Good for Business Ch. 01

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Miss Bec and I had lived back in a city for a few months and had sorted our play sources out. I had an ex with huge tits that I could fuck as long as Miss Bec got to have her whenever she wanted and Bec had any cock or cunt she desired as long as she told me all about it, usually whilst I was cleaning up afterwards, eating some strangers load out of her body.

The sex shop we frequented for toys, costumes and drug’s didn’t at first have any glory holes and we were caught a few times engaging in behaviours that were usually carried out in a more private environment. This night I had been chatting to the manager, Pete and had lost track of Bec who had been ‘having a perve’. Looking for her I walked towards the back of the store, there was a rear door that lead out onto an alleyway but it had a chime when it opened and I hadn’t heard it so I presumed Bec had to be back there between the shelves of porn, dildos and kink paraphernalia.

At first I couldn’t see her, usually the top of her mop of black curls would be seen but not this evening. Then I noticed that there was a grouping of men near the back door, right next to the adverts board which Bec always checked out for new kink prospects, I turned the corner to see the backs of a tight group of men, I stepped up closer and peered between their legs to see the soles of bare feet, bare feet I knew.

Bec was kneeling in the isle and sucking an old guy who was moaning quietly and had his fingers entwined in her hair as he was Pumping his hips, face fucking my partner, in front of another four strangers and two of those were wanking.

I watched, my own cock instantly hard as Bec slobbered on the old fellas impressive meat. He looked to be at least 8″ long and thick so her beautiful thick lips were parted wide as she sucked. She bobbed her head rapidly as she stroked his cock and played with his huge balls. I could hear her murmurs, the ones she makes deep in her throat when she’s really in to the cock she was devouring. The old man began to breathe harder and pulling her head onto his groin harder with each passing second until he began a low growl, he was cumming. Bec realised it too and her growl was ferocious as she began roughly ploughing her throat down onto his cock spluttering and causing him to explode, filling her mouth and shooting cum out her nostrils as he blew. The others gave a cheer which caused the owner to tell them to behave.

Bec sat back on her heels and looked around at the five of us who’d watched. The two with their cocks already out stepped a little forward and Bec reached for them pulling both towards her dancing tongue. She caught my eye and smiled as she lent forward and began to swab both dripping knobs with her tongue.

“Mitten might need punishing.” She whimpered sexily as she engulfed both cockheads and sucked them hard so both men groaned and almost simultaneously began to ejaculate into and across her face. She turned her face upwards, mouth open, tongue lashing the air and showered under the cum thanking them and noisily sucking up the mess.

My own cock was now aching and I unzipped and pulled it out to stroke just as the other two stepped forward. One was already out, a decent 7″ or so which Bec dove down onto and swallowed to the balls causing the owner to moan and describe,

“Fuck, That’s balls deep, every fucking mm is being gobbled by this botch. Fuucckkkkk!” He screamed and came that quick.

The final man now pulled his cock out and it was huge. It was only half hard or so and already longer and thicker than my 7 1/2″. Bec wiped cum from her eyes licking it off her fingers when she saw the monster just besides her head. She moaned in pure lust, she loves BIG white cock, really loves it and wants it ‘in her’ anywhere, anyway, casino siteleri just stuff her full of BIG white cock. She quickly shuffled around and growling descended onto the pole.

The head alone caused her much trouble trying to engulf it and keep her teeth free of the sensitive hardening flesh. I lent closer to the man with the cock and theatrically whispered,

“This fuck black slut needs that fucking her hollow.” I announced

He nodded and took her head in his hands,

“Swallow cunt.” Then he began to face fuck my partner. She was choking, spittle was spraying from her lips as he power plunged into her open maw, snot was running out her nose and tears flowed readily. She was spluttering, gasping and gurgling as the now hard 10″ cock plunged in and out repeatedly. He was growling and calling her names, describing what a fucking disgusting cock sucking whore she was, a black hole of filth to be abused, a bucket for cum! Then he came, he pulled back so just the tip was being licked and sucked by Becs eager lips and then he shot about half a dozen thick ropes of cum across her lips, tongue, face and tits. She was coated with it and moaning as she captured as much as possible and swallowed it down. He staggered back and left his impressive cock to sag against the outside of his trousers where Bec leant forward and began to suckle on it again until he pushed her away.

