Mom Notices Man-Sized Son Pt. 02

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Creampie Eating

Continued from Mom Notices her Man-Sized son:

A few days had passed since I discreetly witnessed Mary and her son Alex rutting each other for the first time.

I decided not to mention to Mary that I caught her fucking her son as my mind was still in shock about what to do or how I should handle the situation.

Halloween was the upcoming weekend and Mary’s favorite holiday is Halloween. She went all out in her costume and always planned what we were doing.

I’m at work and hear my phone beep. Text from Mary

“I so excited about Halloween this weekend. I bought a sexy outfit!”

I send a text back.

“What outfit did you get? What do you have planned?”

“Its a rocker chick outfit. Black leather thigh high stockings, black high heels, skin tight leather dress, and a choke chain. There’s a halloween party at a bar by where I live.” She responds.

“Ok sounds good. Ill be at your apartment at 7 o’clock.” I text back.

“Great! See you then :)” Mary texts.


Halloween evening 6 o’clock comes around and as usual I wait till the last minute to put a costume together. So I scramble through my closet and find an old bag with a grim reaper mask from several Halloweens ago. I find the Black cape that goes with it and grab down to pull it out and underneath the cape is a bottle with liquid in it.

I quickly remember the bottle had GHB in it me and few friends used a few years before at a Halloween party. The drug made you more sociable, lowered inhibitions, and if you took too much you would pass out. Another side effect was you wouldn’t remember the night before.

I finish putting my grim reaper costume together and before I left for Mary’s apartment I slipped the bottle of GHB in my pocket.

I get to Mary’s apartment and she answers the door wearing her outfit ready to go. We get in her car and head to the party. While in the car she mentioned she was in a good mood and that her and Alex have been Getting along recently.

We get to the party and stay all evening. We’re both dancing, drinking, and having a good time. Things start to wind down and the host of the party announces its time for the costume contest and Mary says she’s going to try it.

At this point Mary is wearing her thigh high leggings, high heals, and a skin tight leather cocktail dress. Its pretty modest only showing a sliver of legs between her stockings and bottom of her dress.

Mary gets up and unzips her leather dress unvealing a black leather bra, thong, and a couple of chains connecting the two together. She winks at me and says

“Wish me luck!”

Mary gets up on stage in front of about 100 people or so thats at the party and shows off her outfit. The contest was judged by the amount of noise made.

Mary seductive walked back and forth on the stage flipping her red hair. She was dancing like a stripper and showing off her ass, legs and tits in her exotic leather outfit.

The venue roared and Mary won the contest. The 1st place prize was a party basket full of treats, Halloween knick-knacks, and a bottle of champagne.

The party was over and Mary kept the dress part of her outfit off as it was too hard to zip back up. The contest got me in a erotic mood seeing my 37 year old girlfriend win in her sexy outfit. Mary still had a firm body and could pass for 10 years younger. Mary was also in a good mood and said

“Lets head on home before Alex gets off work.”

We get back to Mary’s apartment and She keeps talking about how much fun she had and how she kicked everyones ass at the contest.

We sit on the couch and start to makeout then we hear the door knock. Mary jumps up and answers the door.

“Alex! I’m glad your home! I got news for you!” Mary exclaimed.

“What’s that Mom?” Alex replied.

“I won the best costume contest!” Mary said.

Alex looks his mom up and down and kind of glances at me and says

“That’s great.” With an embarrassed look on his face.

Mary looks at me and says

“I’m going to go change…why don’t you pour us all a glass of that celebratory champagne I won.”

Alex sits on the couch as I grab the bottle of champagne out of the bucket of ice Mary previously put it in. I walk into the kitchen with the champagne bottle. I reach in my pocket to grab a knife to cut the label off I feel the bottle of GHB.

I don’t know if it was the drinks from the party, Mary dancing erotically up on stage, or the fact it was Halloween; a dirty though crossed my mind. I should spike their drinks with the GHB and see what happens.

I get 3 champagne glasses as I hear the water from Mary’s shower stop in the bath above the kitchen floor. I hastily pour the cool champagne. I peek at Alex in the living room who is now flipping through the TV Channels not paying attention to me. I pour some GHB in two of the three glasses. Just as I finish pouring the last drops of GHB I hear Mary walking down the stairs.

“Is the champagne ready?” She calls out.

“Yes, in the kitchen.” I answer.

At this point Mary is in a black nighty that canlı bahis is just long enough to keep the bottom of her ass from poking out.

“Ok Alex come in the kitchen.” Mary says.

I already have my glass in my hand as Alex and Mary pick up the other 2 glasses. We all raise are glasses.

