Losing My Cherry

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This is a true story of a summer experience that happened many years ago. I lost contact with the other person in the story, but never forgot him.

Several weeks had passed since that first sexual encounter with another man had taken place. I found that I was thinking about that experience more as the time passed. Since that time I had seduced my girl friend and was getting laid on a very regular basis. I really enjoyed the pussy I was getting, it was very good and she seemed to enjoy being fucked as well. It was just the intense pleasure I had received from Gene that first time that I kept thinking about.

I was still hitch hiking to the small town where I had a job every day. It was the same routine every day, get up early, have the same breakfast and hitch a ride to the job. The summer was unusual in that it was so dry and hot. Normally this time of year we would have some rain, but not this year. Even very early in the morning you would sweat just standing along side the road.

One evening when I returned home from work I went to my room to prepare to take a shower. My mom had laid a note on my bed saying “Gene called, please return his call.”

I rushed to the phone, hoping that it was not too late to call Gene. When Gene answered the phone there was a feeling of relief that he was still there. I said “Gene, I got your message, how are things?”

Gene seemed to be very happy that I had returned his call, saying “I’m so glad you got the message and called me back. Do you have any plans for Saturday afternoon?”

Saturday was 2 days away and I didn’t have anything planned in the afternoon, so I replied “No, I have no plans for the afternoon, I’m open.”

Gene and I made a date to meet at a small shopping area which was easy to find in the small town I lived in. He could easily get off and on the highway from where it was located. The fact that Saturday was a busy day, with the farmers doing their shopping that day it would make meeting there easy.

Saturday finally arrived and I got to the shopping center parking lot a little early. I didn’t want to miss Gene, or make him wait for me to arrive. It was easy to see the white Cadillac coupe enter the parking lot, it was the only car like that in town. He parked along the edge, beside some farm trucks. I approached the car on the passenger side and tapped on the window. Gene hit the button and the window slide down letting the cool air from the air conditioner hit me in the face.

I smiled and said “Hi, glad to see you again. Thank you for calling the other day.”

Gene was all smiles, he responded “I’m glad you could make it, let’s go run around a little.”

I got into the car, the cool air felt great since it was approaching 100 degrees again that afternoon. The cool leather seats also felt great on my back and arms. I had made a point to wear çıtır escort a t-shirt and shorts that day since it was going to be so hot and they were also easier to remove. Gene pulled back out on the highway and headed back toward the lake where we had first gone. We had some small talk about the weather, sports and what had happened to each of us over the past few weeks. I was surprised when Gene told me about his wife and kids. I had never even give that a thought before he mentioned it.

We pulled into the parking area beside the lake, it was very secluded, but you could see boats on the lake with people fishing. We looked the area over very closely to ensure that we were alone. After feeling that we were alone at this spot we turned our attention toward each other.

Gene leaned over and kissed me, his lips were so soft and the kiss sent a shiver though my entire body. I parted my lips and his tongue entered and swirled around my tongue. I felt his had on my chest, gently touching my nipple through the t-shirt material. I could feel the hardness of my nipple as his fingers kneaded the erasure like nipple. His kisses were deep, erotic and already having an impact on my cock as it was becoming hard. I let my hands touch his face as we kissed, then taking a queue from Gene I started to touch his nipples. This brought a strong response from Gene, his kisses became stronger, deeper.

Gene’s hand slid up inside the leg of my shorts, feeling the heat from my crotch. I could feel his fingers approaching my cock as it was being held down along my leg by the short leg. He was able to touch the tip of my cock, sending a lightening bolt through my groin. I unbuttoned my shorts, but didn’t attempt to remove them at that time. Gene had one hand under my t-shit, working my nipples, one hand touching the tip of my cock and continued to kiss me.

I continued to play with his nipples and was getting a strong response from this action. I let my hand run down his stomach, then along his zipper, feeling his rigid cock along his leg. This brought a strong moan from Gene as I gently stroked his cock through the material of his pants.

Gene was tugging at my shorts, so I lifted my ass of the car seat and let him remove them. He also removed my under shorts at the same time, pulling them down around my ankles. I kicked them off of one foot, allowing me spread my legs slightly.

Gene said “I love your cock, the head is like a mushroom with a long straight stem. It has such a wonderful taste to it.”

With that he kissed my cock on the head, brushing his lips across my pee hole, wetting his lips with my pre-cum. His mouth took the head of my cock inside, his tongue was running circles around it. I could feel his tongue play with the underside on my cock head sending a huge charge through my body. He continued down demetevler escort bayan the shaft of my cock, all the way to the base. With such softness and wonderful tongue action he started to go up and down on my cock. I could do nothing except lay back against the door and enjoy this intense please Gene was giving me.

