Mind_Hack.exe Ch. 03

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Bureaucracy moves slowly. It was this truth that afforded Daniel Stein the time to analyze Adam’s Mind Hack program in depth. It worked in a way that seemed to fit Peace of Mind’s software like a glove and Dan again found himself questioning Adam’s ability to create something so brilliant and complex. It was almost as if Mind Hack were a missing peace to POM that unlocked its full potential. It seemed like it had been built with this in mind all along and Daniel didn’t see how Adam could complete it so perfectly even with help from other hackers worldwide. He didn’t have time to speculate though. His goal was to end POM’s tracking surveillance which was the backbone of the government’s control. With that in mind, he put into motion his first test run.

Technically this would be like a second test run. His first had been at the hands of Adam himself and he hadn’t been able to monitor anything as his consciousness had been forced into the body of his sister, Stephanie. This time he wanted to track something that he noticed today when he fired up the program. He swore it hadn’t been there before and seemed like the most important feature. Dan knew that sooner or later someone at POM would figure out that someone had hacked into their system because the consciousness transfer left a trail. Dan’s signal had jumped into Stephanie, and then Adam’s signal had jumped into Kim, the next door neighbor. When this happened, both Steph and Kim’s signal had disappeared. Dan pointed out to Adam that this was going to be their undoing and fixing this problem was the key to them maybe staying alive. And here it was, right in the open all along if Adam had bothered to look. How did Adam not know about this? Again Dan was left wondering if something more was going on.

Buried in the settings was a way to hide the transfer, which Dan hoped would mask any interruption on POM’s end. But he would need to watch the screen to see if it was successful, as even a blip might be enough to attract more attention. He’d need help. He’d need a guinea pig. The problem that arose was how few people he trusted and the stakes had never been higher. After much contemplation, he decided to take the risk of opening up to his sister, even though it meant telling her things he really did not want to.

It was the day after Adam had left and the memory about everything that had happened when Dan had been in his sister’s body was still very fresh. He remembered being in her skin and feeling sexy and feminine. And he very much remembered being brought to orgasm by Adam in Kim’s body. If he lived long enough, Dan was going to think of something very creative to exact punishment on that little twerp. Dan tried to shove all that out of his head as he sat down across from Stephanie at their kitchen table and caught her up on recent events.

“So, I want you to know that what I’m about to tell you sounds crazy and I didn’t believe it either the first time. It’s, well it’s pretty fucked up and you got to believe me when I say it’s not how I would have played it out.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” his sister asked with a nervous giggle. Stephanie let little bother her, preferring to live life as carefree as possible, but her older brother was being weirder than normal.

Dan proceeded to tell her about Mind Hack. About how it had led to Adam’s visit yesterday, about how he had surprised Dan by transferring Dan’s consciousness into her body. And eventually how one thing had led to another and how he found himself making out with her very young friend next door, Kim, who Adam was in control of while Stephanie’s sort of boyfriend railed Kim from behind. He steered away from the more technical aspects because he knew she wouldn’t understand, but let her know that because of Adam’s actions, she was involved now whether she liked it or not. All their lives were now in danger and he was trying to figure a way to use Adam’s program to help them stay alive and bring down a corrupt and controlling government, but he needed her help.

When Dan was done, Stephanie was quiet for a long time, trying to process everything her brother had just told her. She did seem to have a gap in her memory during that time. She didn’t remember doing anything that Dan said she did or anything else for that matter. If this was true, and she didn’t see why her brother would lie, Dan had been in complete control of her body and had used it in a very sexual manner. As someone who loved sex, she found this both repulsive and arousing. She didn’t find Dan in any way appealing sexually because of his balding head and overweight frame. If enough booze were in her, she might be able to move past these physical attributes she found unattractive, but there was still the bigger issue of him being her brother. Incest was okay as a fantasy but not in real life. Still, the idea of her body making out with Kim, who she had always thought of as a younger, prettier version of herself, was very appealing.

Stephanie then thought about Adam. She had only meant Adam once before and he had seemed like a nice kid even though his eyes tended to linger ankara escort on her large chest. She was very used to this though. Her bust size helped her get more tips at the restaurant she worked at and made it so easy for her to pick up whatever guy she wanted to relieve her active libido. But now this little punk had maybe made them break the law which got you killed these days. If her brother figured a way out of this, she wanted to teach him a lesson.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to say to all that, or how to feel, but, what do you need me to do?” Steph asked.

