Generation Gap

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Even though she had just spent a grueling three hours in the car, Debbi felt a little surge of energy as she turned the last corner to her boyfriend’s house. It felt a little strange for her to be doing this, seeing as how he was still living at home, but that’s what she got for giving her heart (and more) to a college student nearly ten years her junior. Somehow, in spite of their age difference, or perhaps because of it, the last few months of his spring semester had seen them share an intense, passionate love that knew no boundaries. The forced separation of his summer vacation had been hard on them both, and this was already her second visit to his home. Kevin still lived with his parents when he wasn’t in school, which made their situation a little awkward, but he was definitely worth it. As she pulled into the driveway, Debbi checked her hair and make up in the mirror while reflecting on what the past few months had brought.

They had met in a typical college town kind of place, a somewhat seedy combination of restaurant and bar. It was far off campus enough, however that it managed to draw a mix of students and locals. Kevin was spending a night out with some friends, and Debbi had been doing the same. As luck would have it, she had just broken off a fairly serious relationship, and was getting back into the party scene. She hooked up with Kevin rather quickly, mostly due to a mix up regarding their ages. Ironically, they each figured the other to be about twenty-five, which just about split the difference between them. By the time they had figured this out, things between them had already grown quite hot and heavy. Besides, Debbi was on the prowl, and as several of her male friends knew, when she was looking for some, she always got it. The difference this time was that Kevin proved himself quite capable in bed, which resulted in several steamy sessions together. Furthermore, while he was somewhat experienced, Debbi found him to be quite willing to learn new techniques, and she soon realized the advantages of keeping him around. For his part, Kevin had never bedded such a wild and impulsive woman, and he was bound and determined to enjoy what they shared together as long as he could. When the time had finally come for them to part for the summer, they both understood that while they’d do their best to stay together, demanding fidelity was something entirely out of the question. Indeed, during their last visit, Debbi had stimulated him with tales of a few trysts she had enjoyed, and listened in rapt attention as Kevin detailed one of his own conquests. This time, Debbi didn’t really have anything new to tell of, and she wondered if Kevin did. In the end it was of no great concern to her, she only looked forward to an endless weekend of passion in his arms.

Endless, that is, only after it got started. Because he was still living at home, Kevin still lived under his parent’s rules, and that meant separate bedrooms when Debbi visited. There were ways around that, of course, and Debbi knew that the first few hours together would be hard. She envisioned that they’d be laying in each other’s arms on the couch, allowing their hands to wander surreptitiously, but they’d have to wait until Kevin’s father finally went off to bed. In a recent letter from Kevin, it was revealed that his mother’s work hours had changed, and she wouldn’t be home most evenings. That was good news for the both of them, for she was the one who really enforced the restrictions on his life. Nevertheless, Debbi could hardly wait for him to move back to an apartment just off campus. There, she mused, they could spend as much time as they wanted together, and what they did was their business. Debbi had quite a bit more to teach Kevin, and a lot of it would require them to share their own space together without any outside interference…unless that was a part of the lesson!

With those thoughts in mind, Debbi took a moment to apply a few finishing touches to her bright red lipstick and did one last check of her hair. Seeing that everything was in place, she had no sooner stepped out of her car and saw Kevin racing out of the door to greet her. The fact that he had been watching and waiting brought a smile to her face and brightened her pretty blue eyes. A slight breeze caught a few wispy tendrils of her light brown hair, blowing them back and out of the way as she was greeted with a crushing hug, followed with a tender kiss. Debbi felt her lover’s tongue penetrating past her lips into her mouth, and for a moment she didn’t resist. They let their tongues dance together for a moment before she pulled away, knowing that his mother may be watching. It was kind of ridiculous, for he’d be leaving his teens behind for good in another month, but Debbi didn’t want to give her any excuse. Much to her amazement, Kevin did back off without being bidden to a second time, and he stepped back to take a look at her.

Debbi was dressed quite nicely for the season. The first thing he noticed was the tight little tank top she was wearing. While it fit well, Debbi’s ample bosom swelled out against it, threatening to break through. It was made of a cotton so thin that her pink bra showed through clearly, and that excited him, for Kevin casino oyna knew well what was inside. Most of her long shapely legs were visible as well, down to Debbi’s pretty little feet with their painted red toenails visible through her open toed sandals. Pale blue shorts completed her ensemble, giving Debbi only the barest attempt at modesty. They were short enough to begin with, and she had pulled them up high enough that the lower curve of her gorgeous ass peeked out from beneath them. As they walked towards the house, he could even detect the faint outline of what had to be a matching thong under her shorts as well. He had taken her overnight bag from her as well, and from its light weight Kevin knew that her other outfits must be just as skimpy too. That suited him just fine, if things went the way he intended, Debbi would be spending most of her stay out of her clothes anyway.

