Mom Saves Prom

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“No! Not a chance in hell. I didn’t sign up for that.” my mom told my dad over the phone.

“But you have to. I signed up to chaperone Eric’s prom, but I’m stuck working out in Los Angeles. I need you to fill in for me.” I heard my dad say over the loudspeaker of his phone after desperately trying to find a replacement.

“Why can’t you get Jason’s dad to cover for you?”

Jason being my best friend since elementary school. Both our parents are really close since we’ve been best friends since practically forever.

“He already signed up to chaperone also. I already asked everybody I can think of, you’re the only one left so you kinda have to.” He explained, making sure my insanely hot mom understood the situation.

My mom was what is commonly known as a MILF or trophy wife. Standing at 5’2, weighing barely 120 pounds, most of which is in her 36D tits or her slightly too large for her body, peach shaped ass. On more than a few occasions, my friends and teammates had made it not so subtly known of how hot and sexy my mother is. She was the talk of the basketball team. Most of which included how much each guy was willing to pay to have a go at her, or all the dirty things that the team would do to her, myself included.

Pretty upset that her first night to herself in almost a year was ruined. She said, “Fine! But you owe me big time Mister.”

“I promise to make it up to you. Thank you. I love you. Gotta go, big client meeting.” hanging up before she even had the chance to say I love you back.

Looking over at me, she said “Guess you kids are stuck with me tonight, huh kiddo.”

“Mom, most of us are 18 already, we’re not exactly kids anymore.” I laughed

Looking back when she was 18, “Ah to be 18 again. I guess that just means that I am going to have to keep an extra close eye tonight. Wouldn’t want any little teenage girls getting knocked up on my watch huh.” she laughed in response

As soon as I found out she would be chaperoning, I sent out a group text to the whole team.

Text from me: guess who is chaperoning the prom tonight

Text from Jason: who?

Text from Bobby: Who?

Text from me: The woman of our dreams, my mom!

I am bunch of celebratory texts came quickly after. Hell yeah! She is so hot! Yay! Fuck yeah dude!

While the group text went on like that and some comments about them trying to get her to dance with them, in a private text between me and Jason, he texted me: dude. You should try to get your mom to dress hot as hell tonight.

I texted back: I’ll try walking over to the living room, I sat down on the couch. “So what are you thinking about wearing for tonight, mom?”

“Probably just a normal dress I wear for work. Why?”

“Those dresses are good for being a realtor, but maybe you should try to enjoy yourself tonight. I mean, since it ruined your night to yourself, and dad is away on business anyway. You might as well try and have some fun.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see what I can throw together in my closet.” she said, as she stood up to go see if she had anything fun to wear.

A few canlı bahis hours later, I was all ready to go. The limo was out front with a few of my friends including Jason and our dates. Jason decides to come inside to say hi to my mom, so him and I are in the living room when she walks out. She comes strutting out in this little, tight, dark blue dress that hugs her in all the right places, with matching 4 inch heels. Jason and I looked at each other shocked, I thought I was about to bust a nut right there in the living room.

“Damn Mrs. W! You’re looking better than my date tonight. If it wasn’t too late to cancel, I would’ve taken you to the prom.” said Jason, making my mom blush.

“Yeah mom, I’d rather go to prom with you than any girl at my school.” I agreed.

She blushed and giggled “Are you boys sure this isn’t too much? I mean I’m only going to chaperone.”

“No way, you look hot mom!”

She giggled again. “Why don’t you boys head out to the prom, I’ll take my own car and meet you there.”

We headed out to the limo and started heading to prom. Mom decided to go check herself out one more time before heading out. Looking at herself in the mirror she thought, “Damn, I do look pretty good!”

Thinking back at the fun she had when she was 18, she started touching herself remembering all the sex she had on her prom night. how she took it in the ass from three different guys that night, because she was so afraid to get pregnant. Then thinking about how a few minutes ago her hunk of a son and his best friend, who she thought of as a son, just wished that she was their prom date made her even hornier. Deciding that she didn’t want to be late, she went out to her car to drive to prom.

When she walked in, it seemed like the world has stopped. All eyes were on her. She walked over to carrie. “I’m here filling in for Jesse because he’s on a business trip. So where do you want me?”

Carrie never really liked my mom, so she had an idea. She pointed over to a dark corner that wasn’t even visible because of the bleachers, “Some kids like to hang out over in that corner to make out because the light is broken. So if you could station yourself over there to make sure nothing is going on, that’d be great.” She said with a forced smile.

While walking over to the dark corner, my mom mumbled to herself, “Stupid Carrie, putting me in the dark corner just because I look better than she does. Why can’t I just serve some stupid punch?”

As the dance went on, naturally, couples made their way over to the dark corner where mom was. She would shut them down with a, “No no no. Nobody’s getting pregnant on my watch tonight. You guys go back out to the dance floor and have somd good wholesome fun.”

Eventually, Jason and I made our way over to mom’s corner. “Hey mom, what are you doing way out here in make out corner?”

“What does it look like? I am trying to make sure nobody gets knocked up tonight.”

“That sucks Mrs. W! A MILF looking as hot as you are tonight shouldn’t be hidden away in some dark corner. You should be the life of the party.”

