He-wolf Ch. 05

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3D Babes

(Disclaimer: All characters involved in sexual relationships are over 18 years of age, and no minors are sexually exploited in this content. In no way are actual events or persons depicted. This is my own fictional story and my characters and my places are mine and my own. Also I thank Tia my new editor she is amazing!! And my amazing best friend Alex six for his help in adding a few parts for my story!!! Also want some insight or wanna be a top fan add me on Skype Allen9980)

Alex-18 werewolf

Jagger-18 Chucial

Luna-44 werewolf

Dean-48 werewolf

Alice, Felix, Sparrow-3 werewolf pups

Preston-19 werewolf

Hunter-19 werewolf

Bruce-18 unknown

Chucial cu-s-ial- ancient human half breed with animals that have the powers over one or more element such as fire, water, earth, air, or very rarely spirit.

Melyster quickly took action, running down the vampire pair, landing a clawed hand in the snow blond’s chest and holding his heart in his hand as the vampire turned to ash. The brunette stared at Mel and ran at him, but Jagger ran at the vampire and punched him hard and roared as he spread his wings and the flames on the candled in the room burst and flew to the vampire igniting him.

The vampire wailed and thrashed trying to put out the flames. But when I looked over at Melyster he was staring at Jagger.

“You are a very strange Chucial Jagger, very strange…” Melyster turned and walked out of the door.

Jagger looked at me and frowned. I just shrugged in confused too, but stared on in awe before jumping into action picking up Alice and sparrow.

Jagger took Alice from me gently and held her close then smiled at me. “What do you think makes me so different I mean before I was just a normal guy and now I’m a Chucial and I’m a mixed breed. Why?” he asked.

I smiled at him and pecked his cheek. “I guess there are some other things in you. Maybe some sprite or pixie. We could find out if you want. We’ve always known you were special.”

He shook his head and sighed, walking into the triplet’s room laying her in her bed as I laid sparrow in his.

“Hey why didn’t Felix come and say hi to us?” Jagger asked.

“He broke a vase this morning so he had to do chores the whole day.” I said and chuckled.

Jagger shrugged and took my hand and together we walked out. I led him out back and into the rose garden. He sighed and sat in one of the lawn chairs and turned on his side so he wouldn’t have to lean on his wings. I sat in the chair next to him and smiled at him holding his hand.

After 20 minutes I heard a rustling behind me and sat up looking behind me and saw a pack of vampires. I saw the King vampire Aigre walk over in front and stared at Jagger.

“We want the boy.” Said Aigre.

I stepped in front of Jagger and growled deep in my chest. ‘Father the vampire king is here. They want Jagger. We’re in the rose garden.’ I thought to my father.

Confusion and anger met my thoughts before I could feel my pack mobilize.

I saw one come at me from my left and shifted quickly swatting him away easily. But was sopped midstride by a sharp pain in my side between my ribs. Looking down I saw a silver knife jutting from them. I pulled it out with my teeth and ignored the pain more worried about my mate, but when I looked around for Jagger I saw nothing.


I hovered above and concentrated on the earth below me trying to help in any way I could. I saw the ground start to start to shake under the swarm of vampires. I saw Alex look up at me and I lowered myself onto his back holding on tightly to his fur as the ground under the vampires started to sink. I felt Alex stiffen and I consciously massaged his soft spots to calm him.

“It’s okay they’ll be gone soon.” I said, wondering when I became the tough and collected on, while together we watched as the vampires disappeared into the earth. I felt something shift in me making me feel relaxed and like nothing could hurt me.

Every wolf from the house came out ready to fight and looked around. I heard people talking, but saw none of their mouths move. I realized that they were using telepathy and that I could somehow hear them. ‘Where are the vampire’s?’ I heard Mama Luna say. ‘Whoa….I can hear your thoughts.’ I thought while looking at mama Luna.

She yipped and stepped back staring at me.

‘What is it mom? What’s wrong?’ I heard Alex think.

I grinned at Alex and decided to do something evilly delicious and started imagining Alex bending me over the kitchen counter, pounding my ass hard and deep making me yell his name over and over till I came. I felt his lust around me like it was me own as he slowly turned his head to look at me. A sly grin spread over my face.

