Dark Side of Hema Ch. 09

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Hema returned to Chennai and was unable to face Venkaji, she got to know right at the airport from Selvam that things were not too good at home. While she was performing for Ripu that night, Ananth had quietly left for Chennai by the night ‘Nilgiri’ express and was at home a day before.

Hema who was paid 50 lakhs by Ripu, for that all the three lusty characters Ripu, Ash and Radha all through the next day of course enjoyed fuck till her cunt started dripping blood – drilled it.

Radha and Hema performed an exclusive lesbian show for the duo, which was joined by Dayal and Manjeet that evening.

This morning Ash, Radha and Hema returned to Chennai in Ash’s private jet. In those 30 odd minutes Hema was allowed some sleep while Ash was busy with some accounts issue back in his office.

Selvam was pretty thrilled to see his ‘babe’ back in town. His mouth was watering and also feeling very juicy. After all he enjoyed the feel of this woman in the house and knew what he will get shortly.

Venkaji and Ananth made it very clear to her that divorce was a natural result and there was no going back. Hema had all cards well in place, she picked up the phone and just uttered ‘ Speak to the bloke’ and gave the receiver to Venkaji. ‘ Venka, do not get down to doing anything stupid, your wife is a very important friend of mine,’’ What about me, Ash, you know me since childhood, my first wife was your own sister in law’, ‘ Yes Venka that is all fine. Hema is also my sis in law’ saying there was a loud laughter at the other end.

‘ Venka, just let life be as usual, okay, you have seen me fucking so many women but yes this time it is your wife, don’t get worried, let her enjoy herself and forget the rest’.

‘ No, Ash. Ananth and I are not going to allow our family name and cultural past to get depraved like this’.

‘ Ananth is a big bastard, I know you still carry the male superiority but anyway. If Hema is divorced, we both will need to split, think about it’ and every one in the room could hear a click at the other end. ‘ Hema why did you do this to me, what is my mistake. Even though I was aware that half your class had fucked while in the college, I went ahead and married you because your father was very insistent that it would change you’.

Hema was unrepentant. She had learnt in these few days what it meant to be an ‘original’. She walked up to Ananth and in front of his brother gave him a loud slap and spat on him. ‘Bastard, I gave you what no bhabhi would have in her life time and this is what you have done to my married life, I will not divorce Venkaji and he will suffer because of you’.

‘ By the by, Ananth, you will also lose your job. I gave the incentive which Dayal wanted and am meeting Gregory from Deutsche Babcock next Thursday at the Chola Sheraton. I will have to spend the night with the American, which I have agreed. My only worry is the 10 inches halkalı otele gelen escort of his prick, which I will need to accommodate. It gives me 10 Lakhs for that one night and also a promise from Dayal that you will be finished’ ‘ Ananth will be finished’, saying she turned around like a whiff in the wind leaving a scent of sexual aroma floating in the air.

Venkaji was caught in a quagmire. Ananth started pleading and turned towards his brother, ‘ Get out of my house and never show up again’ retorted Venkaji.

The whole day Hema was fast asleep and in the night was woken up by Meekri,’ Ma’am Mr. Dayal is on the line and handed her the mobile’. ‘ Yes Mr. Dayal what can I do for you, it is next Thursday though, am I right? ‘.

‘Yes, I called for a different issue. Ananth has some insight into a project coming my way and is blackmailing me. I believe you told him about the termination and he is playing this back on me, can you please handle it. There is a woman called Sheila who is very influential and her husband does whatever she says. Ananth and that guy are good friends and in this case she is listening to him, the project value is 3 crores’.

Hema kept the phone and started thinking of a plan to get Ananth to give her the name and address of this Sheila’s husband.

She had to screw Ananth and make his life miserable.

She called up Radha and told her the problem. Radha was watching the road in front of her room and saw Ananth drive down the kerb and would cross her house in another 5 minutes, she told Hema not to worry and explained what she is going to do and rushed to the door. She had to make this look ‘matter of fact ‘ and did not want Ananth to get suspicious and knowing his lust for a quick fuck with her, she knew what to do and make him come running after her.

She got into the porch of her house, which was fairly visible to anyone on the road.

Ananth saw her standing looking in the other direction and got a jolt in his loins. She was wearing a sleeveless transparent shirt and nothing inside, which was totally wet. Her nipples were fairly visible and were really puckering out of the shirt and as he kept watching through the car window he suddenly applied breaks to avoid going over a small girl crossing the road at that point. Radha turned on the screeching noise and saw him still trying to navigate and negotiate on the road.

Sexy Radha and as of now his queen of dreams came out of the gate to be face to face. They were the only two people besides the small girl on the road and seeing her walking up to him was too much for Ananth.

