D , M’s Hotel Bar Three Way

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You rush past me to grab the handle of the large brass hotel doors. I grin playfully as I slip in and wink. That grin shows you exactly how ready I am to hit this hotel bar. You picked out my bra and panties, it’s a thrill knowing if this goes well, you will have a one up. That earns me a cute smile, you order me a fruity drink. Sipping it as a big smile spreads across my face too, you know me so well. It’s a strong tequila sunrise.

I take my second sip you slip aside to the other part of the bar. You find a comfortable seat next to a beautiful brunette. This is when I take a look at the whole room in front of me. Till this point you’ve been the only man I cared to check out. Before a few minutes pass, a warm hand touches my lower back. “Can I get you a drink beautiful? Oh, I see you already have one, maybe a shot with me? You’ve intrigued me so much with those big round eyes.” My body floods with heat from this man. Not only is his charisma working on me, but he is the most devilishly handsome blonde man. He has a white blonde speckle, strong jaw, with amazing big blue eyes.

My sexy piece of man on the side of the bar with the brunette. Hmm. What will he be thinking right now? That she has a real catch over there because that’s how he should be thinking. This man is around 42-45, he has to be about 6′ 3″, 240 maybe 250 lbs, fit and handsome. I’m immediately into this man, I feed right into his lines, smile and enjoy that shot with him. We make small conversation over a few more shots. Each one we take I tell him something dirty.

Shot 1, “I don’t usually take shots they end nights too quickly, often x rated.” Shot 2, “See that man over there with the brunette? He wants me BAD, and he wants to be where you are right now, can you tell?” At this he chuckles and looks over to Dave. They make eye contact, Dave likes this guy too. He winks, and tilts his head to me. When this man looks back at me, he is grinning from ear to ear. Now I feel him out. Shot 3, “Which one of you will be taking me upstairs tonight is the real question…hmm maybe both?”

He double looks to Dave again. Dave isn’t there anymore, he is coming up right behind me. He slowly pulls back the hair covering my shoulder. They make eye contact again, Dave keeps his eyes locked as he bends to kiss my neck. I extend my hand to him and ask “Would like to join us upstairs? I’d like to take both of you handsome men to melt my bed tonight.” He took my hand and helped me off the stool. The smile he gave Dave made my desire to have them both increase times ten. As the elevator doors close in front of us, I lean back into their arms, feeling behind me with both hands, up two different legs.

Only eight floors up, what a tease this ride will be! The ding of each floor passes and I roll my hips from one man to the other sliding my hands around them pull them closer against my ass. I can feel my soaked lace panties. These men have me in a trace, I’m swaying my hips into one hardening cock to another. bizimkent escort Grinding my round ass high and around on this guy. Then I swing to Dave he puts his hands in my hair and on my breasts so that I groan loudly.

The final ding and the door pushes open. The new guy spins me around and scoops me up as Dave leads the way with the room key. I giggle as I bend from his arms to grab Dave’s ass, he struggles to keep me up. When the door flies open, I am blinded by kisses from this new guy as he walks through the room with me in his arms. He whispers into my hair “I’m Max beautiful.” I wink and whisper back to him “I’m Melissa, and that is Dave.” I lay back facing upside down still in his arms, to point out my tall sexy bald man. Closing my eyes and just listening, I hear Dave has the jacuzzi tub filling and it sounds like the music is just starting.

I hum along, The Coasters – Down in Mexico. This song tells me only one thing, sexy dance. Dave knows what music can do to me. I tell Max to set me down and sit next to Dave on the edge of the tub. I walk into the doorway, hair covering my shoulders down to my nipples. Dancing in the dark to mellow glow of the dimmed lights. I feel on fire with these two hungry men watching me. As I drop my black dress to my feet, I hear Dave moan with excitement. The sight of my bright neon blue lace thong and low nipple cut bra set he bought me must have him excited.

I step out of the dress, walk over to these sexy men and turn bending between them. I grab their pant legs and tug a bit. The only sound I hear past the running water and music is belt buckles. I stay there wiggling my open ass till hands find me and my soaked panties. I stand and a hand catches the clasp of my bra, I turn letting it fall to the floor. Placing a knee on the tub wall between each man. My legs are spread wide for them to share me. My hands feel how Dave has some stubble on his thigh and Max has none, what a good combination.

I reach over to pull Max’s shirt over his head and see he has a completely smooth ripped stomach, and chest. Then over to Dave, he lets me roll his shirt up over his stubbly chest to cover his face above his lips. With a deep breath I pause and go in for a sweet long kiss, nipping his tongue as I release him. I finish pulling his shirt off to see them both sitting pants open and shirtless under me. They have instinctively started feeling around my ass and hips, kissing both sides of my neck and chest. Following the line on my lace panties all the way from the top of my ass to my clit, teasing me.

After begging to catch my breath, they help me up to stand and get into the tub. I settle into the hot water and remove my thong, feeling for the first time how wet my pussy has gotten. Both men remove the rest of the clothing they have on. I open my eyes to see both men naked stroking their hard cocks next to each other. The fire inside me blazes, Dave’s cock is dripping pre-cum and seeing bostancı escort it makes me lick my lips. Max is rolling the head of his wide cock in his hand. I wiggle my finger for Max to step into the tub.