“Yeah mom, my friends bahis siteleri have been asking where you were after I told them how incredible you look tonight.”

That made her giggle and playfully slap our arms. But it also started to make her horny again like she was back at the house. “Oh you boys, and where are your hot dates? I figured you would both be bringing them over to this corner eventually.”

Jason lowered his head bummed out. “Our dates were twins, and they had to go home because of their curfew.”

I lowered my head too, “Yeah, we didn’t know about their curfew before we asked them to go to prom with us”

“Aww! My poor boys got left at the prom.” she sort of chuckled at the situation.

So, she had two 18-year-old studs who’s prom dates had left them. She was filling in for her husband, ruining the plans she had of having a night to herself. And to make it worse, the president of the PTA, who hates her, decided to stick her in a dark corner where nobody even gets to see how sexy she’s feeling tonight. right then and there, she decided that she was going to have some fun tonight.

Looking around, she whispered to us “Jason, you keep watch. Eric and I are going to go have a short discussion about these twin hussies that decided to bail on you.”

“Sure Mrs. W, but you owe me for doing your job.” he said with a grin.

Mom led me back behind the bleachers for our chat. “I hate that you and Jason got bailed on in the middle of your prom kiddo. But hopefully I can make it up to you.”

“No worries mom. You don’t need to make anything up. A few girls already danced a few dances with us and some even invited us to get out of here and go to an after party.”

Dropping to her knees, “No sir. you’re not going to some after party to knock up some highschool slut while i’m stuck here chaperoning YOUR prom that I didn’t even sign up for.” she said as she started unbuckling my belt.

“Mom… Wha- What’re you doing?” I asked confused.

Fishing out my cock, she says “I’m saving your prom and making sure you don’t get the urge to have sex with any little highschool slut!”

I looked around to make sure nobody could see us. She started jerking and licking my now erect 8 inch cock. It was a little thick for her, which made her open her mouth fairly wide. I just brushed her bangs out of her face so I could see how incredible she looked on her knees in front of me. After a minute of jerking and licking, she finally took my cock into her mouth. She got it a little over half way in when she started to gag. She backed out and tried again. Again, she gagged when she got barely over half of it in her mouth.

“I used to be so good at this… I guess i’m just out of practice.” she said using her spit to jerk me off in a circular motion.

Determined to prove that she still had it, she started bobbing on my cock faster. Not being able to take it all, she took it in as far as she could until she gagged, then back out until just the tip. After maybe 5 minutes, she pulled off “You gonna shoot anytime soon kiddo? I gotta get back to my duties before someone comes bahis şirketleri looking for me.” she asked, still jerking me off.

“I’m almost there, please dont stop!” I said as I felt myself just about ready to cum.

“Hurry up and cum in my mouth already. And don’t you dare make a mess on this dress mister!”

I grabbed her head and used her mouth, pumping my cock in and out of her mouth like a piston. “Here it comes!” I almost yelled as I started to shoot stream after stream into my moms willing mouth.

She had to swallow a few times to get it all, but she didn’t miss a drop. After sucking the last bit out of me, “Now put that thing away and go keep watch and send Jason over.”

She was still on her knees when Jason walked over, he was unsure as to what was going on. When he saw my mom on her knees and she gave him a “come get me” smile, he got the hint and started pulling his cock out. Immediately, she went to work on it. At 7 inches and not too thick, she had no problem taking his cock almost all the way down to the base before she gagged.

Jason was in heaven. The girl he’s been masturbating to, since he could start masturbating was finally on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock. He wasn’t going to let this experience go to waste. He roughly grabbed her hair in both hands and forced her down until she gagged. He threw his head back and pushed her head down even further right into her tight throat. “God yes! You don’t know how long I’ve dreamt about this Mrs. W.”

She tried to pull off but he held her head there for half a minute before letting her breathe.

Gasping for air she looked up and said “Jason! What the hell was that?”

“I’m sorry Mrs. W, I got carried away” he responded, worried he had ruined his experience.

“That was amazing! Do that again.” she said with an out of breath half smile. She grabbed his hands and put them on her head again. Encouraging him to force her throat around his cock again. Of course, Jason happily obliged.

Jason forced her head down until she almost gagged, and then pushed her head down to meet his thrust once again, holding her there for another few seconds again. Releasing his pressure on her head, she began to bob and suck with new found excitement. Feeling like she was getting her old skills back, she tried desperately to make him cum. After bobbing fast a few times, she’d force herself to get his cock as deep as she could. After a minute or so, she was able to take him deep into her throat after only bobbing twice.

After 2 minutes of this Jason grabbed her hair and forced her throat to take him all the way. He held her head there as he unloaded blast after blast straight into her stomach. My mom almost choked from the massive load of cum shooting down her throat into her stomach. But she just kept swallowing until he let her go. She backed off until just the tip was in and stroked the last few drops out of him. “That was incredible, thank you Jason.” She said while getting off her knees.

Jason put his empty cock away and they walked over to where i was keeping a lookout. My mom straightened out her dress and told us, “I’m going to the bathroom to freshen up, in case that bitch Carrie asks for me.”

Jason and I just looked at each other and smiled. This was starting to be a great prom night.

To be continued…

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