Much Taboo about Nothing Ch. 01

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**This series will continue with lots of chapters to be added, so please check back for updates. Don’t forget to vote, it makes all of the writers here at Literotica feel better our work!**


The quiet burg of Beaver Vale was beginning to bore me by my 19th year. I had graduated school and was working at the mill, making damn good money and just waiting to get the hell out of town. It wasn’t all that bad. There was virtually no reported crime, almost no drugs, and very little violence in town. Everyone took care of their property and the town was a picturesque little nothing in the middle of nowhere. The only thing that couldn’t be complained about was the scenery.

Beaver Vale seems to have been blessed with an over-balance of hotties. The girls tended to be tall and lean, but they came in every shape and color. The quiet mountain town’s good people took care of themselves and the women looked fantastic even into their 50’s and beyond. Many a’ dicks twitched and a few pussies watered during beach season; all those seemingly infinite acres of tanning flesh in skimpy clothing just drove us nuts.

But, once you’re around that for so long, you get used to it. Outsiders thought it was fantastic, and everyone feared that it would only be a matter of time before our peaceful town was over run by annual tourists. We had everything that drew tourists; a beautiful deep blue lake, a gorgeous forest, scenic views of the mountains, awesome sunsets, and “quaint” surroundings. What we didn’t have was development, entertainment, promotion, or convenience. It was a 60 minute drive to anything resembling a mall, and buy food at anything other than Carver’s Grocery was like spending a weekend in Heaven.

Like I said. Boring. Boring as Hell. I wanted to get to the city and strike out on my own, but the money I made in the foundry at the mill was just too much to pass up. It took a hell of a lot to turn my mind around about this place, and when it turned, I couldn’t imagine leaving and going anywhere else.

I was still living at my folk’s place. I was in the process of finding a house on the other side of the lake, and one was coming up on the market soon, so it was just a matter of time. My baby sisters were graduating high school this year. Mom and Dad evidently couldn’t wait to get back in the saddle after I was born and 10 months later, the twins, Angela and Amanda, were born. Both of them looked like Mom instead of like Dad, and there was even some debate over if they were actually Dad’s at all. That never went anywhere, but Mom still teases Dad about it every once in a while.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was heading back to my room when I heard both of my sisters giggling in Manda’s room. The door was cracked open and I peaked in as I went by. I saw both of them rolling around on the bed, naked as the day they were born, tickling each other.

My dick was harder than the steel from the mill in a second. I kept walking, but I couldn’t get the image of my 5’10” leggy sisters out of my mind; Angie’s long curly crimson locks flying around as her head moved, Manda’s short, sensible hair clinging close about her face. Two sets of identical B-cup tits capped with little pink nipples danced for that brief second, and the creamy flesh dotted with freckles was enough to give me masturbation material for a month; but what really got me was the crimson curtain of short hair. I managed to glimpse Angie’s pussy through her slightly parted legs and her lips were bare, the hair seeming only to grow sparsely on their mounds. Thin as that was, the color was outstanding; both bushes as bright red as the hair on their head.

I thought I heard the giggling stop for a moment after I walked by, but I was in a daze and my dick was sticking otele gelen escort almost straight out of my towel. The fold on the side separated as I entered my room and I dropped it, my rigid 9 inches of man meat growing and standing straighter by the second. I grabbed a pair of jeans out of the closet and pulled them up. As I was stuffing myself inside, I heard a gasp and turned quickly to the door. It was open, but no one was there. “Must have been my imagination,” I thought and zipped up.

The front door closed as I picked a t-shirt out of the closet as well and I heard my mother’s voice.

“Kids! I know you’re here, all the cars are parked all over the place!”

“Yeah, we’re here,” I shouted back. Angie and Manda said the same a split second later.

“Everyone was sent home early from the office today. Aaron, you don’t have to go in, they’re shutting the plant down for the day, too. Angie and Mandy, go get a job. You’re out of school now and you need to start supporting yourselves!”

“Yes, Mother,” chimed my sisters simultaneously.

“Why’d the shut the plant down for the day?” I asked and walked out to talk with my mother without yelling down the hallway at her.

