First Try For A Big Guy

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You can’t know what it’s like unless you’ve experienced it.

Imagine like your whole world has narrowed to pinpoint clarity and that for a moment you can forget everything and know everything at the same time. Maybe it’s like what enlightenment is supposed to feel like, or perhaps what Eve felt when she first bit into the apple.

Like Eve’s, my downfall was also delivered to me by a snake. Fat sixteen-inch snake that dwelled in the jock pouch of Aaron Black.

And I wanted nothing more then to have it back inside of me, filling all that was suddenly missing in my life, every inch of it.

But the gauntlet had been cast down. Amidst a few slaps and an explosion of jizz that left me reeling, Aaron had made it clear that I was going to need to obey him if I wanted his addictive monster back inside of me.

To start my search, I gathered the girls.

The girls are my assistants. As a journalist, I need a team of researchers to help me write my more challenging stories. Since I’m also an editor, I need three.

There’s Tina. She’s the head of the team, a pretty, petite girl with black wavy hair. She’s known for her fast wit and faster fingers.

Next to come to my summons was Katherine. She’s a little older, at 30, an ex-librarian with mousy brown hair and thick glasses. Still, even her modesty cannot conceal a massive pair of breasts that rival mine, or the lush curves of her hips.

And lastly, the new girl, Liz. She’s a medium built red-head with a mouth so dirty I have to wear earplugs every time she loses her temper.

“What the fuck’s up, boss?” She asked as she entered my office, closing the door behind her.

I’ve never lied to the girls before, but Aaron’s challenge made it necessary.

“Girls, I have a confession to make.” I started. They all sat as I continued.

“I have been offered a large sum of money by Playfilly magazine to track down the best endowed men in the county for an expose.”

Tina and Kathy gasped, while Liz merely shrugged.

“I know, I know, but times are tough and I need the money. If you’re willing to help, I’ll split it with you even, as a friend, not as your boss. All you have to do is line the studs up, and I’ll knock them down. Are you in?”

There was some brief consideration, but following Liz’s lead, all three swore in.

“I think I might have on already.” Said Kathy.

“Yes?” I asked, pulse quickening.

“I was passing by the national news room a few days ago, when I heard a tremendous moaning. I poked my head up to the crack in the door, and there was one of the reporters, riding one of the copy boys. I only caught glimpses, but he was definitely packing some pretty serious meat.”

“Oh casino oyna really?”

“Oh! That must be Michael! I’ve heard he’s got rod of a God!” Quipped in Tina.

“Michael huh? Great start ladies. I’ll get on it er—him— er, the case right away.”


I went to the copy room that evening armed to the teeth.

I was armed with a short leather skirt and a power suit top. The suit was massively stretched by my jutting jugs, they were aided by a red push-up bra I keep when I want to emphasize the positive.

Tucked into my cleavage was a tape measure.

I was not about to take any prisoners.

My previous adventures may have led you to believe I am a weak-willed or feeble woman. Quite the contrary, prior to the savaging I’ve received at the end of Aaron’s pussy punisher, I never let a man push me around.

Pushing back again would be refreshing.

I started by pushing open the door.

Michael was humming as he copied, back turned to me as I entered. He matched the description I’d been given. Brown curly hair, dockers, and a blue shirt. His pants were definitely a size-up for extra room, a good sign.

Then my hands were on his cute little ass, and he was yelping.

“Yigh! Ms. Divine! I didn’t hear you come in.” He whirled to face me.

“You’ll be hearing me come to your heart’s content soon enough, boy.” I said, leaning forward, letting my massive melons press him back against the machine.

Nowhere to run. Poor Michael.

“If, the rumors are true that is.” I purred.

“What rumors?” He asked, noticeably breathing quickly and staring at my bust.

I held my fingers many inches apart and gave a wink.

“You little tease, playing dumb and hung. I like it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking abo-“ He trailed off as my hand lifted his crotch firmly.

“Yes, I’m definitely feeling something good here. Show me.” I pulled back a little and folded my arms under my rack for better display.

He nervously unzipped his fly. At least, I assume that’s why his hands were shaking.

Down the pants flopped and I was looking at a well-filled pair of briefs.

I raised an eyebrow, and he understood the silent command, pulling those down as well.

There hung, and it hung well, at least as much as most men had.

“Impressive.” I said flatly. “But why isn’t it impressed to see me.”

He stammered an excuse; “Maybe I’m feeling a little pressure…” He started.

“I’ll show you pressure, donkey-dick!” With a ki-yai I grabbed him by the collar and whirled him around once, slamming him back first over a table.

