Friends, Legs and Lovers

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There’s a guy that has known and been friends with a gal for more than a few years. They met at the place they both used to work and have kept in touch since going different directions.

Each is attracted to the other but since they’ve never been single at the same time, nothing (okay, just a little) has come of it. Even though they live in the same city, it’s rare they actually meet up, choosing to chat online most of the time.

The years pass, and both are enjoying their friendship – talking from time to time about everything ranging from the weather to deepest carnal passions. He even shares with her his love of legs and hosiery, and she opens up about a few body-part fetishes of her own.

It had been quite some time since they’d talked. The guy makes some life changes one day, becoming a single man once again. A few days after the breakup, he sees the girl online and lets her know what’s happened. She responds back that she had been through the same thing just a couple of weeks earlier.

They agree that their exes are dumb, and chatted about how life in general relates to life after breakups. Both are, of course, feeling kind of lonely…eventually talk comes around to meeting up for a few beers & to hang out.

He offers to come over to her place – she agrees, but suggests he wait an hour or so first. He’s good with that, since he needs to shower & change anyway.

So…an hour later he arrives in front of her house, wearing his standard comfy blue jeans and black crew shirt. It’s nice out, so he kicks off his flip-flops before heading in.

He arrives at the door with some beers, and knocks – she opens the door and he is surprised to see her outfit. He hadn’t really considered what she might be wearing, but would have expected something similar to what he had on.

She is wearing, in addition to an oversized sweatshirt and a knee-length jean-skirt, a pair of very cute white cotton ribbed tights. He has an instant flutter in his belly – desire, attraction, fetish-filled lust – but maintains his composure enough to give her a hug & tell her she looks ‘nice’.

They sit in the living room, drink some beers and watch some TV, chatting all the while about exes and their lives.

While moving around for potty breaks and beer-runs, they both end up sitting in different places in the living room. As the girl comes back from one particular break she accidentally kicks the leg of an end table, and falls to the couch beside him rubbing her foot for comfort.

He struggles momentarily, knowing that an offer to rub her foot can be taken in a couple of different ways. It appears to really hurt, though, so he tells her he would help rub if she would like that. She says she’d love that, and moves down the couch to set her feet on his lap.

He turns his body toward her and begins rubbing the sore foot, gently and slowly. This helps, and he continues as they keep chatting…sore foot in his hands, and the other nearby resting on his leg.

Eventually, she says it feels better, and suggests the other foot is jealous. He’s happy to oblige, and as she switches feet she moves the one he had already done back under her other knee in a 1/2 cross-legged position.

As her skirt slides up just a bit to accommodate how she is sitting he notices that she is not wearing tights, but over-the-knee socks. He can see where they end, but it is dark beyond that (“stupid shadows,” he thinks).

He looks up from his discovery to see that she canlı bahis is grinning at him – they laugh about ‘guys being guys’ and he continues rubbing her other foot.

However, the idea that she is wearing these socks that play right into his fetish eventually overcomes his train of thought. He begins to become aroused, and tries to adjust himself so it is not noticeable. She takes that opportunity to rearrange herself, and places her idle foot back in his lap. He is a bit embarrassed, thinking she moved because she caught him staring at her thighs and, though unsuccessfully, higher.

Very much to his surprise, though, as he continues rubbing her foot while watching TV her foot begins to wander closer to his crotch! Within a minute, it is resting right beside his (now firm) member.

As they tend to do in such conditions, his member twitches a bit, nudging her foot in the process. Before he can even react, her foot nudges right back…followed by a giggle from her end of the couch.

By this time, drinks were empty and he wants to relieve some tension in the situation. He very carefully gets up (adjusting accordingly) and heads to the fridge to bring out some fresh beers.

When he returns, she was still on the couch, looking very cute and playful. She says “thanks” for the foot rub, and offers to return the favor.

Unfortunately, he has very ticklish feet and declines. At least, he thinks it is unfortunate…

She giggles, and says his feet were not what she has in mind anyway…and proceeds to stare right at his still-rigid member. Under normal circumstances he would have likely laughed off the situation, but whether it is due to the drinks or to the excitement of the moment he makes a different move.

He simply says “Okay” then smiles and leans across her to set down her beer. As he moves to sit down beside her, she pushes him to the other side of the couch where he had been sitting earlier. Confused about being pushed away, he settles back and takes a drink.

Before he finishes swallowing, he feels her feet massaging him – starting with his inner thighs and working up and down. Heaven has nothing on the feeling he is enjoying, and he relaxes into a sensual bliss as she continues to rub him with increasing pressure.

The thought and feeling of her sensual, ribbed-sock-clad feet stroking him almost drives him to climax, but after some minutes he reaches for her feet and slows her down to help ease the building tension.

She sighs dramatically and suggests he must not be enjoying himself – quickly he responds that it is amazing, asking where she learned to do such a wonderful job with her feet. She says she has never done such a thing before, but knows how much he enjoys legs and feet (another flitter of passion passes through him) and wanted to try it out.

She moves closer now, folding her legs under her to reach him with her hands – during the transition to her new position he thinks he sees something black above her socks, but decides in the moment that it must be 1) a trick of shadows and 2) not important right now considering what she does next.

His pants are being unbuttoned, unzipped, and removed. His shirt is taken off. Down come the boxers. He is naked.

Again, under what he would consider a normal situation he would be more involved in determining how quickly and to what extent his clothes are removed. In this case, though, it feels very natural to have been undressed quickly by a very attractive woman bahis siteleri who is fully dressed and attending to him like this.