After they got into the house, a bit of time was spent on the usual pleasantries with Kevin and his father before the two young lovebirds could retire to the relative privacy of the living room. Fortunately for them both, Kevin’s mother was already away at work, for while she didn’t openly disapprove of Debbi, there was a bit of underlying hostility. At least that could now be averted until the morning. Kevin’s father was good enough about giving them their space, Debbi even chuckled that he was glad to see her visit, just so that Kevin would stay off the damn phone! Kevin had his own theories, mostly centered around the idea that no man could avert his eyes from Debbi’s voluptuous beauty, and he certainly wasn’t about to. He wasn’t even going to attempt to keep his hands off of her, and scarcely had they turned towards the couch than Debbi felt his hands taking a firm grasp of her butt.

His touch always brought a smile to her face, and they soon found themselves snuggling in each others arms on the couch. Kevin’s wandering hands were finding new ways into Debbi’s shorts, even going so far as to stretch beneath her skimpy thong to squeeze her buns tightly. He nibbled on her neck and ears as well, drawing in deep breaths filled with the scent of her spicy perfume. She did stop him from reaching up underneath her shirt however, for his father was still around, and he’d periodically check in on them from time to time. On one occasion, Debbi thought he might have gotten a glimpse of his son fingering the pretty brunette’s pussy though the leg of her shorts, and she wiggled away quickly to avoid embarrassment. That wasn’t to say that she wasn’t doing her part to get Kevin worked up as well, for while what he was doing to her was going to be visible, the same couldn’t be said for what she did to him. The slight wiggling around she was doing on the couch pressed her ass firmly against Kevin’s hard cock, it was amazing that he managed to keep it within his thin running shorts. He knew what she was up to as well, and he would even periodically dry hump her ass while they lay together. More brazen on Debbi’s part were the times she’d let a hand reach under his shorts to give Kevin’s hot hard cock a few playful strokes, just for a tease. If it hadn’t still been light out, Kevin was reaching the point when he’d suggest to Debbi that they go out for a drive, ostensibly to a nearby state park, but in reality they’d be out looking for the nearest darkened parking lot. After all, they’d shared quite a few encounters like that, something Debbi hadn’t done in years but was quite willing to do to satisfy her man. So together they remained, teasing each other as they lay together waiting for darkness to provide them with an excuse and an opportunity to go off and release their pent up passion. That was probably the reason why they were both surprised when Kevin’s father walked in one last time and announced that he was going out.

“You two behave yourselves, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Where are you going anyway, dad?” asked a rather shocked Kevin as he tried to sneak his hand out of Debbi’s shorts without being seen.

“Hardware store, they’re doing a presentation that I’ve been meaning to catch. Why, do you two want to come?”

That wasn’t the ‘come’ Debbi had in mind, but she piped up anyway. “I think we’ll be OK here, have a good time mister…um”

“Please, call me John,” replied Kevin’s father as he eyed Debbi up one more time. Her nipples were quite hard from all their teasing, and they poked out through her thin top.

“OK. John,” smile Debbi in return. “And don’t worry about us, I’ll make sure he behaves.” That answer earned Debbi a playful cuff from Kevin, and they watched as his father took his leave of them.

“I don’t think me behaving is what he’s worried about,” he whispered in Debbi’s ear. A delighted little giggle was her only reply, but their wandering hands grew more and more aggressive in the next few moments. Together, they listened for the tell tale sound of his car pulling away before Debbi rose up off the couch.

“Oh, do you really think I’d be the one misbehaving?” she asked as she tugged her top and bra off. Kevin found himself staring at her gorgeous tits for a moment as he sat upright, just before she knelt down between his knees and pulled on his shorts. His erect cock canlı casino popped right out, and Debbi lost no time in wrapping her mouth around it. Kevin sucked in his breath hard as he felt her wet mouth on him. This was what he’d been dreaming of, ever since her last visit, and he leaned back on the couch to let Debbi do her thing. She sucked on his cock long and hard, then abruptly stopped while stroking his shaft very near to her face. “Want me to stop?” she teased. “I mean, your father could come home any minute now…”

“No! Good God no!” exclaimed Kevin. He tried to push her head back down onto his cock, but she pulled back from him.

