Brotherly Lust

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My sister Isabelle is 12 years older than I am. When I was learning to crawl she was already starting to go out on dates and doing all those things that young teenagers do. I suppose she was always more like an aunty to me, more so than a sister of the same age who jokes around and gets in trouble right alongside you.

I only have the one sister and no brothers. Whilst Isabelle went to a public school, I was sent to an all boys private school which I always enjoyed until the onset of puberty in which I discovered that there was a certain something lacking in my life, namely…. Girls!

The only girl I knew was my next-door neighbour Nicola who was one year older than I was. Nicola was an early developer and looked much older than she really was. I was lucky enough to have had the immense pleasure of playing “Doctors and nurses” with Nicola. We would go into the back of her father’s shed and slowly undress each other, gazing at each other’s nakedness. I can still recall clearly the image of her pert, pointing breasts and lightest pale-pink nipples before me. I would always get a massive hard on from simply looking at Nicola’s breasts, flushed complexion and goose-bumped skin. I relished every opportunity to slowly ease down the white cotton panties she was always wore and take in the sight of her standing naked before me. Funnily enough I never minded the fact that she would insist on keeping her white ankle socks on during our hidden moments. She in turn would watch in utter fascination as my cock grew from next to nothing to a rigid, nerve popping erection.

Nicola had fine dark curly pubic hair and smooth skinned, milky white thighs.

Silently we touched and explored each other in the half-light of the shed kissing each other sensually as we touched up each others bodies. What wonderful times we spent in that shed, so innocent and yet so naughty.

Unfortunately our secret playing came to an abrupt end the day Nicola’s father came in to find us standing opposite each other, half undressed. I have never run so quickly in my entire life. I somehow managed to jump the fence into my backyard in a state of half undress and lock myself in my room. All the while expecting him to burst through the door at any moment with an axe. I never did get the nerve to venture next door again until a couple of years later. Even then, it was hard to look her dad in the eye without thinking he would give me a quick backhander for what he saw that day. Nicola had certainly grown into curvy young woman, who by this stage I was sure, was quite adept at kissing as well as so much more.

By the tender age of 19, my only foray into gazing at the delights of the opposite sex was done through fumbling excitedly through the pages of the naughty magazines I had found under a bush in the paddock near our house one glorious spring day. The term “treasure”, to a hormone riddled young boy, would most definitely have to be defined as finding a stack of “porno’s” somewhere. And what a treasure trove to behold I held in my secret possession…. Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Ribald and Private Magazine. I can laughingly remember that upon seeing my first full page “cunt shot” I thought to myself “what the hell is THAT?”

Nicola certainly did not have THAT.

It was whilst looking at one of my magazine girlfriends and rubbing myself to keep from peeing that I had my first orgasm. I’ll never forget that moment of laying back on my bed, my underwear and hand all wet and sticky and my whole body tingling from this amazing new sensation. What a magnificent discovery…I was hooked!

From that day on I was rubbing myself and enjoying the orgasmic waves that would engulf me at least ten times a day. The only problem was hiding the cum laden tissues that I would stuff under my bed until it was safe to leave my room and flush them down the toilet. All those tissues… must have singly destroyed a whole forest throughout my teenage years.

It was with horror that I returned home from college one day to find Isabelle standing in my room, a handful of my dried up tissues in one hand with the other holding up one of my secret magazines,

“And how do you explain THIS?” she asked me as sternly as a math teacher. My mouth was wide open yet I remained fixed to the spot, speechless. My secret had been uncovered, and by none other than my own sister. There was only one thing to do in this situation…. Run!

I can’t remember exactly where I ran to or how long I stayed there but I finally ventured home rather sheepishly to face the music. Much to my relief I found my sister making dinner in the kitchen (my parents both worked as cleaners and always came home late so the job of cooking dinner and making sure I ate it was Isabelle’s) and asking me what I wanted for desert. No mention at all of what had happened earlier in the afternoon. I was more than happy for her to leave it at that and not bring it up, however as we both sat and watched TV in the casino oyna dining room I was sure she was grinning at what her mischievous little brother was up to these days.

