Another Fantasy Story

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I went to the grocery store and got a few things and was just about to leave when I seen the most sexiest guy I have ever seen standing there at the entrance.

He was talking to someone but when I walked by he looked up and he just started grinning at me! I could not figure out where I have seen him before but he did look familiar to me! I went outside and started walking to my car and when I was about halfway there I heard someone yelling behind me and I turned around to see if something was wrong. It was the guy that was in the store and he was coming toward me.

When he got to me he said. “Hi! How are you? You seem to not know who I am, do you?”

“No, I don’t but you look like someone I know but for the life of me I cannot remember!”

“I am David and we are friends on Heated Affairs and we chat with one another a lot! We do roleplay on the site. You are very good at it!”

“Oh yeah, I remember you now! Hi! I am good and I am Sherye! We do have fun in our roleplay on the site. I knew you lived here but we seem not to be able to get together cause of our situations!”

“Well, Sherye, I am here alone for awhile and would love to get together!”

“I would love to babe! I did not buy anything that would spoil so that would be perfect! Where do you want canlı bahis to go?”

“Let us go to a motel and we can have fun there. I am not able to host at my home and I know you can not either!”

So we both get in our vehicles and meet at the motel we decided to go to! We went in the motel room he got and we started to kiss and it was so hot a kiss that my panties got soaked fast!

I started rubbing him through his pants and to my surprise he was hard and very hung! I have always wanted a hung guy before that was longer than my husbands cock which was 8 inches. I unzipped his pants and pulled it out and my eyes just bugged out of my head!

“WOW David! You are hung! Just how long are you?”

“I am 10 1/2 inches and hope it is not to much for you!”

“I have always wanted to feel a long cock like yours in my pussy and now I am going to feel that! But first I want to suck on you and I may not be able to deep throat you but I will give you pleasure though! I promise!”

“Sherye, I know you will! I can see the lust in your eyes!”

I pulled his pants down and it was easy to get to his cock cause he was not wearing any underwear! He stepped out of them and pulled his shirt over his head and was standing there in all his naked glory while I took his bahis siteleri cock in my hand and leaned over and licked the head of his cock and all around it even under the head! I started sucking on the head and was sucking on it in a way that my mouth was feeling like my pussy was squeezing his cock!

I licked his cock all the way down his shaft to his balls and when I started licking his balls his cock jerked and I could tell he was enjoying what I was doing. I put as much of his huge balls in my mouth and started sucking on them as I rolled them around in my mouth! David was moaning so loud and could not be still so I let up on sucking on his balls before he came! I started sucking on his cock and was popping off the head with a popping sound and he grabbed my head and put more of his cock in my mouth but all I could put in my mouth was almost 9 inches.

“OMG Sherye I have never had anyone take that much of my cock in their mouth before! That felt great! ”

He pulled me up and started undressing me and each item he took off was followed by a kiss and lick! When he started removing my pants, then he put his face up to my crotch and started smelling me! I could feel his cock jerking and throbbing and could tell he was loving the smell!

He pulled my thongs down and bahis şirketleri licked my clit right on the start and I came unglued and came! I squirted and he licked my pussy clean! He then started tongue fucking my sensitive clit, until I could not stop moving around and he could tell I was going to cum again and he pulled away so fast and got between my legs and rammed his cock into my pussy which set me off and I came so hard that I pulled him in and held him like a vise grip would!

“OMG Sherye, I am having to grit my teeth on that one cause you almost got me on that cum! WOW!”

“Oh David! That felt so good and I don’t think I have ever came like that before as a guy entered my pussy! That was a first!”

He started pumping his cock in and out until he could not stand it anymore and he pulled out and shot his cum all over my tits and when he was through he put his cock in my mouth and I cleaned him off then. I licked my cum off my tits as he was watching me and when I was done then he held me for a bit until we both calmed down enough so we could get dressed!

“Sherye I have to go now but hope we can do this again! I have never been with a woman like you before and you feel so good when you cum like that on my cock!”

“Ok David, I have to go too and I will send you a message on the site but here is my cell number so you can keep in touch with me!”

He took the piece of paper with my number on it and kissed me and then turned and left. I got up and got dressed and left myself!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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