Five Long Years

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Chapter 1

Five years ago I owned my own company and was earning a six figure salary. I had it all. A gorgeous wife, boat, cars, motorcycles, two homes, and a loaded bank account. Today I kneel in the bathroom of a company I once owned scraping gum off the floor so I can mop it. This is my story of five long years of submission and cuckolding at the hands of my once trophy wife Tracie and her lover Richard.

The descent began shortly after my wife Tracie kept badgering me to hire an assistant to help out with my heavy schedule and workload. Even though I owned the company I was constantly at work overseeing things as lord oversees his manor. One night after coming home extremely late and arguing with Tracie I acquiesced and began a search for an assistant. I received hundreds of résumé’s from qualified candidates and Tracie insisted on screening them with me. The first thing I noticed she did was to throw out any female who had applied. The next thing I noticed was that she paid particular attention to a few candidates that although qualified, would not have made my top ten.

Tracie is 5’2 with deep brown eyes, dark brown natural hair, with 40 triple d breasts and she is tan all over. Tracie has an insatiable sexual appetite and that was one of the main reasons I married her. Her sex drive seemed to do nothing but increase over time and she needed it more and more which became a challenge for me due to my busy work schedule. However, we managed to find time to runt around and she appeared to be always satisfied.

The morning after the deadline for résumé’s, Tracie sat at the kitchen table and perused them one more time. As I sat down she thrust one across the table at me.

“I like him.” She said, as if picking a puppy out of a litter.

I glanced at the paper and agreed the guy had some qualifications, but not my top choice. I began to speak, and Tracie cut me off. “I phoned him and scheduled an interview with you at nine this morning.” She then tossed the remaining papers in the trash and sipped her coffee.

“Tracie, I’m not sure he’s the guy I’m looking for.” Again she cut me off. “Well, honey you told me you wanted me to be part of this decision and you asked me to help you out for your benefit and I did what you asked and now you don’t want my help!” Tracie proceeded to pout which she knew was a weak spot with and her way of always getting what she wanted from me. I smiled and nodded my head, “Okay honey I’ll interview him, but only for you.”

She beamed like the spoiled brat she was and clapped her hands like a little girl who was just given her favorite toy. We chatted for awhile longer over breakfast and I headed to the office and the interview that would change my life forever.

Richard Valance was indeed qualified to be my assistant and among other things I noticed when he walked into my office were his striking good looks and stares he received from the secretaries. He was a stark contrast to me, as my years of hard work have left me with a receding hairline and a considerable spare tire around my waist. After making some small talk, I began the interview process and I had to give Tracie credit because he seemed like a perfect fit. He was young, attractive, ambitious, talented, and seemed to want nothing but my happiness and success by being able to be the perfect assistant so as to free me from some of my heavy burdens.

I offered Richard the job and he agreed to start on Monday. Just then the phone rang and it was my secretary informing me that Tracie was on the line.

“Hi honey,” She cooed in sexiest voice.

“Hi babe,”

“Well? Don’t keep me in suspense, how did the interview go?”

“As a matter of fact, we’re just finishing up now.”

“Did you hire him?” She purred.

“Yes I did dear,” I said, smiling at Richard and mouthing the words my wife to him.

“Well honey, why don’t you have him come to dinner tonight and we can all get acquainted?” The phone went dead and it was clear that she’d hung up. It wasn’t so much a request as an order. But I didn’t find that particularly odd as Tracie and I have always had a bit of dom/sub relationship at home. I am the typical type A person in the office, but at home, I like to be the submissive slave. And Tracie had indulged me for quite some time and it worked out well.

I hung up the receiver, thanked and congratulated Richard and passed along my wife’s dinner invitation along with directions to our estate. He smiled, looked around my office and said, “I think I’m going to like it here,” causing an eerie shiver to run up my spine.

The dinner and the first six months of my involvement with Richard went status quo. He took on many of the mundane tasks of my company and position freeing me up to spend my time working on special projects or at home with Tracie. The next six months however, is when things began to take a different turn. Tracie began to hold sex out more and more often if she was displeased with something I’d done or hadn’t done around the casino oyna house. Of course, Tracie would always cum by either me licking her or fingering her to orgasm, but I wasn’t allowed. The longer she would make me wait and suffer the more subservient I became, sometimes doing things like licking the dirty soles of her feet or cumming in my hand and licking it all up.

