House Rules Ch. 05

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For the next hour I explored the sissy wonderland which Daddy had created just for me. It was a bedroom fit for a sissy princess. I guess that was me now, Kitten, Daddy’s sissy princess.

There was a closet of pretty clothes and shoes. The large dressers were full of so many girly things my head was spinning.

There was a makeup table with lights around it and a little plush, velvet stool for me sit on when I was primped and fussed over my appearance.

And there was a princess bed any girl would have killed for!

It was pink, little girl perfection. The canopy was ruffled and lacy. There was even a pink teddy propped up against the fluffy pink pillows!

Daddy said I would be sleeping in his bed from now on, but whenever I wanted to take a nap or listen to music or read, I could come in here and lay on my princess bed.

I twirled around trying to take it all in.

I didn’t know what half of the girly things I was discovering were but I know I would figure it all out in time.

The dresser was full of all of my panties and panties I had never seen before. There were t-shirts, shorts, jeans, and so many cute and sexy things I didn’t think I’d ever be able to wear them all but I would certainly give it my sissy best.

One drawer I opened had an assortment of little plugs and other types of toys in it. The toys were of various size and shapes. Some were shaped like cocks and were very realistic. Some were pink and some were black. Some were rubbery and flexible and the others were a little harder. Some vibrated. (Oh my) Some were big (gulp) and some were small and less threatening.

There were also tubes of lube and gels. Some were even flavored.

Daddy explained every sissy needed a toy drawer.

I was in heaven. I was in overload.

I wanted to try everything on right then and there.

I saw Daddy standing in the doorway. He was beaming like a proud daddy would.

“Like it?” he asked.

I ran to him and jumped into his arms. He put his hands under my ass as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I kissed him full on the mouth, sliding my tongue to meet his.

He patted my bottom.

“I love you, Kitten,” he said sweetly.

“I love you, Daddy,” I said back in a soft little voice.

That evening after dinner, Daddy told me to put some pajamas on and join him in his office.

I went to my old room and discovered the door was now locked.

Then I remembered and went back down the hall.

This was my room now, the one with the pink door.

I went to one of the two dressers and found some pajamas I wanted to wear and which I thought Daddy would like.

The top was a little camisole. It had a sleepy little kitten on the front. I slipped it over my head. It felt soft against my body. My nipples hardened.

The matching bottoms were boy short style panties. I slid them up my legs. I loved how they hugged my ass and made my legs look girlish and sexy. I loved how you could see my bellybutton.

I ran to the bathroom and brushed my hair back behind my ears.

I used to do that when I was little and wanted to make fun of the girls in my class. My mother always kept my hair long so it was easy to brush my hair back behind my ears. I would tease the little girls and copy their girlish mannerisms and mock them in a high little girl voice.

My mother saw me teasing the neighborhood girls once and she pulled me back into the house. She brushed and braided my hair into two stubby little pigtails. After giving me several swats on my butt, that is.

“If you’re trying to look like a little girl,” she said sternly, “Then let me help,” she scolded.

She put two little barrettes in my hair and sent me outside to play with the other kids with another spank on my bottom.

“Be glad I don’t ask to borrow some panties and a little dress from Mr. Jarrod and send you out to play like that!”

Mrs. Jarrod was our neighbor who had a daughter my age. Penelope was one of the girls I loved to tease. Penelope probably would have loved to see me in her panties and sundress.

Phillip, my mom’s boyfriend at the time, laughed at me and told my mom to get the dress and panties because it’s probably what I really wanted.

I hated Phillip.

But maybe?

I went outside in my pigtails. The other kids teased me relentlessly.

Now here I was brushing my hair back, hoping to look girlish for my handsome Daddy downstairs. I wished I knew how to braid pigtails. I instead used two scrunchies to fashion short pigtails.

I finished up and ran downstairs to his office.

Daddy had me stop so he could see how my new clothes fit. He asked me if I liked them and I told him I did very much so like them.

He said my pigtails were very cute and very naughty too.

I turned slowly for him making sure he got the full view from every angle. When I turned back to face him he was grinning from ear to ear.

Daddy then told me to come over to his desk, he had something for me read.

I casino oyna padded over to him and looked down. There was a document lying on his desk. In big letters at the top were the words: HOUSE RULES.

