Cybersex Turns Into Sex

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Merhaba erotik sex hikayeleri okuyucuları,derlediğimiz en büyük hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz.Neredeyse tüm google da bulabileceğiniz tüm hikayeleri bir arada..


I met her on one of those sites for married people looking for affairs. It started innocently enough as we joked about a sports team we both rooted for and realized we were in the same situation — 40, married for over 15 years, parents, over of weight and not satisfied. Then the chat got a little more x-rated as we flirted sexual lines at each other. Our flirts got more bold as we talked about ,meeting for sex. We exchanged photos, clothed and non-clothed. Usually that’s where most of these type of conversations end. This one kept going. Then one day, not long after we “met,” it happened.

Now I work from home near a business area and coincidentally her office was a few towns over. One day she emailed to say she suddenly had the afternoon off and that maybe that we could meet. I agreed. At this point I think we both knew what we had talked ourselves into and knew what was about to happen. We decided to meet for the first time at a local Starbucks. We never even made it inside.

We met outside the store, said hello and I boldly asked if she wanted coffee or to go somewhere private. She shyly said whatever beylikdüzü otele gelen escort I wanted and I told her there was a cheap motel up the road we could go to. She agreed. We took the 2 minute drive to the motel, parked in the back and asked for a room for a short stay. Less then 10 minute after we physically met we were in a motel room. Less then 15 minutes after we met we were doing much more.

We entered the room and I sat on the bed. She stood nervously, saying she had never done this before. Neither had I but at this point I wasn’t stopping with cold feet. I told her all would be fine and I patted to a spot next to me on the bed. She down next to me and we kissed, hard. Our tongues started dancing as we laid down, our hands moving across our bodies. Slowly we took our clothes off. I unclasped her bra and started kissing her breasts. So much larger then my wife’s, so different. I experienced the same difference when I got her panties off and saw she was shaved. I never had seen a bald vagina and a mature woman and I began to eat her out. So beylikdüzü rus escort different to not get hairs in my teeth. Soon the situations were reversed and she had gotten my pants off and was licking me, doing things my wife never did.

After a few minutes I pulled out a condom and we placed it on me. We laid down on the bed, face to face, my hardness rubbing her thigh. We kissed until I mounted her. It had been over a decade since I had been with another woman, same for her with another man. In the back of our minds we both thought how weird to be in bed having sex with a person you had only just met in real life less than 30 min ago. What a difference being with someone different. Different body, different movements, different feeling, different responses. She enjoyed herself, raising her legs each time she came. The look in her eyes was one of lust. We changed positions a few times until I finally came in her doggy style.

We spent the next 20-30 min lying on top of the covers, naked and talking. Not just about sex, but about our lives. Then I felt a stirring beylikdüzü türbanlı escort and decided I had to feel her without a condom and climbed on top of her and began having sex with her again. I was going in and out, feeling her skin against my skin, the feel of a different vagina and, I suppose to her, the feel of the shape of a different penis, when she asked me not to cum in her. So I stopped, put on a condom, and let her ride on top. We had sex for another 40 minutes (one good thing about condoms and getting older — you last longer) until we finally stopped, exhausted and spent, as I unloaded into the condom while my wrapped penis was inside her.

We rested for a little bit and, after realizing we weren’t up for a round 3, got up to start getting ready to return to our lives. We considered taking a shower, but one look at the shower quickly changed our minds. Instead we washed up at the sink. There we were, 2 practical strangers, standing naked in front of the sink, looking and smelling like we had sex. I stood behind her as she washed up, while my limp dick ran up and down her ass crack, fondling her breasts and kissed her one more time when she turned her head towards mine.

We washed up as best we could and left the room. After returning the key we went back to our cars, kissed. We each said we’ll have to do this again. That was over 4 years ago and we haven’t spoken since. I don’t justify our actions that day, but it was one of the more erotic in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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