Dear Penthouse

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Dear Penthouse

My boyfriend has become bored of sex with me. What do I do?

I know what people usually say. Mix it up a bit, have sex in unusual places. It’s too late for that, we’ve done it all.

Like I explained to him the first time he had me go down on him in a street in an inner city suburb, I will go along with anything that people suggest, whatever it costs me.

I’m so desperate for attention I will do anything people say for attention (seriously, if you want to spend your days scoring heroin and never pay your rent, its okay with me).

Sex with my boyfriend in public was a lot of fun. I remember on this one occasion we drove around, trying to find a park. Trying to find somewhere to have sex where we would not be seen (or that was how I was thinking of it).

It all seemed the same to me. I didn’t care. I was going to have sex with my boyfriend in public and I was going to do it for him.

We finally found a parking place in what seemed a very public street. We settled ourselves down to have sex, which meant a blow job.

He undid his fly. He was already hard. I held his erection in my hand. The feeling of arousal was mixed with tenderness. His penis was smooth and warm.

The whole situation seemed very amusing to me and when I find something funny I laugh, I have to get out of that habit. So there we were him looking out the window to see anyone coming and me giggling like a fool.

It got worse a man came down the road and let himself into one of the flats on the other side of the road. I had nearly got my boyfriend’s dick in my mouth and was tonguing the head.

“Hold on a minute” my boyfriend said. The man seemed to take an age to get into the building, fiddling around with his keys trying to open the door; I was raring to go.

Finally the man outside the building got himself out of our lives and into his apartment and I got down to the casino oyna business of sucking my boyfriend off. His cock and my mouth are a very good fit.

Until I started having sex with him I never realised how much I liked giving head. The smoothness of his penis, the musky smell of his balls, and the sound of his pleasure as I sucked his cock was music to my ears.

I sucked and sucked him, an activity that was punctuated from time to time by people walking down the road. He would tell me to stop and I would keep my head down till they were out of view.

After he’d cum he drove off and deposited me at the bus stop and I went home displaying my new face-cunt to all the people on the bus. Fortunately they didn’t notice my bedraggled hair, my swollen lips, and the traces of semen unremoved by wiping with tissue paper. They were all too busy looking at their mobile phones.

I sat there on the bus taking stock: I had deep throated him, sucked his rod, and taken every drop of his semen in my mouth. What else was I supposed to do?

I was always amazed how much he was prepared to expose himself in public. He would undo his fly and pull down his pants exposing his groin and hips.

I can still remember the way the cold light of the street lights shone on his cock, his hairy balls and his luminescent white skin.

I clasped his penis in my hand and gently tugged it stopping when anyone came along. It was kind of amusing, but I tried not to laugh, it’s a dead giveaway.

The street was full of people, walking up and down going on about their business. It was impossible to give him a blow job without someone taking note. So we decided a hand job was more the thing.

It must have been exciting for him, lying there with his genitals exposed in a public place, all the people walking back and forth to restaurants and bars, walking the dog; because he came quite quickly in my hand.

I canlı casino know what you’re thinking: what was in it for me? Sure he touched by breasts on several occasions through three layers of clothing but I didn’t feel much and it didn’t really turn me on.

If I had to find an answer it would be pretty much pleasing him, that’s all I wanted; to the extent where this kind of reckless behaviour seemed to make sense.

Sometimes when I had given him a particularly good bout of car sex and was feeling so affectionate, he just told me to get the heck out of his car and dumped me by the side of the road.

For some people this would have seemed callous but for me it just seemed like business as usual; the way he wanted me to make love.

This is how, on the night in question; I found myself on my own, on Oxford Street; outside a open all hours supermarket. Oh well, I thought, I can always take the bus.

I pushed this submissive thing out as far as it went. One time we had sex in a park. Not oral sex or a hand job but going all the way. We had been out at a bar we used to go to in the area and he gave me a lift as far as the bus.

On the way there he suggested I might want to have sex. Of course I wanted sex because I was on extremely short rations and it was raining hard so I thought what the heck.

We drove up the road to the park there and tried to find somewhere secluded. Usually this is pretty hard to do. But that night the heavens had opened. You could hardly see out of the windows it was rainy so hard.

Nothing was happening that night, the rain was too heavy, the people who live in the area were staying home that night, not out in the park walking their dog.

He put up is silver glare saver thing that was meant to keep out the sun. He’s the cautious type but he had no need to worry; there was no sun that night only rain.

We got down to things fairly quickly as kaçak casino we usually did, him touching my breasts briefly through my clothing and undoing his fly.

No kissing, we never did much of that. It could have been because he has herpes on his mouth and he didn’t want to pass it on to me.

All the while buses full of people came past and the rain came down obscuring the view. He asked me if I wanted to go all the way, which wasn’t going to be that easy because he has a very small car.

I thought it was going to be very uncomfortable having sex on the front seat of his car but he was serious and I didn’t want to disappoint him or miss out on the very scarce and very yearned for sex. So I said “yes”.

I thought how are we going to do this? I put my backpack on the back seat and took my shoes and pants off and put them there too. I’m sure I was giggling. With all the water rushing and elderly people sitting at home in fear of getting wet who was going to hear?

I don’t think he took off his pants, just unzipped them and pulled them down. The sex we had was a very tight fit, in more than one way. There wasn’t very much room in my vagina because I wasn’t turned on yet and as I said it wasn’t a very big car (a Mazda 2).

I put my feet on the dashboard and he jammed his dick in and fucked me. I was really trying to enjoy it but there was a lot of pain. It was so exciting he came quite soon.

I used the tissues he provided to mop some of the wetness up and then we got dressed again. I spent a couple of minutes getting myself together before we drove off, straightening my clothes and my hair.

I found my glasses (undamaged) that I had been sitting on all the time. I was feeling very close to him and I gently stroked his arm as we drove away. I don’t think any of those tender feelings meant anything to him.

Finally we made it to the bus stop and I bid him a fond farewell. Standing there I could feel his semen gushing out of me and into my underpants. There was a stinging feeling and a soreness; maybe it’s time for an S.T.I. test, I thought.

Signed, Desperate.

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