Cum Sluts Anonymous 5: Lisa

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My heart went out to her as I saw her make her way to the front of the room. She just looked so young and fragile. She was nervous too, but that was to be expected. We were all of us nervous when we made the same trip; Lord knows it’s not an easy thing to get up in front of a group like ours and confess your weakness even though we were going to be the most sympathetic audience she would ever find. If she could be helped we were most definitely the ones who could help her.

Sadly though, not everyone who needs or even wants help is strong enough. A lot of them backslide, but quite a few keep coming back and trying again. Some of them even make it, but it’s not easy – God knows it’s not easy. I hope we can help her because if I ever saw anyone who looks so desperately in need of help it is her. She bravely faced us and there was a quavering in her voice when she said, “My name is Lisa and I am a cum hungry slut” and then she faltered, almost like she had forgotten why she was here. She took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I am a cum slut and I have allowed my addiction to destroy my life. It has cost me my family, my marriage and I’m here to try and save what little I have left – my sanity.”

She looked out at us and I hoped she could see the sympathy and concern on our faces and could draw strength from us. She had to get through this as the first step on her road to recovery; she had to purge herself by admitting to herself that she did indeed have a problem.

“My parents and siblings no longer speak to me because of my addiction; it has also cost me my husband and two children and I don’t even know how it started – suddenly it was just there. I never thought I was different from other girls of my age. I was curious about sex and I eventually gave in to my boyfriend when I was eighteen and I liked it. I liked it a lot, but I didn’t become a sex crazy slut. I really did like sucking his cock though and we had sex on the average of twice a week until I went off to college.

“I went through my first year of college without even dating; not because of class load or study time, but because I just didn’t find anyone I liked well enough to go out with. Does that sound like someone who would end up with the problem I have? My second and third years were different. I dated lots of guys and even slept with several of them, but they were not serious relationships – satisfying, but not serious.

I met Jody, the man I would eventually marry, toward the end of my third year and it was love at first sight. We became inseparable and for the first time in my life I began to crave sex, especially oral sex. Jody loved oral sex and I loved giving it to him, mostly because I wanted to give him pleasure, but also because I loved his taste. His sperm tasted like the nectar of the gods to me. For six months I was casino oyna the happiest girl at school and then one day we had an argument over something so unimportant that I can’t even remember it now and we broke up. That Saturday I saw him going into a movie with another girl and I got mad. Apart only two days and already dating someone else, well two can play that game I thought. The next boy that asked me out I said yes to and before the date was over I had sucked his cock and then fucked him. He tasted different than Jody and even though he wanted to keep seeing me I said no because I didn’t want any more permanent relationships.

I started playing the field and if a boy dated me he got his dick sucked and then I fucked him. The word went out that if you could get Lisa to say yes to a date you were almost certain to get laid. I stopped at a campus phone booth to make a call one day and I saw it written on the wall of the booth – for a good time call Lisa and it gave my phone number. I went home for Christmas vacation and a few of the guys I had gone to school with asked me out and every one of them got laid and got their cocks sucked.

It wasn’t because I loved sucking cock that they all scored, it was because I had become fascinated with the different flavors of their cum. No two boys ever tasted alike to me and I got to the point where I would look at a guy and try to imagine what he would taste like. From there it went to my actually trying to seduce the husbands and boyfriends of girls that I knew just to suck their cocks and see how they tasted.

Back at school for spring term Jody knocked on my door one night and after a long talk we were back together again, but after three weeks of being back together I got to missing my “taste tests” and I started seeing other guys on the side. I really didn’t care if I fucked them or not as long as I got to suck their dicks and see what they tasted like. Oh, I got fucked a lot and that led to the next step on my road to ruin. Jody always commented on how wet I was when we made love and I got the wicked and depraved idea of seeing how he might like the taste of me with some one else’s cum in me. Would he even notice? I decided to try it one time and if he questioned the taste I’d say that something I ate must have temporarily altered my body chemistry. So one afternoon I had a quickie on the back seat of a guys car and an hour later I went sixty-nine with Jody. He didn’t say a word, but it seemed to me that he ate me with more passion than he usually did. After that, every time I fucked another guy I made sure that it was late enough in the day that the guys cum would still be fresh when Jody and I made love.

