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The 7.20 was already crowded as I got in, and not for the first time, I cursed my parents decision to move to the leafy suburbs: they had condemned me to the daily awfulness of a train journey to school in the height of the rush hour. They had both worked hard to keep me at my prestigious City school after I had won my scholarship and as I had only just started my year in the Fifth Form, a move to a more local college was out of the question. I walked down the aisle, looking along the silent rows of commuters searching for a free seat. There was no chance of that, of course, so I took up my usual place against the end wall of the carriage as the train lurched forward on its long journey to London.

Station followed station and the coach filled up at each stop until I was crammed tightly against the wall by the crowd. Facing me stood a young man in a smart business suit, holding a raincoat draped over his clasped hands. We were pressed so close together that I could feel the back of his hand occasionally brush against my groin as the train bumped and growled on its way. I was going through that post-adolescent phase that all young men experience, when their cock misbehaves at the slightest stimulation –usually at inconvenient times like this! True to form, my errant cock began to stiffen and press lightly against the sharp knuckles of the young City gent. Blushing with embarrassment, I looked up at him, careful to avoid his eyes, but they were gazing absently out of the steamy window. If he had noticed, he gave no outward signs.

I tried desperately to think of other things, but the insistent rubbing was too stimulating to ignore and my jockey shorts slowly turned into an instrument of torture, bending my wayward cock in directions it was never meant to go. My companion moved his hands slightly under his raincoat and I assumed that he was just making himself more comfortable until his outstretched fingers started to trace the outline of my bulging crotch. Of course, I could have turned away or blocked his blatant approach with the bag I was carrying, but my curiosity wasn’t the only thing that was aroused! I looked down nervously, but there was still no outward sign of movement from under his raincoat –not even the closest passengers would see anything out of place. The realisation that they were oblivious to my erotic adventure only added to my growing excitement and I edged forward slightly, submitting my rigid cock to the tantalising thrill of his wandering fingers.

Encouraged by my response, the young businessman glanced at me for the first time and gave me a slight nod of approval, but shyness overcame me and I blushed and lowered my eyes from his steady gaze, already regretting my impulsiveness. I had never been seduced by an adult before -it was so different from the casual sexual horseplay I indulged in with my school friends and my imagination was running wild. All around us, the tight press of bodies moved in unison, dancing to the jerky music of the ancient train, while under the cover of its roar, I felt my zip being slowly drawn down. Cool fingers probed into the gap and I felt them scrabble over my pubic hair as they reached up my belly, searching for the waistband of my pants. With a single deliberate movement, the elastic was stretched downwards and hooked underneath my balls, so that my cock dropped freely into his hand. I’m not circumcised, and even when I’m aroused, my foreskin covers the head of my cock, forming a little puckered crest over the tip. I trembled with excitement as he grasped the skinny sheath between his finger and thumb and began to roll it over the smooth head beneath. More fingers slipped inside my fly to draw me through and he began to masturbate me slowly.

Blushing with embarrassment and barely controlled lust, I looked blearily into my companion’s face, but his eyes were expressionless as they gazed absently out of the steamy window and I marvelled at his self-control. The next few miles drifted by in a delicious lethargy as my body delighted in his sensual touch, until a long rumble of brakes brought me down to earth again -we were coming to the end of our journey. Pity! Just a few yards more and I might have given the railway cleaners a really messy job. casino siteleri With some difficulty, my fellow traveller carefully tucked my rigid cock back into my pants and once more I heard a quiet “zeep” as my fly was drawn closed. He gave me a conspiratorial grin and turned away without a word. I followed him down the aisle, holding my bag in front of me, certain that everybody would notice my flushed face and the prominent bulge in my crotch, but they were far too intent on getting to work to be interested in my youthful display of virility. As I walked out of the station, my excitement and my aching erection began to subside and I could think clearly about my incredible journey.

In fact, I dreamed of little else for the rest of the day, and my lack of interest in my studies was the subject of more than one sarcastic comment from my tutors. The last period of the day was history, a subject I usually enjoyed -but not for its subject matter! As the teacher droned on, my best friend gave me a nudge in the ribs and I felt his hand reach for me under the cover of the desk. Safe from discovery in the back row, our pleasurable sex play had become such a regular weekly treat for us that we prepared for it beforehand with a quick trip to the lavatories to slip off of our confining underpants. Normally, just the glimpse of his cock peeking through his opened fly would make me respond, but I was so spellbound by the morning’s events that I couldn’t rouse any enthusiasm. I gave him a few half-hearted strokes and soon drew my hand away and after a while his fumblings ceased.