Upon going back to my bedroom, I checked to find that my magazines were all still there as were the tissues. I just hoped that she wouldn’t tell mum. I made sure to be on my best behaviour with her in case she ever used this against me.

On the occasion when I would bring school friends home, they would always comment on my sister’s looks, which always annoyed the hell out of me for some reason.

Isabelle’s looks haven’t changed much since I was a kid aside from a few wrinkles here and there and a bit more weight. She has dark, wavy hair that cascades down just past her shoulders. Her eyes are a very dark brown and her skin always has a lovely light-tanned look even through winter.

She is not tall standing at around 5`7, though her legs always looked long and shapely. Her body size would be small to medium, her figure nice and curvy. She has always dressed extremely stylishly, not batting an eyelid at spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of heels, skirt, manicure / pedicure or perfume.

My sister had the habit, when dad was off working, of walking around the house in just her panties, shorts or tracksuit pants and topless. I don’t remember at what point she started doing this as I just always remember her doing it. However as my hormones started to kick in, I sure remember starting to notice her.

Her breasts were firm, would have been about a handful (about a C cup) and her nipples were a lovely light brown colour. Her areola was about the size of a twenty-cent coin and had the tiniest little bumps around the base of her nipples. When it was chilly they would stand up extremely erect and would appear to change colour to dark brown.

From a side view my sister’s breasts had a delightful upward curve, like a crescent moon or a banana at side-view, and her nipples sat proudly on top of the breast. Though the only breasts I had ever seen were in my magazines I knew that my sister had a GREAT set of tits!

She never seemed phased by the fact that I was around whilst she went around the house topless. I was always careful not to stare too much or show too much interest in case she ever hid them away from my view. Mum used to tell her to go and cover up but she never took any notice, only when dad got home or a visitor knocked on the door would she run into her bedroom and throw a t-shirt or jumper on.

One time I had been out playing with the guys and some smart arse stuck chewing gum in my hair, which for the life of me I could not get out. Mum wasn’t home to help so I asked Isabelle to carefully cut out the offending gum. She wore her black cotton robe with a silk dragon on the back (very seventies) as she sat on the stool in front of me with a pair of scissors. I loved the fact that this robe was quite old and the material had worn so that if you looked hard enough, her nipples could be seen through the material.

As she began searching around through my hair trying to cut off a piece of gum without leaving a big bald patch, her legs began to slowly part and the robe fell away on both sides down beside her thighs. As the gum was lodged right at the very top of my head I had to lean forward for her and she could not see my eyes. My eyes were practically bulging as her legs ever so slowly spread further and further apart to finally reveal my sister’s black pubic hair only inches away from me. I was mesmerised.

It was so difficult keeping up with her chit-chat as I secretly devoured the site of her pussy, taking it all in to forever hold a place in my memory banks. Somehow I amazingly managed to carry on a conversation as casually as if I were just watching the TV. I just wanted to remember every single little exquisite detail and took in as much as I could.

Her pussy was so neatly trimmed at each side so that her pubic hair formed a perfect line up to where it ended below her lower stomach. Her hair was totally shaved off below the point where her clit must have been though I couldn’t peek that far down… I remember for a brief moment seeing naked flesh that was her outer labia though at this stage of my education I only knew them as being her pussy lips.

Suddenly her legs snapped together and in a flash I looked up innocently, hoping she hadn’t noticed I had just been ogling her pussy. Thankfully, she continued on without mentioning anything about my perving so I don’t think I had been caught. Perhaps she had just realised the compromising position she had taken whilst seated in front of me and thought it better to close her legs. I soon realised I had to cover my crotch discreetly as my cock was bulging out of my pants for all its worth.

“Please PLEASE don’t give me away” I tried to tell my offending member as if it could hear its master talking . . . as if it would pay any attention.

As soon canlı casino as she had started, she was finished. My hair was a littler spikier than normal but the gum was totally out and I was free to go and shower. She gave me a playful slap on the head and told me not to be such an idiot and let people put gum in my hair. She was always good with the sisterly advice.

