Golf Prose Pt. 03

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Remember, this is a multi-part story. Read parts I and II to get background.


Bedtime came. Blondie had won me, and he would get anything he wanted all night, that was the deal. He actually had the suite as his room, so he ran everyone off, Pramod sad, Baldy satisfied, and Glasses scheming about his turn.

Once they left, Blondie wasted no time. He had not redressed from the poker, so he swiftly deprived me of my garments and began to explore my body ravishingly. He considered himself a playa. Not in the sense that he’d bedded bunches in the last ten years, we had all agreed to that, but he had spent some time in the sack with women. Plural.

He silently turned me face down, and stepped up behind, quickly pushing his turgid cock into my puss. He fit nicely, and knew what he was doing, so I submitted, and gasped with pleasure as his head hit my G spot just right. I tore at the sheets as he stroked faster and faster, and his balls slapped my clit on every down stroke with a staccato rhythm I could barely endure.

I began to wail and gasp as I rudely fell over my edge, and I remained incoherent long enough to miss his release. He had one, because I had cum dripping down my legs, I just didn’t feel it; I was lost in O land.

I dropped to the sheets, and he collapsed beside me.

“Well, you accomplished one thing, big boy.” I spoke with a serious expression.

“What’s that?”

“You’re the first person in my life who fucked me before I even knew their name,” I lifted one eyebrow as I replied.

Abashed, he said, “I’m Doug and I’m sorry, I just wanted to get inside you so bad.”

“No worries, Doggie Dougie. I didn’t resist, did I? I did come here to fuck all of you, but I am doing it for my own pleasure as well. I just want to be treated with respect – perhaps like a lady is a little much, but you chose me and not a skank, remember.”

“Did I please you?” He asked, with actual concern.

“Yes, sir, thank you, sir. Can I have another, sir?” I kissed him hard and deeply, and slid my little hand down to stroke some life into him.

“Pramod wouldn’t give details, but he did say you’re insatiable.” Doug smiled.

“I just like sex a lot. I can’t help it, I really can’t. My sister says I fuck like a timber wolf, whatever that means.” I continued to manipulate his manhood.

“So you and your sister share info like this?” He asked, curious.

“We fuck each other, and George, so yes, you could say we share the info.” I felt his twitch at that visual.

By now I had coaxed some blood into his member, and so he granted my wish and once again kneeled behind me as he tried to shove my head through the wall. This time his agenda was more acronical, so I savored his actions more slowly. He started rubbing my tight little back hole with his thumb, and wormed his way in a little at a time. It felt good, he didn’t rush things, and soon I had a counter point to his thrusting.

By the time he got his first knuckle in, he exhausted his ability and flicked a few pearlescent drops in my vag, but he couldn’t keep up.

“Could you finish me off, sir, please, sir?” I begged. “Perhaps as you have started?”

He understood, and I remained knee chest as he pushed further into my anus with his thumb, and curved his fingers down to embrace my clit. He thumb fucked my ass while he titillated my button, and I began to cry.

“Oh Dougie, that’s so good. Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m squirting!” And so I gave him a handful of my most precious liquid, and he showed his bravery and respect by lapping it from his palm.

“Well, now we match. I’ve never thumb fucked a woman’s asshole… or been so out matched I couldn’t finish, or made her squirt into my hand, or tasted her cum… maybe we’re not so even.”

“In the morning we can…trugghh.” I fell asleep with my butt in the air, and I guess he settled me down. Anyway, I slept for dead that night. Insatiable, ha!

I woke to a hard cock pushing against my cunt. We were spooned, so I just wiggled and he slid in. He grasped my thigh and lifted my leg to give himself more space, and I just lay ragged while he pierced me. Soon I could not lay still, and started matching his movements, until we crescendoed into mutual gasping and spasming and once again I lost my mind while floating on pheromones.

Whew! I stunk. That happens when you don’t clean between screws, so after I got my breath again I headed for the shower. Doug joined me, without asking, but I didn’t mind, this wasn’t a serious maintenance shower, so I had time for fun.

As usual, lots of slippery sliding over soapy skin, and a few fingers here and there. Doug gasped when I impaled his rectum, but after all, turnabout is fair, is it not? Finally I leaned back against the wall, one leg wrapped around him, as I was determined to actually see his expression once while we fucked, and I got my wish. He made a delightful monkey face as he spewed his spunk.