“To a fun filled Halloween night I hope we never forget.” Mary toast.

We all cling our glasses together and take a drink. We all head to living room as there’s a scary movie marathon on. We sit down on the sofa sectional where it’s me on the edge, Mary next to me, then Alex a few feet away from us on the lounge section of the sofa laying down.

About 15 minutes go by as I notice everyone is finished with their drinks. Then 30 minutes later I notice Mary and Alex are audible making ‘oooo and ahhhh’ noises whenever something scary happens in the movie. They become more talkative about the movie.

“I hope the fat girl dies first.” Mary says.

“I hope the hot one lives.” Alex returns.

“All this suspense has got my bladder In a bind.” I say as I head to the bathroom.

The bathroom is next to the living room. I go in to use the toilet as I hear screams from the tv then from Mary.

“Hold me Alex this is the scary part.” Mary says.

I finish in the bathroom and when i exit I see Mary now on the opposite end of the sofa next to Alex.

“The drugs are working.” I think to myself.

“Grab that blanket and come sit next to me.” Mary instructs me as I walk back to the sofa.

I sit down next to Mary and throw The blanket over Mary. Mary grabs one end of the blanket and places it over me and the other end over Alex.

“Now that’s better.” She says.

I start to rub on Mary’s leg under the blanket and she starts to moan a little. I even brush her pussy a few times. The movie starts to wind down when Mary mentions that she is hungry.

“Go get us something to eat. I would go but I think that bubbly went straight to my head.” Mary tells me.

“Sure. You two don’t fall asleep on me.” I tell Mary and Alex.

“Don’t worry we’re wide awake.” Mary says wide eyed. Her pupils now fully dilated.

I head out the door for the nearest fast Food restaurant which is about a 5 min drive away. I get to the restaurant and order a few tacos hoping something is transpiring with Mary and Alex at the apartment.

I get back to the apartment with the food a few minutes later and notice Mary and Alex are no longer on the sofa. I quickly set the food in the kitchen as I creep up the stairs to Mary’s room.

I peek over the top of the stairs to Mary’s bed like before and I don’t see anything. I continue into Mary’s room and don’t see her or Alex. Then I hear the water start to run in Alex’s bathroom which is next to Mary’s room. So I walk into Alex’s room and the door to the bathroom is closed.

I hear Mary through the door say “Mommy missed that big dick!”

I crack open the door and see Mary’s nighty on the floor along with Alex’s clothes. I look around the cracked open door into the mirror and see the reflection in the mirror of the shower curtain. The shower curtain is white and semi see through. It’s blurry but I can make out two figures in the shower one squatting waist high in front of the other.

It was Mary squatting down with her face level towards her son’s dick.

“Do you want mommy to suck your cock?” Mary asks Alex.

“Yes mommy.” Alex answers.

I watch and see the silhouette of Mary’s Head bop back and forth towards the outline of her sons cock.

“Mmmmmmm!” Mary hums.

“That feels really good mom!” Alex returns.

“Lets finish up and get to my bed.” Mary says.

I see Mary’s figure stand up and start to clean up. Meanwhile, I’m hard as a rock and I quietly head back down the stairs hoping I’m not noticed.

I hear the shower stop and Mary and Alex walking over to her bedroom.

Now oblivious to their surroundings Mary says

“Mommy needs her sons big dick in all her holes Again.”

I creep back up the stairs just in time to see Mary and Alex on the bed with Mary on top sliding down on her son’s erect cock. She’s facing away from the door cowgirl position giving me the perfect view from behind. Mary starts rocking back and forth on Alex’s cock moaning out.

“Ohhhh…your dick feels sooo good in mommy’s pussy!”

Mary’s hand grabs her sons hand and guides his finger towards her asshole.

“Finger mommy’s ass while she rides your big dick. Ok baby?” Mary instructs.

“Ok mom.” Alex answers.

I figure the drugs are in full swing now as Mary grinds her hips on her sons cock while he gently fingers her ass. Mary turns around on Alex’s cock and rides him reverse cowgirl. Mary is now facing towards the door that I am looking in. I see Mary sit herself up pulling her sons dick out of her pussy and guide it towards her ass.

Mary inches down on her son’s thick rod…her moans escalating by the inch. Finally, mounted fully on Alex’s cock Mary leans back with her hands behind her on Alex’s chest propping herself up. She starts bahis siteleri to slide up and down on her sons cock both of them moaning in pleasure.

I figure its now or never as I undress myself at the edge of the door and stroke my now pulsating cock.

I see Mary’s head tilt upward toward the ceiling in pleasure. She is now leaning back anally riding her sons cock reverse cowgirl. Her pussy is facing me still glistening and slightly gaped from her son freshly fucking it.