I put a fingertip against my lips and looked at Daddy.

“These are the HOUSE RULES, Kitten. The real house rules. I want you to read this very carefully. Every word.”

I looked at the paper and then at him.

He rubbed my bottom and then said, “It’s okay, Baby. Read it. Ask me if you have any questions.”

So I did.

I sat on the leather couch in Daddy’s office and read every word on the piece of paper he handed me. I sat there, my left leg up under me, a finger in my mouth, reading and studying.

My brain was racing.

Daddy had gone to the kitchen to give me some time to myself.

When he came back I said I had some questions. He sat down next to me and patted his thigh. I sat myself on his lap and placed my head against his broad chest. His hand slowly rubbed my back and then he slid it down to my butt.

I loved how is hand felt on my butt and I purred happily.


According to the paper Daddy had me read, there were 10 house rules I’d have to agree to and then abide by if I was going to stay with him.

“So you want me to be a girl for you?” I asked.

He chuckled.

“No, Baby. I don’t want you to be a girl. This isn’t about turning you from male to female. This is about helping you transform into the sissy you were born to be.”

I was confused.

“I don’t want you to become a girl. I don’t want you to have surgery and become female. I don’t want you to have a vagina or breasts.”

“But-” I said meekly.

“Hush now.”

He began to tell me that he knew I was a sissy when he first saw me. He said I was far too pretty to be a boy. He told me I was special. He didn’t want me to be a girl though. He liked my body just the way it was. I wasn’t going to be taking hormones or anything to grow breasts and he wasn’t going to have me cut off my pretty little cock.


I admit I was worried. I tried to imagine myself with breasts and a vagina.

Daddy said he liked my pretty little cock, especially when it was nestled in my pretty panties and he loved my sexy little butt.

Daddy went on to tell me he was gay and he liked pretty boys like myself. White boys, in particular, he added.

As a sissy, he continued, I would adopt some feminine behavior and mannerisms but he didn’t want me being a girl.

I would always be in panties and he promised to make sure I had plenty to choose from.

I could wear other pretty little things in addition to my panties. I could wear a little makeup to accentuate my natural beauty.

I would continue to do all the housework and do the things I’d been doing up to this point.

Sissy or not, I was still expected to follow the house rules. And if I misbehaved, I would still be spanked. I would have my panties pulled down and my sissy bottom would be spanked.

I listened to him and a million thoughts ran through my mind. I nodded and listened.

A sissy? That used to mean something else to me.

Sissies were the boys the other boys picked on but the girls like to play with. Sissies jumped rope and played with dolls. They cried easily and were little tattle-tell teacher’s pets.

I knew a sissy growing up. He was my best friend when I was eight.

For Halloween Billy showed up at my house dressed as a little girl. His mother and sisters had spent all day working on his costume. He’d even gone to the beauty parlor to have his hair done!

When I opened our front door, I saw my best friend dressed a pretty little girl. From head to toe!

Billy looked so happy and he twirled for me and I watched as his fluffy petticoats floated high enough so I could see his ruffled party panties.

I remembered the look of absolute look of joy on his pretty little made up face.

I freaked out because my best friend showed up wearing pretty panties and a party dress and I refused to go out with him.

I put on a good show, but deep down I wished I had a pretty dress and pretty ruffled panties like his.

I wasn’t a sissy though, was I? Maybe? Oh God. I was.

Now, though, being a sissy meant I was Daddy’s special boy. I was still a boy. Right? I was just going to be a sissy boy.

I was Daddy’s now. He loved me. I knew that in my heart and soul.

Daddy was going to take care of me and I was going to, wanted to, take care of him and all of his needs.

If that made me a sissy, then a sissy I was.

If being a sissy meant I got to wear cute panties and cute little outfits like the one I was wearing now, I was okay with that. I was okay with all of that.

As long as Daddy was happy.

I was submissive to him and wanted to please him in every way possible. I WAS a sissy. There was no doubt now. I couldn’t stop thinking about his black cock. I couldn’t help but think about sucking it or feeling it inside my sissy pussy. canlı casino

My life had been a mess up to this point. Maybe Mr. Clem…maybe Daddy was right. Maybe I was just a little sissy who needed a strong daddy to make life better.

Daddy spoke from the other side of the office, “This is the critical stage, Kitten. The point of no return. Take a deep breath then decide.”

