Free Rent for Nadine

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A fictional off shoot of my true Chasing Nadine story.


So Nadine and I had become the best example of friends with benefits. Although we worked together, we had developed this incredibly steamy oral relationship. In the back of my mind though, I wondered how long she would put up with this. I had told her many times how I was totally not interested in a monogamist relationship, or get married or have children. Though we were friends, I always kept her emotionally at arms length. Then came that day at my place with the big question. I lived in a very modest 2 room apartment in the ’70’s about 2 miles south of our work and she had left her parents place (including her abusive step-father) and lived with her grandmother about 5 miles north of work.

One afternoon, we had just gotten done with a nice oral session and we were wondering where to go to eat. Out of nowhere, she said, “I know we’ve talked about this before, but my grandmother is really driving me crazy. I really need to get out of there. She’s so strict. Please let me move in with you. We can share rent and it’ll be so much cheaper for you.”

I find this funny in retrospect as my rent was only $185 a month in 1974 with all utilities. I was making about $2.50 an hour but was doing well on my budget.

I said, “You know what I think. I don’t want us to get more emotionally attached than we already are. I care a great deal about you. I know you want to get married and have kids one day and you know I’m just not that guy. Living together would be a real strain and if you or I met someone we cared about, it would difficult to leave. Our thing is good now.”

She shrugged,

“I know. I just can’t stand it anymore. C’mon,…please, please, pretty please? You know we’ll have lots of fun. I’ll do anything you want” as she reached out and held my arm right in her boobs as she always did.

At this point, I decided to say anything that would dissuade her.

“What if I bought you some nice high heels and wanted you to walk around naked in them?”

She just giggled, “Sure, as long as you turn up the heat casino siteleri in here. A girl can get chilly. My poor nipples.”

I said, “What if I wanted to take Polaroids of you naked?”

She said nonchalantly, “Sure, as long as you don’t show them to your buddies. But if I’m already here and we fool around, why do you need pictures?”

“In case you’re not here or for some reason we never see each other again.” I retorted.

Again she shrugged.

I took it to another level.

“What if I wanted to bring 3 of my friends over and have them watch you blow me or even better,…give them all blowjobs?” figuring this would be the turning point.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t be jealous and want me all to your self?” she jibed as she smiled seductively.

She stunned me with that one. I was taken aback a little. I thought for a second and then threw this out there, thinking it would surely kill her enthusiasm.

I said, “OK. Here’s a deal that you can accept or refuse. Since we both know that someday, you will be leaving for a boyfriend or marriage, I am guessing that you’ll need money for moving into a place of your own or one without another guy. So instead of paying me half the rent, I propose that you let me borrow your mouth and face say…10 times a month. This way, you save and pay me no rent. When you have enough cash saved up, you can get your own place.”

She was a little stunned and I thought finally, she’ll back down.

She whined a little and said, “But we already do that. And what do you mean ‘borrow’ my mouth and face?'”

So I continued, “No this would be different. If I spend any time pleasing you and in turn each other, then that will be our normal time spent and wouldn’t count. This means that instead of masturbating, I would just get blowjobs from you to completion with no other activity…10 times a month. I would have control of your mouth and face for one hour at a time, 10 times a month. I prefer this to happen when you’re in the mood because it makes it that much better for me. Preferably, I’d want you nude in heels for maximum arousal.”

“I’ll canlı casino bet you would.” she said looking at me with great surprise and an inquisitive gaze.

Finally, I thought she would rescind.

“Do I have to do it this way? I can just pay you the money.” she said.

I replied,

“I can pay the rent myself with no problem and don’t need the money. The choice is yours. I just thought you could save some money and I could get some unrequited fun. I will work hard at keeping our friendship alive and safe except for those 1 hour periods where I would basically be using you as my masturbater. I still enjoy licking your very hot body, so if I start that, I simply can’t help myself. I think you’ll know when I’m into the rent thing. I could be an hour or it could take as little as 30 seconds as you know.”

She laughed, thought for a while and said, “OK. I’ll do it.”

“Do what?” I said.

She replied, “We’ll try it your way although I don’t see what the big deal is. I would suck your cock everyday if you wanted, but it is a good idea that I save money for myself and I do love sucking your cock.”

“Trust me, it’ll be different and you will know the difference. If by chance you do find a boyfriend, you can start paying me cash again if you feel uncomfortable until you move.” I told her.

At this point, her mood completely changed and seemed very happy that she could leave her grandmother’s place. “So, when can I move in?” she bubbled.

“As soon as you want. So you know what you’re dealing with here, I suggest you take off your clothes again and let’s start our first session. Let’s just consider this your security deposit” I told her.

With that she dutifully started disrobing not an hour since she had put them on after our previous session. After all this talk, realizing that she wasn’t going to relent and I was about to have a live in suck slave got my 21 year old cock rock hard again. As soon as she was naked, I laid a towel down on the kitchen table, bent her head over sideways on the towel and inserted my cock into her mouth again. She moaned kaçak casino and hummed a ‘what the fuck’ kind of tone. I started gently fucking her mouth while playing with magnificent breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples. She seemed a little incredulous and kept looking up at me.

I just said, “See what I mean? I just want to fuck your mouth or have you blow me to make me cum. I know you like cum but I’m going to rub my cock all over your face after I cum on it. The aftersuck will be very important” as strange gurgling noises came from her face.

I then let her stand up and led her over to the couch where I sat her down, ass to the edge. She leaned back, I got up and straddled her face. I started fucking her mouth slowly again while I reached down to cup, play and pull on her breasts. My passion started to build and I went over the edge and started cumming in her mouth while still pumping. She didn’t swallow and just let it seep from her mouth down her boobs to her pussy.

After I came, I pulled my cock out and massaged myself using her face. She hummed and moaned like she was cumming as I rubbed my cock and balls all over her face. I took my time and made her lick and slowly suck me till I was satiated.

“That’s what a rent payment looks like.” I said standing up and turning.

She stood up with cum dripping off her body. She looked down at the mess I’d made and said, “Well that was different. You seemed like someone else.”

“Still want to move in? I chirped and she looked down and started to feel her pussy.

“I can’t believe I’m really wet!” as she looked up at me still running her two fingers up and down her pussy.

“It could be physiological response to the activity I just put you through or it could be that you really liked it.” I responded.

“I think I’m going to enjoy living here, but I won’t be sucking your friends” she said as she sank back down to the couch to play with herself which she had never done before. I think she got the idea as I went to take a shower.

She didn’t leave for another year when she realized that she wanted to get fucked. (I was very fearful of pregnancy) She went on the pill, found a guy she liked, did him and then came and popped my cherry in my late 21’s. She paid rent the last two months there before she moved out…whewww,…what a year.

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