Après Ski

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The snow sparkled under the bright sun. The air, cold and crisp, invigorating his senses. He appeared to move without effort speeding down the side of the snow-clad mountain, his skies carving graceful, sweeping turns on his way to the bottom. The ski run forked, a sign with a large black diamond on one side a blue square on the other, sat squarely in the center. Without hesitation or slowing he turned on to the run with the black diamond. The slope became steeper and filled with moguls. His upper body moving only slightly always facing downhill, his legs moving like pistons, turning between the moguls, absorbing the shocks, his hips and knees twisting one way then another, carving his way down the slope. The ski runs merged back together and he came to a stop his skies throwing up a cloud of snow, as they turned parallel to the hill. Exhilarating.

Breathing heavily for a moment, his thighs burning with exertion, he watched the other skiers moving down the hill. He picked out one figure, a woman, dressed in black bibs her long blonde hair streaming behind her as she skied down the hill. She passed him without a glance, her eyes locked on the slope and the skiers below her. He pushed himself forward, gathering speed, as he moved down the hill again. He was watching when a kid cut in front of her, she turned quickly to avoid running the child down and disappeared in cloud of snow, leaving one ski behind her. He skied over picking up her loose ski on the way, stopping on her downhill side. “That was quite a wipeout. Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she replied in slightly accented English.

“Here, let me help you up,” he said. He helped her get the ski back on and pulled her back on to her feet.

“Thanks,” she said. She was attractive and he found her accent intriguing.

“Where were you going in such a hurry,” he inquired, unwilling to let this beauty just ski away.

“Oh, I fell at the top and I’m trying to catch up with my friends.”

“That’s to bad. Why don’t I ski to the bottom with you? If your friends aren’t there we can ride the lift up together. I’m sure they will be waiting at the top. My name’s Kris.” She looked him in the eye, in an appraising manner, for a moment.

” Well, I guess that would be alright, but let’s hurry.”

“Just follow me,” he replied. He pushed off down the hill, keeping an eye on her as they sped down the mountain, unconsciously making short turns to keep his speed down so she could keep up with him. They reached the bottom and she looked for her friends.

“What do they look like,” he asked.

“Well, she is going to be hard to spot, she’s only 5′ tall. She’s wearing peacock blue bibs, has dark hair and sunglasses. Her boyfriend is almost 6′ though,” she said absently, her eyes roving over the people in the lift line.

“Let’s get in line and maybe we can spot them from the lift,” he suggested. The line moved quickly and soon they were on their way back to the top of the mountain. They chatted as the lift bore them upwards. He learned her name, Ingrid. She was from Norway, which explained her accent, and she was on a short ski vacation with her friends from France. They were staying in the ski village, just a stone’s throw away from the lifts. He spent the morning skiing with her as she searched for her friends on the slopes of Copper Mountain. She was a pretty good skier, although she didn’t like the mogul fields that were his first love.

“Did you make plans for lunch with them?” he asked.

“We were going to eat in the lodge around noon.”

“Well, why don’t we take a break and see if you can spot them from the deck, you may never find them on the mountain,” he suggested. They found a table in the sun on the deck overlooking the lift lines. He went inside for hot chocolate and returned with it to the table. “This is better at apre ski,” he mentioned. She raised her eyebrows questioningly, he continued, “That’s when it is spiked with rum, just the thing to relax with after a hard day on the slopes.” They sipped their hot chocolate relaxing in the warmth of the noon sun.

“Ingrid!” came a woman’s voice from behind him, “We have been looking all over for you!”

Ingrid stood up and the two women hugged. “Cheri, this is Kris. He was kind enough to keep me company this morning,” said Ingrid. Cheri smiled at him.

“Well, now that you have found your casino siteleri friends, I should be off,” he said

“You don’t want to eat with us?” frowned Ingrid.

“I don’t usually eat lunch, it’s the best time of the day to ski,” he replied, “But, I’ll join you if you want me to.”

“Yes, please do,” smiled Ingrid. So he sat through lunch with Ingrid, Cheri and Raul. They chatted amicably as they ate. This was their first time skiing in Colorado and he regaled them with tales of the state and where to ski as only a local can know. It was a pleasant lunch and all to soon it was over. He excused himself when they were done.

“I’m heading over to the bowls on the south side, I’ve been meaning to try that for some time and they’re not open all the time,” he told them, “But, maybe I’ll see you at apre ski here. If not have good time on your ski trip.” He left them, reluctantly, and waved to them from the lift line as they sat in the afternoon sun on the deck.

He skied hard that afternoon, images of Ingrid drifting through his head as he skied the diamonds and double diamonds in the Resolution Bowl. A few hours later he headed back to the north side, skiing down to the lodge as the lifts closed one by one behind him. He was tired and considered just leaving on the two-hour drive home without stopping in the lodge. But, it might be nice to see Ingrid again and his steps turned from the parking lot to the lodge. He went inside and scanned the slowly filling room. No sign of them. Hoping that they would appear shortly he grabbed a table big enough for four, ordered drinks and appetizers and watched the door. The trio entered just as the waitress brought the drinks and food. He waved and got Ingrid’s attention. Her face blossomed with a smile and they joined him.