“Later ho.”

He walked away and I stepped forwards to help my cum crazed partner off the floor where she still knelt in rapture. She was still deep in her perversion,

“Oh god it’s so big, so thick, so juicy!” She moaned unaware of it being me standing her up, steadying her and moving her slowly towards the front counter.

I sat her on a stool and took the box of tissues Pete offered.

“She’s quite the mess.” He noted, Bec had cum from the top of her head to her skirt where they’d sprayed her and where she’d dribbled so much being stuffed full.

I smiled,

“Yes my little black slut here loves cock, especially BIG white cock. Give her a big white cock and the owner can do whatever they want with her as long as she gets to drain it.”

“Really?” He asked

“Fuck yeah. This little black slut loves cock don’t you honey?”

Bec still half cock drunk nodded and smiled at both of us,

“Uh huh. I like my cocks BIG. I like my holes FUCKED UP.”

“That might explain the size of those dongs you buy.” He commented, we had bought half a dozen or so dongs bigger than 3″ diameter and 12+” long.

Bec was coming around,

“Oh they’re not just for my holes but I love raping his arse with the BIG ones. His screams make me wet!”

Pete stood back a little, looked at both of us and shook his head.

“Sounds like you might both be able to help the business here.”

Smiling My interest was piqued, opportunity for more fun?! I asked him what he was thinking.

He replied,

“Well, we’re building a couple of booths back here this week, there’s been a few requests and I expect we’ll get some new customers if we offer some booths with holes.”

“So how do you think we can help the business then?” I asked expecting that we’d be an ‘attraction’.

He went on while leaning across the counter and reaching out to grope Becs’ big soft tits and twist her nipples causing her to groan in appreciation.

“If the two of you were to arrange to be come here a couple of times a week I’m sure we could get regulars to come in for a quick relief and maybe buy something while here. What do you think?”

Bec moaned as he really pulled her nipples and nodded to me.

“What’s in it for us? Apart from the cock for this slut.” I asked as I watched my lovers debauching.

“How about 25% off on purchases?” canlı casino He suggested.

Bec moaned louder as he pinched.

I countered,

“What about 25% off and free poppers when she’s enhancing your business?”

He stepped back and reached under the counter pulling out a tray of poppers, placing them in front of us.

“I’ll tell you what, 25% off, free poppers and I get a free go at her, any way I like.”

Bec decided the case by agreeing quickly.

“Yes. Let’s see what you got!” She groaned as she now tweaked her own nipples as she’d pulled her saggy tits out of her top.

“It looks like you’ve got a deal mate.”

He smiled and pushed a couple of bottles of poppers across the counter.

Bec took one bottle and quickly opened it.

“I think she wants to give you a sample.” I said with amusement

He asked me to sit behind the counter and stepped around taking Bec by the hand and headed towards the storeroom leading my horny bitch.

I sat there in a currently empty shop and saw them head into the storeroom. For a few minutes I listened to their sounds of passion before the door opened and a couple entered. They were content to browse which they did just as the noise from the storeroom were increasing. They heard and whispered to each other as they looked at the porn and toys.

Pete and Bec were clearly enjoying themselves and not being quiet so they entertained the store, more people entered and all heard the obvious fucking going on. As people came to the counter I explained,

“Pete’s interviewing the new store slut. She’ll be here a couple of evenings a week to relieve stress and test any items you want.”

Most laughed, a couple of women pulled faces but the men all seemed interested.

After about half and hour Pete emerged and came to the counter, red faced.

I asked,

“Did she pass the interview?”

“Oh yeah. 3 hole girl and so enthusiastic. Does she always spread so easily? Her arse is smooth as silk and her cunt is a bucket but her throat is fantastic, swallowing every little bit. I think she’ll do just fine improving business.”

I laughed, my horny bitch was going to love all the anonymous cock and cum.

I picked up the one bottle of poppers, Bec had taken the other with her and walked back to the storeroom where I found Bec still naked bent forward over a table, naked and cum streaming from both her sloppy cunt and gaped arse which had clearly been fucked. I stepped forward and slipped two fingers into both her gapes so she moaned and wriggled around my fingers as cum poured out of her.

“Hello my little cock happy slut, need something?” I asked as she ground back onto my fingers so they were fully inserted into her holes.