It seemed an age before the bell announced the end of the school day and the classroom began to empty. My friend gave me a puzzled look as he gathered up his books and he left quickly without saying a word. I suspected that he was off to relieve his frustration before going home, so I made my way to the station alone, impatient to see if my fellow traveller was on the evening train.

There was no sign of him that evening, nor the following morning as I searched the draughty platform. I curbed my disappointment and resigned myself to the realisation that it had only been a chance encounter –a one-off- and when the yellow nose of the train finally eased into the station, I boarded my usual crowded carriage without enthusiasm. There was a sudden flurry as the usual last-minute passengers scrambled in and suddenly there he was, making his way down the aisle towards me. He didn’t waste any time with any ‘accidental’ contact this time and as soon as the train began to fill up he looked at me hopefully.

“Oh Yes, please!” I thought, as I gave him an imperceptible nod. He reached for me under the friendly concealment of his raincoat and I heard him give a little gasp of surprise when he discovered that I was wearing nothing underneath my uniform trousers. I had remembered yesterday’s history lesson and my jockey shorts lay neatly folded up in my sports bag, leaving my cock unrestrained and eager for his attention. Much as I wanted to, I was still far too timid to feel for him in return, and in any case, his coat wouldn’t cope with two wandering hands! We began to chat to cover up our actions and I learnt that his name was Simon and that he worked for a Japanese banking house in the City.

It also turned out that he was an old boy of my school and his attention had been drawn to me several days before, when he recognised my uniform,. All the time we talked, his restless hand was making me quiver with ill-concealed delight as he playfully teased my cock and balls.

As the days went by, I began to look forward to my journey with growing enthusiasm and was almost disappointed as the weekend approached. From our muttered conversations, I gained the impression that Simon was as keen as I was to progress our relationship further, but his working day didn’t coincide with my shorter school hours, so the possibility of an evening meeting was unlikely. I knew that I hadn’t enough self-confidence to try it on the train so I tried to plan a way for us to meet somewhere more private.

That night, in the darkness of my bedroom, I sought comfort with my usual bed-time wanking session, imagining that I was exploring my new friend’s canlı casino slim body for the first time. But even as I writhed on my bed, I realised that nothing was going to happen -my mind was far too occupied in turning my fantasies into reality. I slumped back on my pillow with a groan of frustration, and my aching wrist slipped away to my side as I stared moodily at the reflections of the street lights on the ceiling. Suddenly inspiration struck me -it was so simple! I smiled happily and slid my hand downwards once more and a few minutes later I fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.


The next day, I swung my schoolbag in silent glee as I worked out the details of my plan on my walk to the station. I am quite musical by nature and had taken full advantage of the school’s famous music department by learning to play the clarinet. My lessons took place every Monday evening during term time, which meant that I had to catch a later train home. Although Simon’s train was later still, I was sure that I could waste enough time to ensure that I could travel back with him. His eyes lit up when I mentioned my plan to him he murmured, “First coach” as we parted reluctantly for the weekend.

Monday at school passed in a daze of anticipation. I had seen Simon briefly on the morning train, but our usual space had already been taken and we had no opportunity to indulge in what was fast becoming my favourite obsession. I lifted my clarinet case above the packed mass of bodies that separated us and smiled at him gleefully. I saw him raise his eyebrows enquiringly and mouth silently. “Tonight?”

I nodded my reply, feeling my whole body shuddering with expectation.

* * * * * * *

Doctor S. was pleased with my progress as I tackled a particularly difficult piece of Mozart, but as my fingers fumbled over the keys yet again, he kept murmuring. “Conzentrate, conzentrate.” When I offered to stay on for a while to practice the passage a little more, he beamed and readily agreed. He was a nice old boy and my conscience pricked me as I contemplated the real reason for delaying my departure.

* * * * * * *

The bulk of the rush hour had passed as I walked down the platform to the first coach and I could see that the front end of the train was nearly empty. To my dismay, there was no sign of my erstwhile travelling companion and I could only sit, frustrated and angry, as the train moved slowly out of the station into the darkness. It was a corridor train and I decided to walk along its length in the faint hope that I had misunderstood his instructions and would find Simon in the first coach at the back. I had just reached the connection leading to the next coach when a sharp tap on my shoulder made me jump with surprise. The toilet door had opened slightly and I saw Simon’s face peering through the crack.

I took a nervous glance around me and stepped inside and we stood crammed close together in the tiny cubicle. I had waited all weekend for this moment and my fingers trembled with excitement as I released the fastener of his smart blue pinstripes. The sight of his flamboyant boxer shorts made me grin –I hadn’t expected to see those under such a smart suit. Even funnier was the way that the face of Mickey Mouse was stretched into a grotesque shape by a prominent bulge in the front. I hesitated as teenage bashfulness overcame me –I had never seen a fully-grown adult cock before, not even my father’s, and I was awestruck by the step I was about to take.

