Gym Rat

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If there’s one thing I loved about Cain, it was the way his sweat pooled at the small of his back. We’d exchanged a few words in bio class freshman year and I always found him kind of arrogant, but nothing could change the excitement I felt watching him drenched in sweat at the gym. He looked like the classic straight man I tried not to let myself be attracted to, with broad, muscular shoulders and a firm jawline. We had met eyes in the weight room mirror more than once, and he always responded with a slight smirk. Sometimes I would catch him admiring my body in the mirror, his eyes dancing back and forth between my form and his own. These moments were truthfully what kept me coming back to the gym every week.

Today, I was watching him at the lat pulldown machine. His shoulders pressed together when he pulled the bar down, making the thin grey t-shirt he wore stick to his back sweat. A drop traveled down his neck and I swallowed. I had almost completely forgotten what I was doing and struggled to hide the fact that I was staring when Cain released the bar with a gentle grunt and stepped away from the machine. Cain turned and met my eyes. He smiled, and I looked back at my machine, but I was still painfully conscious of Cain’s eyes on me. I could smell his sweat before I heard him approach,

“Hey, Jack.” I didn’t think he had remembered my name.

“Hey,” I forced out. The size of his dick was painfully obvious in his athletic shorts.

“Mind spotting me?” I had never heard better words in my life.

I followed Cain to the bench and stood beside it as he lied down. There was something intense in his eyes, looking up like he was waiting for my next move. He licked his lips (but maybe he was just sweaty?) and grabbed the barbell. His muscles strained to lift the weight, and his breathing mixed with faint grunts. “Count,” he directed me, and I did. At 5, the veins on his arms were bulging. At 10, his face scrunched casino oyna up when he lifted the weight, but somehow still looked stunning. By 25, I noticed he was becoming erect. His dick was huge. I nervously eyed the bulge in his shorts, his grunts fading into the background.

“Like what you see?” Cain asked with a smile, and I realized I had lost count entirely.

“Sorry.” Cain lifted the barbell back onto its stand, then reached down and palmed his dick through the shorts. I swallowed. He still had that amused look on his face,

“Well, do you?” I nodded, and Cain grabbed my hand and placed it on his bulge. I felt his girth cautiously and he lifted his hips to press against my hand encouragingly. Cain leaned back with his hands behind his head and watched me. I was nervous to feel him up too obviously, and I think this amused him somehow. “You wanna see it outs of these shorts?” he asked, and I nodded again.

Immediately, Cain leapt up, and I followed him to the locker rooms. He lead me to a shower stall and locked the door behind us. These were close quarters. The smell of his sweat and deodorant filled the air. “I always thought you were straight,” I said, mostly to break my own nerves. Cain smiled,

“I’m bi.” He grabbed my hands and placed them on his waist, and I took this as an invitation to wiggle them underneath his shirt. He pressed my hands against his body so I could feel his abdominal muscles tense. His skin was damp and warm. Cain’s hand found the back of my neck and he pulled my face to his, kissing me on the lips before moving to bite and suck on my neck. I followed a bead of sweat’s trail from his collarbone, over his chest, to the waist of his shorts. I would have drank his sweat, if given the opportunity.

Cain yanked his shirt off over his head, and I was speechless at the sight of his muscular torso. I must have been gawking, because Cain laughed. His hand pushed my head into his chest, canlı casino and I happily pressed my tongue against his nipple. Cain’s breathing grew more intense, even letting a little whine escape between his lips, as I kissed and sucked on his nipple. I let my teeth graze it gently, and Cain’s large, encouraging hand squeezed more firmly on the back of my head. My dick was throbbing against my shorts, and his evidently was too, pushing forward to meet my hips while my mouth explored the salty taste of his skin. I moved to his armpit and inhaled deeply. The smell of his deodorant and post-workout musk sent my head spinning. Cain’s hand lead me lower, onto my knees in front of him.

I was now face-to-face with the crotch of a man I had been staring at since freshman year. It would be impossible to overstate how excited I was when I got to pull his shorts down, press my face against his underwear, and breathe in the musty smell of his cock. I ran my hand over its length, and licked the head through his underwear, which was already damp with sweat. I couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled his boxer-briefs down and marveled at the 9-inch dick that sprang forth. “Oh my god,” I exhaled, and Cain let out a gentle laugh, stroking it a few times. My whole body was alive with excitement, and I found myself leaning in, grabbing his dick, and placing my mouth over the head of it. I bobbed up and down a few times, then pulled back and let my tongue explore the length and girth of his cock. I got underneath it, flicking my tongue over his balls and sucking them into my mouth. They were weighty and beautiful. His pubic hair was untrimmed, and I savored the sweat that was trapped there. He smelled sour and manly and delicious.

I engulfed the head of his cock again and took him as far into my throat as I could, struggling to choke down my gag reflex. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. His skin glistened in the fluorescent lights. I quickened my pace, pressing my kaçak casino tongue against him and delighting in the groans which squeezed their way from his throat. His hand, which had been quite gentle on the back of my head, now grew rougher, and I let him thrust his cock deeply into my throat. Drool ran from the corners of my mouth. I heard his breath falter, and he pushed me roughly off of him. “Open your mouth,” he commanded in a strangled voice, and I did, just in time for him to jerk himself to orgasm and fill my mouth with his cum. Some of it dripped on my chin, and there was a streak across my nose, but I was happy to swallow a solid mouthful.

Surprisingly, Cain got to his knees too and pulled my head towards his. His tongue was all over my mouth, cleaning away the slimy feeling of his cum. Even his tongue felt powerful and direct. He angled my face down and pressed his tongue against my nose, licking up what was there, too. Cain yanked down my shorts and wrapped a hand around my cock. My breath caught in my throat and he smiled. “Tell me how hot I am,” he said in my ear, nibbling along the outside of it. This would usually be kind of a douchey thing to say, but I was entirely wrapped up in the moment and let out a long embarassing stream of compliments: “You’re so fucking hot oh my god you’re fucking gorgeous I can’t believe this is happening to me you’re the hottest person I’ve ever seen in my life.” The pace of Cain’s hand increased, and he pulled me into a kiss again. One large hand wrapped threateningly around my throat and applied a gentle pressure.

I came instantly, my hips bucking into his hand, cum arcing in the air to leave a mess on the floor and his fingers. Cain just let out a gentle laugh and brought his hand to his mouth, sucking the cum off of it. We watched each other breathe heavily for a moment, in silence, before Cain said “That was hot,” quite matter-of-factly and began pulling on his clothes again. He was quick to leave, but before he did he kissed me once more and stated, “Next time you should let me fuck your ass.”

I walked back to my dorm that night with a cum-stained t-shirt and a secret thrill in my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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