“Oomph.” He said.

Impatiently I grabbed his schlong, canlı casino letting it flop a little in my grasp as I hefted his golf-balls. Expertly my hand curled in a series of flutters around his scrotum.

I leaned those big lips of mine close to his ear and whispered,

“That, my boy, is a COCK!” Then I stuck my tongue in and wiggled it around to make my point.

He was making a point too; the big spear in my hand was rapidly solidifying.

I looked down and inspected the wares.

Crap… the stud was packing a totally impressive nine incher, but of course, that’s no longer big enough in my book.

Well damn, I thought to myself, if I’m going to get punished over this, I might as well enjoy it.

I spun him again by his collar and this time pushed him up fully onto a table, his legs flailed as I straddled him.

“Ready for the ride of your life, little colt?” I ripped open my blouse, letting my boundless cleavage show.

“Yes?” He whimpered barely.

“Good.” I said, and then plunged myself onto his hardness. No panties and a skirt, nothing beats that for a covert quickie.

My pussy devoured him greedily, a single slurping sound the lone testament to the better-than-average cock that was so suddenly inside me.

He seemed shocked to say the least, but offered no resistance as I began to buck up and down on him.

He was thick, but no so thick as Aaron, and nowhere near as deep. I could swallow him whole and spit him out of my cunt without even a pause.

But I closed my eyes, and was able to not think of Aaron enough to start getting into the fuck in earnest.

I moaned long and low, enjoying every big inch inside me. My hands were wild, roaming to caress my tits, heaving them high on the back strokes, reaching back to give his big golf balls a re-assuring squeeze, twiddling my clit.

Finally they found their place on his rock hard pecs, just as he started to fight back a little, bucking his meat-stick all the way up into me.

We groaned and came together, his spurts of spunk triggering my orgasm. It was neither so hot nor copious as Aaron’s was, but it was still the right stuff.

After he had collapsed beneath me, still wracked with little spasms, I stood up. The back flow poured from me, a little puddle of cream. I wiped up with some copy paper and left him on the table.

One down, now I had to report in.


I was kneeling before Aaron, looking up at him, past the incredible bulge into his deadly green eyes.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“To tell you I strayed.” I answered.

“For how much did you stray?”

“He was a young man with a nine inch dick.” I answered.

“Pathetic. kaçak casino Why would you stray from me with such a little boy cock?” He scoffed. His hands started to work his belt and slacks off.

“He was w-well above average.” I stammered.

“Yet smaller then me soft.” He said, letting his soft dong drop out to rub it in.

“Yes.” I whimpered.

“Then why fuck him?”

“Because,” And tears touched my voice here, “Because he’s the closest I can get. I think of nothing but your cock Aaron. I must have it!”

“Then you shall.” He spoke benevolently.

“Really? Oh thank yo—“


My words were cut off by the sound, and feel, of a massive, flesh flute smacking across my cheek

“Uh!” I managed before he cock-whipped me again, the weighty log actually knocking my head back with the force of the blow this time.


The latter blow was from his cock now fully hard. The sixteen-inch club knocked me from my knees to the floor, the room was spinning.

His hand tangled in my hair and he dragged me painfully up to meet more punishment. Blow after blow rained down on my face, my neck, bruising my big lips, partially darkening one eye. The giant cock that once brought me so much pleasure was now a tool of destruction, rapidly robbing me of consciousness.

Finally he relented, letting go of my hair on the final hard blow, the sound of it rivaling the thud of my hitting the floor again.

“Had enough of my cock for one night?” He asked.

I whimpered incoherently and nodded.

Still the waves of his unrivaled masculinity moved through me. I still felt that I wanted nothing more then him inside me, moving brutally.

I looked up at his jutting staff, his heavily hanging baseballs, dangling to either side of the bat I’d just taken the cock beating of a lifetime from.

“You may kiss each nut, and then my cock goodnight.” He offered.

I did as I was told, slowly puckering my aching lips around one enormous nut, and then the other.

When I reached his cock, I planted my kiss squarely on the head, sucking in heavily to savor the moment. Suddenly he pulled his hips to the side, and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock.



When I came to, I was in my car, laid out across both seats. My cheek bore a long red line where the final huge blow had landed. I marveled a moment, and then drove home, every throb of my pussy reminding me I was an owned and marked woman, still cum-slave to a serpent called Aaron Black.


Author’s Notes

Keep the responses and votes coming, then I can keep the stories coming that keep you coming.

My stories are largely (no pun intended) based in truth. If you want to know specifically what parts, that’s what is for.

Women, stay beautiful. Men, stay big.

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