Me , Laura Ch. 02

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She pulls my hair, causing my head to get pulled back, and kisses me again. Her hands slowly move down my back. She is barely touching me but it sends shivers through my body. I let out another soft moan and I can feel a smile come to her face while we are still kissing. The kiss is hard but very sensual, our tongues playing with one another, she takes a nibble on my lower lip before breaking the kiss.

“I love the way your lips taste”, she says to me as she backs away. “Lets get you out of these clothes so I can get a better look at your body.”

She begins to unbutton my pants and lets them drop to the floor. I step out the them along with my shoes and socks and kick them to the side. Next, she spins me around and unhooks my bra. While letting my breasts fall free, she kisses my shoulders from left to right. She reaches around and starts to play with my nipples, pulling on them and making my nipples harder. She continues kissing my shoulders and goes back down my back, making her way to my panties. She kisses my left cheek lightly and then bites it hard. I almost collapse from the pain but I grab the chair to keep my balance. She takes her thumbs under the waist band of my panties and pulls them down.

She helps casino siteleri me out of them and smells the crotch. Looking up at me she says, “Seems like someone is having a good time.” giving me a sly smile.

“How can I not.” I respond looking at her over my shoulder with a wink.

She goes back to give me little kisses on both of my ass cheeks. She takes her hand and pushes me on the small of my back causing me to bend over on the desk. Her hands go to my ass again and shakes my cheeks back and forth before giving my right one a big slap.

“MMMMMM, your ass is perfect for slapping. The best sound comes out and the size is amazing.” Giving me another slap.

I give a little giggle and gasp whens he gives me a harder slap on my right cheek. “I had no idea you had this domineering side to you.”

“No, hmm.”

Giving my ass one last slap, she stands up and pulls my hair to stand me back up. She finishes undressing herself.

Both of us now naked I can see that she isn’t fully clean shaven but still does maintenance. Looking at her, my breathing deep I look into her eyes and bite my lower lip. She takes a step towards me and cuts over to the chair. She sits down and uses her finger to call canlı casino me over. I move to her still biting my lip. She pushes me to my knees and opens her legs. I am looking straight up her thighs at her glistening pussy.

“You like it when I’m domineering. Eat. My. Pussy.” She states very sternly.

I look up into her eyes. I begin to kiss up her right thigh. Leaving butterfly kisses lingering, making my way up to her pussy. I make it all the way up and kiss her lips all the way up. I grab her hips to move her closer to the edge of the chair. I inhale her sent and it’s intoxicating. I take my hand and open her lips. I begin with my tongue licking her up to her clit, slowly. Flicking my tongue when I reach her clit. I go around and back down. Continuing this a few times, she begins to moan and grabs the back of my head. She pushes me into her pussy. I start to suck on her clit while I lick it softly, taking my index and middle finger into her. She starts grinding into my face and I speed up my finger fucking and added my ring finger.

I take my free hand and move it to her breasts. I begin pinching her nipple and pulling and tugging at it. I can feel her getting close. I start to flick her clit after and fingering kaçak casino her harder. She starts to scream, getting closer and closer. She grinds into my face one last time as she begins to cum on my fingers and face. She lets go of my head and I lean back on my legs licking my fingers and my lips. Loving the taste of her juices.

“Very good.” She says as she sits up and pulls me up by my hair to kiss me.

She stands up and pulls me up with her. She takes her hand and places it on my pussy, takes her finger and inserts it into me. She takes her finger that smells it and sucks it.

“You taste as good as I hoped. Too bad I won’t be able to taste more right now.” She says walking away from me to get dressed. “We need to make it look like we did something today. Why are you the manager?” she says laughing and giving me a playful wink.

I look at her disappointed but understanding why. It’s now 8:34 and others will be coming soon to get ready to open. I start to get dressed after she is finished. She stops me while getting my panties on taking one last look and taste of me. She walks around me, grabs my ass and says, “Meet me at my house after you get out. It’s going to be a fun night.” She continues out the door and all I can do is stand there and think, what did I get myself into?


Please let me know how the second part was. I hope I took your advice and did a better job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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