It was around this time that Richard’s involvement became more and more prevalent. Tracie suggested that since he had been doing such a wonderful job and that I had all this free time now to spend on her that I should grant Richard some stock options in my company. I gladly agreed and almost overnight Richard became a very wealthy man. I found the more time I spent with my intoxicating wife, the less time I wanted to spend at the office. I gave Richard more and more of my day to day responsibilities and pretty soon I was going into the office only two or three days a week and keeping up with things from home.

Richard seemed to thrive in this environment and the company was never doing better. Upon the first anniversary of his hiring, I conducted a yearly review with Richard and at Tracie’s urging gave him a bonus of more stock options. Tracie had undergone a change and was becoming more dominant and demanding at home and thought perhaps I hadn’t noticed because I hadn’t spent that much time at home with her prior to the previous year.

All of this changed on our wedding anniversary. I had planned a special dinner at our favorite restaurant and had rented a suite at our favorite hotel. As we entered the restaurant I noticed Tracie waving to someone at the bar, it was Richard. We made our way over to him and were making small talk when Tracie said, “I have a great idea, Richard why don’t you join us for dinner?” Once again it was a command and not a question as she took him by the hand followed the waiter to our table telling him there would be one more for dinner. Richard and Tracie both sat down and I stood there feeling rather foolish as the waiter’s rushed to get me a chair and a place setting.

I wanted to protest, but could tell by the look in Tracie’s eyes that if I did there would be hell to pay later. So I meekly sat down and joined them. The entire dinner was spent with Tracie fawning over Richard like a star struck teenager. Complimenting him on his physique, asking him where and how much he worked out and making fun of me in the meantime saying that the closest I’d been to a gym in years was passing one on my way to McDonald’s. Richard seemed to really enjoy Tracie’s compliments, and company and her total disregard for my feelings. With dinner over, Tracie stood and took Richard by the hand invited him to our suite for drinks. I was outraged and tried to protest, but didn’t want to make a scene in the restaurant so I bowed my head and followed along.

Once in our suite, Tracie ordered me to bring the two of them drinks as they sat on the couch and stared out at the city lights. It all felt surreal and weird, but for some reason I was aroused deep down inside by it all. Handing them their drinks, Tracie motioned for me to sit down, but there was really nowhere to sit close to them so I just sat on a footstool at by the couch. She laughed and said, “Aren’t I the lucky girl, here on my anniversary with not one but two men!” She fanned herself and I noticed her short green sheer dress riding up on her thigh and Richard taking notice. “I have an idea,” she blurted out as if it had just come into her mind, “Why don’t you two arm wrestle and the winner gets me!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and thought she might be drunk from all the wine. I began to say something when Richard piped in. “That sounds like a challenge I can’t refuse, you up for it?” He looked at me and I damn near melted. What was I to do? Refuse and I looked like I would defend my wife, accept and face certain defeat.

Putting on my best bravado I said, “Sure why not it’s al in fun right?”

With that, Tracie directed us both to a counter in the suite’s kitchen. Bracing myself as best I could, we clasped hands and the match began. It was over almost as soon as it began. Richard slammed my arm on the counter and raised both his arms in victory as Tracie jumped up and down clapping her hands like a schoolgirl whose boyfriend has just thrown the winning touchdown. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, when Tracie said, “Honey why don’t you go to the bar and have a drink and I’ll call you when you can come back up.” Again I attempted to protest, but saw by the look in her eyes that I would surely loose. Could this be happening? I stopped dead in my tracks and said, “No this isn’t right. I’m not doing this. It’s our anniversary and I’m not leaving my wife alone with some strange man she barely knows!” WHACK!!! I heard the noise and felt the sting of Tracie’s hand across my cheek.