Again I headed for my room, casino siteleri glad I had insisted on one. They may think I can go forever, but I still need a few zzz’s.

Later, I woke, had a serious shower, and washed everything until I was virgin clean. Even my ass. I brushed and flossed while sitting on the balcony, and smiled some more over the pleasure of this adventure. Eventually I got dressed and reviewed my shopping plans.

This place had a spa, so I decided that treating myself to a complete facial and massage needed doing. And a Mani Pedi. So instead of shopping I relaxed. God, if I got much more relaxed they might ship me home in a bottle.

This evening’s plans tentatively included bar hopping. I got stoked over that. Bars in Miami! Mucho coolo! That’s Spanish.

We gathered in Doug’s room, the central suite, and I looked hot! I mean, the temperature pushed ninety even at night, but I was smoking! No, not cigarettes, gross! I mean I appeared very sexy and seductive.

I wore a nice emerald green cocktail dress that perfectly matched my eyes, and also had black patterns that matched my pair of Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ 4½” heels. My lipstick was a fire red that matched the soles, and I wore some little ruby earrings that matched my lipstick. I looked delicious. My skirt may have been shorter than my heels.

My pals all wolf whistled and made numerous misogynistic and chauvinistic remarks. I loved every second! And there were four trouser snakes trying to burst out to visit.

We stopped to eat somewhere, not as fancy as the night before, but I still got to rub legs and crotches with my toes, and play hand holding under the table, and I could focus the drooling just by staring hard and widening my eyes. Not to mention that they were all smart and funny and oh so sophisticated, so I felt like a queen. My face hurt good from happy smiling.

When Jess and I went out with George he had two hotties, but now the tables were reversed and I had to put out enough heat to make everyone jealous of my whole club.

Pramod had talked to the concierge (The hotel has a guy who arranges things for you!) and so the cab took us to some place with loud music and flashing lights and a million people dancing. Doug grabbed a waitress and I saw her giving me the look, so I smiled even wider. We got drinks, and I had a martini, dirty, cause I know what the Hell that is, sorta.

Baldy slipped an arm around me, and escorted me to the dance floor. I got so buzzed with the noise and action, I danced my ass off. I also never drink alcohol, so I felt that as well. Soon Glasses replaced him, and then Pramod, and then Doug. I hunched them, and butt bumped, and had my hands in the air singing to the music. They all grew about a hundred hands, even Pramod, and I got felt up something fierce. I could have stayed there all night.

Eventually we went somewhere else. My shoes might look great and cost nearly a thousand bucks, but hours of dancing can kill your feet. I didn’t know where we went or why, it felt great to just trust the gang of four and focus on the fun. I gave all of them a contact high, I got so turned on.

One of them, I don’t know who, suggested I dance with some other guys. I think they wanted to save their energy for later. So after a few minutes total strangers danced with me, and every one of them tried to outdo the last one. No just in dancing, either. I had hands in my bra, fingers in my panties, grabbing on my ass, and several long kisses with hot guys. I might have accidentally rubbed a few hard cocks as well.

I got dizzy with the hormones and movement and music. Doug stepped back with me to the bathroom, and then he followed me inside. He certainly enjoyed fucking from behind! There I was in a tiny stall, hanging on the wall while he pounded me hard. With his hard.

I probably screamed when I came, but I don’t think anyone could have heard me in that place. I finally managed to sit and pee, but before I stood up, Glasses stepped in and shoved his cock in my face.

Well, what could I do? It would be rude to push him away, and I was off my feet for a minute, so I wrapped my little hand around his member, and sucked his purpled and swollen head into my mouth. He grabbed my head and wrapped his fingers in my hair, and pretty soon I don’t think I could have stopped him. That was truly skull fucking, which fit right in with the ambiance of the club.

But other gals had to pee, and I didn’t want the whole group to line up in the ladies, so I suggested maybe we should head back to a more private setting.

In the return ride, I sat in several laps, and lots of hands went roaming. I lip locked with one and then another, and my undies were soaking I got so aroused. I unzipped a random zipper, and popped out a naked penis, which I eagerly stroked while kissing someone else, and rubbed my butt on whoever’s lap I sat in while someone pulled my tits out of my top.

I think if the ride had lasted any longer canlı casino we would have had a gang bang in the car; I certainly would have allowed it.