Slowly and carefully I got up to leave making sure she wouldn’t see my aching hard on. On pulling down my underwear to step into the shower I first felt and then saw that they were saturated with pre-cum. Not only that but my cock was still paying no attention to my previous request at staying down and was in fact so rigid it was throbbing.

I did the only thing I any red blooded young male would have done in that situation. I placed a towel carefully on the floor and lay on my back with my erect cock in my hand and recalled the still fresh image of my sister’s pussy in my mind. I was so turned on and I came so hard that my cum actually flew across the room and landed on the bathroom wall. I lay on my back breathing low and deep and in total ecstasy before I could find the strength to get up and shower.

I guess I knew it was wrong to have these thoughts about my own sister though as I stated previously, due to the fact that my school had been all boys, she was the only woman that I knew and had any real contact with up to that point. She was the only ‘woman’ I had ever seen naked in the flesh and her body, to be totally honest with you, was exquisite!

I knew it was wrong and was content to keep this lust totally secret from ANYBODY. I was quite a normal young male, had many friends, did okay in college and was just dying to explore the opposite sex as much as I could. As long as I didn’t hurt anyone I didn’t see a problem fantasising in this way.

I began viewing Isabelle as two separate entities. The first being my sister, who could be a pain in the ass at the best of times, the one whom looked after me, cared for me etc, the other being an object of pure lust. A woman with a magnificent body and a tremendous amount of sex appeal…. Not my sister as such, rather (though it sounds horrible) an object that I desired and lusted after.

After this wonderful experience of seeing Isabelle’s pussy, I found myself back to my magazines and tissues. Only THIS time as I gazed lustfully at the tits and pussies in the magazines I could close my eyes and conjure up an even better more realistic picture than those on the pages in front of me.

Apart from the usual ogling of Isabelle’s perfect breasts, my next experience occurred a few months after that fateful day I came home with gum in my hair.

The TV in the dining room was being repaired and my sister had to come into my bedroom and watch her favourite shows on my tiny TV set. One evening I was there on the floor reading some music books as she lay on my bed watching her show. I must have asked her something and gotten no response as I soon knelt up off the floor to realise she had fallen asleep. She wasn’t topless as she lay on my bed, though her skirt was so short it had crept right up her thighs as she lay there peacefully.

Very quietly I knelt up on both knees and, trying not to touch the bed, I leant around to get a glimpse of what, if anything, I could see.

Excitedly I saw that her curvy, rounded ass was on show peeking from under her skirt. I just HAD to get a closer look.

Ever so slowly and being very careful not to make any movement that would wake her, I moved closer and closer to enjoy the sight before me.

Up close I saw how much the skin of her buttocks appeared so soft and inviting to touch. Her panties had crawled right up in between her ass cheeks and were surrounded by her succulent pussy lips. She mustn’t have shaved for a few days as I noticed the very tiny dark pubic hairs against the white of her panties. Though unfortunately her ass-hole was not exposed, I could see the light colour of the ring around it quite clearly.

I checked to see that she was still asleep which, thankfully, she was. I was dying to get even closer so that I could smell her scent but dared not for fear of awakening her.

What a site to behold. I was so excited that I couldn’t help but rub myself through my pants ever so slowly, hungrily taking in the feast right in front of my eyes.

It wasn’t long before I had to purse my lips together so as not to make a sound and shot my cum with a force I had not yet experienced right into my already extremely wet underwear.

How absolutely naughty, I thought, to have cum over my own sister as she lay there just inches away from me. If I were caught…I didn’t even want to begin to THINK of the consequences were I ever caught.

I sat there wallowing in the ecstatic feeling that overcomes ones body when they cum when I realised that my tiny bedroom had filled with the musky scent that came whenever I played with myself. kaçak casino As well as that, the cum had made its way through to my shorts leaving a discernible mark that was quite visible.