“Now you listen to me mister. You’ll do what I say, when I say, and it’s my anniversary too, and how do you know I barely know this gorgeous canlı casino hunk? That’s right, we’ve known each other since high school and I’ve been fucking him ever since. You think I like having your fat sweaty body laying on me while you try to get off? Well I don’t and that’s why I’ve been fucking Richard all this time. And that’s why I insisted you hire him. And if you don’t like it then there’s the door and you can get out! But be aware that if you leave, there’s no coming back. Oh and by the way between the shares I own in the company and the shares Richard owns we have a controlling interest which leaves you in a bad spot doesn’t it? Now you exactly thirty seconds to decide what you want to do, stay in the life you know and love or be tossed out on the street by your wife and her lover, now decide and the clock’s ticking.”

I stood there in utter disbelief. I tried to rationalize and realize the facts I’d just been presented with. My mind raced to make a decision. Tracie of course was right, between her and Richard their combined shares totaled up to a controlling interest in my company. As the seconds ticked by it seemed like hours and then I felt the sudden stirring in my groin and realized I was getting an erection at the thought of all this. My mind was a blur, I couldn’t sort out the options and results fast enough. Finally I heard Tracie’s voice and felt the stinging on my cheek begin to subside. “Well? What’s it going to be?”

I reached for the door handle, bowing my head I heard myself say, “I’ll be at the bar call for me when you’re ready.”

Chapter 2

My life changed dramatically after that fateful night. Upon returning to the room, I was greeted with sight of my wife Tracie and my assistant and her new lover Richard sprawled naked on the bed in a suite I had paid for on our anniversary. Tracie lay with her leg across Richard’s thighs and her head nestled on his chest. Barely lifting her head she looked my way and said “Have a seat we need to talk.” I had spent the last hour and a half in the bar thinking a lot about where my life was going and what I really wanted to do. I could’ve walked out of the hotel and gone home, filed for divorce. Of course I probably would’ve lost my company and my wife. Still something inside me kept stirring in my loins, something that excited me every time I thought of Tracie and Richard together. After much thought I decided that for once in my life I would not be in control of a situation, that I would let the situation control me and I would trust my gut instinct and ride it out.

I sat on a chair at the end of the bed and meekly folded my hands in my lap as Tracie propped herself up on pillows and spoke.

“So, I see that you’ve made your decision. You must know that Richard and I have been lovers for quite some time actually we’ve been lovers on and off since high school. And when I met you and married you it was for love and money. I loved the way you fawned over me and wanted to please me, but I also really loved your money. Oh don’t get me wrong honey, you’re a great guy and I will always hold a special place in my heart for you but you have to admit Richard has so much more to offer in other departments. Now, here’s the way things are going to work. Citing health problems, you’re going to resign from your position on Monday and appoint Richard as your replacement, which he will be in many ways! Then you will spend your entire time around the house as our slave. For now you’ll still act like you’re my husband and equal when we go out, but inside our home you’ll be naked except for pantyhose and whatever else we decide to make you wear.”

I felt tears rolling down my cheeks and my hands were shaking terribly as I raised my head and mumbled, “Okay Tracie.”

Tracie bolted off the bed and slapped me hard across the face.

“And that’s another thing. From this day forward you’re to address me as Miss Tracie and Richard as Master Richard. Is that clear?”

More tears ran down my face as I felt the sting from the slap subside. “Yes Miss Tracie.” I said, looking at my wife through tear stained eyes.

“Good, now we each need a drink and you need to lose those clothes and start your new life.”

Slowly I stood and undressed feeling extremely humiliated and embarrassed, when I finally dropped my shorts Richard laughed out loud.

“Wow babe you weren’t kidding, he is tiny!!”

Now my humiliation was complete as I stood there, my five foot nine 250lb frame and small cock was invisible under my belly as Richard laughed. I hurried to get them drinks and served them both. Tracie instructed me that whenever I was to serve them anything I was to walk into the room and then kneel before them and offer them whatever I had and when they were ready they would take it from me. I was also told that whenever I was in the room with them if I hadn’t been given prior instructions I was to stand in the corner and be silent until called upon. These were just a few of the instructions that were given to me over the kaçak casino next few hours as they lay there and watched television and snuggled and made love, while I cleaned the room, folded their clothes and got them drinks. Probably the most humiliating thing happened when they ordered room service and the waiter arrived with the tray and Richard ordered me to let him in the room, but I was not able to cover myself as they lay there and laughed at me and had me sign for the bill!