I laid on Alex’s back and nuzzled my face into his fur exhausted. I heard Melyster talking and turned my head to see that he was speak to me.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Where are the vampires Jagger? What did casino siteleri you do?” He asked again

“Umm….one stabbed Alex which pissed me off so I flew up and started concentrating on the action below me, focusing intently on the ground. It started to shake then it just swallowed them.” I finished speaking just as my eye lids started drooping.

He nodded and mumbled something to Alex who started walking inside.

“Mmm sleepy Alex.” I said.

He nodded and thought. ‘I know Jag. We’re going to bed right now don’t worry. I’ll be staying in my wolf form so I can keep you safe.’

“What are you guys going to do to the vampires are you going to dig em up?” I asked as he slowly walked down the stairs to his room.

‘We’ll be doing it in the morning, but Penny and Bill are going to stay out back to see if any of them try and dig themselves out. I am very proud of you Jag. You took down a vampire king.’ He said and I smiled.

“Thank you Alex, but how can I hear your thought’s. I couldn’t before and you can obviously hear mine.” I grinned and slide off his back as he crawled into bed.

‘Well maybe something happened when you used your powers the way that you did. Maybe it strengthened our bond. Then again you could hear my mom too, maybe there’s a little wolf in you or something. We’ll find out more tomorrow, but for now we sleep.’ He said and curled around me his tail laying behind my back and his paw on my waist as I curled up and into his safe embrace.

“Hey Alex?” I asked.

‘Yes Jagger?’ He thought to me.

“When the sun comes up. How can you dig him up without him turning to ash?” I asked

‘He’s a very old vampire. Over time they grow an immunity to the sunlight to point where they can’t even tan from it.’ He replied.

“Oh…okay.” I said and fell asleep.

The next morning I introduced Jagger to James, the pack alpha. They hit it off immediately having so much in common. As they talked I lay at Jagger’s feet and relaxed hearing them compare books and authors. I started to doze off till I heard my father say that we had to go to Opal to have Aigre buried in the vampire prison.

I shifted and stood up. “Pup we have to go to Opal to have Aigre taken care of. I’ll be back in a couple of hours okay?”

I saw him pout. “Can’t I come with you? What if someone else tries to take me?” He came over to me and frowned. I knew he was starting to panic. Too much change in too short a time.

“I’m sorry pup, but you can’t. James, My mom, Hunter, and Bruce will be here to keep you safe okay?” I said and kissed him on the top of the head and shifted back to my wolf then ran outside. I felt like shit leaving him. I hoped he couldn’t feel it. I felt like something bad was going to happen, but with all of them there it couldn’t possibly.

We made a special coffin for Aigre over night to make sure that he had no way of escaping. It was made of heavy iron and had a sharp stake welded onto the bottom so that once he was in he would be too weak to break it open, even after he’s buried.

We dug him out and like all vampires he was in a coma like state when the sun was up. We shoved him in and I cringed at loud crunch of the stake passing through his bones.

We closed and locked the coffin. Followed by encasing the coffin in a few heavy chains with a few heavy locks just to ensure he stayed locked down. After that my father, Preston, Petta, his mate Luce, and I went to Opal. Our first visit was to the Fay King, whom we found sitting at his movable throne in front of the lake.

“King Realta, I bowed, we’ve come with Aigre. He attacked my mate and needs to be jailed.” I said with my head raised and my voice loud and demanding.

Realta looked at me with disinterest and sighed. “Fine. Guards put him in the last cell and bury him ten feet under. He was pissing me off anyway so I guess I should thank you.” He looked back to me and raised a brow. “You. Come here. I see something very interesting coming in from your future.” Hi face lit up with a feral grin.

I walked over and frowned. “What do you mean? I thought it was your wife who had the sight.”

“Oh she does, but I see a bit here and there, but you, my dear boy, are coming in clear as a bell. Oh you will have it tough, dear Alex. You’re in for a hell of a lot of complications and disappointments. By the way, how is my Bruce doing? I sent him there years ago to keep an eye on the boy, but haven’t heard a thing from him in years.” He frowned and crossed his arms leaning back.

My frown deepened and I looked more intently at Realta. “What do you mean a hell of a lot of complications? What’s going to happen? And what about Bruce? What are you talking about? He’s just a human.”

“Oh Alex I thought you would know better than that sweet boy. He’s not human, he’s a pixie.” He waved his hand around him, ignoring my first question, looked to the side watching a few sprites fly around as if it was obvious. “Oh sorry I might have forgotten to mention canlı casino you may want to get home. Corbeille is pissed at you for taking her husband away. It doesn’t help that she wants Jagger either I suppose.”