He did not notice when she got into the front of the car and sat next to his seat, Radha picked up the mobile and sent a message to Hema, ‘Come to my house and reach my room in another 20 minutes, am wetting your car right now with my pussy juice’. halkalı rus escort

Ananth had got down from the car and was busy taking care of the small girl who was standing at the other side of the road and did not notice all this and when he turned around found Radha holding the steering wheel edge with her hand and pouting her lips, smiling in her usual sexy style. Right in front of her own house with the windows of the Zen pulled up, Radha leaned over, putting one hand on the top of the dashboard, grinned and looked at him once again.

“How you doing?” she asked and kept grinning while her tits reached out toward Ananth’s face inside the car. They were nice and big, though not as big as Hema’s tits but were more firm and gorgeous, Ananth was able to make out the shape of her nipples, too.

Ananth breathed hard as Radha continue to smile seductively and licked her lips. Before long, Radha suggested taking the CAR inside the compound of the house and once they were out of sight for people on the road, she came close to him and kissed on the lips but pulled away fast before Ananth could make the kiss mean something.

She took a step back and tore her top shirt all the way.

Radha looked the slut he knew her to be and today at this hour she looked real alluring and of course was willing. She took hold of her shorts and began to pull them down slowly over her sexy legs. She got her panties in one swipe at the same time, so when she stepped out of the clothes, she sat there next to him, stark naked and inviting.

Ananth was breathing hard, going wild with desire.

Radha parted her lips as Ananth watched her, but she also put her hand out to catch hold of his cock through the trouser. She pressed Ananth’s lips against hers and started sliding her tongue out while her fingers curved around his prick inside the trouser and gripped it tightly.

Radha unzipped the fly since her hands were too strained on the fold and got the prick out of his opening, once it was out she started stroking it up and down, feeling up the entire length and in a minute pressed her thumb against the head of his cock and spread the juicy pre-cum over the top of his cock head.

Radha was tall, so she had to bend over to get her mouth near his cock, but it was long and hard and stood up straight so she didn’t have to bend over too far, she closed her eyes and moaned softly as she inhaled the musk aroma of his crotch. Then she closed her lips and began to run her tongue around the head of the dick, licking off the loose droplets of cum which had formed there and she licked harder, running her tongue all over the thick head and finally closed her lips around the head and sucked on it for a second.

After that Radha moved up and down the shaft with her lips closed around the lower art, nibbling her way down the entire cock and slowly inched to close halkalı türbanlı escort on his balls and started licking them, this drove poor Ananth crazy and practically wild with lust, in no time she started licking her way up again.

She licked the cockhead again before closing her lips around the shaft and lowering her head down and accepted the whole thick cock into her mouth.

Ananth was drooling over the oral experience from this bitch in the heat, not only was she a great hooker, but she loved to take cock in her sexy mouth. He desperately wanted the mouth to suck and lick his balls, they were suddenly feeling orphaned and were drying up on the saliva left behind in her last travel to that place. Radha knew his predicament and she was going to use it to the advantage, she turned back on her journey and reached the edge of the rod and before descending on the jewels spat on her hand and applied the saliva from there on the skin just above the anus and slowly eased her finger into his anus. Ananth was finding this unbearable and still lusted for the tongue to go to the balls. he wanted them to get laved and splashed by the tongue. Radha’s removed the fingers from his anus and dipped it into her mouth and this was too much for Ananth, who started shuddering at this sight. A lovely creature like Radha was doing all this for him, he was really excited and felt blessed.

Radha resumed the reaming of the ass and was waiting for him to cry out for pleasure and lick on his balls, which he finally did. She ran the finger diligently on the balls and grazed them with her long fingernails. Ananth jumped on the car seat and was about to hit the steering wheel in front of him. ‘ You know Sheila, Ananth Sheila Nagraj?’ feigned Radha while reaching his balls with her mouth. Ananth was watching her with a keen desire to make her suck his balls and just blurted ‘ Sheila Rajesh Nambiar’ and just then the tongue touched the balls again and this time Radha had a whole wad of saliva which just dripped all over one of the balls making it very sticky and frothy. Ananth was thrilled with the tongue laving his balls with so much of saliva and felt ‘nirvana’.

Radha continued the slush disposal of saliva on the other ball and it was real wonder that her mouth had so much of the stuff in it, she kept oozing saliva on his prick and balls for 3-4 minutes. She started running her nails again on the underside and before they reached the ‘anus’, Ananth led out a loud cry and start cumming, ‘ I will eat your juice now Ananth, so where does Sheila stay’ and lowered her mouth to the prick and picked up all the cum with some dripping from the corners on to her boobs and neck line.

‘ 101 Beach Road, Near Adyar’ saying Ananth collapsed.

Radha quickly got out of the car wearing the left over and sneaked into the garage in front of the parked car and fast lunged for her room. Suresh, her brother in law would reach any moment.

Hema was waiting in the slut’s room, ’20 minutes? You have taken more than 1/2 hours.’

Radha retorted ‘ I know, that bastard was to be taken care so was trying all tricks, any way his name is Rajesh Nambiar and stays somewhere on the beach road near to Adyar. ‘ saying she rushed into the bathroom for a quick wash.

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