I slept on the floor at the foot of the bed that night, the first of many to come and woke in the morning feeling scared, angry, confused and aroused all at the same time. Tracie and Richard had me serve them breakfast in bed, then Richard took a shower and left saying he’d call Tracie later, on the way out the door, he patted me on the top of the head and said, “You’ve made the right decision, this is going to be fun.” With that, I was left alone with Tracie. Immediately after Richard left, I began to sob uncontrollably. Tracie hugged me and calmed me down telling me that I had crossed a boundary and had finally become the kind of husband I never was and that it was a huge moment in both our lives and that we would both be happier in time. After soothing me, she looked down at my tiny erection and giggled like a schoolgirl making fun of a nerdy boy on the playground. “Do you want to cum sweetie?” She asked in her best pouting voice.

“Yes! Very much Miss Tracie!”

“Well get on your knees here on the bed next to me.”

I did as instructed kneeling on all fours on the bed while Tracie lay on her back taking the remote control in one hand and my balls in the other. She began to toss them around like a pair of dice while watching TV and paying no attention to me whatsoever. The feeling of her hands on my balls was incredible but I wanted her to stroke my cock in the worst way.

“Please Miss Tracie will you stroke my cock?”

She laughed, “Oh no, sweetie those days are over, if you want to cum you have to cum like this without me even touching that little thing you call a cock. After all, you saw how big Richard’s cock is, that’s the cock I want in my hands, and pussy, and mouth.”

As she said this I shot a load all over her arm and the bed. Feeling totally humiliated, I stared at Tracie not knowing what to do.

She raised her arm up and said simply, “Clean it up.”

I liked with a frenzy cleaning my cum off my wife’s arm. She then got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower telling me to clean up the room, pack up our things to go home and to make sure I cleaned the rest of my load from the bed sheets with my tongue. Blissfully, I bent over and began licking the sheets.

Chapter 3

My life changed dramatically after that fateful weekend. For one thing, Tracie became more demanding around the house. Insisting that I pamper her, I became her devoted slave attending to her every need and whim. In addition to that I was required to do all the housework, laundry, cooking, and every other menial task she could think of. At first Richard would come over two or three nights a week or they would go out only to return and fuck in our bed until morning when I would serve them breakfast in bed. After one particularly vigorous night of lovemaking, Tracie lay on the bed with her head resting on Richard’s chest making tiny circles through his chest hair when I entered the room with their coffee. Tracie had recently required me to wear different demeaning and humiliating outfits around the house for their amusement. Today I was dressed in a pink leotard with a ruffle around the waist, ballerina slippers and tights.

I knelt as was required and offered them their drinks as they both smiled at my appearance. “Don’t you look cute sweetie!” Tracie said, laughing as she took the first sip of her coffee.

“Thank you Miss Tracie,” I said, bowing my head and blushing at the compliment.

“Sweetie, Richard and I have been talking and we think it would be a good idea for Richard to move in here and become the man of the house. I mean after all we certainly do need a man of the house and you’re not it!”

“Bbbbutt..” I stammered, before she cut me off.

“Oh sweetie it will be wonderful. Richard can fuck me whenever I want and you’ll be here to help, plus why should Richard pay rent at his place when he’s here most of the time. So after you clean the breakfast dishes, I want you to go to Richard’s and move all of his stuff over here. Oh and yes, we want you to wear the cute little outfit you have on for the move.”

“Please Miss Tracie don’t make me go out in this outfit.”

WHACK! I felt a hard slap across my face and my cheek stinging red, and tasted blood in my mouth as Richard leapt off the bed.

“Now listen here. When Tracie or I tell you to do something, we expect that it be done without question. Neither of is going to tolerate insubordination from someone like you. Do you understand?”

A tear ran down my cheek as I looked up at my powerful master standing over me naked, his huge muscles bulging, his huge cock hanging limp. “Yes Master Richard, I understand, please forgive me.” He ruffled my hair and said, “Now that’s a good boy, that’s what I like to hear.”

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