Fluffy, Furry Angora CockTease Ch. 01

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Gaping Pussy

Author’s Note:

Hello TeaseToys and PantyBoys! For those of you who have discovered and enjoyed the work I’ve posted so far here on Literotica, I thought I’d share this note with all of you.

The first two stories I posted, my Sensual PrickTeasing and PantyBoy PrickTease, were written several years ago, but there are plenty more fantasy teasing stories I’ve written since then. So if you like them, stay tuned…

As you’ve probably noticed, I enjoy writing my stories from the first person perspective, where I as the writer express my FemDom desires directly to you, the reader. That style has its pros and cons, but I find it makes for an intimate and erotic reading experience, and helps to draw the reader right into the story. Clearly these stories are targeted at submissive males, but anyone else is free to enjoy them no matter what…

And if you’ve enjoyed my work in these first two stories, this next one will be more of the same and I sincerely hope you like it.

My next little cock teasing fantasy is targeted at one specific fetish in particular, so if who consider yourself to have a fluffy furry fetish, in particular an appreciation for angora, you might enjoy it. And I’m guessing that some of you may become interested, and perhaps even somewhat infatuated with angora teasing by the time I’m done with you…


We’ve been messaging and texting each other all week, and I’ve been blatantly flirting and teasing you with suggestive comments and a selfie or two, just to whet your appetite. By the time you arrive at my apartment Friday night, you’re full of anxiety and excitement, and the thought of what will happen to you next has you completely aroused and infatuated.

I open the door and grant you a sight so sexy and feminine that you take a deep breath and stand there speechless. For some reason, your eyes immediately move toward the floor where I’m standing, and they slowly drink in the sight of me before you, from the bottom up.

I’m wearing an absolutely gorgeous light pink outfit, starting with shiny pink open toed 6″ spike-heeled sandals with pink ankle straps (you know, like stripper shoes). From there, my gorgeous, tan and toned legs are wrapped up in shiny pink, sheer back-seamed stockings.

I casino oyna have on a pink vinyl micro-mini skirt which really only covers my hips (not much of my ass) and a pink lace and vinyl garter belt sticks out from underneath it, attaching to the tops of the stockings. As an added touch, I have a sparkly gold belt wrapped around my waist with a little gold star charm dangling from it, giving things a really nice “hooker” look!

As your eyes move upward some more, you notice the elegant, soft pink angora sweater I have on, and it’s an open style that just drapes over my shoulders but doesn’t button up in front (like a bolero), leaving my chest and tummy exposed. The angora fur is beautifully fluffy, soft, and luxurious – it’s clearly of a very high quality.

I have on a pink vinyl snug-fitting bikini bra, which is really only tiny little triangles of shiny pink fabric that barely cover my erect nipples. My titties are mostly exposed – lifted up and pushed together, creating mouth-wateringly lovely, curvy cleavage. Long, gold necklaces of different lengths fall down in between my breasts, and little gold charms (hearts, locks and keys, etc.) dangle down from the necklaces into my cleavage, drawing your eyes there.

My long, thick and wavy blonde hair is pulled up away from my face in an up-style, accentuating my eyes and leaving my ears more exposed, and I’m wearing large, gold and rhinestone hoop earrings. The whole look is flashy and outrageously revealing and sexy, and you just stand there for a moment in stunned silence at the sight of me.

Our eyes meet as you also notice all the sexy, slutty makeup I’m wearing, mostly the dripping wet pink lipstick on my pouty lips. And I have a narrow, pink satin ribbon tied around my neck in a bow on the side, a very feminine and almost innocent-looking finishing touch to my overall appearance.

I smile broadly at you and ask sweetly, “So, baby, do you like the way I look tonight? Do you like this little outfit I’ve put together for you?”

You can’t speak as your eyes make another pass all up and down my body, drinking in all the little details, and I notice you fixating on certain parts of me, like my titties, my legs, and my high heels. So of course I take the opportunity to show myself off for you, moving canlı casino my hips slowly from one side to the other before lifting my long hair up with my hands and spinning slowly around on my spiky heels.