And that was another odd thing – I fucked other guys, but with Jody I was always making love. I’ll never understand why I did that to Jody because I canlı casino loved him, I really did. I sat down one night in my last year of school and counted up how many guys I’d been with since the time that Jody and I had broken up – one hundred and seventy-seven, and I’m sure I missed a couple. How Jody never managed to find out about me I’ll never know. I guess maybe I thought he knew and liked it, at least up to the point when I found out he didn’t, but that comes later.”

I sat there stunned at what I was hearing. I was used to hearing tales of depravity and debauchery at these meetings and it had in fact become almost boring, but the thought of this angelic faced, innocent looking young woman coupling with over one hundred and seventy men shocked me to the core – and she wasn’t even done with her story yet. I began to worry that we might not be able to help one who had come so far so fast. I could not imagine that from the time she left school until now that she could have fallen much farther, but I found that I was sitting on the edge of my chair in anticipation of hearing the rest of her story.

“Just before graduation Jody asked me to marry him. Marriage would make a difference in that I was to be Jody’s and I stopped seeing other guys. The three months between the proposal and the wedding I did not see another guy and I was sure I was going to be a loyal and faithful wife. Unfortunately that didn’t last past the reception. Jody’s best man was his best friend from high school, a tall, good looking redhead named Todd and my first thought when I met him at the rehearsal dinner was “I wonder what a redhead’s cum tastes like.” I found out the next night.

There had been a lot of drinking and dancing going on and I went outside to get a breath of fresh air. Todd came up to me a minute later and sat down next to me and said, “I still have your number in my wallet” and I looked at him and asked him what he meant by that. He told me that he had visited his cousin at college and as a kick he had been watching from the closet as I gave his cousin a blow job and then let him fuck me. Since Todd planned on transferring to the school his cousin had given Todd my phone number.

“Does Jody know?” I asked, and Todd told not me that as far as he knew.

“Well, if you haven’t told him about that you probably won’t tell him if I suck your cock and fuck you now” and I did him leaning against the side of the building. Todd talked me into sucking off two of the ushers that night, but he was the only one to fuck me. Jody expected that I would be wet, but I didn’t want to be too wet.

“That night set the pattern for our marriage. Jody was a loving husband and we had two beautiful children in the first three years and they might even be his, but then again they might not because in the same period I had over a kaçak casino hundred different men. I’d suck their cocks, swallow their cum and then let them fuck me before going home and going sixty-nine with Jody. He never knew, but he swallowed almost as much as strange cum as I did.

“My world of deceit started to unravel at my cousins wedding. Todd was there and we snuck off to a storeroom. I was on my knees sucking him off when my mother came in looking for table cloths. As soon as she saw me she gave a loud gasp and backed out of the room. I started to get up, but Todd pushed me back down and came in my mouth. He had me bent over a table and was fucking me from behind when my mother came back with my father. I had just begun to orgasm when they opened the door and Todd tried to pull out and I screamed at him not to stop, that I was cumming and to fuck me harder. My parents turned and left and before the night was over my whole family knew me for the whore that I was. My father is a minister, and both of my brothers were in divinity school and in their eyes there was nothing worse than what I was – an adulteress. They haven’t spoken to me since that night.

“Jody didn’t find out for another six months. We were having a party at our house and I was out behind the garage leaning against the wall with my skirt up around my waist being fucked by Jody’s boss when Jody caught us. He broke his bosses’ jaw, which cost him his job, and then he threw me out onto the street. All of his buddies, who were careful to keep Jody in the dark about what they were doing with me, suddenly rallied to his side and testified against me during the divorce and I lost everything.

“Todd took me in and gave me a place to stay until I could find a job and save enough to get a place of my own, but only if I let he and his friends fuck me. It took me six months to save enough to move out and during that six months another fifty or sixty guys used my mouth or pussy. When I had enough to get my own apartment I moved out one day when Todd was at work and changed jobs at the same time. Hopefully no one will be able to find me and I can try to restart my life. The day I started my new job I walked into the office and found eleven men staring at me. I know it was only my imagination playing tricks on me, but the expression on each of those eleven faces seemed to be saying to me, “Me first” and I knew I needed to find help right away or I would be lost.”

Tears were running down her cheeks as she said, “Please help me, please. Don’t let me slide any farther down the road to hell.”

My heart went out to the poor girl, and that’s all she was – a young girl, and I promised myself that I would do all in my power to help her. During the social hour following the meeting I went looking for her and found that she was already in good hands. I saw Jerry giving her his phone number and I felt better. Jerry has helped so many of the women who have come to us that he could probably qualify for sainthood. Lisa was going to be all right.

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