Dawn’s First , Only Ch. 01

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This story is dedicated to the memory of a beautiful young woman who wasn’t able to live her life to the full.


Alex & Di are good friends who I meet up with once a month, usually for a pub meal or BBQ, and we catch up on each others news – work, life, recent trips & experiences, and families, etc.

We met in O’Brien’s Irish Bar close to their home for a few beers & a meal after work. The first pint slid down easily after a long day at work and after getting another round of drinks in we started to talk more as our immediate thirsts were quenched for now. The conversation seemed a bit stilted & hard work as they seemed quite sullen & spent a lot of the time looking at the table, rather than making eye contact. After catching up on how each of us was doing at work, I suggested we order dinner as I was hungry and it also gave me a break to go to the bar and order. I was hoping that if they had had a disagreement previously then they would brighten up by the time I got back to the table.

As we sat making our beers last until the meals arrived the conversation did not pick up & something was definitely wrong. So rather than having a miserable evening I asked if everything was OK, and at which point Di started crying quietly.

‘Oh shit,’ I thought ‘they are splitting up.”

“We have a problem,” stated Alex, “Dawn has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.”

“Oh shit,” I blurted out.

“She has been given two months to live,” Alex continued,” and two weeks of that has now gone.”

“I don’t know what to say to you both, apart from I am very sorry for all of you and if there is anything I can do to help, in anyway, just say anytime day or night,” I said in shock.

Dawn is Alex & Di’s only child, a shy, quiet 19 year old who was going through university until this came up.

Alex finished his beer, so I signaled for 3 more as I didn’t want to leave them while I fetched them. The telling of the news seemed to have drained Alex, & Di eventually took up the conversation after a long silence.

“We took Dawn to Hawaii last week for a holiday as it is a place she has always wanted to visit and so we did it while she was still well enough to travel,” Di took a sip of beer before continuing, “We had a great week together & spent most of the time talking as we felt time was slipping away. We all wanted to ensure that we had said all the things we wanted to say and express our love for each other. One evening over dinner we were talking about none of us wanting to die with any regrets and that the month should give us time to ensure that didn’t happened. Alex asked Dawn if she had any regrets and if so, could they be resolved. Dawn said she had one regret and hoped that it could be solved.”

For the first time both Di & Alex looked up at me and looked straight into my eyes before turning & looking at each other. They gave each other a slight nod before Alex turned back to me.

“You asked if there was anything you could do, were you serious?”

“Shit, yes,” I instantly responded, “I known you all over 15 years and you are special to me. I will do absolutely anything you want to help you and Dawn especially… money, treatment, transport, anything just say”

They looked at each other again and nodded to each other again. This time Di spoke, “This is a mummy type of question & it needs to be me to ask it.”

I sat quietly & waited for the question, desperately wanting to have a swig of beer, but sitting still waiting for the question.

“I would…I would like to… How can I say this?… Dawn’s only regret is that she doesn’t want to die a virgin,” Di finally blurted out.

I stared silently at them, my mind a whirlwind trying to ensure I had heard & understood them. If I said the wrong thing now I would possibly spoil a very special friendship & make a nightmare for them. I wasn’t totally sure that I understood the question as it was more a blurted statement. I took a sip of beer to buy myself some more time.

At this point the meals arrived and this gave me a couple more minutes as the waitress set the meals down & made sure we had all we needed.

“I don’t know what to say,” I finally responded, “as I am not sure what you are asking.”

“Dawn is very quiet & shy and very religious. She doesn’t have a boyfriend even though several of the boys at church have asked her out. She feels that if she lost her virginity to one of the boys, it wouldn’t mean much to them, and so they wouldn’t make it special for her,” Di explained, “Dawn wants it to be someone she trusts who will love her, treat her gently, and make her a woman as she puts it.”

Yet again they looked at each other & nodded, but this time Alex spoke.

We would like it to be you who makes love to Dawn for the first time as we trust you to treat her right.”

‘Fuck,’ I thought, suddenly realizing the insensitivity of that particular thought.

“I am 40,” I stated, “and Dawn is 19.”

“That is why we chose you, because you care and you love her as a friend & our daughter,” Di added.

“Wow”, casino oyna I responded,” Do you mind if we eat while I try to take this in?, I am stunned.”