He sits back, closing his eyes for a moment – trying to relax his thoughts and body. As he begins to breathe deeply, he feels her toes wrap around his shaft, slow and so very gently working up and down. He continues to focus on relaxing, wanting the feeling to last as long as possible.

Masterfully, she caresses and strokes him with her feet and toes – he matches her movements with his own rocking and grinding. Within minutes he is throbbing and ready to explode.

Although he tries to hold off, even grabbing her feet to try to slow her down, she persists saying she wants to see this through to the end.

Moments later he erupts, thrusting through her feet and panting & groaning with heightened excitement.

“So,” she says as he leans back, “that is what THAT’S all about, huh?”

He grins, telling her how truly incredible it was – and jokingly apologizing for making a mess on her cute socks.

Laughing, she explains that it’s no big deal…and proceeds to roll down and remove her socks. Surprises apparently are the theme for the evening, because as she takes off her socks he now sees that she is wearing black stockings underneath!

Already his passion begins again as he watches her toss her socks in the corner. “Now, I believe that we are even for the rub-down,” she grins, “but now you owe me an ‘O’!”

With that, and in one fluid move, she stands up, unzips her skirt, and as it slides off she pulls off her sweatshirt.

Before him stands a mind-blowing sight – instead of stockings & other lingerie, she is wearing a nothing but a black lace body-stocking. As if designed to enhance the look, her hair has become mussed, falling party across her face, and one foot is pointed slightly inward adding an innocent look to an already incredible picture.

He is stunned, taking in the view of her sensual curves & shapes…all nicely packaged in the sexiest body stocking he has ever seen.

Finally coming to a semblance of his senses, he compliments her choice of attire this evening – she smiles slyly and backs to the big comfy chair beside the couch. As she moves and sits down, he realizes he sees a quite large patch of naked skin below her belly…this body stocking is crotchless, with ample access for his next activity.

She relaxes back into the chair, and he happily goes to her – placing a pillow under her and under his knees to help ensure comfort for both.

With this lovely sight before him, it seems such a waste to just focus on bringing her to climax quickly. So, he moves beside her and for the first time this night they kiss – quickly darting tongues around each others mouths, longingly enjoying each other for blissful minutes. He continues kissing and licking downward: her neck, arms, tummy…then her breasts receive his attention. He spends joyful moments teasing, caressing, playing, and even biting (gently at first, then with intensity as she moans in pleasure).

Now he moves back to the pillow in front of her. Taking her feet, he kisses and rubs her toes, to her feet, upwards past her ankles, calves and thighs. Finally he reaches her inner thighs and kisses and licks his way to her cutely trimmed puss.

He is pleased to offer his talents now, having learned how to pleasure the female body through detailed study & practice over the past many years. Second only to this evening’s bahis şirketleri foot job, this is one of his most favorite activities.

Using his tongue and fingers, he flicks, licks, sucks, and thrusts her with constant yet varied pressures. Rather than multiple smaller climaxes, he opts to tease her toward one big one in hopes to properly reward her for all she has done for him so far.

She moans and moves with him as he continues to play, and after holding off more times than either can count he gives a final effort. By adding more pressure and intensity he brings her to an amazingly loud and wet climax…as she moans in sheer pleasure, he can feel her juices squirting his chin and running down his hand.

Not satisfied to simply stop as soon as she starts he continues to apply light pressure to her, slowly bringing her down from her intense climax. Eventually both are back to somewhat normal breathing and heart-rates, and they melt to the floor to rest.

They share the pillow, cuddling and watching TV while talking quietly about whatever comes to mind.

As she rolls to her side to snuggle in next to him, her still body-stocking-clad leg crosses over his member. Within seconds he is fully aroused once again, and she begins lightly kissing his neck.

He moves to kiss her and they begin grabbing and grinding each other with the intensity of new lovers.

She moves to straddle him now, taking him fully inside her in a quick moment, both moaning in unison.

They move together and thrust with increasing carnal passion. She begins to scratch him with her nails, sometimes slapping at his chest as she rides him. He is grabbing at her body now, slamming his body up to meet hers and pulling her toward him as he digs into her back.

Before he explodes once again he stops them and passionately kisses her as he grabs her hair and pushes/pulls her back to the floor. Now he mounts her and begins thrusting with increasing enthusiasm, bringing her legs up and driving deeper.

As they reach a spiritual level of ecstasy, she braces her feet on his chest as she readies herself for another orgasm. His reaction to feeling her feet on him once again is immediate – he explodes within her, meeting her climax thrust for thrust.

In this moment they become completely carnal…entangled bodies, passions at their highest, moaning and screaming, all centered around the most powerful release their bodies have experienced in some time, if ever.

The intensity begins to fall as their bodies wear down from the intensity. He collapses beside her, and they intertwine with each other there on the floor.

After many more moments of peaceful relaxation, they move to find something to drink and eventually find themselves back on the couch huddled under a comfy blanket.

They spend the next few hours talking, napping, watching TV, laughing…just generally enjoying each other’s closeness. He asks her how her foot is doing, and she giggles, saying the ‘injury’ was all just a ploy to get the evening moving – it turns into one of those moments that end in a fit of laughter that hurts their bellies afterwards.

At one point, later on, he looks into her eyes and smiles with satisfaction & gratitude. “Thank you,” he says, “for making my fantasies come true tonight.”

“You’re welcome,” she response, smiling back. “Next time, it’s my turn.” She says no more, and he is left wondering just what he can do to match this magical night. Maybe, with the right prodding, he can find out from her how to go about giving her the happiness she gave him.

They sleep, and the next day as their lives return to daily activities, he begins plans for their next encounter.

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