He said that if I agreed to everything on that paper, I would become his sissy forever. If I didn’t agree, if I didn’t sign the paper, then some tough decisions would have to be made.

I felt sick to my stomach at the thought of not being with Daddy.

I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to leave my Daddy.

I picked up the contract and read it again:

The rules were:

1. Daddy is always right and must not be questioned.

2. Daddy makes all the rules and all rules must be followed without question. Refer to Rule Number 1 if there are any doubts.

3. Daddy must be always called Daddy or Sir.

4. Sissy’s new name will be KITTEN.

5. KITTEN is always to look his sissiest, whether he is at home or out in public.

6. The bond between Daddy and KITTEN is sacred. KITTEN must remain faithful.

7. KITTEN must never stand to pee and when KITTEN has to be excused he must ask for permission from Daddy to tinkle.

8. KITTEN will not drink or take drugs of any kind.

9. KITTEN will continue the exercise program designed by Daddy.

10. Once KITTEN’s journey begins, it cannot be stopped. KITTEN’s decision to transform must be final.

There they were. The ten rules which would dictate my life from now until forever. Once I signed that contract, Ozzie would cease to exist. Kitten would be born and Kitten I would be.

I picked up the pink pen with the teddy bear eraser and signed my name.

Daddy smiled and took the document from me and put it on a shelf.

He told me to stand and he pulled me to him. He lifted my chin and our eyes met. He kissed me and I kissed him back. Our tongues met and he swirled his around mine as his strong hands cupped my buttocks. He lifted me slightly off the ground and I found myself standing on my tippy-toes to be able to keep kissing him.

I loved that feeling!

My hands went to the lump in his pants.

“You’re my sissy now, Kitten. You know what to do.”

I knelt down and pulled out his cock and for the second time in the same day I sucked my Daddy’s cock.

This is what I was born to do. I knew that now.

I worked that black cock like it was my last meal. I wanted to show Daddy this is what I wanted, what I needed. I wanted to show him I understood my place was in kneeling in front of him with his cock in my mouth.

Daddy told me to stop and I reluctantly pulled off his throbbing cock. Then he lifted me and carried me to his…our bedroom. My arms were wrapped around his neck and his hands were under my butt.

He carried me to his bedroom and lay me on the bed.

My heart was racing. My panties were drenched.

Daddy began to undress me.

He slowly pulled down my little bottoms and slid them off me. The front of them was sticky and wet. He put my panties in his mouth and sucked all the juices from them.

Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy.

He pulled my cami off of me.

My nipples were rock hard and he kissed each one tenderly.

I was sitting up with my head against the headboard.

Daddy then began to undress.

I watched as he pulled off his denim work shirt. His broad chest was hairless and glistened with small beads of sweat. His stomach was flat and a six pack of hard muscles rippled down to below the waistband of his boxer briefs which were peeking over his jeans.

He unzipped his jeans, pulled them down and slid out of them.

He was now standing next to the bed in just tight boxer briefs. The material was being tested to its limits by the thick black cock within.

Daddy pulled his briefs down and his cock fell out like a half-ripened banana. The large mushroom head glistened.

Daddy got up onto the bed with me.

He pulled me down until my head was lying on the pillows. He got between my legs and leaned down.

He kissed my stomach with gentle butterfly kisses. He stuck his tongue into my bellybutton and then dragged it up and out, continuing down to just above my quivering cock. He kissed me there.

Then he took me into his mouth.

Wet warmth covered my little cock and somewhere angels sang.

My eyes were closed and I was biting my lower lip. I was writing on the sheets as he licked and sucked mek. I put my hands on his head, hoping that would signal I wished he would never stop. He kissed my little cock tenderly and licked along the skinny shaft, stopping to bathe my pink head in more kisses.

Then Daddy put his hands behind my knees and pushed forward, lifting my butt off of the bed. I could him feel his breath on me. It sent shivers through me from my toes to my cock to my brain.

He took my little velvet bag into his mouth. kaçak casino I could feel him roll my two little marbles around on his tongue. He pinched them between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. He pulled off, sucking my sack along with him.

Then he released me. He kissed each of my marbles.

My little cock ached for release. I was moaning like a kitten in heat. THIS was one of the things daddies did to make their little sissies happy.