I enter the room butt naked as the two are consumed in each others lust. I climb on the bed with cock in hand ready to bury it in Mary’s pussy as Mary’s head tilts back towards me.

Mary has a look of drunken passion on her face as her eyes roll from the back of her head and make contact with mine. Totally uninhibited Mary looks at me and says

“Just fuck me.”

I slide up further between Alex’s and Mary’s leg and slide my dick in Mary’s pussy.

“Ohh YES!” Mary lustfully yelps.

Alex and I are now double penetrating his mother reverse cowgirl. Alex in her ass from underneath and I’m in her pussy on top. Mary looks me in the eyes with a look of passion still on her face and her mouth slightly parted.

“I want you in my ass now as I ride my son.” Mary tells me as slides up off both our cocks.

Mary turns around on the bed and I get the first look at Alex as he has the same look of passion and ecstasy on his face that his mother does.

I grab the back of Mary’s head and guide it towards her son’s cock.

“Suck it mommy!” I tell Mary as she wraps her lips around Alex’s cock.

My heart is pounding in my chest now from the sexual energy as I know I have control of both mom and son.

“How does your ass taste?” I ask Mary as she comes up off Alex’s cock for a breath of air.

“Oh I love it!” Mary blurts out.

She returns her head on her son’s cock making gagging and slobbering noises.

“Don’t neglect me!” I tell Mary.

Mary then grabs my cock with her free hand and starts to stroke it.

“I want you to ride your son again.” I instruct Mary.

Mary climbs back on top of her son And slides his dick back into her pussy.

I stand up on the bed next to Mary as she rides Alex and pull her head towards my dick.

“Suck it mommy slut!” I order her.

Mary sucks and slobbers on my dick moaning from Alex humping her from underneath.

I pull my dick out of Mary’s mouth and Mary tells me.

“Fuck my ass! Mommy needs a dick in her ass too!”

I kneel down behind Mary and push her forwards towards Alex. I see her asshole now and it’s still dilated from Alex’s man-sized cock. I easily slide in Mary’s pucker hole and start matching Alex’s strokes from underneath. Alex and I are now humping his mother forcefully.

Mary starts to buck back towards both our cocks in unison with our thrust.

“Oh MY GOD! OH OH OH!” Mary yells.

I feel Mary’s ass start to tighten.

“HARDER! HARDER! HARDER!” Mary encourages Alex and I on.

Alex and I are now hammering his mom. Alex in her pussy and me in her ass. I can feel Alex’s cock start to swell through his moms vaginal walls. I feel Mary’s asshole clamp down on my dick.

“I’m gonna CUM MOM!” Alex hollers.


I feel Alex’s cock start to pulse as Mary rectum tightens several times from her own orgasm. They both let out a series of moans.

The pace slows as Mary falls over on Alex and my still rock hard dick pulls out of her ass.

“Oh baby that was fun. You made momma cum good!” Mary tells Alex.

Mary slides over off her son’s dick and I see a stream of cum escape her pussy. Mary reaches down with her fingers.

“Uh oh. Hope you didn’t get mommy pregnant.” Mary says to Alex.

Mary and Alex are lying next to each other with my sitting on the edge of the bed. Mary looks at me and spreads her legs.

“Come here.” Mary says. “Lick my sons cum out of my pussy so I don’t get pregnant.”

I crawl between Mary’s legs as she grabs my head and leads it to her pussy. I start to lick and tongue Mary’s freshly cummed filled cunt. I can taste the wetness of her pussy with the thickness and slight saltiness of her son’s cum.

As I’m licking the cum out of Mary’s pussy I see her reach over and start to stroke Alex’s cock to an erection again.

“I’m not through with you two.” Mary tells us.

“Come lay right here.” Mary pets on the bed between her and Alex.

I crawl between the two. Mary lays on her side and tells me.

“I need you to cum in my pussy so if I get pregnant it’ll be by you and not my son.”

I turn and now spoon Mary as she guides my cock to her pussy I just tongue cleaned.

I slide in and immediately notice Mary is very loose as her son’s penis is about an inch thicker. I start to fuck Mary harder and I’m not getting much enthusiasm back from her.

“Alex come over here and let mommy suck that man cock.” Mary tells her son. “This boy dick isn’t doing it for momma.”

Alex walks around bahis şirketleri the bed and I see him shove his man meat in his mother’s mouth. I feel Mary’s pussy starting to lubricate and her enthusiasm returns as she sucks her son and I fuck her pussy from behind.