“Did you have good time skiing today,” he asked them.

“Oh, yes but some of the runs are very long and steep and my legs are sore,” replied Ingrid.

“True. I’m sore too, lots of work skiing the bumps,” he replied, “I’m in need of a massage now.”

“Oh, that would be nice,” agreed Ingrid.

“I’m pretty good at that. My sister is a massage therapist, she has taught me a thing or two so I can give her massages,” he replied, “To bad there’s no place around here to do that though.”

“Our room is plenty big,” said Ingrid, “We can do it there.”

“Are you sure?” he said, somewhat reluctantly.

“Oh, yes, please come over,” she asked with enthusiasm.

“Well, if you insist, I can’t stay to long, it’s two hours to home for me.” They chatted while the band played and the room filled with skiers, sipping their hot drinks and munching on appetizers. The band’s volume increased and it became impossible to talk over the music. Ingrid leaned over to him, her mouth almost in his ear.

“Let’s go over to our place now, we can have some dinner and then you can give me that massage you promised,” she yelled into his ear. He nodded and stood up.

“I know where you’re at, let me get my clothes out of the car so I can change.”

He grabbed his skies and walked to his car. He put his skies in the roof rack, sat down and took his ski boots off with an audible sigh of relief. He drove the car over to the village and parked it close to Ingrid’s building. He grabbed his bag and found Ingrid’s room and knocked. Cheri opened the door her eyes twinkled at him as she stood aside to let him in. His mouth gaped. This wasn’t a room it was a small apartment, complete with small kitchenette, dining room, living room, and a short hallway leading to two bedrooms and a bath.

“Ingrid is changing, you can do me first,” Cheri winked at him, “Just tell me where you want me.”

“Umm, that dining room table looks sturdy enough, grab a couple of blankets and a few sheets, some lotion or baby oil if you have it, and we can ummm do it there,” he stuttered. Cheri grinned at him and went off to the bedroom.

“The bathroom is empty, you can change there,” she said to him over her shoulder.

He changed quickly. He cleared off the table as he waited for Cheri. She brought out the requested items including the baby oil and stood to one side expectantly. He laid both blankets across the table and one of the sheets on top of them. He laid the other sheet on top of that and pulled it back.

“Okay Cheri, I’ll leave the room and you can strip down to canlı casino your underwear and cover yourself with the top sheet. You can be topless if you want, makes working on your back a little easier.” he said nervously.

“Oh, you don’t have to leave,” she said smiling as she stripped off her top revealing her small perky breasts and pulling down her soft cotton pants. She stood before him in just her panties, grinning at his discomfort, and climbed on to the table lying on her stomach. He went into the kitchen and warmed the oil up in the microwave, catching his breath as he did so. He came out turned on and tuned the radio till strains of Bach filled the room.

He spread some oil on his hands and then on Cheri’s back working his hands up from the small of her back to her shoulders, his fingers and thumbs questing for sore, hard muscles. Cheri sighed and visibly relaxed under the manipulations of his fingers. His hands quested, applying pressure here rubbing there, crossing her back passing over and under her shoulders, up her neck, down her arms and legs. Fifteen minutes later he finished gently rubbing her back from shoulder to ass with both hands.

“Take it easy Cheri, don’t get up till you’re ready,” he told her. He turned around, Raul was sitting on the couch and Ingrid was standing in the doorway to the hall. He grinned at them. He had been totally oblivious to their presence.

“Ohhh, what did you do to me,” purred Cheri, “I don’t think I can move now. I feel like a big puddle.”

“Just lay there a minute, you will be fine,” he said. He sat down in one of the chairs in the living room.

“Are you going to do that to me too?” Ingrid asked.

“That’s why I’m here,” he said with a grin, “Think you can handle that?”

“Oh, I know I can,” she replied. Cheri was finally sitting up on the table. Her nipples hard and swollen, she reached for her shirt and put it on. She didn’t bother with her pants and walked over to the couch and collapsed next to Raul.

“Your turn Ingrid, he’s pretty good,” she said as she cuddled up to Raul on the couch.

“Just strip down to your underwear and cover yourself with the top sheet,” he told Ingrid, “I’m just going to run to the bathroom real quick.” He left quickly before Ingrid could strip anything off in front of him. His cock was hard and throbbing in his pants and he needed to calm himself down a little. After taking care of business he returned. Ingrid was laying face down on the table with the sheet draped over her as requested. He warmed up the oil again, applying liberal amounts to his hands and her back. As he had with Cheri he started with the small of her back and worked upwards, searching for sore, tense muscles, applying pressure as needed to make them release. His hands moved up and down her back, across her neck and shoulders, down her sides and down her arms.