My eyes widened and I ran from his throne and to the small pack waiting for me. Only saying three word to make them run behind me like a bat out of hell. “HOME. NOW. CORBEILLE.”


James and I were talking with Bruce and Hunter as they cudded in a chair next to me when we heard a loud bang from outside the door. I heard Hunter and James growl and looked to the door as I stood. There was a small explosion and the door burst into pieces making us all fly back into the back wall.

I groaned and sat up to see James unconscious. Crawling over to him was work. The sounds of fighting all around. I shook him, trying and wake him and as I looked around I found that they were all knocked out. A huge man went to pick me up, but I jumped out of his reach and flew up into the air where they couldn’t reach me. I flew out of the room and screamed as I saw a mix of hurt and dead people. Some I knew, some I didn’t, but I loved them all and they were hurt. I had a feeling it was all my fault. “OH GOD NO!!” I flew over to Mama Luna and looked into her dead eyes. I started to panic and heard them behind me. I closed my eyes and went into a sleep so deep I fell back. I concentrated hard on trying to figure out how to help Mama Luna. I felt warmth build inside me, but was yanked away as I felt a prick in my neck. Whatever they stuck me with caused me to get really drowsy.

I was picked over and thrown over the big man’s shoulder. I lifted my head and saw Mama Luna’s eyes flutter and mustered up the only smile I had in me and sent it to her. I then saw Alice lift her head, along with a few others. ‘Alex….I saved Mama Luna and Alice. I’ll miss you Alex.” I fell into a drug induced sleep.


I heard Jagger tell me he saved my mom and Alice while we were still about an hour away from the house. After the conversation with Realta, I ran to my car in my wolf form as fast as I could. Driving like my life depended on it because I had a feeling it did. I couldn’t even register the speed limit and was surprised that no cops pulled me over. When I got to the house there was smoke coming out of a few windows, but judging from the smell, the fires were watered down so they were out. I ran inside and saw a few of my cousin’s laying on the floor dead.

I looked away and growled. “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? WHO COULD DID THIS?” I screamed and walked around quickly, trying to find Jagger. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find him. I started screaming his name louder and louder.

I found my mom in the kitchen with the triplets. “Mom what happened? Where is he mom? He’s got to be here, isn’t he here? Mom please tell me he’s here?” I begged. Tears ran unchecked down my cheek as she sighed and looked into my eyes and rubbed my ears like she did when I was a puppy.

“Alex…they took-” She didn’t even get to finish before I dropped to my knees and screamed my pain and rage to the world.

“NOOOO NOT MY PUP!!!” I cried and started punching the cabinets, the walls, anything I could reach.

I cried and felt my mom’s arms around me shushing me. “We’ll find him my son. I swear it. We’ll find the little bird.” She said softly.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked over to see Alice. She smiled a watery and sad smile, flipping her hair to show me a long stitched cut across her neck. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. “Jaggy saved me. I was in heaven with Uncle James when I heard Jaggy crying. I didn’t want him to cry, so I came back to hug him, but then the big man came and took him. He saved mama too and Sue and Lucey and Sidney and almost uncle James, but the big man stuck him in the neck with a needle so he fell asleep.” She hugged me and sat in my lap.

I sat there shocked as I listened then hugged her tightly. “He saved all of you? But how?”


I don’t know how long I’ve been here. The days have blended into just a continuation of mental and physical abuse. I’ve been beaten, had my wings twisted, and been constantly told that the wolfs’ were using me. Using my powers for themselves, even Alex. No matter what they said I knew it wasn’t true. Alex loved me and I him. If at any time I came close to believing them the whips would clear my head.

I was hanging from the ceiling by my wrists. My wings trapped behind me by a large leather strap. At first I stood so it didn’t hurt so much, then my legs buckled, so I ended up hanging there. After a while my joints burned and the pain swiftly turned agonizing, then sweet numbness. At this point not feeling my legs was a blessing. At first I argued, but the beatings made me stop. I couldn’t take the pain. Quickly learning that when I agreed they wouldn’t beat me I hastily agreed with everything they said and they rewarded me with water and food. I was not stupid kaçak casino though. I knew they were trying to train me, but they didn’t know that I wouldn’t fall for it and I would do anything not just to survive, but to be reunited with Alex. The worst torture were my dreams. I’d dream of Alex breaking down the door and saving me. Sweet relief would bring such happy tears, but then I’d wake and find it’d just be a dream. I was still hanging there…unable to do anything. They kept me drugged. Just enough to keep my elemental powers in check, but me lucid and knowing what happened every second of every day. They moved me around so much I don’t even know where I was sometimes they drugged me continuously for days.

