Lesbian Couples Matching Club Ch. 01

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At quarter to four in the morning, only two women remained in the luxurious penthouse. The Lesbian Couples Matching Party was a tremendous and marvelous success. After the other ladies left the festivities going to their respective hotel rooms, Cindy and Germaine remained, the lucky winners of the lesbian matching game. They would spend the entire weekend together living temporarily in an extravagant lifestyle, like they were part of a fairy tale.

Both ladies felt like they were thrown into another world. Considered one of the biggest cities on the planet, Montreal can also be identical to New York City: a city that never sleeps. With the penthouse resting on Montreal’s busiest street, Cindy was still standing in the terrace, looking at the majestic views of the city, and at the silent gargoyles – the only neighbours perched on top of the building across the penthouse.

Still plunged into her wonders, Cindy could sense a pair of soft hands cajoling her body and nice booty from behind. She could feel Germaine’s kisses on her neck and cheek, smiling as she put her hands-on top of hers.

“Hey Baby! I’ve just noticed this now!” The mature waitress said kissing her lover once more.

“What’s that honey?” Cindy asked curiously.

“Your nose has been pierced. I love it!”

“Mmmm, thank you!” Cindy said while turning around, embracing Germaine with a nice long deep passionate kiss. Sounds of police sirens, ambulances, and all the people walking on the streets enjoying the city’s nightlife don’t bother the lesbian lovers, still kissing deeply with their hands all over each other.

Cindy took hold of Germaine’s hand, leading her up to the magnificent spiraling staircase where both women climbed the stairs slowly. Germaine could not help herself by touching Cindy’s legs and big calves. Cindy stopped right in the middle of the stairs, standing as she could feel Germaine arms around her waist from behind. Her hot lips met Germaine’s as she turned her head. During the game, both women did not get to kiss for the allotted sixty seconds time limit. However, the mature waitress heard rumors about her younger lover and she could confirm them: Cindy is indeed a terrific kisser.

While Germaine felt her younger lover’s body with her warm hands, Cindy looked up noticing the amazing chandelier just right above the stairs. Something she has never seen before: a chandelier surrounded by huge pieces of glass that looked like giant raindrops attached one by one by tiny shreds of steel. She marveled at the beauty of the shining light while Germaine kissed her profoundly more and more.

Cindy held Germaine’s hand, leading her up the stairs. Holding each other, both women entered the bedroom door where as they opened it, they were deeply amazed at what they were seeing.

A large fireplace, fire burning like the passion of both women inside of them, with two big candles and a dozen white roses in a big casino siteleri glass jar on top of it. Two white-colored comfy chairs with a small white table in between were right in front of the fireplace. A tall lit lamp was standing beside one of the white chairs.

On top of the dresser next to the King-Size bed, a big glass jar of dozen red roses with in front of it a classic wood box of assorted chocolates from Divine Chocolatier. The majestic bed was covered with chartreuse green cushions, three fluffy pillows, grey, white, and chartreuse green blankets.

And to add the cherry on top, on a small grey armless couch sat a silver tray with two filled flutes and a bottle of champagne in an ice-filled bucket. Both ladies exclaimed: “This is the life!” They experienced the wow effect at least ten times over.

While Cindy was admiring the fireplace, Germaine took her from behind again, kissing the back of her neck and her cheeks repeatedly. As she turned all around, Cindy started kissing Germaine’s hot mouth, caressing her dark hair with a tiny shed of grey, and slowly undoing her silky white blouse. As both women were still kissing, Cindy pushed Germaine gently, making her sit on one of the white chairs. She kneels in front of her undoing her bra. As she removed the straps, Cindy began sucking very hard on her lover’s huge extremely sexy jugs. Germaine was enjoying Cindy’s outstanding nipple sucking talents along with her wet tongue.

Still on her knees, Cindy lifted one of Germaine’s legs kissing and licking her white high heel, her ankle, her heel, and her huge rounded calf. The sensations of the brown nylons on Cindy’s tongue and lips were incredible. She enjoyed the feel of Germaine’s legs.

Without hesitation, Cindy stuck her mouth right on her lover’s hot wet twat. Just like she did with Germaine’s beautiful bosom previously, she began sucking her pussy lips harder. Cindy could feel Germaine’s hand caressing her hair and cramming her head right into her pussy.

Germaine can thank God that the walls in the penthouse have the best sound proof system, because her screams of pleasure were deafening. The more Germaine squealed, the more Cindy sucked and licked her older lover’s clit and pussy. Suddenly, trying desperately to catch her breath, Germaine felt Cindy’s lips kissing her abundantly, tasting her sweet juice at the same time.

Feeling her lover’s warm hands touching her body, Cindy stood up, while smiling turned around allowing Germaine to caress her gorgeous sexy legs and nice ass. She watched her mature lover kissing and licking her legs, lifting her tight black skirt up so that her booty was fondled and kissed incessantly. Cindy put her hand on top of the fireplace, allowing herself to bend down a few degrees so that Germaine can lick her pussy good. With her fingers and her manicured nails covered in red polish, the mature waitress started rubbing her younger lover’s canlı casino clit and pussy. Germaine could feel Cindy coming with high intensity in the palm of her hand. She put her fingers into her mouth, tasting Cindy’s sweet delicacy.