Without out waiting for a reply, I started my meal as if that most amazing conversation had never taken place. Had two pints of beers given me an out of body experience? The look of Alex & Di’s faces as they ate told me otherwise.

“Did Dawn ask that it be me?” I asked part way through my main course.

“Not exactly,” Di answered, “but she went on to talk about you afterward at great length, to give the suggestion that she would like it to be you, but she was too shy & embarrassed to say or ask.”

What do you say to two great friends in their hour of need when they honestly ask you to make love to their dying 19 year old daughter?

I thought long & hard as I finished my meal. I had never made love to someone that much younger than myself, would I be good enough? On reflection that was a silly question as she would have no one to compare me with. What a stupid selfish thought, I bollocked myself for the uncaring thought.

“When I offered to do anything I meant it, but this has stunned me, and I am amazed that you would ask me.” I said quietly.

“Does that mean ‘No’?,” Di asked.

“No, it means I am amazed & truly honoured that you all should trust me so much to ask such a hard question,” I stated still in shock, “How would this work?’

“We would leave it entirely to you to decide, does that mean you will help?” Alex asked.

Yes, I would be proud to, and I will take the greatest care of Dawn. But it must be on the understanding that if she changes her mind, it stops with no hard feelings,” I answered.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way, Thank you very much,” Di sobbed, “You are a great friend. Di leaned across the table & gently kissed my cheek.

My mind wandered & thought that the next person to do that would be her daughter, as I was damn sure Alex wouldn’t be giving me a thank you kiss!!

We ordered another round of drinks as we loosely discussed the best way to make this happen. After that I whistled up ‘Dial-a-Driver’ to get me home as I had drunk more than normally & I was still probably in shock.


In the morning I had the car valeted at work & had a courier pick up my overnight bag. About three o’clock I turned off my computer & made use of the company showers to freshen up and look the best that my 40 year old body could. Looking at myself in the washroom mirror I couldn’t believe what I was going to do. Seriously, I thought I was helping out friends with a much needed favour. I did not consider I was going out to screw a 19 year old girl. I was going out to make a friends dying daughter a woman.

I parked my nice shiny (& unusually clean) wagon outside the university building where Dawn was meeting friends and waited for her to emerge to catch her bus home. When Dawn emerged & caught sight of me, she was pleased to see me & gave me a big beaming smile as I stepped forward to hug her gently. I thought of her as a fragile china doll, rather than a good looking 19 year old who looked good in a cheese cloth shirt, tight faded jeans & sandals.

“What a surprise, what are you doing here?” Dawn asked, “Are you selling your car, it isn’t usually that clean?”

“No, I cleaned it specially,” I replied with a smile, “as I am taking out a very special lady for dinner tonight.”

Dawn punched me gently in the stomach & asked “Who?, come tell me, tell me now!” as she smiled brightly, her face a picture of radiance.

“You my lady, I am taking you out for a very special meal & evening,” I smiled back.

Dawn looked stunned, “Me?” she asked.

“Yes you,” I replied gently punching her arm in return, “Now get in the wagon & put your belt on.”

Dawn jumped in the wagon & looked at me quizzically as I entered the driver’s side. The stereo played her favourite band as we drove down to a harbour side pub and dumped the wagon in a car park.

The pub was empty for early Friday evening & we sat on high stools over looking the harbour as we drank fruit cocktails and laughed at the surprise on her face when I picked her up. We chatted easily for a couple of hours, and I became more relaxed. After the third drink I took her hand and said “Time for dinner young lady” and headed next door to one of the top seafood restaurants in town. This was Dawn’s favourite restaurant for birthday treats, and it had a relaxed atmosphere & dress code.

We were shown to our table which had a lovely bunch of prearranged roses in the centre for Dawn. I ordered some drinks as she looked at the roses & then me as she read the card, which said simply ‘To a great evening with a lovely woman.’

I smiled in return & said what I fancied to eat for dinner. The menu was superb and we were rewarded with an outstanding meal as the sun set over the harbour, and we shared a nice bottle of wine. We talked about all sorts & everything except her illness. Over desert we spoke about her special holiday in Hawaii. Her face glowed at canlı casino the memory and the things she had enjoyed with her parents.

When she finished I asked, “No regrets then?”

