Hanlan’s Point

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Hanlan’s Point is a convenient nude beach for me to visit from work. Just a short ferry trip to the islands from downtown Toronto and you’re naked!

It is predominantly a “gay” beach where the guys like to strut their stuff but that’s O.K. as they seldom hit on me. There are only a couple of months in the summer the weather is suitable and the water of Lake Ontario is always frigid.

It is great on a warm sunny day to take off from work early and get naked in the sun for a couple of hours. Read a book and sip on wine while listening to the Walkman blaring in my ears.

Some of the guys, although gay, enjoyed my company and I soon struck up a friendship with some of them. I would admire their cocks and think what a waste it was they weren’t interested in pussy.

Of course all the guys were not gay, I encountered more than one that my naked body aroused. Usually they would watch me from a distance secretively stroking their cocks. If I was aware they were jerking-off I would put on a little show for them, opening my legs so they could see the pink and massaging suntan lotion into my ample breasts.

There was not much overt sexuality taking place on the beach. Just a few yards back from the water’s edge was a grove of trees offering privacy for the serious stuff. A short walk through this area would reveal dozens of discarded use condoms, some still containing jism. It lad long been my fantasy to get laid by a bunch of strangers in this ghetto of decadence.

I will always remember that day. It was a hot Friday afternoon in late July. I had snuck off to the island in casino siteleri hops of finding some action.

There was a scattering of about 20 – 30 guys on the beach when I arrived and only two girls sharing a blanket and displaying their nubile bodies to whoever cared to look.

I quickly spread my blanket and got nude to add to the scenery.

I had just got organized when Brad approached me. Brad was a good-looking guy with a cock to die for, but alas he is gay!

“Hi Michelle, I have some guys you might want to meet?” Brad said.

Brad knew I was always interested in a little fun.

“They are on a business trip from Michigan and looking for a good time.” he added.

“Send them over.” I boldly answered.

There were five of them! Not bad looking guys ranging from early twenties to mid-thirties and all naked! What a wonderful assortment of cocks.

They guy that caught my eye was a black guy. He wasn’t particularly good looking but his cock hung down almost to his knees, it must have been a foot long! I imagined what it would be like erect.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” one of them asked.

Five guys? The most I had ever had was three and that was a couple of years ago at college.

“O.K” I agreed.

It was crazy; I was going into the bushes naked with five horny out-of-town guys. I knew I was in for the fucking of my life.

We found an appropriate patch of grass and I dropped to my knees surrounded by five hard cocks in my face.

I started taking the randomly, one after the other in my mouth for a few strokes to get them canlı casino hard and wet. Most were average size and one was quite small. The black one was super size and just the head of it filled my mouth.

He guys were quickly getting into frenzy, competing to get their cocks in my mouth to skull-fuck me. Cock after cock was trying to ram down my throat to spray my tonsils with cum.

Without warning one of them suddenly begin shooting cum over my tongue. I had to keep it in my mouth to service it and capture all the jism.

The thick, rich cum rolled down my throat like a delectable oyster on the way to my belly. Licking the knob clean I took the next cock into my mouth.

One after the other I suckled on their cocks being fed string after string of salty goo. Smacking my lips I drank every drop of their sperm.

Now my belly was full it was time to feed the pussy. I spread out on the grass on my back spread-eagle, legs and arms wide apart. Above me waved a thicket of cocks.

The first guy pounced on me like I was a bitch in heat. My cunt sucked his cock in like a Shop-Vac. His decent size cock got me ready for the followers. My grinding pussy made him cum in minutes, squeezing his sperm from his spurting cock.

The first three cum in me in less than five minutes, draining their balls into my hungry cunt.

I looked up to see the black guy mounting me. I opened wide to accept his monster meat.

After fucking three guys I was still not ready for his huge cock. He got the head into my sloppy hole and forced about ten inches of thick black cock up into kaçak casino me.

“Oooooooooowww!!!!!” I cried as he stretched me to new limits.

I do not have a small pussy for I am the office slut. I have taken several large cocks in the part without a problem. This cock was exceptional as he was not only long but also as thick as a baseball bat. My cunt squirmed on his meat trying to get comfortable. The cum from the first three guys just squished out around the big black cock providing some much needed lubricant.

Thankfully he was finally fully in me. It felt as if his cock was about to come out of my mouth, he must have been pressed against my cervix.

“Jesus Christ!” I moaned.

He started fucking me like a cat playing with a mouse. Each time he moved he took my cunt with him, I was stretched on his cock like a human condom.

He delighted in taking long, slow trips into my fuckhole never quite freeing me of the burden of his cock. I found myself wanting more.

I didn’t know how much more I could endure; I had to make him cum. My hips bucked up and gyrated yanking his cock in a circular motion.

“Shoot in me you bastard!” I challenged.

I didn’t have to ask a second time, his rich warm sperm flooded my uterus. The orgasm he caused was earth shattering. Still stuck to his cock my body shook as if thousands of volts of electricity were passing through it.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” I cried as my bladder emptied.

The fifth guy I don’t even remember. My body was still shock from the black monster.

The guys used me several times that afternoon before we parted. I even took the black cock for an encore performance.

I just sat reminiscing on the ferry trip back with millions of spermatozoa swimming around in my womb.

Summer is my favorite time of year!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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