Once he is standing over me I reach up and put my lips around the full width of his hard head, his length pulses under my tongue. I push far down to his base and put my hand out for Dave. He comes close and brings his face to my hand. I pull my lips from Max and kiss Dave slow, swirling Max’s taste into Dave’s mouth. Then I pull up my dripping wet thong out of the tub and put it between Dave’s teeth. Max has knelt down between my open legs and is feeling up from my toes, around my ankles. I throw my head back, open my mouth and let my tongue lay flat.

Max’s hands circle my knees and move straight up my inner thighs. Dave’s balls settle down onto my tongue, and Max’s fingers slowly spread my pussy lips open. The hot water makes me so hyper sensitive to his touch. I suck in both of Dave’s balls and roll my tongue around them as he moans and strokes his cock eyeing Max’s face.

Wide fingers enter me, I release Dave’s balls to moan loudly into them. He feels the vibration of my moan and lowers down, so I can lick from his ass up to the head of his dick. I grab him tight and force him into my mouth choking on him as Max’s picks up rhythm inside me. The water moves around my breast, temporarily burning my nipples as max finger fucks me. All these sensations are bringing me close to orgasm. I stroke Dave in motion with my mouth. Telling him between sucks and moans, “Cum in my mouth baby.”

My pussy clenches on Max’s fingers. I arch my back, splashing water over the edge of the tub. Dave fills my mouth with his hot cum. I point both directions signing a switch to them, keeping my mouth full. Max steps out of the tub, dripping water from his hard cock. I can see the pre-cum dripping down his shaft. I motion for him to bring it to my lips, and with the tip of my tongue I lick that pre-cum up. With a nice slow suck I store it in my mouth too.

Dave has moved into the tub and pushes his lips to mine almost immediately pulling all of his cum and Max’s from my mouth with his kisses. After he’s done I giggle and try licking some up from his chin stubble. He pulls me forward so max can get in behind me, kissing my neck and ear as he lowers in. I settle into the hot water again this time into Max’s warm lap. He places his dick between the folds of my pussy and I use my hand to push him in place.

Grinding up and down on the length of him. Dave watches me, kissing every part of me he can, nipples, neck, arm. He sinks his face into the water to feel with his tongue the underwater connection Max and I have. I guide his bald head in place and back up. Dave kneels forward over top Max and my legs, placing his cock against Max’s. Once they find a good rhythm of rubbing against my clit and opening, I feel like I’m going to explode büyükçekmece escort on both of them.

Dave helps guide Max into my opening as he pushes past Max’s cock up over my clit. I’m in ecstasy, being fucked from Max below me. I roll my hips deep into him. Feeling pushed to the edge by Dave’s cock hitting my clit over and over. I grab and moan into Dave’s chest and neck, he knows how tight I’m gripping Max’s dick. We hear Max getting close too.

I tell them both “Move up out of the water to cum.” We do this in one smooth movement. I stay seated on max as he pushes up out of the water to sit on the tub’s flat edge. Dave moves forward kneeling in front of my open legs as I keep riding Max’s big cock. We feel Dave’s tongue glides across Max’s cock and my dripping pussy as it pushes in and out of me. When Max grips my hips with force to cum deep in me, Dave is ready. He sees and feels the pulse of Max’s cock as he empties his balls into me.

Dave feels the clutching my pussy has on Max and his tongue is there when Max’s cock slides out. Spilling onto Dave’s waiting tongue, he swallows and licks Max’s cock clean as our cream pie drips out of me. Dave turns to me and licks upward on my lips up to my clit, jolting me. He sees what he just did, so he jolts me again. Causing more drips. A few more jolts, and he places his mouth on my whole pussy, opening me with his lips, pushing into me with his tongue.

He brings me past my residual orgasm.

My whole body grabs Dave’s tongue and feeds him all he wants. My body burns and I start shaking. Max holds me up arms wrapped around my legs spreading them wide for Dave’s tongue. I scream out as lightning touches down on my skin. My orgasm builds like never before, Max’s rubs the edge of his cock head against my ass, with my legs spread so wide he feels ever muscle in my body tense and release as I squirt into Dave’s mouth.

The rolling wave of pleasure passes as Max once again lifts me up into his arms. Dave tosses him a plush towel and I’m carried off to the bedroom. I sit drying my wet hair waiting for these sexy ass men to come back to me. My eye catches them in the doorway kissing and touching each other is such a sexy way. I’m so turned on watching this.

Max is leaned in the doorway, legs spread, being kissed deeply with a hand on the round of Dave’s ass. Dave has full control with his hard cock on Max’s, his knee spreading Max’s legs wide open. Dave has Max’s neck in one hand and his cock in the other, kissing him as deep as I’ve ever seen two men kiss. My fingers find my wet pussy as I watch these two kiss and grind in the doorway.

When I see Dave get to his knees in front of Max’s hard cock, I bite my lip and try to quiet my orgasm. It’s too late, they both turn their eyes to me. I nod to them and become as loud as my body needs. I push past another orgasm, as they continue. Max grabs Dave by the head and says “Oh fuck yeah, oh god like that, yes, fuck, take it all!” That’s it, I squirt all over my hand, legs and bed. Moaning low, so I don’t miss a damn thing. Dave then for a second time cleans Max’s cock off, and they come lay down in my wet bed. All three of us lay close panting, breathless and sated for the moment. Dave finds my hand and squeezes, another relationship goal success.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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