Vegetable Salad

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This story follows my other work titled, Fantasy for Four. I suggest reading it first.

Separated by some 3,000 miles, I wrote several stories for my girlfriend, hoping to keep us in touch and sexually connected. This and other stories are fiction based on her fantasies and written with her as the first person. I tried using details to evoke visions of what the characters would see, hear, feel, smell and taste—something I believe is missing from most Literotica stories. Although catered to her intimate fantasies, I am sharing them with fellow readers hoping you will also enjoy them.

As a writer, I am always looking to improve my craft and would appreciate feedback, especially from women. I’d like to know what you, the reader, found particularly arousing and what could be improved upon.


After reading the story of getting fucked by two men at the same time—one cock in my ass and one in my pussy–I was thoroughly turned on. I rubbed myself twice, but was left unfulfilled. Clitoral stimulation was not the same as a cock inside me and I was left frustrated. I got up from my bed and began searching around the room for something that might work as a cock substitute. I always wanted a toy, but dare not buy one for fear of it being found. Searching around, I couldn’t find anything that I could stick up inside me or use as a dildo bigger than a lipstick and finally gave up.

Waking up the next morning, I took care of the kids then went grocery shopping. Traveling through the produce section and passed a shelf of strawberries, which instantly brought back memories of my Baby. Since my Baby bought me strawberries, I will always think of him when I see the red berries. I’ll always remember his surprise and thoughtful gift.

Pushing my cart down the aisle, I saw something else that reminded me of my Baby—Zucchini. The stacks casino siteleri of them piled on top of each other reminded me of cocks. Damn. What was I thinking? Was I really that desperate? I wasn’t desperate, I was in dire need. I suddenly grew flushed and quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed me, as if they knew what was going through my mind. I glanced over the zucchini, sizing them up and looking for one that might fill my needs. I picked on up that was about the right size and shape when I noticed another one underneath. It had a large end, was slightly curved and longer. I put it in a plastic bag when I noticed the cucumbers next to the zucchini. They were bigger and thicker with small bumps. I picked one up and slid my hand down it, feeling its texture, as if I giving it a hand job. Nearby, a woman gave me a quizzical look and I turned away, embarrassed. I put the cucumber into a bag and placed it in the cart.

When I got home, I found that I was all alone as would be for several hours. I quickly place the groceries away, then got my cucumber and zucchini. I was already aroused by the prospects of getting off with them, and grew flush again. I was little nervous and my nipples grew hard. I quickly shed my clothes and lay down on my bead. I grabbed the cucumber and wrapped my hand around it, feeling its girth. I’ve never had a cock that size, but I knew my eager pussy would take it. I spread my legs slightly, and placed the end of the cucumber against my lips, already moist, puffy and open. Slowly, I pressed the end against my opening and felt it open a little, then it grew tight. I moved the cucumber in and out a little, feeling it slid in further. Pulling it out a little, my juices began to cover the end and provide lubrication. Pressing harder, the cucumber went in a third of the way, stretching out my vaginal orifice. canlı casino The pressure inside me sent waves of ecstasy through my body. I raised my knees up and spread my legs further apart and shoved the cucumber in again to half its length, feeling it travel deep inside me, all the way to my cervix. Damn that felt good. My hand grabbed the cucumber tightly as I pumped it in and out of my pussy, fucking myself good, getting thoroughly wet.

I closed my eyes and my mind began to wonder back about my man on top, pumping his cock in and out. My pussy was getting stretched out, filling more than anything like it before. Before long, my pussy began to tighten. Despite the wetness, it grew harder sliding it in and out. I pushed it in harder and deeper, feeling the little bumps slid inside my pussy, driving me crazy. I began to wiggle the cucumber up and down, putting pressure on the front and back feeling it inside me. Pressure began to build deep with the coming of an orgasm and pumped it in fast, fucking my pussy with it as I came.

I was so hot I didn’t stop for a rest. I pulled the cucumber out hearing it slurp as it exited, given how tight it was inside me. Reaching over for the zucchini, I slid it inside my pussy which went in easily, given that it was much smaller in diameter. I pumped it in and out, thoroughly lubricating it with my juices. Lifting my knees up towards my rock hard nipples, I pulled the zucchini out of my pussy and slid it down to my awaiting anus. Pushing it slightly, my hole wouldn’t budge open. I pressed harder and felt it my hole resist but with more pressure, it slightly gave way. I pressed, relaxed. Pressed more and the end of the zucchini slowly worked its way in until finally, my asshole opened enough to accommodate the girth of the vegetable. I slid it in further, twisting it slightly. It felt so good to have kaçak casino it up my ass. Next, I grabbed the cucumber and shoved it back up inside my pussy. The cucumber readily slid in, given the additional lubrication of the anal stimulation. I’ve never had both holes filled before and felt pressure that was new. Sliding the cucumber and out, I feel where it rode on top of the zucchini in my ass, creating a pressure point I have never felt before and one that excited me.

With one hand on the zucchini and one on the cucumber, I slowly slid them in and out. At first, I pushed them both in at the same time, then started alternating them, enjoying the point where they met half way, creating a pressure point between my rectum and vagina. I began to pump both faster and lost track of any pattern. Sometimes I pumped them both in at the same time, others one at a time in a random pattern. The pressure inside began to build again as my pussy tightened. Surprisingly, my asshole also tightened and the feeling I experienced sent me over the top and into another orgasm.

I wasn’t done yet. Now I closed my eyes, imagining that I was sandwiched between two men, one cock in each hole, getting fucked hard by both. Rolling over onto my knees, my ass was spread wide as I rested my head against the bed with my ass high in the air. With one hand under my stomach and the other across my back, I continued to fuck myself in both holes. Imaging that I was riding doggy style, I now moved and rocked my hips, dreaming the two big cocks sliding and out of my ass and pussy. The big heads on the end of their cocks stretching my insides as far in as they could go, only to pull out slightly, then ram me back inside. Each of them would swell, then shoot their cum far inside me. The last thought of their cocks squirting their thick, white gooey cum, sent me over the edge and in a major convulsion, so much so that both my pussy and asshole squeezed hard simultaneously, shooting the cucumber and zucchini out of my holes. I collapsed on the bed like a sweaty rag doll, thoroughly exhausted and trying to catch my breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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