I could only say “Oh Yes Gene, that feels so good, suck me.”

Gene would only moan at my encouragement and continues to suck me. His pace was increasing and I could feel that I was getting close to cumming. He sensed that I was so close, so he left my cock and kissed me again. He let his hands run over my thighs, close to, but never touching my balls. After a minute or two, he returned to sucking my cock. This sequence was repeated 3 or 4 times as I would get so close to shooting my load.

Finally Gene didn’t stop as I was so close. I felt my belly tense and I was almost unaware of my surroundings at that moment. I felt my cock jerk and I shot one load after the other into Gene’s mouth. I don’t remember how much I was able to shoot, but it seemed like it was never ending. As Gene continued to gently suck my cock after I had shoot my load every touch to the head of my cock made me jerk, it was so sensitive. He finally let it go free from his lips.

As Gene laid back in the car seat I leaned over and released his cock from his pants. The tip of his cock as wet with his pre-cum and the musky male order filled my nostrils. I licked the tip of his cock, getting a load moan from Gene. I let my tongue lubricate the head of his cock, then lowered my head down his shaft. I found that I enjoyed the feel of his cock, the pubic hair touching me as I would go down on it. I tried to work the underside as much as possible, it seemed to get the most positive response from him. I tried different pressure with my lips and cheeks, seeing which he liked the best. I worked Gene’s cock, sucking him with more pressure as I felt his body jerk and his cock expand. His voice was almost gone as he tried to say something. At that moment I felt his cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could trying to catch all of his cum. I had some at the corners of my mouth when he was completed. I let his cock become flaccid in my mouth, then let go of it.

As we sat the silent for a minute or two, trying to catch our breath the pleasure of the previous act came to us. Gene leaned over and kissed me again as I was leaning against the car door, my head resting on the window and the seat. He slid between my legs as he kissed me. Gene gently lifted my legs up and unto his shoulders spreading the cheeks of my ass as he did so. I felt his finger enter my ass, making a circling motion to force my ass to relax. It was such a wonderful sensation for me, to feel his finger enter my ass. I felt dikmen escort bayan another finger spread me more, then another. I was now concerned that he was so big I would not be able to stand his cock inside of me, yet I wanted to be fucked. I could feel his fingers inside me, working much easier now.

I felt and could hear Gene remove his fingers from my ass, there as a slight popping sound as his fingers came out. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my anus. As he pushed it was entering me and I could feel some pain at that moment. I was now worried, Gene was huge compared to me and I didn’t know if I could take him. The head of his cock felt huge as he pushed it inside of me, the pain was intense at that time. He pushed more and I felt more of his cock inside of me. The pain was more intense at that moment, but he continued to enter me. After a few seconds the pain had gone and I could feel his balls touching the cheeks of my ass.

Gene started to withdraw his cock from my ass, and then slowly he pushed it back into me, his pubic area hitting me in the ass. After a brief period of him slowly fucking me I was able to start to move my ass around, trying to get a rhythm with him. I could feel his cock, the head as it moved in and out of me. I was watching his face, the intensity as he fucked me. His balls would touch my ass when he was fully inside me, tickling my ass. Gene was holding my shoulder, pulling me down with each thrust in me. His thrust would literally crash into me and he pushed his cock as deeply as possible. He continued to fuck me for a few minutes and then he started to make a noise and I could feel his cock expand and the hot seed shoot into my ass. I could feel his cock spasm and his breath gasp with each spasm. I knew that he was shooting more and more of his load inside of me. Gene was spent and was trying to hold himself up as his cock was now going soft but still inside my ass. It suddenly came out with a pop and I felt a emptiness inside my ass at that time.

We sat for a brief time trying to compose ourselves. Letting our emotions come back to earth was taking a little time.

Gene said “God, I have not had a fuck like that in a long time, you are so tight, it is impossible to keep from cumming to soon.”

I took that as a compliment, not sure why but I did.

We put our clothes on and headed back to town. When we got back Gene thought it would be good to meet again soon. I agreed, so we made another date.

We said goodbye for the day and waved to each other as I got out of the car.

As I got out of the car I had this strange sensation that Gene’s cum was going to leak out of me as I walked. That sensation was with me all day, it was actually a very erotic feeling.

When I got home I went straight to the shower to clean myself up. Standing there in the hot shower I found thinking about the day’s events had given me a hard on. I used some of the soap and started to jack off, thinking about the wonderful events of the day. I felt my knees shake and buckles slightly as I shot my load unto the shower floor.

I was now looking forward to the next meeting we had planned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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