I heard the door open and clenched my jaw against a whimper. “It’s a new day Jagger. Are you ready to be let down and be a good boy?” I looked up to see Sombre and Lumiere, identical opposite twins, their names fit them well. Sombre loved to beat and whip me till I screamed so loud he had to cover his ears. I’d learned the names where French from Lumiere.

Sombre meant dark which fit him perfectly, evil black hair and black eyes filled with hatred. He looked to be 6’7 and had a smile of pure psychotic evil. Lumiere was so shy, timid, and never inflected any pain on me unless forced. He often visited me without anyone knowing, asking me questions about being with a wolf. Sometimes even taking the strap off my wings to let me stretch. I didn’t understand him or what he wanted at first, but as time went on he was my salvation. I didn’t even try to escape or hurt him when he would help me anymore. I actually thought of him as a friend and looked forward to his visits. His name meant light and it fit him well. His hair was a snow white. His eyes a bright blue, the only color eyes I saw besides red and black, but were filled with such a deep and blinding sadness that I knew he was a prisoner too. Whenever he looked at me it was a smile of sorrow and fright. He was just like me.

I nodded and started to cry. “Yes I’ll be good. Please let me down.” I begged. I’ve had enough. I fought as long as I could.

“Tell me who you pledge your allegiance to Jagger.” Sombre asked.

“Queen Corbeille, the most beautiful and kindest queen. I’m lucky to have her as my queen and to have her let me stay in this house Prince Sombre.” I said. Even thinking those words made me sick.

“And who are the rabid things you will never even think of again?” he asked.

“The things I will do everything in my power to destroy, My Prince.” I said and looked up to see Lumiere’s sad look. I knew he was hurt that I was giving up.

They let me down. Lumiere picked me up and took me to his room, then laid me in his large cushioned coffin. “You can sleep with me. I promise not to try anything. I just don’t trust anyone to leave you alone if we give you your own room. Is this okay?” he asked.

“Yes thank you for letting me stay in your room.” I curled up under the covers and smiled sadly at Lumiere.

He laid next to me above the covers and I snuggled up to him. He was my only friend, the only person who didn’t want me for the power I held.

“Why are you so fascinated by the wolfs?” I asked as he wrapped his arms around me trying to comfort me.

“I’ve read in a lot of our archives where a vampire and a werewolf fall in love and end this feud, but it’s never happened. I want to try it. I hate this feud.” He sighed and closed his eyes. “It’s almost morning, we need to get some sleep. Tomorrow you’re going to meet Neuter to learn to control your elements.” He said and closed the coffin lid. It was surprisingly comfy and felt safer than anything I’d experienced since I was taken. In my heart I craved Alex, my heart ached for him. ‘I miss you my love. So damn much.’ I fell asleep just minutes after the thought.


25 days without him. Everyone at school thought he ran away. He was lucky he had enough credits that even if he didn’t come back to school these last 3 months he’d graduate, not that it mattered any more.

25 days of pain. I could feel his pain as he was beaten and whipped and told lies to about us wolves. I could hear his thoughts, but couldn’t respond to him no matter how hard I tried. But we were getting closer to him we knew he was in Australia, but didn’t know where in Australia.

25 days of loneliness. Feeling and hearing him wasn’t enough. I need him like I need to breath. Lying in bed alone just made me think about him more. Even his smell was starting to fade off the shirt I kept with him.

I got home, sighed and rubbed my neck as I walked to my dad. “Anything?” I asked. I looked up to my father, feeling his panic. I knew I didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

“We’re not allowed to look anymore. Tyler is now the alpha. He says no.” He said and sighed.

I looked at him with my mouth open and my jaw wide. “You’re kidding me right?”

Tyler came up behind me grinning with all of his sadistic self-showing. “No he isn’t. I am your alpha and you have to deal with it. Jagger’s gone and there’s nothing you can do, but suck it up. No more wasting the packs’ time trying to find him.”

All I remember is shifting and attacking.

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