Dan let out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. “I need to run a test. A few of them actually, and time is probably of the essence. With your permission, I’d like to transfer you close by and monitor some things in the program.”

“So I’m like your test subject?”

Dan grimaced. “Unfortunately yes. Again I’m so sorry to bring you into this mess, but if the authorities get any wind of it, they’ll probably see you as culpable because Adam jumped into you and you’re my sister.”

Steph frowned. “The first thing I get, but why should it matter that I’m your sister? You were a hacker sure, but you never got caught or served time.”

Dan shook his head. “That’s true, but I was getting a reputation and probably would have got caught if I had kept at it. I’m only back at it now because Adam has forced my hand.”

Stephanie looked at her brother and smiled. She loved him very much. They had been there for each other through thick and thin, especially recently when things had stayed thin for her and she had had to move in with him. The fact that he had used her body to get off was troubling, but she believed him when he said it hadn’t been his idea. “Alright, well, do what you’ve got to do. I’m your sister and I’ll always have your back.”

They wasted no time as Dan took her up to his office and had her lean back in a cushy chair. He then showed her Mind Hack in action. He used it to gain access to POM, and Stephanie looked on as Dan’s computer screen filled up with red dots that represented all the people around them that had been equipped with the mandatory cyber implants. Dan warned her that when the initial transfer happened, she should stay very still while he turned on the necessary attributes she would need to escape unnecessary detection. He would give her the host’s voice, mannerisms, and even access to their memories. Dan warned her that it would be overwhelming at first, but once her brain caught up with the changes, she should find an excuse to leave and come to their house at once. Stephanie then watched as Dan punched a few keys and selected her dot on the screen. She felt something come alive in her head. Then Dan selected the dot of their next door neighbor Jerry Stevens, Kim’s father.

“Uh, why are you selecting a guy?” Stephanie asked alarmed.

“Oh, right. Sorry, forgot to tell you that fact,” Dan said apologetically. “For reasons we don’t yet know, your signal can only transfer into the body of the opposite sex.”

“I’m going to be a guy? I’m going to have a penis!” she exclaimed. There was both fear and excitement in her voice.

Dan thought it best to rip off the bandage before she changed her mind. “Best not to think about it. Remember to stay still for a minute while I give you access to all your host’s features.” Dan hit a button.

“I thought I would get a chance to be Kim? I don’t think I want to be a…” Kim’s words were lost as she slumped back in the chair, her consciousness flying unseen through the air.

Unbeknownst to Jerry, his signal square began to flash as data was incoming. He had just walked into the kitchen and was admiring his wife’s firm backside as she loaded their dishwasher. He went to go give one of her lower cheeks a pinch, when he ground to a halt as something in his head didn’t feel quite right and he closed his eyes. Then he didn’t feel anything at all as his consciousness was shoved aside to make room for a surprise guest.

Stephanie’s eyes snapped open. Per Dan’s advice, she stayed completely still for a moment. She was in her neighbor’s house. She had been there several times before, usually to pick up Kim for a night of partying. Hanging out with Kim made her feel younger than she was and Kim seemed to appreciate her ability drink everyone under the table. Stephanie felt her legs under her but everything seemed off center somehow. She felt like if she shifted ever so slightly, she might lose her balance and topple over. This feeling passed as something clicked in her brain, and she felt comfortable to move around. She focused on what was in front of her and saw the back of Kim’s mom, Keri, bent over putting a plate into the dishwasher rack.

Stephanie felt another twinge in her brain, then found recent events in Jerry’s life being played on the big screen in her mind. Everything about Jerry’s life since the age of 18, when the implants had been surgically installed, was suddenly available to her. She began to pour over facts and dates and significant events in his life. Then she wondered how Jerry escort ankara saw her. That information startled Steph as images of her in some of her more provocative night life attire came to the surface along with feelings of arousal. She felt blood rushing to her midsection, and experienced her first erection.

“Jerry, are you getting turned on watching me load the dishwasher?”