As we pulled up the drive I tucked the girls back in, made a pretense of straightening up, and let the crowd rush me back to our suite. Time for action!

I had lost count. Glasses, whose name actually was Glenn, had won me for the night, so everybody else wanted some love before we disappeared. Besides, I already screwed Doug and blew Glenn at the club. So Pramod and Baldy needed attention.

I pulled Dr. P over for a kiss, and felt hands undressing me. In short order I was fingered, I think by two different people at once, and someone sucked my nipples. I pulled back, and told Pramod to come behind me. OMG I had a case of the doggies that day. So I undid his pants and guided him in, then bent over and took Baldy in my mouth.

Glenn and Doug alternated clapping and urging us on with titty twisting and slapping my ass. Kumar got a good rhythm and I began to get a real deep throat thing because I had the push from behind, so gagging or no, Baldy got to cum all the way down my throat, straight into my stomach.

Pramod hit his nut almost at the same time, and the feeling of getting two guys off at once just drove me insane! It was so hot! I collapsed on the floor, and got showered by more joy juice as Doug and Glenn jerked off to the scene and sprayed me down. I had cum everywhere, and I felt like the most beautiful woman in history.

Baldy kindly brought me a warm wet cloth, and I wiped down as much as I could. All of us slumped back in exhaustion, sprawled haphazardly around the room in various stages of undress. My head was spinning.

Finally Glenn helped me stand up and started handing me clothing. I elected to carry my shoes, I wasn’t sure I could walk in them, and anyone who saw me would have thought I looked like I just fucked a room full of horny men.

We stumbled to his room, and crashed. I did set my alarm for two hours so I wouldn’t accidentally waste the night, and sure enough, if that little bell had not rung I would still be asleep.

But a deal is a deal, so while Glenn snored, I jumped in his shower and did a quick clean. I had to wash my hair, I had gobs of dried cum in it. The sound of the dryer woke him, and he opened bleary eyes to see a naked red head trying to fix up a little for him and his special night.

TBH, I cheated. I lay back and spread my legs, and let him do the work, or most of it anyway. I just couldn’t get there… I tried, but nobody can be perfect all the time, and I was tired, sore, and half-drunk. He blew his rocks, I told him he was wonderful, and managed to stay awake long enough to kiss him before I passed out.

In the morning, I woke up to the sound of him in the shower and the smell of breakfast. He had ordered it up, toast, Eggs Benedict (Not related to Arnold) and some Mimosas. Turns out that’s alcohol to drink in the morning! So I gobbled down about 6000 calories, and got a mild buzz going and I could have swum to Cuba.

I returned his favor by offering him a little pussé con strawberry for an early dessert. He dropped face down in my ruby delight, and soon found that rejuvenated I could hump his face completely off. He knew the basics of cunnilingus, and gave it a good effort, and I rewarded him with a trembling-legs, shake-all-over orgasm, moaning his name and calling him baby and sweet love and such. Maybe over the top a touch, but he did a good job, and I wanted him to feel like he got his share.

So now Sunday lay before me. The gang went out again to whack balls, and I frankly didn’t have the energy to shop any more. I’ll never admit this again, but I drug myself back to my room and burrowed under the covers for a little nappy poo. The mimosa buzz lead to sleepy time for ginger girl.

I also noticed a tiny bit of soreness between my legs. Keeping four men happy can wear a girl out, even a very hot and talented one. So I crashed until lunch, and slept with a big bag of ice against my cootch.

This time, I felt a little more human when I rolled out of bed. I took a really long hot shower, cleaned up tingly sparkly fresh, did my hair, fixed my make-up, and was ready for the day. I’ve got this little purple bikini, some people don’t know how purple can go with red, but it does, but it’s about three square inches of cloth and a bunch of strings that hold those in place. The pubic one is just right for me to tuck all pubes in. I headed down to the pool to soak up some sun, I was after all at the beach.

The group joined me for lunch, and pretty much they were done with golf. Baldy, whose name is Robert, got me for the last night, and he got tongue tied thinking of it. The hotel has some of those bed size cushions, circular, by the pool and he crawled up beside me ostensibly to rub lotion on my body, but really to talk.

“I’ve gotten more and more worried Silky. I want you so badly I can hardly see straight. kaçak casino I may die before tonight.”

“I bet you won’t,” I grinned and winked.