“They figured that you guys did enough; you met your quota for the week and have a good jump on next week, so they figured they’d give everyone a little present,” Mom said, taking off her jacket. She wore a green cashmere sweater today. They kept the offices damn-near freezing to counteract the heat of the foundry. Even in the middle of winter those AC units were cranked. Mom hated it and she always wore her hair long to keep a little warmer and wore sweaters even in the heat of summer to combat the office temps.

My sisters came down the hall, both of them wearing running sweats and apparently sports bras. Angie gave me a dirty look as she walked by, but that wasn’t all that surprising.

“Anyway, since I have a day, I’m going to take it and I’m going to go to Red Mound and get some shopping done,” Mom said, walking to her room. The very mention of Red Mound made my softening cock twitch back to life for an instant as I thought of my sister’s twin bushes.

“I wonder if Mom’s snatch is as red as her hair,” I caught myself thinking. I must have blushed because all three of the girls gave me a questioning look for a second and I shook myself out of it.

“You okay, sweetie?” Mom asked. I nodded and walked off for a drink of water. The girls talked with themselves for a second as Mom was changing into a t-shirt; more befitting clothing for the weather and traveling.

Mom walked back through the kitchen as the last of the water drained from the glass.

“Anyway, you kids behave. I should be back at suppertime.”

“Okay,” all three of us said at the same time. Mom took off and my sisters were getting ready to go running, lacing up their shoes by the front door.

“We’re gonna go run,” Manda said.

“No shit?” I asked sarcastically and reached in the fridge for a beer.

“Anyway, asshole, we’ll be back in a while,” she said. I looked at both of them and waved them away, but my eyes couldn’t help but notice that Angie’s pants had been hiked down just a bit more than they were before, exposing a little more flesh and a fair share of her sexy little hips. Another inch lower and she’d have been showing the top of her fiery fur. My cock throbbed as they turned to leave. The door slammed and I sighed heavily.

I heard the back door close and the garage door open. Finally, Mom and the twins were gone. I probably had about an hour with nothing to do but be by myself and enjoy the solitude of a day off; God knew that would end as soon as the girls returned and then it was hours of hell pendik escort with nowhere to go until Mom would get back. With the return of Mom always came the exodus of the bitches and my sisters turned all sweet and sugary.

I plopped down on the couch and cracked my beer. I only had my first taste when the front door opened again.

“Sweetie,” Mom’s voice rang before she made her appearance.


“Since you’re not doing anything today, could you go over and mow the Dobbson’s yard. Monika’s been riding my ass something terrible about having it mowed, and I figured…”

“Fuck,” I sighed disgustedly. “Yeah, I’ll mow their yard. Is anyone going to be home or is it going to be like last time and I’ll be accused of going into their house and going through their shit?” I asked, taking a healthy swig of the beer.

“Frank said something about being gone for the week, but I didn’t hear anything definite. Just behave yourself and I’m sure everything will be just fine.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it before it gets too hot,” I said. Mom leaned in against the door way and I caught her silhouette in the morning sun. Her legs flowed up into her ass, the heart shape moving into a slender, taught waist, her burgeoning bosom stood out on her chest like twin softballs, held in place by the finest of Victoria’s Secret. My cock was at full attention. Even the thought of the word “twins” simply reminded me that my little sexpot sisters would be back in less than an hour.

“Good boy,” Mom purred. The door shut behind her and my free hand started massaging my swelling meat along my thigh.

The TV started to blur and before I knew it I was walking down the street. It was pleasantly warm outside, and things were very quiet in the small mountain community; no cars, no playing children, no distractions. Normally I would have thought this odd, but this time I was thinking I was just damn lucky to have such a morning on a day off.

I made it just to the corner of the block, taking in the spectacular horizon; a storm was building in the Northwest and the skies over the rest of the sky were brilliantly blue and free of clouds. I stopped here for only a moment, and then I was knocked off my feet by something from my right. I rolled over on the ground and looked at what knocked me over and it was my sister Manda, who was out of breath, stuck in a bush, and pissed off.

“Watch where the fuck you’re going, asshole!” she shouted. I pushed myself up and walked over to the bush that she landed in, holding out my hand. She batted it away. “I don’t need you’re fucking help,” she snarled and rolled over on her back. I couldn’t figure out why she did that until I noticed the bush moving. She spread her legs and our sister Angie crawled through the dense foliage. I noticed the ever-growing wet spot on Angie’s running pants and Angie licked her lips as she got her shoulders through the plant, just under Manda’s thighs.