Stephanie blinked. Keri had just spoken to her. It was so hard to think with all these new memories in her head and a large distraction happening down south. She looked at Keri who was now looking at her with a flirty smirk on her face. As Stephanie continued to say nothing however, Keri’s face showed concern.

“Are you having a stroke?” Keri asked. “You’ve been staring at me for over a minute now without saying anything and you have that…” she pointed at Stephanie’s sizeable erection that was straining painfully inside the confines of Jerry’s pants. “I mean, I’m glad I can still achieve that kind of reaction in you but, if you don’t say something soon I’m going to get worried.”

Stephanie steadied herself, knowing she’d need to respond. She flipped through some important facts about Keri, and then prayed that Dan would not let her down. “I’m fine.” She let out a sigh as she heard Jerry’s baritone voice spring from her lips. “I was just, drinking you in. It’s almost our anniversary and I was thinking about all we’ve been through. I am a lucky man.” That had maybe been sweeter than she meant it to be because Keri put down her dishrag and approached him with a sexy smirk on her face.

Keri carried herself very well. She had sandy brown hair, a full figure, a little pudgy, but Jerry always said he loved her curves. She was 46, but thanks to advances in modern medicine, that was only a number. People didn’t really begin to show their age until well into their nineties. She licked her lips and put both arms around her husband. She was enjoying the affect she was having on him and very appreciative of the boner he was sporting. She kissed him full on the mouth. Jerry seemed to be resistant at first, but then his mouth parted and her tongue slipped in, connecting with his. While their tongues wrestled, Keri dropped one hand down to Jerry’s waist and began patting his bulge.

At direct contact with her new appendage, Stephanie broke away and took a step back, then looked down. She saw the huge bump in her pants. She could feel the penis pulsing beneath her, begging to be released, begging to be touched. It was like the thing had a mind of its own. She looked up just as Keri was in front of her again, reaching down and unzipping Jerry’s fly. Stephanie instantly felt the release of tension, then a very pleasurable sensation as Keri’s hand slipped under the boxers and made direct contact with very sensitive skin.

Keri looked at Jerry’s eyes which were as wide as she’d ever seen them. He looked like he was almost scared of what she was doing, like she was touching his penis for the first time. She had just been teasing him a little, but this reaction made her want him. She stroked him a few times and then took his hand, pulling him towards their bedroom. “Come on. We don’t have much time before Kim gets home from her work and she won’t want to hear any day time love making from us.”

Stephanie was being swept along with the new sensations of the male form. By the time they were in the bedroom and Keri was tugging off Jerry’s pants, Stephanie remembered that she had been given strict instructions and needed to get back to her brother. As Keri’s fingers wrapped around the throbbing hard on, Stephanie managed a weak, “Um, I’m sorry, but I need to go, I…Oh!”

Keri’s mouth wrapped around Jerry’s tool and began working it like it was her job and she was employee of the month. Steph loved sex, but it always took her awhile to get into the zone. This was much different because it seemed she had left the starting line moments ago and the finish line was dead ahead. Steph had never been taught how to achieve longevity by mentally reviewing baseball stats, and exploded in Keri’s mouth in record time. Keri was surprised at the expedited arrival in her mouth but swallowed while looking lovingly into her husband’s face. “Wow dear! I must have really got you worked up.”

Stephanie’s mind was in a fog as the afterglow took effect. “I, yeah, that was…amazing. You’re really good at that. I should ask you for tips?”

Keri released the flaccid penis and stood up. She looked very quizzically at her husband. “You want tips on how to suck dick?”

Stephanie heard this and it made sense but then didn’t as the fog slowly lifted. “Yes, I mean, no, I..um, sorry. Post orgasm brain, not uh, all there yet, I guess.”

Keri laughed and then proceeded to lay down on the bed and remove her pants and underwear. “As long as your tongue is working, that’s the only part of you I need right now.” She spread her legs wide for him revealing a glistening slit. “Well, it’s not going to eat itself.”

Stephanie stared at it for a few seconds as if seeing a vagina for the first time, then searched ankara escort bayan for memories that would allow her a way out. “Um, I’m really sorry, I’ll owe you. I just remembered I have to…” Nothing was coming to her, at least nothing that seemed important enough to walk away from a wife who was eager for sexual reciprocation. She began to lower Jerry’s mouth to the awaiting pussy, then a possible excuse from Jerry’s memory came to her. “I’m supposed to take the car in right now to be looked at. You know it’s been acting up and I just remembered I had an appointment with the mechanic today.”