I watch you ogling me shamelessly, which is, of course, exactly the way I want you to behave! And yes, it excites me…

Your cock is already pulsing and throbbing in your pants at this point, and you slowly manage to respond with an answer to my question, “Wow, Kitty! Yeah…I mean, yes, I love the way you look!!”

I say with a girlish giggle, “Why, thank you, sweetie”, knowing full well the affect that my appearance has on you. “Come on in and let’s have some fun baby, okay?”

I take you by the hand and lead you into my beautiful apartment, and as I spin around, facing away from you, and start marching inside, your eyes move over my entire body. My hand slips out of yours as you pause to take off your coat, but you don’t take your eyes off me as I take a few steps away from you, providing you with a better view of me.

My long, wavy blond hair falls down to my waist, and my ass cheeks aren’t really covered at all by the shiny pink miniskirt. As your eyes move down over me, you notice the dark pink seams on my sheer pink stockings, creating a line for your eyes to move up and down my beautiful, shapely legs, all the way to my pretty feet all dressed up in my slutty high-heeled “fuck me” shoes. You really love the way the garters poke out from underneath the tiny miniskirt too…

You follow me into my elegant high-rise, and the site of me prancing along in front of you is absolutely tantalizing. My sky-high heels look so pretty, my curvy little feet all perched up high in them and the small straps wrapped seductively around my ankles, and your eyes move up my seamed pink stockings, toward my ass again. It’s all plump and round, and it wiggles back and forth, up and down as I walk.

I’m really playing up my sexy strut too, clearly showing myself off to stimulate your admiring gaze. Your cock is getting harder and harder, and you can feel a tingling sensation in your balls.

I’ve been prick teasing you shamelessly you online, denying you sexual release for over a week now, and it is clearly having the desired effect, because kaçak casino you are feeling a growing sensation of sexual attraction and undeniable infatuation with me…

Suddenly I spin around and come closer to you. My voice becomes soft and sticky sweet as I coo, “Oh, sweetie, you are such a good boy! I’m so happy we met! I’ve been wanting to find a nice, adoring slaveboy to explore all my kinky prick tease fantasies with, and you’ve been so great, just letting me do whatever I want to you! Thank you sooo much for that, honey!!”

I reach out with my hands, and you notice my long, curvy fingernails, painted a light pink color. My long, slender fingers are very feminine-looking, and I’m wearing lots of sexy gold rings on them, with matching gold bracelets on my wrists. Both of my pinky-nails have sparkly gold hearts on them, evoking the idea of me having you totally wrapped around my little finger!

I come toward you, and you don’t move as I approach, which I notice immediately, reacting with a big smile as I realize how you’re letting me make all the moves. I take your hands gently and place them on my hips, and you move them slowly around my back, rubbing round and round a little, then moving upward onto my soft angora sweater.

“Oh, Kitty, you are by far the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen, I can’t believe you’re here with me, and I just LOVE the way you’ve seduced and enslaved me! Please let me be your obedient little loveslave! Oh my god, I can’t stop thinking about you…I’ve been reading your messages over and over, I want you so bad, I can’t stand it!”

“Awwww, you’re sooo sweet!” I say, putting my arms around your neck and pulling you closer. I look into your eyes and continue, “This is exactly the way I like my slaveboys to behave! Don’t worry, honey, I’m gonna take care of you tonight, baby! Kitty’s gonna make you feel sooooooo good!!”

I push my body softly up against yours, and I can feel your hardon pushing back against me. My soft boobs press into your chest, and your hands gently rub my soft angora sweater covering my shoulders and back. It’s simply the softest, most sensual fabric you’ve ever touched, and your whole body trembles a little as I reach out with my pink, pouty lips to kiss you lightly.

“Do you like the way that soft, fluffy sweater feels?” I say sweetly. You nod slowly and I continue, “Yeah?? You want to see what else can be done with angora? Maybe you should take it off me and we can play a little teasing game with it, hmmmmm?”

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