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As the morning sun streamed through the window and dappled the sheets, I wake up cold and lonely in body.

But hot in mind.

Rolling over to the pillow next to mine, I smell you on it–the faint perfume you wore last night wafting from the cloth, punctuated by the equally distant yet distinct musk of your night with me. The perfume sends its signals straight to my body, and I harden immediately. I feel again your warm tongue on my body, the taste of your hot, soft petals against my ravenous mouth, your hands clutching at my ass as you pull me to you, the trembling explosion of our orgasms deep inside each other.

My need for you begins to climb. Still half asleep, my hands reach down below, to grasp my painfully hard cock–fisting my fingers over it in pale imitation of your mouth. My balls feel heavy and tight in need, my asshole clenched. I need your feathery touches all over me–no, I need your lips, your tongue, your tits, your pussy …

I stumble out of bed, dragging the billowing sheet with me. Dancing lattices of sunlight ladder a path out of the bedroom door to the balcony overlooking the hall. I walk up to the balcony, and am transfixed at the sight below.

The room is filled with people–handsome and beautiful, dressed and undressed, alone and in groups.

In a corner, I see a woman and a man in a 69 on the rug, the man’s pink tongue whipping rapidly around her equally pink pussy as she engulfs his cock. Next to them, leaning against a wall, a beautiful stranger watches them intently, mouth half open in desire, the skirt of her business suit pulled up over her hips as her hand keeps busy under her lacy panties.

A man in perfect, uncreased white tie and tails, waltzes to unheard music, with a blonde naked except for black thigh-highs and heels. The couple twirl effortlessly through the mass of others, some casually chattering over cocktails, others busy in orgiastic pleasures.

I descend the stairs, slowly, searching the room for you. As I reach the bottom, a red-haired woman in a maid’s costume gently removes the bedsheet I have been trailing, and disappears with it. Totally naked now, I pass through the crowd.

Many in halkalı bdsm escort the throng ignore me completely. Others acknowledge me–from a friendly hello to more amorous advances. A regal, middle-aged beauty in evening dress turns to me as I pass, and engulfs me in a tight embrace. She looks faintly familiar. I feel her un-brassiered, chiffon bosom against my naked chest, and her bejeweled fingers caressing my hard cock now pressed against her soft belly. Even as I reach out to push her mouth down to my needy prick, a white-haired man pulls her away from me to rejoin a chatting group of distinguished men and women. She leaves without a backward glance.

My eyes move to a tableau before me. I feel my need for you rise with my penis, as I watch a large black man lean naked against a table, oiled muscles shimmering in the light. His enormously hard cock stands up against his rippled stomach, as two women minister eagerly to it. A voluptuously naked blonde licks the tip of his purple organ, bent over so that her shaved pink pussy and tight asshole are totally exposed to my lustful view. Pinpoints of light twinkle on the clear wetness on her pussy, which she touches from time to time with her long-nailed fingers.

The other woman is tiny, Asian and fully clothed in a shimmering top and black leather miniskirt. Her heavy black hair falls over her porcelain face as she snakes out her tongue and licks the man’s large, spherical balls, dangling asymmetrically between his legs, and cups them from below, the huge orbs seemingly overflowing her small hand.

I am transfixed as I watch the trio. I glance down and see myself strainingly hard–pointing desperately towards the lewd scene. I want to join them, but the distance suddenly seems immeasurably large. I want to touch myself, violently ending this tension, but my hands are unable to move. I want to plunge myself in you, but you are nowhere.

Before me, the blonde has relinquished her hold on the black man’s cock, and has been replaced by the Asian. Amazingly, the diminutive brunette sucks the whole length in, her eyes closed. The man’s eyes are shut as well, as he holds on to the halkalı elit escort shoulders, driving himself deep. I can see the outline of his gargantuan organ through her distended white cheeks as he fills up the little mouth.

The blonde, at a loss for a moment, runs her hand down her friend’s clothed body–and then, with sudden determination, pushes her leather skirt above her hips. Framed by the black leather is her pale, tight ass. My attention, and that of the blonde, focuses on the delectably tiny pussy, fringed in silky black hair. With the greatest of care, the naked woman parts the tiny, chocolate lips of her Asian friend’s pussy, and curls in her index finger to expertly rub her G-spot.

In a few moments, the effect of this becomes electric. The Asian spasms in sudden ecstasy, and I see a distinct squirt of her juices from her swollen pussy. The blonde leans down quickly, and extends her tongue to lap up the liquid as it spurts, continuing to piston her fingers into the wetness as she does so. As the brunette squirms in delight, the huge black cock pops out of her mouth, trailing a rope of pre-cum to her parted lips. The black man steps back, cock bobbing, as the two women writhe on the rug, connected by tongue and finger.

Just at that moment, I feel the touch of a hand, brushing down my flanks. The red-haired maid has joined me, her cool fingers sending electric sparks along my erotically sensitized skin. I pull her to my front, easily stripping her of her scanty clothes.

Her eyes are as yours often are, green and hooded with desire, and a dusting of freckles descend along her shoulders and flow to her small, puffy breasts. She snakes out her tongue and twirls it along my nipples, sending hot knives of sensation down to my loins. Her fingers trail sensuously down my ribs as she sinks down, until she is on her knees before me, her flaming copper hair an inch away from my aching cock.

Very deliberately, she looks up at me. Then, keeping her gaze locked to mine, she brings the fingers of both hands to her mouth, and licks them wetly. I see her left hand, gleaming with saliva, descend to the flaming spot halkalı escort between her own legs, as her right hand firmly grasps my cock.

“Watch them,” she says breathily, before plunging me into her velvety mouth.

And watch them I do. The man is now on his back, and the blonde is riding him, slowly moving up and down as she makes the enormous black penis disappear into her shaved pinkness. Her friend leans down by her side, naked now, with a large black hand probing her as she plays with the blonde’s large breasts–sucking at the distended nipples while kneading the enormous tits with her hands.

Then, the Asian quickly disengages herself and goes round to behind the couple, and stoops down to lick at the juncture of their coupling. Impossibly aroused, I watch her tongue swirl over her friend’s asshole, and down to the full black balls, in flowing, deliberate motions that leave no part unlicked. The blonde, head thrown back, reaches to plunge her friend’s finger into her wet ass, shivering as she is plugged completely, finger and cock.

Then, as I watch, the black man begins to tense and pump harder. In a moment, he arches, shooting himself deep into his partner, as she in turn begins to quiver uncontrollably as wave after wave of her orgasm wash over her.

I am ready as well. I look down, and see that the flaming head of my partner of a moment ago has been replaced by the beautiful brown of yours. I see your lovely face looking up to mine, full of understanding of my need.

You move back a bit, letting me lie back, and allowing me to move my eager hands to my cock. You squat between my parted legs, watching intently as my fingers wrap around my thickness, and move the delicate skin up and down as the sparks of pleasure begin to gather and melt together in my brain. So near … my back arches and my eyes close as the flame takes hold.

And then I feel your knowing fingers caressing my asshole as my hands begin to blur. That, as you knew, sends me over the edge, and I shoot explosively in the air, thick ropes of my cum flying. My body is a mass of exposed nerves, and pleasure courses through me repeatedly.

When I finally open my eyes, I see the morning sun streaming through the window and dappling the sheets–and you, wrapped in your bathrobe, looking at me with love in your eyes.

I lie back in the bed, spent, as you smile and trace your fingers along my shrinking cock.

“Good morning, my darling,” you say. “I do love to see you masturbate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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