Isabelle awoke as I lay there fearing I was going to get caught by her. Thankfully she just got up slowly as if nothing had happened whilst I hid my cum stained shorts as best I could and she playfully ran her fingers through my hair as she walked out.

I heard the door of her bedroom close and then the bathroom tap running shortly thereafter.

“I’m going out for a while, so behave until mum and dad get home” she yelled from the bathroom.

As soon as she had gone out the door I laid on my bed where she had been only a short time ago, pulled down my shorts and masturbated furiously cumming time again and again until I was exhausted. Once again, the image of my sisters ass and pussy still fresh in my mind sent throbs down to my cock that were unequalled by any girl in one of my magazines. I only wished I had gotten close enough know what her scent smelt like.

It was only when I went into her room sometime after the bedroom experience ( I cant recall whether it was weeks or months) I noticed her clothes basket in which she kept her worn clothes in until they were picked up to be washed. Suddenly it dawned on me that I would finally be able to sniff my sisters’ pussy and ass from her used panties.

She was in the dining room doing whatever and I had gone in to her bedroom to get a book or something like that. I had to be quick. I picked up the lid and had a quick rummage around only to be disappointed to find a few shirts, pants but alas no underwear. No sooner had I put the lid down than she walked into the room.

“Snooping through my things are you?!…Get out of here before I slap you, you little shit” she said curtly.

I knew I would bide my time and wait for my chance to find her underwear when she was gone somewhere and I had the house all to myself.

That chance came only a few days later when Isabelle went out to the cinema with a few friends.

I had the whole place to myself. I had been reading some of my porno mags and I was horny as hell.

I went into Isabelle’s room and once again slowly opened the lid of her clothes-basket. I had struck gold. There, right on top was a pair of her used panties. I carefully lifted them up and noticed that they were a g-string (or thong) type. They looked expensive and were made of white cotton with cute lace trimming on the top. I wondered whom the lucky man was that got to see these on her. Surely they had been bought to impress and not to be worn as an everyday thing. “So my sister ain’t so sweet and innocent after all” I thought to myself.

I searched deeper inside the basket and found two more pairs, though not as sexy as the first, they had my sisters scent all over them. Eureka!!

I stripped off my clothes right there leaving them in a heap on the floor. I then lay back naked on her bed and brought the crotch up to my nose. I was already dripping wet and my cock was as hard as steel.

I masturbated slowly whilst I took in the first excited breath of my sisters own pussy. It was an arousing, intoxicating scent…musky and sexual. My breath quickened as I stroked my cock with faster speed, my hand glistening from my own juices. Slowly I moved the material down so that I could smell the material that her ass cheeks would have enveloped when she had them on. Again, a deliciously intoxicating and sexual aroma…. Different from the scent of her pussy yet just as exquisite.

I had her other panties beside me lying against my bare skin. Lustfully I began to lick the crotch of her g-string. Lightly at first, savouring the taste that remained on the material then harder with my tongue as my pre cum oozed from the swollen head of my cock.

I closed my eyes and brought back the vivid image of my sister’s pussy right in front of me the day I had gum stuck in my hair. I imagined myself laying here on her bed, she with her legs spread offering her pussy to me and moaning softly as I licked away at it like a thirsty dog that hadn’t drunk for months. I noticed a few stray pubic hairs on the other panties and placed them in my mouth, swirling them around my tongue as I drunk in the smells and tastes of my gorgeous sister. Hungrily I managed to grab all the panties and bring them to my face inhaling deeply as I came…. Violently, moaning loudly and spurting hot cum all over my chest.

I lay there in a state of total bliss. The tingling sensations still reverberating throughout my bare body. As I started to come to, I quickly put the panties back and made sure I left the bed as I had found it, no stains etc. I then went and showered to wash all the cum off me that was now drying on my skin. Whilst in the shower I had a pang of guilt for what I had just done. I would have to make sure I NEVER got caught….life would be unbearable if ever anyone ever knew my secrets. Again, I told myself that as long as I wasn’t hurting anyone then it was okay.

From that point on, the sniffing and masturbating over Isabelle’s worn panties became a frequent event for me.

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