Germaine stood up, kissing Cindy in front of the fireplace before she held her hand. She led Cindy right next to their King-Size bed, where she sat down with Cindy standing in front of her. If Cindy is a terrific kisser, Germaine loves to use her hands. She teased her lover immensely by caressing and feeling her entire body. When she unbuttoned her pink blouse, Germaine noticed something else as she removed Cindy’s bra.

“Something else I’ve just noticed, Baby!” Germaine said smiling.

“You like my red rose tattoo?” Cindy asked.

“Oh yeah honey! You’re quite a wild girl!” Germaine said as she started kissing Cindy’s tattoo above her left breast, and sucking her boobs.

Cindy could feel her lover’s nice tight squeeze on her curvy butt, while her boobs were still being sucked avidly.

“Turn around Baby!” Germaine said as Cindy turned around, her booty facing her. The mature waitress observed that there was a zipper on top of Cindy’s tight black skirt. Using her teeth, Germaine pulled the zipper down quite delicately. She then pulled Cindy’s skirt down onto the floor. After being pulled up the bed, it was Germaine’s turn to turn around so that Cindy could fondle her huge cellulite booty. Sitting on the bed, Cindy lifted Germaine’s skirt up to shower her flesh with a myriad of kisses. Cindy was not afraid to cram her lovely face right in between Germaine’s huge butt cheeks. She pulled her older lover’s skirt down and onto the floor next to hers.

Cindy pushed Germaine on the bed. She grabbed one of the full champagne flutes from the silver tray next to the bed. She took a sip, swallowed the bubbly, and from her glass spilled a tiny bit of the liquid on her lover’s pussy. The mix of champagne and pussy juice was delicious to Cindy’s lips as she sucked the living daylights out of Germaine’s twat. Once again, the older lady screamed immensely with joy.

Germaine could feel Cindy hard nipple rubbing her clit. After getting enough juice on her breast, she climbed on top of Germaine, who began sucking her boobs with passion. Germaine could taste her own juice mix from Cindy’s boob and from her luscious lips as both women kissed deeply, breathing heavily after another intense orgasm.

Both women lay in bed into each other’s arms with Cindy kissing and licking her mature lover’s huge breasts gently. They truly enjoyed each other’s company.

After sleeping for a few hours, Germaine was looking at herself in the mirror in the bathroom. She was all naked when Cindy, wearing a white bathrobe, walked in slowly, feasting her eyes on Germaine’s naked body. Both women smiled at each other. Cindy did not hesitate to take off her bathrobe, letting it kaçak casino slide on the floor. She approached Germaine, grabbed her from behind, started kissing the back of her neck, her cheeks, and shoulder. They looked in the mirror as Cindy began more fondling on her mature lover’s body.

Cindy began kissing Germaine’s back all the way down to her huge cellulite booty. Germaine felt good as Cindy’s kisses and soft hands grabbing on her huge butt cheeks making her begging for more. As soon as Cindy’s hot tongue touched and fondled her pussy, Germaine let go another big scream. After all this time, she really enjoyed letting herself go. She felt inside herself that she got her sex drive back. Cindy has awakened the nymphomaniac side of her lover.

Suddenly, Germaine led Cindy to the empty bathtub. The older waitress laid in the tub, instructing Cindy to sit on her face while standing up. Germaine’s firing tongue and lips licked and sucked the living life out of Cindy’s pussy. Germaine slapped Cindy’s butt at the same time. The taste of her younger lover’s pussy was sweet as honey. Germaine loved it very much. Cindy kissed Germaine deeply before getting out of the empty tub. Cindy helped Germaine holding her tight. They both embrace more standing next to the tub, enjoying every single moment. Germaine would no longer resist her gorgeous lover’s touch. The weekend was still young, and they never wanted it to end.

For the remainder of the weekend, Cindy and Germaine spent plenty of quality time together. They vandalized the fancy boutiques in downtown Montreal, buying lavish gifts for each other. They wined and dined like queens at the best restaurants. They even attended a humor gala given by many comedians from across the continent at a spacious and popular theatre. When the night came, they made sweet passionate love until the sun shone bright on top of their townhouse in the sky.

Germaine never imagined that someone else would waltz into her life after her best friend Marie-Jeanne died. She decided to move away from her hometown, living in the neighbouring small town next to Cindy’s. She bought her own house, got a job as a waitress at one of the local restaurants, and enjoyed living the simple and quiet life in the country. With her children all grown up and on their own, divorced from her husband, and getting her groove back, Germaine felt revitalized.

However, for Cindy, married to her high school sweetheart, and still having children living at home, her lesbian affair with Germaine had to be kept a secret. Every time both women met, mostly a Germaine’s house because she was living alone, they cherished every single second they had with each other.

From that night, up in a penthouse at a five-star luxurious hotel in the heart of downtown Montreal, The Lesbian Couples Matching Game united these two ladies: a younger and older one for a memorable weekend. This was a life changer for both women. With the understanding that they remained closer to each other, they were both avidly content and fulfilled.

If this author can borrow the famous Las Vegas line: “What happens in Montreal, stays in Montreal!”


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