who knows where. I still don’t know your name.

In the dark of the car I hear you unzip your pants. Your hand takes mine and puts it on your cock. I’m nervous but who am I to refuse a bulging cock. My hand slowly strokes your cock, from tip to base. You shudder and moan softly as my nails rake up the length of your shaft.

I move on the seat so I can bend over your cock. I start by kissing the entire length of your member. You pull your pants from beneath you so nothing is in my way. As I lick your cock, you softly stroke my back. This sends chills down my spine and I shiver.

You move your hips to the rhythm of my lips. Slowly, beylikdüzü eve gelen escort I take your full length in my mouth. You moan louder. I suck and lick you till you are about to cum. Your body is shaking and I can tell you are about to shoot your sex down my open, willing throat. You pull my hair and don’t let me move my head as you growl and cum.

From somewhere in the car you pull out a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. You hand me an empty glass then fill both. We sit in the darkness drinking wine as the car drives around the city. I try again and ask your name. “I’m Donald and I know you are Roxie. I’ve had my eye on you for a while.” This just keeps getting better. My glass is empty and you take it from me.

To my surprise and immense pleasure, I feel a vibrator under my dress on my wet pussy. “You like that don’t you babe?” All I can manage is “mmmm” as you push the toy deep into my pussy. I start humping the vibrator as you are fucking me with it. My movement lets you know I’m about to cum. You pull the vibrator out and slide your fingers inside me. You are pounding me harder and harder. “Oh fuck me! Fuck Me!” Your fingers find that “special” spot and I cum in your hand.

I am totally spent by now but I get the feeling the party isn’t over yet. The car pulls up in front of a hi rise building downtown. You step out and offer your hand. I step out and the car drives away. You walk me into the building and tell me we are going all the way to the top. In the elevator you pull me to you and kiss me. Your cock is very obvious through your pants and I start rubbing against you.

The elevator doors open and we move to your door. You open it and we walk in. You go to the bar and get another bottle of wine and glasses. As we drink I am standing in front of a large picture window that overlooks downtown Houston. After another glass of wine you take the glasses and sit them on the bar.

For the second time tonight you push me up against something and pull the back beylikdüzü masöz escort of my dress up. This time I’m pressed against the picture window. You start slapping my ass. I try to turn away, but you are pushing me into the window as you spank me.

Every so often you will lick the palm of your hand to make the slap really sting. “You are a such a slut! A very bad girl. I’m going to have to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” After about 10 minutes of spanking my ass you drop your pants and, without any hesitation or warning, you slam your cock into my ass. I scream as you pull out and push in again.

As your cock is fucking my tight ass, your fingers manage to find my wet, tight pussy. Your fingers slide in and come out so wet that, as you try playing with my clit, they keep sliding off. My knees are getting weak from all the over stimulation. It feels like my ass is on fire, both inside and out. The pain is intense, almost too much. My pussy is aching to have your cock in it. With one last, hard push, you pull out of my ass and slip into my pussy. That’s all it takes, one thrust into my wet, hot mess and I cum.

My body is shaking and my knees finally fail. I’m on the floor panting. Trying to not cry. You pick me up and carry me into the bedroom. You lay me on a king size four poster bed.

Gently, you climb on top of me and slip your cock is my pussy. My legs open wider to afford you access to the wet, hot depths of my pussy. I am pushing and grinding my hips into you and I’m moaning with every stroke. You begin to slam into me harder. You are groaning now.

One of your hands slip behind my head and you pull me up to kiss you. As we kiss your moaning gets louder and you begin pulling on my hair. You bite my neck and shoulder as you push into me harder than ever before. Your body begins to shake and you groaning takes on an animalistic quality. You bite me again as you cum in my pussy.

You roll off and lay next to me panting. I turn onto my side and look you in the eyes. I kiss you passionately on the lips and say “Thank you Honey. That was the best date night yet. I love you Donald.” I get up and go into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

When I get back to our bed, you are waiting for me with another glass of wine. You say “I love you too Roxie.” After we finish the wine, we crawl under the covers and fall asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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