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The first time I ever felt really turned on by the feeling of pantyhose was on Halloween when I was 19 years old. Some friends of mine invited me to a club that had a costume party theme for Halloween. I decided to be a French maid. I found a little maid’s costume in a shop, along with some black ankle boots and fishnet pantyhose. I showed up at the club at about 11:30 and it was really wild. Everyone was dancing sexy and the girls were really putting on a show for the guys. The costumes were great, a lot of old fashioned hooker costumes, belly dancers, gypsies, devils in tight red body suits and a dominatrix all in black and silver!

It took no time at all to find someone to dance with and I was on the dance floor with a really hot blonde named Amy and her boyfriend Keith who were dressed as Mark Antony and Cleopatra. I felt very sexy in my costume and the tight little feeling of the strappy fishnet on my legs was a sensation that was really turning casino oyna me on. I was dancing with Amy and Keith was behind me. He said,

“You two look so sexy together.”

And he was right!

Amy was moving her hands along my thighs and feeling the tightness of the fishnets on my legs and suddenly I felt Keith lift me up and walk me to a dance platform that was currently empty. Everyone was still dancing, looking on too. He sat me down so that my legs dangled off the side and Amy followed. A small crowd gathered around us and pulsed with the beat of the music. Going with the flow, I opened my legs and laid back, staring up at the strobe lights. Amy kneeled between my legs and stroked my pussy over the fishnet that my pussy hair came through. I wasn’t wearing any panties. Keith kneeled down beside her and pulled at the strappy fabric, stretching it apart and creating a bigger hole to reach my pussy through.

I felt Amy’s mouth canlı casino close on my pussy lips and Keith’s hands opening the lips for Amy so she could lap at my clit. He was pulling at the fishnet, stretching and tearing it. Amy’s tongue lapped at my clit and I was moaning like crazy.

I felt hands on my breasts, my top being pulled down to expose my nipples and then strangers’ mouths sucking at them, pulling and licking. I felt my leg being pushed up and Keith moved up to position his cock at the tear in the fishnets at my crotch. His heat was like liquid fire and I bucked up against him as he pushed his hard cock into me. The fishnets were surrounding his cock like little tennicles taking him in and the lose threads tickled my clit as he banged into me. The crowd was cheering now but their was plenty of fucking going on in every corner of the club. I felt mouths and tongues, wetness, licking my legs through the fishnet and I knew I was going kaçak casino to come like crazy. Right when I started to rage into orgasm, Keith turned me over and thrust into me from the back, slapping my ass as he did so. I really went over the edge when he slid his hands down the fishnet pantyhose to grab my ass underneath and then let the stretchy fishnets snap back, making a little sting. I was coming so crazy now, thrashing around and bucking my pussy up against Keith. I felt him tighten, the muscles in his chest taut and ready and that did it for him. He shot a stream of thick, white hot cum into me, then pulled it out and let me suck out the rest, sharing it with a few girls nearby, including Amy of course, who was now getting her fill of a cute redhead’s pussy with fingers, tongue and all.

There were so many elements in that adventure that made it erotic and supercharged, but I know that the fishnets are what did it for me. That is what sent me over the edge and back. I wear them all the time now, under mini-skirts and dresses, pants and even to bed at night. I love to finger fuck myself with them on. I have ruined so many pairs that way, but it is worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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