Hard Summer in Black , White Ch. 02

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The morning after he broke me in, Sam practically moved in with me. He brought some of his stuff over and made my parents bed his own.

From day one, he forbade clothing in the house. He would go around naked, showing that sculpted ebony body of his off. I had to walk around naked as well. He would cup my ass every chance he got and even finger my ass when I went by.

Whenever he felt like it, I would drop on my knees and blow his big 10-inch cock. I really loved getting sprayed on the face and usually avoided cleaning his seed. I would just go around doing my chores with my face glistening from his dripping cum, a sight that made him horny again and again.

Our fuckfest began when I returned from my classes. He was a late sleeper, so I usually got to wake him up myself. I would climb on his king size bed, uncover his nude body and take his cock in my hot mouth. I would lick and kiss his rod raging hard, and then practice deep throating his monster. It was extremely hard, but after four days of almost non stop practice, I managed to shove it in my throat all the way to his pubic hair.

He would last long even when just waking up. He would keep my head in position firmly and shoot his morning cream straight in my mouth. His pee would soon follow on my face. All the other loads ended up on my face and by night fall I would be well frosted.

I wouldn’t let him fuck me in the ass though. The ripping he had given my butt had terrified me. It’s true I ended up loving the feeling, but the pain that preceded had my knees shaking in the mere recollection. I wouldn’t even sleep with him. I slept in my own room and locked my door in fear of him shoving that monster of his in my ass while I slept. I trusted him alright, but he was only a man with a raging hard on after all and my tight round ass globes just begged to be split by a bug cock. casino oyna

At first he took it lightly. He was contended with my cocksucking skills, but was growing impatient of this prohibition. It was only a matter of time until he put the dilemma. Either I bend over and take it in the ass like the bitch I am, or he leaves.

He asked me whether I would let him fuck my butt a week after the first time he had busted my asshole open, but I avoided answering.

That very night, I was yet again on my knees worshiping his magnificent cock. I sucked him hard and nice. I licked his cockhead and his long hard shaft and took his balls in my mouth. As he was sitted lying back on the sofa, I had a great view of his ring as well. So I took a step beyond our usual routine.

Slowly, I started licking the tender area between his sack and his ring. He moaned loudly and I knew he loved it. He grabbed my hair and pulled me towards his ass. In a second, my tongue was touching his ring and I started licking around it. I loved its manly taste and soon I even started rimming his hole.

He loved it. He moaned loudly and his cock was so hard it went back and forth, pulsating and dripping precum. I kept at it for all I was worth until I knew he couldn’t take it any more. Then I leaned back sitting on my ass and started jacking my hardon while I also jacked his huge fuck tool.

He came like a thunder. His cock erupted in jets of thick and tasty cum that landed all over me. I received cream on my face and neck but also on my chest and belly. I smeared his cum on my face and kept jacking off, when he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me.

“You deserve to experience this boy” he said and picked me up. He sat me on the sofa and knelt in front of me taking the place I had before. I was astonished. It looked like he was going down on me! And canlı casino he was.

He licked my boyish shaft and took it in his big mouth sending me in heaven. I had never felt such bliss. If he wasn’t so experienced in love making (though he hadn’t blown a cock before) I would have cum right then and there.

He didn’t let me. He took my cock out and went on working it slowly with his hand while his mouth went to my butthole. He rimmed my pink ring with force and fingered me wildly. He was great at it and my hole was itching to be touched.

For my part, I had thrown my hands back and my legs over his broad black shoulders and kept my eyes closed screaming of pleasure like a madman.

I couldn’t take this teasing anymore. I opened my eyes looked down at him and begged “Please, Sam, fuck my little ass”. He ignored me and kept licking my ring.

“Oh please fuck me apart”. He looked at me from down where he was kneeling and said: “I thought you didn’t want to fuck anymore”. “I was an idiot. Please stop teasing my ring and shove your big rod in it, Sam”.

With that he got straightened up on his knees and took my legs from his shoulders grabbing them from my ankles and pulled me towards him. He was so tall he had to keep on his knees. He held my legs up and guided his throbbing cock to my rear entrance.

I could feel his cockhead burning hot touching my tender and inviting anus. But there he stopped. “Now beg for it, bitch” he told me looking straight in my eyes.

“Please” I begged “rip me apart. I am yours to fuck dead”.

That he did. With a powerful thrust he went way past my sphincter with a single move making me scream my lungs out. My butt gave way like melted butter and he started pounding away holding my legs spread apart. I twisted and moved wildly in pain and delight. I arched my back and shove my fingers kaçak casino in the sofa.

I could only hardly breath. My eyes had widened and I could not believe how full of man meat I was. It was then I knew he really owned me and could do all he wanted to my tight body.

As he kept on his steady rhythm, I could only look him in the face and take the fuck he gave me. I was loving it. I ran my fingers over his sculpted torso, jacked my raging hard on and pinched my nipples. I loved the contrast of his ebony black torso over my white body.

He kept looking at me and pounding my hole frantically. He kept calling me his bitch and told me that from now on it would be me that I would beg for his shaft in my narrow rectum.

We were both sweaty and I took some of his in my mouth and loved it. That drove me overboard. I started cumming all over my belly without even touching my young cock. I shot all the way to my chin. Sam took some of it and tasted while he fed me the rest of it. That made me hard again and I begged him to fuck me harder.

He kept at it for a long time never loosing his tempo. He had literally fucked my brains out when he finally shoved his cock all the way in and started shooting. His first shots filled my bowels so he took it out my dripping asshole and, climbing on the sofa, shoved his rod in my mouth shooting the rest of it down my throat.

“Taste your own ass bitch and get used to it” he sneered down at me “this will be happening every day from now on”. I looked up at him in total submission licking his shaft clean as he kept smiling at my totally cum covered face. He took his cock out wiped it on my hair while I felt his manseed dripping out of my well spread assring. After he was done with me, he ordered me to go to his bed and wait for him.

That night we first slept together after he pounded me yet again in the ass late that night. It was that day this hard summer really begun.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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