Lesbian Cuckoldress Ch. 02

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Miranda gasped gently as her newest pet Samantha lapped up her pussy. Trying to hold in her desire to moan loudly as she was trying to speak on the phone.

“Yes, it’s all set. I’ll be waiting for you to visit.” Is all Miranda managed to say while Sam continued to rapidly lick her pussy. They looked into one another’s eyes as Miranda climaxed.

“You’ve become quite the pussy licker my hot pet.” Miranda said with a smile as she ran a finger across Sam’s face. Sam playfully bit it.

“By the way Sam I have a friend coming over tonight and she is really excited to meet you. Be here by 8pm sharp.” Miranda said curtly.

“But Miranda, Jeff’s flight is late. He wont leave until 10, could I drop by later?” Sam asked.

“8pm. Or don’t come at all.” Miranda didn’t seem too take no for an answer. She abruptly got up and dressed and left the room ignoring Sam. She was sure Sam would be there all right.

Sam rushed home hoping to get in before Jeff had woken up. Today mornings booty call with Miranda was awfully one sided and it left Samantha wet and unsatisfied. She waltzed into her bedroom and began playing with Jeff hoping to treat him to some early morning sex. Before Jeff could come to, she was riding him with full ferocity. Milking his member and scratching her itch. Jeff let out a huge sigh of relief as he came. Their sex life had been wild ever since Sam started her affair with Miranda. Maybe it casino siteleri was guilt, or maybe it was just unresolved lust. Jeff was to leave for Atlanta again tonight. Sam convinced him she had to leave early to volunteer at a shelter with the local housewives.

“Do you really have to go so early? Can’t they start without you?” he asked, a bit sad from losing precious time with his wife.

“I wish I could Jeff but I made a promise and they’re counting on me.” Sam replied guiltily. Her heart raced as she knew how stupid her lie seemed. She’d never done any volunteer work in her life before. She silenced her guilt. Jeff offered to drop her to the shelter but she refused saying they already had a designated driver.

8pm couldn’t come any sooner. Sam as was the rule was to be dressed perfectly if she had to see Miranda. There were no arguments on that and Miranda had been very firm about it. Sam hid her attire under a long coat and kissed Jeff goodbye and made sure he was not watching through the window. Sam knocked in the door and just like an expectant predator Miranda opened the door and pulled Sam inside. She gave her a deep passionate kiss before stripping her completely. Breaking away from the kiss she said “Follow me, there’s someone here I’d like you to meet.”

Sam and Miranda walked into the backyard of Miranda’s house. It was a well maintained lawn with an open jacuzzi in the patio. In that canlı casino jacuzzi sat a naked gorgeous ebony woman. Sam recognized her instantly. That was Rachel! another housewife who lived just up the street.

“You weren’t lying when you said she’s hot.” Rachel remarked as she hungrily eyed Sam. Miranda meanwhile undressed and dropped her clothes to the floor.

“Sam we have a small surprise for you. Lie down on the massage table.” Miranda gestured towards it.

Rachel got out of the hot tub and as she did Sam saw her amazing large ebony breasts along with a flat toned stomach and a dark pussy. This isn’t what she was expecting. She’d never been in a threesome let alone with two women. As Sam lay on the table the two women poured oil over her and began to gently caress her body. Rachel poured oil over herself and gently rubbed her whole body over Sam’s. Sam let out a moan and they gently kissed.

“We’re going to wreck your pussy baby.” Rachel whispered into Sam’s ear with a devilish smile on her face.

By now all three women were oiled and rubbing their bodies across one anothers while they exchanged kisses in a synchronous pattern. As the moments passed they became more passionate. Miranda excused herself for a moment and got up. seizing the moment Rachel led Sam to the hot tub and sat on the edge leading Sam gently towards her pussy. Sam didn’t need an invitation she started to lick kaçak casino this ebony goddess nice and slowly, taking her time on this beautiful pussy. Rachel moaned and said “Oh baby you’re better than Miranda said you’d be.”

Miranda came out holding two strapons. Sam’s eyes widened as she saw both.

“Sam come here darling. it’s time for your surprise.” Miranda said with a cheshire grin. Sam nervously got out of the hot tub while the women equipped their strapons.

“Sam come here and sit on my strapon. Today is a very special day, you’re going to have your very first double-penetration or DP as they say.” Miranda said casually.

Sam was scared out of her mind as she made her way to her dominant mistress. Sam gently mounted Miranda’s cock as she was used to and began to ride it. After a few strokes she felt a gentle pressure on her anus. Rachel was gentle as she directed her lubed phallus gently up Sam’s asshole. Sam held Miranda firmly as the toy made it’s way into her rear end. Her sphincter relaxed and allowed the member in.

Sam was in heaven as both ladies skillfully fucked both of her holes. Miranda sucked on Sam’s breasts as she was being impaled and Rachel spanked her ass every now and then. After a short while Sam climaxed and collapsed on top of Miranda. The women gently kissed one another and proceeded to the bedroom where they gently caressed each others bodies. Sam drifted off to sleep and just as she did, Rachel said “I think this year’s block party is going to be fun. We can really put this slut to work with the others.”

Miranda smirked and kissed Rachel and agreed. Sam really had no idea what was in store for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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