“What the fuck?” I said, mostly to myself. Angie giggled and grabbed both inner thighs of our sister’s jogging pants and ripped them wide open, exposing her shaved snatch.

“Don’t look, you bastard,” hissed Manda as Angie’s tongue started licking along her exposed creamy thigh. Her anger subsided quickly and her face quickly twisted from fury to fever as Angie closed in on her blossoming sex.

My dick was out of my shorts and bobbing in time with my sister’s tongue. She was putting on a show for me, leaving enough room between her lips and Manda’s pink folds for her tongue to be seen licking lazily along. I could see Manda’s pussy moisten and Angie locked her lips over the pink sex, slurping noisily at the pulsating flesh.

Manda’s hands went to her tits, one under her shirt rus escort and sports bra, and one on top. She mauled herself through the fabric and massaged and pinched her nipple at the same time. All 9 inches of me couldn’t have been harder and I had never wanted to cum so bad and yet stay so hard in all my life.

“Looks like they’re really getting into it,” a voice said from behind me. Manda and I snapped to look at it, though her eyes rolled back and closed as our sister started slowly rolling her tongue into the pussy before her and slowly back out again. The voice belonged to Monika Dobbson. She was standing there in her bathrobe and slippers, a cup of coffee in one hand, and the other hand disappeared into her robe at her waist, her arm gently moving with the slow speed of her fingering herself. “Looks like you’d really like to get into it, too,” she said with a wink, looking at my cock and licking her lips.

“They’re not all I’d like to get into,” I said, stepping closer to my Hawaiian neighbor. The tip of my dick rubbed gently on the front of her terrycloth robe as it moved with my steps and started bouncing at the same speed of the soft masturbation she was giving herself.

“Mmmm….I bet not,” she purred demurely. “After you mow my yard maybe you could help me…”she paused and pulled her robe open, “…trim my bush?” she said and exposed her already trimmed thick black-haired mound. I paused for a second, listening to the slurping and moaning of my sister mouth fucking her twin.

“Looks pretty well trimmed to me,” I said, grabbing my cock and rubbing it gently through her thick triangle of fur.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she moaned, opening her robe more and grabbing my dick with her free hand. She moved it lower, rubbing the head along the crease of her pussy. “I was thinking something more like that,” she purred again, pointing at my sister’s shaved pussy. Angie paused and looked up at us for a second, her chin and neck glistening with our sister’s cum.

“I think something could be arranged,” I said, grinning, rocking my hips in time with her masturbation with my rigid pole.

“I can’t really pay you,” she said, taking a step closer, rubbing my shaft along her cunt from her clit to her puckered chute.

“I think we can work out a deal,” I said. She smiled and walked away, leaving my cock shining in the sunlight with her pussy juice. I looked to the bush and my sisters had disappeared already. I turned to go back to the house and I saw them, running down the street, stripping as they went. I could hear them hit the landing hard and the door open, which was odd, but I didn’t think anything of it.

“Oh my God!” I heard as the door opened and the girls piled in, but the voice didn’t belong to them. I looked around and I heard it again.

I snapped back awake right then, the TV still blurry, but my eyes snapped back into focus as I realized I wasn’t alone. Angie’s friend Jenny was standing over my shoulder, and she was staring at me; and more notably, she was staring at my crotch. I looked down and my dick looked like a thick short snake sticking up along my right thigh, a small spot of pre-cum at the tip. I had to marvel for a second at the definition the pants gave it; the mushroom head stood out as if I was wearing nothing at all, the veins in the shaft, and even the slight upward curve were all there, plain as day.

My dick throbbed over the look it was getting from Jenny and I noticed her nipples standing straight out of her tits and there was a slight flush to her face.

“I meant to knock, but Angie said to…uh….come….in,” she stammered out, her preppy little cheerleader voice searching for words.

“She’s not here right now,” I said. “But I’ll let you wait for her.”

“Uh huh,” she said dreamily, her eyes trying to break away from my cock.

“The door,” I said.

“What?” she said, shaking her head and forcing herself to look at my face.

“The door, shut the door,” I said looking her over from the tip of her running shoes to the black roots of her blonde hair.

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