Sensing my indecision, Simon hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, dropping Mickey and Co. to his ankles, revealing his splendid manhood to me for the first time. Naturally, I had expected it to be larger than my own youthful member, but its sheer size held me enthralled –were all men that big? He hadn’t achieved an erection yet and his hairy genitals hung down limply, swaying gently to the movement of the train. With no foreskin to cover it, the broad mushroom-shaped head of his penis looked several sizes too big for the shaft underneath, almost as if it had been stuck on as an afterthought. “I’m Jewish.” He explained with a slight grin, lifting it up for my inspection.

“They like to do that kaçak casino to their boys. I didn’t have any say in the matter!” My curiosity reached its peak and I couldn’t resist taking its fascinating bulk in my hand. With growing excitement, I felt it stiffen in my grasp and I tried out a few experimental masturbatory strokes along its thick shaft. My hand was sweaty with excitement, but even so, I could feel my fingers rasp against his dry skin. He winced and murmured. “Not like that, please. It’s too painful. Let me show you.” He sat down on the seat of the tiny toilet and cupped both hands around my bare buttocks, drawing me closer to him. I stepped forward nervously, wondering what he had in mind. Not long ago, I had sat smirking at the obvious embarrassment on our headmaster’s face as he explained to us the mysteries of sex and the dangers surrounding adolescent boys in the big city.

What would he think if he could see me now? Of course, I should have been more wary of this comparative stranger, but ever since our first encounter, my over-active sex drive had overruled all my teenage inhibitions. Any last misgivings changed to sheer delight as Simon leant forward and engulfed my cock in the slippery warmth of his mouth. Until that moment, my sexual experience had been confined to the clumsy hands of my friends and my own more gentle manipulation. I had never even dreamed of being sucked and I knew that all my friends would frown and consider me ‘queer’ if I had even suggested the possibility. This must be what it feels like to be inside a girl, I thought, and all kinds of erotic pictures from my well-thumbed porn magazines flashed through my mind. Instinctively, my hips began to buck rapidly back and forth as my body took control wracked by every wonderful new sensation. I forgot all about the grubby cubicle and the jolting roar of the train wheels as I sweated and panted on my exquisite quest for fulfillment.

Suddenly, the provocative pictures faded from my mind and I gave a shrill yelp as I passed over the brink into sheer ecstasy. I felt the tip of my cock slide out of its sheath onto Simon’s rough tongue and his eyes opened wide in surprise as my balls constricted and my jubilant sperm jetted into his mouth. For a moment, I stood numbly, my chest heaving and my knees trembling uncontrollably as if I had just run a long race. Simon swallowed hard and let my rapidly softening cock slip out of his mouth. “My turn now.” He whispered hoarsely.

* * * * * * *

His cock completely filled my mouth and I had to open it wide as he slid deeper into me, almost making me choke on his enormity. There was little sign of his usual self-control, for almost immediately his breath started to hiss fiercely through his tightly clenched teeth and his rhythmic strokes became uncontrolled and jerky. The muscles around my mouth ached as I tried to keep pace with his frantic lunges and I could feel the thick veins on his cock rippling against my lips as he pounded inexorably towards his climax. Without warning, he gave a loud grunt and I felt my mouth stretch as his massive cock head seemed to grow twice its size as it throbbed out its release against the back of my throat.

I can’t say that I liked my first taste of male cum –its slimy consistency felt alien to me and even as the hot, pulsing jets finally slowed, I began to gag on its musky, salty taste. I pulled my head away in distaste and spat copiously into the tiny steel bowl mounted on the wall beside me, uneasily wondering what to do next. Now that it was all over, my sexual cravings seemed to fade, leaving me feeling self-conscious and slightly guilty. Simon must have been watching my reaction, for he gave me a sympathetic smile and hugged me briefly, sharing my moment of adolescent angst. Perhaps he was remembering his first time, too.

He pulled away hurriedly and the reason for his haste became apparent as I saw the gleam of lights through the frosted glass window and felt the scraping roar of brakes beneath our feet. We were nearly at our destination. We pulled up our clothes in silence and tidied ourselves quickly before Simon gave me a brief smile and cautiously opened the door. I waited a short while before I followed, praying that nobody had noticed that the toilet had held two occupants for all this time. But all I saw was a sea of newspapers and the strained, blank faces of commuters lost in their own thoughts. Clearly, they hadn’t enjoyed the journey as much as I had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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