Dawn looked at me in surprise,” What do you mean?”

“Dawn, when we have finished dinner I would like to take you for a walk along the harbour, holding hands, and at the end of the harbour wall kiss your sweet lips.” I smiled sincerely at her as she thought about our conversation and slowly started to understand.

After coffee Dawn stood & reached out for my hand, I was relieved. I paid the bill and led Dawn out into the warm evening air.

As we walked I held her hand for a short time before letting her go & placing my hand on her shoulder & pulled her into my side. Before we got to the end of the harbour wall I stopped & turned to her. I leaned down to gently lift her chin to mine and kiss her lips. I gently slid my arms around her waist & eased her gently to me. I kissed her softly & eased my tongue against her lips. Fortunately Dawn responded & hesitantly let me slip my tongue into her mouth. Her body relaxed as we kissed for several minutes ignoring the rest of the world entirely.

Eventually we broke for air & Dawn looked into my eyes, displaying a need to be loved in a physical sense.

“Do you see that room on the top of the Marriot across the road?” I asked.


“Well I have booked that penthouse for the evening and I would like to invite you up there to enjoy the evening with me,” I quietly stated.

“Oh,” she replied, clearly surprised & taken aback.

“Would you care to join me?”

“Yes… Yes I would,” she responded & my heart danced. I don’t know what I would have done if she had said no. Plan B was to take her home if she had declined. Fortunately there wasn’t need for plan B at the moment.

We held hands as we crossed the road & walked into the foyer. I had already sent ahead instructions & a photo so the desk staff would pass over the key & forgo the bellboy showing us to the penthouse.

In the lift I held Dawn’s hand & she felt nervous as the lift rose to the top floor. The lift opened directly into the room using our key card. There was subdued lighting in the room allowing the lights of the harbour & waterfront to flood in through the windows.

We walked through the room & out onto the balcony overlooking the water. I stood behind Dawn & gently kissed her neck as we looked out in the warm evening air. My hands slid down onto her hips as I kissed my way around the back of her neck, brushing her shoulder length brown hair to one side as I traversed the soft warm skin from ear to ear. Dawn sighed as I reached her right ear & gently chewed her lobe as I started to turn her around and continue my journey towards her warm lips.

As my tongue slid into her welcoming mouth my left hand slid up her back to rest between her shoulder blades & pull her so her lithe body rested against mine. My right hand slid down onto her hip & the fingers rested against the seam of her jeans between her cheeks, softly feeling the curve of her bum.

As we explored each others mouths & my hands softly caressed the warm body beneath them, I could feel Dawn respond with warmth & passion. My left hand stroked through her hair & onto her cheek as I tenderly kissed this young innocent girl. I didn’t want to rush in any way so I let my right hand slowly descend over her denim encased cheeks to caress her bum as I kissed her for several minutes.

Finally we eased our lips apart, but held onto each other, Dawn’s hands around my waist. Looking deep into her eyes I whispered, “I would love to make warm, tender passionate love to you tonight,” & kissed her briefly again.

As our lips parted again, she breathed “Yes,…I would like that very much.”

I leaned down to kiss her again, relieved with her answer, and growing horny to this lovely 19 year old that had just melted in my arms, giving me the answer I needed to take her in to womanhood. I was now in a very fortunate & trusted position of teaching this young girl the beauty of sensual lovemaking & maybe follow it with several lessons in the art of exciting sex.

There was a deep passion & longing in Dawn’s lips & body as we kissed harder & more urgently than before. I didn’t want her to change her mind by me rushing her as this was all new to her. As we kissed I let both hands roam over her bum, feeling its tight, firm shape under the denim as I squeezed & molded her cheeks. Dawn started to caress my back as your tongues explored each others mouths & lips as we occasionally took the odd breathe as our passion grew. Slowly I brought my hands up over her shoulders & reached down to undo the top three buttons of her blouse, pleased that Dawn sighed gently into my mouth as I did so. Feeling her acceptance I continued to undo the rest of the buttons before finally pulling the blouse out of her jeans.

Breaking away from her lips but holding on to her hips I started to kiss her chin & down on to her neck. Slowly I eased her collar apart so my lips could trail kaçak casino down onto her shoulder as I eased her blouse apart further to expose more of her smooth virgin skin. I wondered if she had let anyone do this amount of kissing before,but I doubted it as I gently nibbled the smooth warm skin of her shoulder.

