Friends and Lovers

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Big Tits

Our room was extremely luxurious. The bed was king size, more than ample for our needs. In the bathroom there was a large bath together with Jacuzzi. Michelle smiled in my direction as the bellboy was given a tip and left us alone.

“Dauber certainly knows how to pick these places. I hope our bank account will stretch to it.” Remarked Michelle, but I was sure she was only joking as we had just won a small fortune on the lottery.

“It’s a fantastic room,” I replied, “I can’t wait to see Bridget stretched out on that bed.”

“I bet you can’t! As for me I can’t wait to see Dauber’s thick cock.”

“Well you won’t have to wait much longer; they should be signing in to the hotel in the next hour. I checked the airport; their plane landed on time. I’ve left a message at reception. They should get it as soon as they arrive.”

We had thought very hard about how to welcome Bridget and Dauber. Michelle said that she would pander to Dauber’s wish for the posh English woman look. She was dressed in a long red and orange velor dress. Lovely tan stockings clung to her legs, held there by a white suspender belt.

“I bet Dauber likes my panties,” laughed Michelle and with that she turned to face me, grabbing the hem of her dress and lifting it to her chin. I could see a pair of silk red panties.

“These are the ones I took off when we chatted last month. They are the same ones you rubbed on my face and slid into my mouth on that video we made last year.”

I really didn’t know what to wear. Michelle came to my help. She looked through the luggage and pulled out a red thong, white shirt, socks, and blue Levi jeans.

“I don’t know what Bridget will think of these, but they certainly turn me on.”

I stripped in the bathroom. Michelle came round behind me and placed her fingers around my cock. I started to stiffen.

“Not yet!” I moaned, “We must wait.”

Michelle casino oyna let go with a show of mock anger. When she left the bathroom I quickly got dressed. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. We both looked at each other in surprise. My heart accelerated. We both hesitated. There was a second knock. Michelle went across the room and opened the door. I joined her to see a couple standing there. No one said a word. We all looked very red in the face.

“Come on in,” stuttered Michelle.

“Yes” said Bridget, knowingly

After relaxing for an hour or so, we finally got around to the topic of sex. We all agreed that the idea of group sex was appealing, but that it might be too soon for that. Besides, we had the whole weekend! We all admitted to being voyeurs. I reminded Dauber about his wish to watch another couple making love. Michelle joined in at this point, laughing and saying that it might be the right time to start. With that she stretched out on the bed, beckoning me over. Dauber and Bridget smiled and moved over to the chaise lounge at the end of the bed.

“Can we take photos?” asked Dauber.

“No problem” we replied in unison.

I knelt on the bed. Michelle knelt up also, and we went into an embrace. I slithered my tongue between Michelle’s soft lips, my hands reaching around her back and gripping her soft buttocks. I could sense the flash of a camera but took no notice. Michelle rubbed my back and then slid her hands to my waist.

Breaking our embrace, she unfastened the belt and slowly unfastened the buttons of my Levi’s. My trousers slipped down my thighs about six inches, showing the red thong straining because of my hard erection. Michelle started to rub my cock through the red material. I moved my hips in time to her movements. I took her dress hem in my fingers and slowly pulled it up her thighs.

My hands slid up nylon, reached bare flesh and then reached canlı casino the red silk of her panties. As Michelle rubbed my cock, I caressed the silk covered mound, gradually moving my fingers around the silken edges and into her wet cunt. In and out they slid. Michelle started to moan as she could feel her body respond to the stimulation of her cunt and clit.

I then turned Michelle to face Dauber and Bridget. I knelt behind her, reaching into her dress with one hand, fondling her breasts under the lace of her bra. With the other hand hitching up her dress I reached down into the top of her panties and continued to stimulate her clit.

We had not really noticed Dauber and Bridget, but now we were met with a glorious vision. Bridget was sitting back in the chair, her left leg hooked over the arm of the chair and her right leg hooked over Dauber’s legs. She was wide eyed watching us. Her short skirt was hitched up, her silk thong panties in full view.

I could not take my eyes from them! Her panties were pulled to one side, three fingers inserted fully into the gaping hole of her pussy. The lips were spread wide and I could see the moisture glisten on her fingers. She was breathing heavily. Dauber had stopped taking photos. He was looking at Michelle’s panties, hypnotised by the movement of my fingers under the red silk.

Michelle was moving her buttocks against my cock as she looked at the stiff thick cock that was sticking out of Dauber’s jeans. His right hand was sliding up and down, slowly building up a rhythm. His left hand was inside Bridget’s blouse and bra, rubbing and fondling her breasts. I came around and sat next to Michelle. We were all facing each other now. Michelle lowered her left hand and pulled my cock out from my thong, sliding it up and down in the way that she does best.

The four-way masturbation then continued. Dauber and I could not last out much longer. kaçak casino My balls were certainly starting to tingle. I could also sense that Dauber was about to explode. The girls could also tell. With a wicked grin they stood, breaking the contact with our cocks.

“Do you think the boys need some help?” Bridget asked with a smile.

“They certainly do. Care to trade though?” asked Michelle.

“I would love too!” Said Bridget with a smile.

With that Bridget came and knelt at my feet and Michelle went over to Dauber. This was totally unexpected. I smiled at Dauber. He had that smile on his face that said sit back and enjoy it. Bridget took her long nailed fingers and wrapped them around the base of my cock. Michelle did the same with Dauber. As one they lowered their heads and opening their lips slowly, gently swallowed our cocks.

Bridget’s velvet lips moved up and down, her saliva making the movement smooth and silky. I glanced at Michelle. She was doing the same with Dauber’s cock. I couldn’t see Bridget’s ass but Michelle had her fingers up her own dress finishing off what I had started. I could tell by Dauber’s gaze at his own wife’s rear that she was doing the same. How we all exploded at the same time I do not know. Both girls raised their heads at the same time.

With a final flourish of the wrist both Dauber and I gushed. Thick globules of cum stuck to Bridget’s cheeks, chin and nose. Her own fingers must have been working hard as she let out a cry of ecstasy. Her body shaking as the orgasm ripped through her body.

Not soon after I could see Michelle’s body also shake as she thrust her fingers deeper and deeper into her cunt. When she finally turned to face me she was also covered in Dauber’s thick white cum that slowly dripped down her chin and onto her breasts, which my buddy scooped with his fingers and fed to her slowly.

Many hours later, after returning from our nightclubbing, we adjourned to the hot tub for even more fun. After which, we all sat back, exhausted.

What a great start to the weekend and there was still so much more to cum!!

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