Giving What She Needed

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I was downstairs enjoying the family room of a very lovely, large breasted but very thin girl. Of her 140 lbs. five foot ten inch frame, forty must have been her beautiful breasts. I’d never had a woman with such wonderful large tits. They were well rounded, firm with very suckable nipples. I could smother myself for hours in their warmth and suppleness. .

As we kissed, played and worked our way into what I thought would be a great sexual encounter she warned me if I made her cum she would make a lot of noise and wake her mother who was asleep upstairs. I thought she was joking at first. Telling me this she impaled herself on me, as I reclined, on her sofa. She proceeded to get herself off repeatedly. She was cumming like a faucet on my dick. Riding and grinding on me and as she predicted, making an awful lot of noise. I was just an instrument of her joy but could have been a Sybian as far as she was concerned.

Women who lay you down and fuck the shit out of you I just love. They grind on you. Slide up and down on your pole, for their enjoyment. My benefit is the clutching, squeezing, sloppy pussy I am stretching. After they stuff me in, it is on. I can go like that for hours as she does most of the work. It is kind of like getting casino oyna head. You enjoy the view and also the pleasure.

This continued for a good while and she began to babble calling me daddy. I fell into her role play. She was obviously into it when she began sobbing. She was sorry by was not getting me off and begged me not to spank her too hard for being a selfish little girl. She did not want to wake up her Mommy.

My dick was granite but, nowhere near to cumming as she used me. I truly enjoy the play aspect of intimacy so I was not mad. Hell, I was enjoying myself. I like being used that way.

After a gut wrenching, shaking, shivering cum she jumped off. With tear filled eyes she laid me back on the sofa, climbed over me, sat her cum drenched pussy on my face and while devouring my dick promised to make me cum real good only, just not to spank her too hard. I am playing her game and listening real well now. I know a good dick sucking when I’m getting one!

She rammed my dick down her throat. I slapped her ass cheeks with one hand, while shoving thumbs and fingers into her pussy and asshole with the other. The sounds of the whacks were resounded off the paneled family room walls. I rubbed cum from her thighs and pussy into her canlı casino butt cheeks and the whacks got louder the wetter she got. Totally into it the more whacks she got the better her sucking got. When a woman voluntarily fucks you into her throat it doesn’t get much better. Oh wait it gets better. With her dainty little hands she was pulling and twisting my balls. I’m sold.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed her Mother standing in a doorway watching. I almost went limp in my girl’s mouth and then I realized Mommy was enjoying the show. One hand was tweaking a nipple on her very large breast. Large ran in the family. Her sisters were voluptuous also. Mommy’s other was busy under her nightgown frigging her pussy. Fear now gone, hard on returned, I tried to smile with her daughter’s pussy in my mouth and my fingers up her ass. I thought I would get both of them. Yeah right.

After Mommy came she smiled at me and disappeared back upstairs. My girls butt was red and very hot from my whacking when she took all of me down her throat, hollered bloody murder around it and came again as I whacked her as hard as I could on her now beet red ass cheeks. She took me out of her throat got off then impaled her pussy on me again squatting and riding me. kaçak casino I could feel the raw heat from her ass on my thighs. She rode us to another cum for her and finally one for me.

We did not stop there. While lost in enjoying another blowjob, in the female on top 69 position, my girl mumbled something around my dick. I removed it from her mouth to hear what she was saying. When I did she told me to, “Spank my ass..hard!”

I thought I had.

Oh well, whatever the lady wants. Taking my mouth from her clit, fingers from her pussy and asshole, I did. She cried she came a few times even harder than she already had been. The sucking and slurping blowjob [throat job] got even better and she wanted more even harder. She was already great at what she did but, with each smack reddening her butt she became an incredible cocksucker.

She played with my dick for nearly two hours. My heart was racing and dick straining past all previous size limits. The load I shot down her gullet was almost painful coming out my urethra. Girlfriend managed to hold quite a mouthful. She turned around to show me her well deserved load before she swallowed.

Aiming to please in the future I remembered to keep her legs under not over my arms so I had full use and reach in smacking her shapely ass.

Light smacks on the butt with other partners usually turn out the same way…great sex, a very satisfied partner and an invitation to return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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