“I don’t know,” she said with a pouty look on her face. “Has that cock been anywhere else since I was here last?” The hurt expression on Debbi’s face as she delivered that line was priceless, but Kevin knew that it was also part of a ruse.

“Just the same girl as last time, she’s such a hot little fuck. But that was weeks ago. What about you?”

“Oh, one or two” came Debbi’s coy reply. “To tell you the truth though, all I did was suck them this time.”

“I bet they enjoyed that,” he said, smiling at her.

“Mmm, so did I,” answered Debbi. “I just loved sucking those hard shafts until they came all over my face and in my mouth. I think they liked having me suck them too, don’t you?” That was spoken with a mischievous smile and a wink.

“God yes.” With that, he brought his hands around to the back of Debbi’s head and pushed her down towards his cock again. She opened her mouth up quite willingly, sucking and slurping on him as hard as she could. Her hot mouth bobbed up and down as he leaned back once again, this time though Kevin kept his hands in place on her head, gently guiding Debbi as she sucked. Her blow jobs were fantastic, and it was all Kevin could do to keep from cumming too soon. Debbi surely wouldn’t have minded taking his load in her mouth, and she was well known to be a cum swallower, but Kevin had other plans. Fortunately for him, Debbi had the same thing in mind, and while the blow she gave was wonderful, she was careful to keep it to a tease rather than a suck off. It took great skill and control though, and Debbi had it. She used a combination of her wet mouth and her hand on Kevin’s cock. Restraint was required on her part as well, for there was almost nothing she enjoyed more than the taste of a hot load of cum emptied into her mouth. Having that aforementioned cock shooting off inside her pussy was one of those things, and she sucked and stroked him carefully. They continued like this for a few minutes more, until Debbi knew she had brought Kevin right to the point where he’d be able to hold back no more.

Without a warning to him, Debbi stopped sucking and pulled back. Kevin opened his eyes as that hot wet mouth left his cock, and he was about to protest, but what he saw changed his mind. Debbi had risen up off her knees, and in a flash her shorts and thong were around her ankles. She kicked them off and hopped back up on the couch, easing her back into a corner as Kevin moved into position. Her legs were spread wide for him, exposing the carefully trimmed patch of her bush, and the hot little fuck hole beneath it. Debbi was already very wet from the time they spent teasing each other on the couch, and even more so now after sucking Kevin’s cock. Her body was quite limber, and she had one leg raised up on the arm of the couch, the other was draped on the back. That arrangement gave Kevin complete access to her naked body, and he took full advantage of it. Ordinarily, he would have loved nothing better than to suck on his girlfriend’s gorgeous tits, and they were prominently displayed in front of him. This time, however, Debbi had gotten him so hot and aching to cum that he immediately placed his cock at the entrance to her waiting cunt. Without any further interruption, Kevin rammed his cock inside her. Debbi screamed out loud as she felt that hard dick piercing her. She was quite wet and ready, yet the shock of feeling Kevin’s cock reaming her pussy sent shivers down her spine. His thrusts into her following his initial entrance matched it with their ferocity, he used all his strength to pound himself deep inside that waiting cunt. Debbi continued to scream and gasp, she was loud and unrestrained. She was used to his hard, fast pace, but after such a long separation, the feeling of such a hard cock fucking her were exquisite, almost painful. Coupled with that, Kevin found himself unable to resist squeezing her breasts while he fucked her, and in his eagerness his touch was rough. He pinched and squeezed Debbi’s firm nipples with his fingers, and pushed down on her breasts will all of his weight as his cock continued to plow into her.