And I was one happy little sissy at the moment!

I could feel Daddy’s breath and tongue on my tingling skin.

He pushed me back further and my bottom was totally exposed to him. He began sliding his talented tongue along my crack. Up and down, slowly, driving me even crazier than I’d been the last…however long it had been. My brain was mush.

Lick, lick, lick. Up and down. Lick, lick, lick.

With each pass he got lower.

Daddy then stopped and told me to get onto all fours. I did. I felt him behind me.

Daddy pushed his face between my cheeks. His beard tickled my inner thighs and then my quivering cheeks. I felt cool air on my little rosebud and then I felt something else.

He flicked the tip of his tongue against my little puckered ring. He circled his talented tongue around it, teasing me again. Then he licked it.

I whimpered. I stuck a finger in my mouth. Eyes closed, sucking my finger, nipples like pencil erasers, I had never felt such pleasure before. This is what my journey had led me to.

He licked and kissed my little hole and made me sloppy and wet.

I was in heaven. Sissy heaven.

Daddy continued to pleasure me with his mouth. My orgasm leaked out of me onto the bed. I was done but Daddy was nowhere finished.

Daddy pulled his tongue from inside me. I felt empty. I needed something back inside me.

Daddy changed positions. He crawled to the top of the bed and pulled me to him. He spooned me and I felt his cock slip in between my tender cheeks. The tip poking my boy-pussy.

His strong arm was draped over me and his fingers teased my sensitive nipples.

I could smell his man scent. He kissed my neck and my heart leapt. I felt his cock twitch against me. He kissed my earlobe and my nipples hardened. He pinched my left nipple and I moaned. He pulled me tighter against him and I turned my head. We kissed then. It was sexy and tender. Just like him.

I closed my eyes and felt his tongue slip inside my mouth. I sucked on it. I slid my tongue against it. I also ground my bottom against him.

Then Daddy lay on his back. His cock rising almost completely straight up.

I marveled at it. Compared to his black beauty, the thing between my legs looked small and childish. Mine was a sissy’s cock. It wasn’t supposed to be big. It was supposed to small and pretty.

I was a sissy and Daddy was a man. A real man. This was my place, naked next to a real man, pulled tight against his powerful body and worshipping at the altar of his ebony masterpiece.

I swiveled my body around and sat next to him in the kneeling position. I studied his cock. It was beautiful.

I reached out and gripped it with both hands. I pumped it and a large drop of precum oozed from the gaping slit at the center of the mushroom head. I lowered my face to his tip and licked at it.

The surface of his purplish head felt like velvet. Black velvet. I lapped at the dollop of cum which was now pooled around the opening. I tasted Daddy’s special treat. It was salty and sweet and I wanted more.

I crawled closer, pressing my body into his. I felt his strong hand on my back. I looked at his cock again, now wet with my kisses and licks.

I licked along the shaft, tracing the path of those thick veins. I slowly licked down to the base and then dragged my mouth back towards the tip. I lowered my mouth to him and let him fill my mouth.

I pulled slowly off his cock, teasing him, letting just my lips rest on the cap. Then I pushed forward, sliding my soft sissy lips back over the plum-sized head.

I pushed forward this time, determined to take more of him into my mouth and prove to him I was a worthy little cock-sucking sissy. I closed my eyes and focused. I choked a little but pushed forward. Five inches of black cock filled my mouth and throat.

Daddy rubbed my back tenderly, telling me I was being a good sissy, telling me I was doing what I was born to do. He knew had me right where he wanted me to be, where he knew I would eventually end up after he transformed me.

I knew what to do to make him happy. I sucked and kissed and pumped his shaft. I played with his balls. I went slow. I went fast.

I felt Daddy’s hand slowly trace along my spine until it was right above my ass. He massaged my bottom. It felt wonderful.

Daddy told me to sit on his chest, with my bottom in his face.

I did as I was instructed. I spun my body around and went to work on his magnificent cock again. I had both hands on it and was nursing it like a baby nurses a bottle, eyes closed, making happy little sucking sounds.

I felt Daddy rubbing my butt. He squeezed my cheeks together and then pulled them apart. I felt a gentle kiss on my little rosebud. Then I felt the flick of a tongue. Then another. Then I felt his tongue slip inside me.

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