He pulled the sheet back up over her back to keep her warm and folded it over to reveal one leg. He looked at her hip, no panties could be seen, she was naked underneath the sheet. His eyes, on their own, looked up the length of her leg to her ass. He could just make out the pink lips of her pussy nestled between her legs underneath the sheet. He shivered, his cock instantly growing hard. He folded the sheet up again to cover her ass and reveal her other leg. He started at her feet and worked his way up her leg. He moved to the other leg and repeated the process, she groaned as his fingers explored her sore muscles. His hands seemed to wander up and across her ass on their own, he had no control as one hand pulled back the sheet to reveal her firm naked ass to him. The other dipped down the valley of her ass and gently caressed her pink lips. She groaned again and her legs spread slightly encouraging him to continue.

Mesmerized by her firm ass he applied more oil to his hands and massaged and caressed her ass, each time one hand dipping down to caress her pussy. He could see the lips redden and swell. Oblivious to the other couple he stopped caressing her pussy and started exploring rubbing his fingers up and down the wet slit searching out her clit. He found it, hard and throbbing and he pinched it with his fingers. Ingrid cried out in pleasure, he moved his hand faster up and down her wet slit, one finger sliding, penetrating as deep as he could drive it inside her. Her ass wriggled and she raised kaçak casino her hips off the table giving his hand more freedom to pleasure her. Now he was eager for more, with his free hand he pushed her till she rolled over on to her back, her breasts exposed to him for the first time. His hand moved faster across her pussy and she grunted, thrusting up against his palm.

He lowered his mouth and took one hard nipple in his mouth and sucked it. She took his head in her hands and held him hard to her breast as his tongue stroked her nipple. She was cried out as his hand fingered her clit, rolling the swollen organ between his fingers. She forced his head to her mouth and their lips met their tongues entwining in a fierce, passionate kiss. She held him hard as her body bucked and rocked against him her orgasm racing through her setting of fireworks in her head.

He broke the kiss, suddenly realizing where he was and looked up. He didn’t have to worry. Cheri and Raul were naked on the couch. Raul was sitting up with Cheri straddling him, pumping her small body up and down Raul’s cock. It looked like he had one entire breast in his mouth and her head was thrown back fierce groans and grunts coming from her open mouth. As he stared at the other couple fucking furiously on the couch he felt a pair of hands undoing his pants, pulling them down. He stepped out of them and stood by the table in his underwear and t-shirt. His underwear barely containing his raging hard member. Ingrid impatiently tried to yank it off but it took a moment to work it over his hard cock. When it finally bobbed free she immediately wrapped her hot lips around the head and began to take it down her throat. As she sucked his cock he bent over her back and probed her hot asshole with a finger from one hand and her hot, wet pussy with the other. He could feel his own orgasm rapidly approaching as her hot mouth engulfed him, her tongue swirling around the throbbing head of his cock. He stepped back pulling his cock out of her mouth. She whimpered.

“NOOOO, I want ittttt,” she cried, reaching for him.

He backed away and motioned for her to get off the table. She climbed off the table and came to him shoving him back against the wall as they embraced, their lips meeting, mouths opening, their tongues entwining with each other. His throbbing member was trapped against her soft warm belly and she drove her hips against him sliding the wet lips of her pussy around the iron hard shaft. He pushed her back till her ass was resting on the table. He bent down and took one engorged nipple in his mouth sucking hard. He pinched the other nipple with his hand till Ingrid screamed her pleasure at him. She wrapped her legs around his waist trying to force his hard cock into her wet pussy. Her scent was intoxicating.

He took her firm ass in his hands and moved her to the very edge of the table. She took his throbbing member in her hand, stroking it once her twice, guiding it to her hot entrance. When he felt the head of his cock at her opening he whipped his hips forward driving his rigid member to the hilt in her inflamed pussy. Ingrid screamed at the sudden penetration gripping him fiercely to her as she rocked herself on his flexing shaft. He felt like his cock was inside a hot, velvet sheath, her muscles gripping down on his shaft. He pulled back and thrust again driving himself deep till his balls slapped against her ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck and threw her head back as he continued to pound into her swollen pussy. He leaned his head down and took her breast into his mouth again, sucking on the hard nipple in time with his thrusting cock.

She drove her hips against him meeting each thrust with one of her own. He could feel her lose control her hips slamming against him, her pussy milking his swollen member. He thrust one finger into her asshole and she yelped, bearing down hard his cock her body bucking and thrashing against him overwhelmed by the sudden intense orgasm. As she stiffened in orgasm, squeezing his cock, he came hard. Thrusting uncontrollably into her tight pussy till his cum came shooting out in long streams, filling her till it was leaking out her drenched pussy.

He collapsed to the floor pulling her with him, cradling her soft, warm body in his arms as he sat against the wall. He looked over to the couch. Cherie and Raul were lying back to front watching him and Ingrid. Cherie had one leg thrown back over Raul’s hip and Raul was slowly fucking her from behind. Kris watched Raul’s cock slide in and of Cherie’s pussy. Kris winked at them and they grinned back. He didn’t drive home that night.

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