I am now sliding in and out of Mary’s pussy with little resistance. I know I’m never going to cum like this. Mary takes her free hand that isn’t working Alex’s cock as she sucks it and she reaches towards my ass.

Mary starts to rub my asshole and penetrates with one of her fingers. I slow the pace down fucking Mary since she’s gently fingering my ass. Mary manages another fingers as I my sphincter relaxes.

Mary releases her mouth off her sons cock with a big slurp

“Alex is going to help you cum in me. He’s going to fuck your ass.” She tells me.

Mary is now rigorously running her fingers in and out of my ass as Alex returns to my side of the bed and he starts to spoon me.

Mary pulls off of my dick and slides down on the bed and grabs Alex’s dick through my legs. She guides his massive rod towards my virgin ass. She rubs the tip of his cock in circles against my asshole. She pulls his dick away and starts to suck his cock.

Mary then starts to tongue my ass lubing it up with spit. She grabs Alex’s cock and returns it to my pucker hole.

“Just like the first time you fucked me Alex…go easy.” Mary instructs her son.

I feel pressure against my hole and it starts to open. Thankfully Alex had already cummed and wasn’t 100% erect. As Mary helped guide her son’s dick in my ass she started to tongue the head of my cock running circles around it.

A few inches of Alex’s shaft head slowly slide in my ass. Mary was now sucking on my cock. She pulled off.

“Just like that Alex. Fuck his ass gently.” Mary said.

“Ok mom.” Alex said.

Mary slide up on the bed back to spooning me on her side. She reached back and slide my boner back into her cunt hole. I didn’t hump Mary because when Alex slide into my ass it would push my dick in his moms pussy.

We were now all spooning and tri-fucking each other. Alex humped my ass which in return would make me hump his mother’s pussy in the same stroke.

I could feel Alex’s cockhead grinding against my prostate as Mary said

“Mommy can feel it when you thrust Alex. I want mommy’s son to fuck us both!”

Alex intensified his thrust as he was now slamming my ass with each stroke making an audible thud as he slapped against my ass and in return I was slamming against Mary’s pussy.

“Oh mom he’s way tighter than you.” Alex cries out. “He’s gonna make me CUM!”

“Oh yeah baby fuck his ass hard…it makes mommy’s pussy feel good when you do it!” Mary told her son.

I could feel Alex’s cock start to swell in my ass which was hitting my prostate good. It felt good having him stimulate my ass as I fucked his mother’s cunt.

I felt my cock start to swell as I fucked Mary’s pussy. Mary’s sons cock started pulse in my ass as I felt a sudden warm sensation in my rectum. I started to shoot my cum in Mary’s stretched pussy.

“Oh baby I think he likes it!” Mary calls out to Alex

Alex landed a final few strokes as I feel him slip out of my ass. My dick is still hard from the intense taboo fucking and cumming. I notice Alex and Mary are looking exhausted, droopy eyed, and falling asleep.They must be on the come down from the drug and starting to pass out.

Mary and Alex just turn around and immediately fall asleep. They’re both lying on their stomachs and through Mary’s parted legs I can see my cum leaking out of her pussy.

I shake Mary and she is now asleep. I’m still hard so I mount Mary and stick my dick in her ass. I start to fuck Mary’s ass again only to realize that it’s still pretty loose from Alex fucking her.

I start to hammer away at her ass Trying to cum again when I feel how my own ass feels gaped and loose as well. I start to feel violated and slutty like I was a girl just raped in the ass.

In my frustration I am now plunging deep in Mary’s ass. I then notice Alex on the other end of the bed laying on his stomach too. His legs Are slightly parted and his ass is hairless just like his moms.

I felt I needed to pay him back. I climbed off his mother’s ass and fingered some of my cum out of Mary’s pussy. With his mother’s pussy juice and my cum on my finger I climb on Alex and start to lube his ass up with it. I slide my fingers in Alex’s ass and his butthole offered no resistance As he is passed out asleep. I slide my dick in his ass and started to fuck him like he did me earlier. I start to lose my erection because I feel too inhibited.

I pull my dick out of Alex’s ass and crawl over and grab his mom. I pull and flip his mother on top of Alex so now that they are now lying back to back. Alex facing down and Mary facing up. Their asses against each other.

With Mary laying on top of Alex I start to fuck her missionary in her pussy. I then take my cock out and fuck her ass. I fuck Mary’s ass then I slide it out into Alex’s ass. I fuck Alex and it feels like I’m fucking Mary as she’s on top. I gripe Mary’s tits to help me thrust in Alex’s asshole. Mary and Alex are pancaked back to back. I start to suck on Mary’s tits and I hear her moan in her drug induced state.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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