My hand slid under her blouse to rest on her smooth back as I slowly knelt in front of her, bringing my mouth to just under her bra as I started to kiss her stomach & rub her back and Dawn slid her hands onto my shoulders. Looking up I could see her young breasts swell & heave in her bra as her breathing became deeper. I tilted Dawn forward with my hands and stretched my neck to kiss the underside of one of her bra encased breasts. She sighed & closed her eyes as I ran my tongue over the material and gently used my teeth to press into the firm flesh underneath causing her nipple to harden & show itself through the material. As it hardened I transferred my mouth to her other encased breast and my hands smoothly pulled her loose blouse down her arms & off her back, letting the material fall to the floor in the warm evening air.

Dawn transferred her hands to run through my short cropped hair giving me the signal to reach behind her and release the clasp of her bra and begin to tug the cups of her bra away from her breast with my teeth as my hand reached up onto her shoulders to slide the straps slowly down her arms.

Her bra fell away over the back of my head to reveal a beautiful pair of young firm breasts that stood proud & erect on her chest in the reflected light of the evening. My neck stretched up to begin kissing the under slope of one breast and slowly take her nipple into my mouth to Dawn’s sighed approval. I was pleased to find her breast was more than a mouthful in size & guessed them to be about 34C in size as my teeth grazed across her nipple. I sucked firmly on her breast as Dawn pulled my head in closer & I ran my fingernails gently up & down her spine.

As her nipple swelled fully erect my lips ran onto the top slope of her breast before moving off into the soft shallow valley between her breasts. My tongue wetly lapped the smooth skin of her breast bone as it slowly started the ascent of her other breast towards the cherry red nipple astride the summit.

I sucked, teased & nibbled her nipple for several minutes, sometimes sucking her whole breast deep into my mouth, whilst running my hands down onto her bum to feel it’s wonderful firm cheeks. As I again transferred back to her other nipple I eased my hands around to the front of her jeans & undid the button before easing the zip down. Sliding my hands into the waist band onto her hips I slowly started to ease her jeans down while still teasing her nipple with my tongue. My hands ran over the warm materials of her panties on her hips as her jeans descended and I felt the skin of her upper legs. As her jeans passed her knees Dawn stepped out of her jandals & out of her fallen jeans, all the time supported by her hands on my head & my mouth clamped securely to her breast.

As she finally stood before me in just her panties I raised myself up and hugged her to me as I kissed her deeply. Finally I broke the kiss to take her in my arms and carry her lovingly inside our penthouse and take her to bed.

I gently laid her down on the king-sized bed with her legs hanging over the end of the bed & resting her feet on the floor. I leaned over her to kiss her passionately on the lips for several minutes before slowly starting to kiss my way down her body, traveling down across her soft warm neck and slowly back onto one of her breasts. I resisted the urge to squeeze her other hungry horny breast with my hands as I only wanted to pleasure her with my tongue & focus her pleasure in one place at a time.

Dawn’s hands rubbed passionately my head as it trailed kisses over her flat stomach & stopped above the top of her panties. Tenderly I licked along the top edge of her panties & stomach before standing and walking around to the bottom of the bed and kneeling at her feet.

Leaning forward I softly kissed each of her knees before starting to trail kisses alternatively up her legs. As I did so Dawn slowly eased her legs apart so I could lower my kisses down on to the warm firm skin of her thighs. As my head got between her thighs I could smell the warm sweet scent of her pussy six inches in front of my nose.

Dawn eased her legs further apart before finally placing her legs on my shoulders to give my head room to reach into her crotch. Finally I had to place my hands on the back of her calves to steady myself as I nibbled the sweet flesh of her inner thighs. I could hear Dawn starting to pant and felt soft trembles through her thighs as her hips rocked on the bed. Her hands reached down to grasp my head & try to pull me closer to her panty encased crotch.

After several minutes of kissing & admiring her thighs I eased her legs apart a bit further, opened my mouth wide and clamped it down over her panty covered mound. Dawn arched & moaned as this increased teasing guided her towards orgasm. I guessed that being so religious she would have seen it as a sin to touch herself, so I figured I was taking her towards her first orgasm, and I wanted to do it in style.

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