“Uh huh.” She moaned.

She lifted the bottle to her nose and sniffed deeply and pleaded between sniffs,

“Do it. Fist me. Fuck up my hole, please.”

I withdrew the fingers from her loose arse and slid them into her cunt, it was loose and I rolled my thumb into my palm and pushed into her. Bec moaned loudly as the poppers and my fist impacted. She was full of cum, aroused and loose so I quickly slid into her cunt so she was riding my wrist. She grunted as the knuckles entered her and really began to grunt as I began to fist her, pushing as deep as I was able then pulling back, stretching her cunt lips until they slipped off my clenched fist then again as I punched back in. I kept this up as she sniffed with each punch becoming louder and pushing back so I had an easier entry straight into her guts causing her copious juices and Petes’ cum to squirt out along my forearm and splatter on the floor.

The door opened and we turned our heads to see Pete and behind him a few customers. kaçak casino They could all see Bec apparently naked with a man shoving his fist into her gaping bucket cunt. My cock twitched, Bec moaned and Pete told us to,

“Quiet it down.”

With this I ripped my fist free then immediately punched Bec in the cunt. She squealed and began to cum, noisily.

Pete watched this, the door open and the people in the store able to clearly hear Becs enjoyment.

The door closed as Bec finished her orgasm grinding on my fist. I withdrew my fist and wiped it across her buttocks.

“For later baby, when I lick you clean you filthy little slut.”

Bec moaned her thanks as I felt her contractions receding. She took a few minutes to get some semblance of control and struggled to her feet, pulling her clothes back into place and smiling at me. We kissed, I could taste cock on her lips and groped her as we passionately snogged.

I whispered in her ear,

“You’re the store slut now darling. Twice a week you’ll be here and let whomever do whatever they want. Happy?”

Bec moaned,

“Oh yes sir. Lots of cock for my little black duck.”

I laughed,

“It’s not little slut. You’ve got a bucket for a cunt and we’ll soon stretch your arsehole so it’s just as big, baggy and loose slut.”

Bec moaned again, the dirty abuse just arousing her again.

“Oh god. Am I really loose?”

“Oh darling a fucking horse would have trouble touching the sides of your bucket cunt.”

She shivered and moaned again as we held each other closely.

“I’m so fucking horny I NEED cock.” She complained and began to grope my cock but I pulled away and told her,

“Stop it slut. Get your sloppy self together and come see me out at the desk.” Then I left the storeroom to wait at the counter for her to get her shit together before I took her home and punished her for being a sloppy slut.

I sat at the counter chatting to Pete who complimented me on having such a ‘loose bitch’. There were again a few people present who saw Bec emerge, dishevelled and cum covered, tits barely covered as she walked slowly to the counter clearly stoned and fucked which made some of them comment as she pushed past, pressing against any who’d let her.

Pete and I agreed that Bec would ‘present for work’ the next evening and then at least twice a week. I asked for a a Triple Ripple butt plug which Pete told me to get off the rack. He further said we could have it free if he could push it up her arse.

I agreed and chose the biggest one, black and wide enough to mean he’d have to push it in hard to firmly seat it in Becs’ bum.

I returned and handed it to him, he ripped the packaging open and told to Bec,

“Got around here slut and bend over.”

Bec slid from her stool and stepped around the counter. She lifted her skirt over her hips exposing her arse and cunt as she parted her legs and bent forward to expose her arse and dribbling cunt to Pete. He licked the plug and then rammed it into her arsehole as it gaped. She grunted, braced herself and pushed back.

“YES. Thank you sir.” She groaned loud enough for everyone to hear.

Pete seated the plug and slapped her buttocks as the customers and I watched intently. Then he pushed her towards the stool.

“Sit slut.” He ordered then turned to the store and made this announcement,

“This black slut is going to be the new feature of the store. The new booths will have this 3 hole slut available a couple of times a week to service anyone for anything. Tell your friends.”

I lead Bec by the arm through the store past the strangers who’d just learnt what a slut she was towards the back of the store. At the message board I stopped and filled out an advert slip sticking it up on the very top of the board.

‘Slut to use. Sexy, horny black fuck hole will be here twice a week. Any hole, any way, plough the slop into her.”

Our next visit was only two days away!

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