I snuck a hand against his suit and said, “Oh, then maybe you will explode and die. But its hours before party time.”

“What would you think of a visit to your room? You said you could invite us there if you wanted.”

“But it’s one guy, one night. That’s the deal.” I stuck out my lower lip. “How would we square that?”

“Kumar desperately wants another shot at you, and frankly, I can’t get it up more than about thirty minutes. One time and I’ll be done, which seems kinda silly to waste, in my mind. You give me three hours this afternoon, and I’ll give Kumar my all-nighter tonight. Deal?”

“My job is to please… if that suits you, it suits me. Nobody else will care?”

“Nope, everybody said it was up to you.”

Wow, four professional men, and I get to decide who they sleep with and what they do.

Well, the walk back to Robert’s room was captivating and provocative. I knew, I made it that way. The little ole bathing suit I sorta wore – or maybe applied more accurately described it – anyway, it covered my pubic hair in front, and my nipples, but only because I have little ones. From behind I looked more naked than dressed, and I had to stop to adjust my flip-flop, or look at a bug, or even stare up at the trees.

Anything that involved anguish and tribulation because I bent over and strained the straps to breaking, or lifted on tip-toe to push out my boobs. Of course, I slung my ass so hard I damn near dislocated something, but old Baldy left a trail of slobber the entire Via Dolorosa di Roberto. He watched me carefully.

I thought he might rape me when we got past his door, he jumped me like gross on a spider. I started giggling, I couldn’t help it, his hand got caught in all those strings, ’cause the poor boy just couldn’t slow down. I focused on his vestments and after he got uninhibited I helped him undo the tricky little clasps. Boom, a boob hit him in the face, and he didn’t even see the bottom drop because his eyes crossed he suckled me so hard.

I grabbed both his hands, and pulled him backwards to the bed, and then shoved him over on his back. His mast flew high, indeed.

“So do you want me to sit on your face, or just jump right on your dick?” I asked, gently touching the latter.

He didn’t reply, just grabbed my hand and pulled me over on top of him. His kisses were frantic, his fumbling was hectic, and his need was immense. I settled down over his shaft and began to shift back and forth, but he would have none of that. He started frantically into paroxysmal twitching and after less than a dozen thrusts tried to nail me to the ceiling.

It may have been fast, but he sure made up for that in volume. It felt like a gallon down there! He came and came and came. I thought perhaps he would indeed have exploded and died if he had been forced to wait until tonight.

Robert looked like he was going to cry.

“Damn, I wanted to really do nice things for you, but you’re just so hot! I just got so excited, and now I’ve let you down.”

“Oh, Honey, don’t think like that. First, thinking I’m so sexy you went crazy is a major compliment. Girls don’t always cum, and it’s OK. I love watching you get your nut, and the sounds you make, and the intensity. Fucking is not just about orgasms. Besides, I’ve gotten off about a hundred and fifty times in the last three days! It’s not like I’m getting blue balls – or I guess it would be blue ovaries.”

He laughed at that, and the feeling of a naked hairy and very satisfied man sniggling beneath you is delightful. I started snorting too, and then it just seemed natural to tickle him, and then we went rolling around the bed goosing each other, and leaving a trail of goo most snails would admire.

Finally, snuggled up under his arm, I whispered in his ear, “Do you really want to do something special for me?”

He rolled his head to better face me. “Absolutely. I’m not much of a lover, as you can see…”

“Tosh!” I cut him off. “Loving is not measured by the length of time spent in intercourse, any more than the length of your penis.”

“You don’t like my penis? I know it’s not real big…”

“Tosh!” Again, I put a finger over his lips. “Paying attention to your lover and having fun is what sex is all about. Didn’t you like the vellication?”


“Tickling. You know, the grab ass? Wasn’t that fun? You were naked in the bed with a woman of surpassing beauty and you caressed her and she you and y’all both enjoyed it. Who cares who came when?”

“So you think you have surpassing beauty?” He smiled and gently touched my cheek.

“So do you, buddy,” I glared, as I cupped his balls and showed my teeth. “At least you better.”

“Silky, I’ve never known a woman like you. I didn’t know they existed. You are ravenous in bed, bountiful in energy, so very smart, and yes, exceedingly surpassing in beauty. I just want to do something special that I can hold as a secret memory, to think of you on cold nights or when the stress gets too great. Something that’s just us, that pleases you.”

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