Her pussy was wet and slick inside, and his cock was already soaked with her spit, making it glide into her effortlessly. Additionally, Debbi squeezed herself tight around him, moaning and squealing as her body shook each time he thrust. That made her tits jiggle around as well, making him grab at her with renewed passion and vigor. She screamed out at him to fuck her, fuck her hard, something that Kevin needed no encouragement to do. Her hips ground down into the couch kaçak casino each time Kevin thrust into her, and it didn’t take long at all for Debbi to be screaming in absolute joy. The feeling of his stiff cock plowing into her was too much to take, and she came hard for him in one loud yelp. Her body quivered as she felt him continue to slam her into the couch, and her breath came in hard little gasps as she recovered from her first orgasm in quite some time. Within moments, Kevin was gasping hard for breath as well, winded from his efforts as he slammed into her again and again. It was a valiant effort on his part to hold back as long as he could, but ultimately Kevin could no longer restrain himself. With one final gasp, he came hard into Debbi’s pussy, flooding her hot little snatch with streams of his cum. Over and over he felt his balls contract as they squeezed out their load inside her. His cock was deep within her when he did, and several short, sharp thrusts rammed him in deeper as her arms pulled him in tight. Debbi’s expertly painted nails dug into his back as he came, scratching out a red trail as his thrusts subsided and she allowed Kevin to slowly slip out of her grasp. Despite that, Kevin had unleashed enough of a load that when he finally withdrew from Debbi’s cunt there was a tell tale stream of his pearly white cum seeping out of her, mixed in with her own sweet juices.

Their passions spent, at least for now, the two lovers snuggled together on the couch, pressing their nude bodies together peacefully. It was quite a difference from the blur of activity that had just passed, but they both knew that their weekend together was just getting started. With John out of the house and out of the way, they had the luxury of time to spend together relaxing as they were, without having to worry about getting dressed so quickly after lovemaking. Kevin knew his father wouldn’t be gone all night, and reluctantly they rose to get dressed. Debbi made sure to feast her eyes on the sight of the naked young buck she’d just had, and she allowed her eyes to linger on the muscular thighs that drove his cock into her pussy so well. Of course, she was also looking at his now flaccid cock as well, which was glistening with her juices. He saw where her gaze lay, and knew that before the night was out he’d get at least one more chance to shove that cock back inside her where it belonged. While she collected her things and got dressed herself, Debbi could feel Kevin’s eyes on her too. She certainly didn’t mind, and even added some superfluous bending and stretching to her routine as a tease. Even after his father returned home, Debbi found a way to brush against Kevin with her gorgeous breasts or grind that magnificent plump ass of hers into him from time to time. Just to keep the tease going.

With all that Debbi was doing to Kevin as a playful tease, his father’s drawn out bedtime routine couldn’t start soon enough. They were almost willing to lock themselves in his bedroom and tear each other’s clothes off, such was the level of their frustrations, but then they knew they’d get caught. Neither one knew what his parents would really do if they did get caught, but Kevin and Debbi didn’t really want to find out either. Worst case was that he wouldn’t be able to see her again until he regained his independence with the start of the university’s fall semester, but that was weeks away, and they didn’t need to endure that. So they did manage to behave themselves, badly of course, but it did get them through until John finally called it a night. As he was on his way up, Debbi made a great show of getting settled in the guest room, even going so far as to put on an oversized T-shirt as a nightshirt, albeit with something special underneath. That was for Kevin’s eyes only, at least tonight, but unbeknownst to Debbi, his father had inadvertently gotten a glimpse of some of her things as they lay strewn on the bed while she was in the bathroom changing. To his credit, John did nothing, but he had to admit to himself that the mental image of Debbi wearing the skimpy little thong he had seen was quite arousing. If only he knew how wet the crotch was, and how it got that way!

Kevin and Debbi retired to separate bedrooms initially, to provide the illusion that they weren’t up to anything. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course as they began what seemed to be an interminable wait before reuniting. As they had done in the past, they would remain separate for a while so that they could be sure that John had indeed gone off to sleep. Only then would Debbi sneak back into Kevin’s room for their illicit rendezvous. Additionally, she had to restrain herself from falling asleep in his loving arms in time to sneak back to the guest room by morning. The two lovers also knew that they’d have to keep their passions in check enough so that they wouldn’t wake anyone else up either. In this last point, John helped them, in a way. He had a habit of falling asleep with the television on, so an occasional moan or gasp wouldn’t necessarily wake him. The trouble was, with the faint sound of the TV coming from upstairs, Debbi couldn’t quite tell when exactly he’d fall asleep. It would also give them trouble detecting him coming back downstairs for whatever reason. Still, despite the risks Debbi wasn’t going to spend the night apart from her man, and after about a half an hour, she doffed her nightshirt and stalked towards Kevin’s room.

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