Keri shot him a withering look as her legs slammed shut. “You’re going to leave me like this because of the car?”

Stephanie tried to scrunch up Jerry’s face into what she hoped was his most apologetic look. “You know how hard it is to get in. I’ll be there and back and I promise I’ll make it up to you. You’re amazing and I love you.”

Keri’s face didn’t change, but she relented. “Fine, but tonight you’re staying down there until I’ve had enough, and I promise I’ll need longer than you did a minute ago.”

“Deal,” Jerry said. Stephanie pulled up Jerry’s pants and dashed out of the bedroom. Jerry had indeed been talking about taking the car in to have it serviced, but had been putting it off for weeks. For appearances, she grabbed the car keys and drove down the block and parked on the side of the street, then walked back to her house where Dan was waiting not so patiently for her.

“Where the hell have you been? I thought maybe she had figured you out and we were busted. What took so long?”

Jerry’s face went scarlet. “I sort of uh, got a blowjob from Keri.”

Dan looked at his next door neighbor incredulously. “You got a blowjob from Jerry’s wife? How the hell? What did you do? I didn’t send you over there to screw Jerry’s wife.”

Stephanie struggled at an explanation. “It all happened so fast. First I was in this male body and it was overwhelming like you said it would be with all the new sensations and stuff. I stayed still like you told me so you could get me oriented or whatever. Apparently Keri thought I was checking her out and made a move on me and next thing I know she’s sucking me off and, wow, no wonder guys like blowjobs. They are fantastic!”

Dan shook his head in frustration. “You remember we’re trying to keep a low profile here while I find out what I can about this program? Even with Jerry’s memories you could have gotten found out. If that happens you’re going to get us killed sooner than later.”

At her brother’s stern reproach, Stephanie’s emotions bubbled to the service and Jerry started to cry. “I’m sorry, I just, I didn’t ask for this! I’m just trying to help you.”

Dan sighed and put a hand on his neighbor’s shoulder, reminding himself that it was his little sister in this man’s body. “Stop, don’t cry. I’m sorry. It was a lot for me the first time, and I’m sure it will be the second too. I’m just mad at the situation, because it’s not getting easier. Come with me and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Jerry sniffled and followed Dan back upstairs to his office. Stephanie saw that Dan was using every monitor in the house, all showing different screens that she assumed were connected to POM and this Mind Hack program. A silhouette of a person was on one screen, a map of what looked like their city was on another, and two more had numbers and symbols that made no sense to her. She looked to her brother to explain what was bothering him.

“Remember the map here with everyone’s implants?” Dan asked her.


“This is our sector. When we log into POM with Mind Hack, it gives us access to our sector and only our sector. But now something has changed.”

Stephanie did not like the foreboding tone in her brother’s voice. “What? What changed?”

Dan went to the keyboard and hit a few keys. Stephanie saw the map on the monitor pull back and give a wider shot, showing all the surrounding sectors and many, many more red dots. “This wasn’t here last time. Last time Adam told me, and I verified, that the program would only work in the sector that it was running in. I assumed this was because it was connecting through POM’s local network and since they seem to try and decentralize as much as possible to keep anyone from knowing too much, this didn’t surprise me. But as you can see, we now have access to much more.”

Stephanie was very confused. She already didn’t know much about computers and programs and she knew her brother was trying to keep it simple but she didn’t see what the problem was. “So, okay, so you made it better and got access to more people. Why is that bad?”

Dan’s face became very serious. “I didn’t do anything, that’s what I’m telling you. Someone else did this. And it wasn’t Adam, I checked. Someone did this from inside of POM who knows our program is running and is, I don’t know, giving it a boost apparently. Remember when I told you this whole experiment right now was to see if I could mask the signal that happened during a transfer? That hopefully if any of this were being monitored by POM that nothing would seem amiss when we hopped in or out of someone? I can’t say for sure that was there the first time. The feature seemed to just appear out of nowhere when I connected Mind Hack back to POM this morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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