Message from Becky Ch. 01

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“Maybe I should get a part-time job now that both kids are in school,” I thought to myself for the 500th time. I was sitting at the kitchen counter, coffee brewing, taking a breather after the rush of getting my girls ready, out the door and on the bus, trying to figure out what I was going to do until 2:40 when they would be home.

I was startled to hear the doorbell ring. The only neighbor who used to come around had recently taken a job and there was nobody else around in the daytime. I went to the door and found a woman standing there, looking a little unsure of herself. She was vaguely pretty, about my size but very fair skin, dirty blond hair cut short, slender.

“Charlotte?” she asked.

“Yes. Who are you?”

“My name is Amber, your friend Becky told me to come look you up when she heard I was coming here for a conference.”

“Becky? Becky Johnston?” I suddenly realized why Amber looked familiar; I had seen her briefly when I went to stay with my old college roommate Becky.

“Yes. We’re next-door neighbors in Springfield.” She smiled shyly.

“I thought I remembered you. You live in that yellow house with the nice garden. Please come in! I’ve just put up some coffee, want some?”

“Great! Becky said you were really nice.”

I smiled. Good old Becky.

“You know, you really look a lot like Becky,” she added.

“I know, our housemates used to call us the Kissing Cousins.”

“Oh? Why?”

I hesitated, then blushed. “Well, they called us the Cousins at first, and then one night during a late-night ‘Truth or Dare’ game we wound up making out, and, well, they sort of had to pry us apart. Next day we woke up hung over and never talked about it again, but we got teased about it forever after.”

She stared at me for a few seconds, then mumbled, “I can see why she wanted to kiss you.” Now we were both blushing. “So where is your family?”

“Oh, the girls are off to school, Bob went to Boston for a meeting. I was going to do a little laundry and then meet the school bus.”

“I, um, well, I brought you a present from Becky.”

“Really? Ooh, what is it?”

Silently, she reached into her purse and pulled out a little parcel. It was a gift-wrapped CD case.

“Now I’m really curious, why is she sending canlı bahis me a CD?”

“Actually, it’s a DVD.”

“Should I watch it now?”

She hesitated. “If you want.” She blushed again and looked away.

We went into the TV room and I put the disk in the player. We sat down on the couch to watch it. The video started with a close-up of Becky’s face, standing on her front porch. She smiles, says “Hi, Charlotte!” and waves me into her living room.

In the next scene, she’s sitting on the couch and smiling into the camera, and says, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you recently.” I nodded, realizing how much I missed her too. “I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and love you.” She paused, a little flushed and breathless. “I can’t wait for your next visit.”

“Also, well, um, I wanted to introduce you to my friend Amber.” Suddenly Amber walks into the frame, sits down beside Becky, and takes her hand. They are both looking a little nervous. Amber smiles at the camera, and then at Becky, a little unsure of herself. Then Becky reaches up with her free hand, touches Amber on the cheek, and they turn and start to kiss. It’s a sort of friendly kiss at first, but then they’re definitely making out on the screen.

I turned to look at Amber sitting beside me; she’s watching me and not the screen. She swallowed, and with a flick of her eyes pointed me back to the screen, where Becky was unbuttoning Amber’s blouse, cupping her breast through the lacy black bra. I suddenly realized that the Amber on the screen is wearing the same mauve washed silk blouse, the same Indian print skirt as the one sitting beside me. Amber on the screen unbuttoned Becky’s blouse, and as in college she’s not wearing a bra. I had a twinge of jealousy: she also nursed two kids, but her breasts look just like they did in college. Her little breasts are at attention, and Amber leans down to suck one.

Becky looks straight at me and says, “Amber is my kissing cousin now. Wouldn’t you like to meet her?” I found myself nodding at her on the screen. Amber reached for my hand and slid close to me as the video faded to black, leaving just the sounds of them kissing for another few seconds. Amber turned my face to her and leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips. Then she sat back bahis siteleri and stared at me.

“So what would you like?” she asked me softly.

I swallowed and moved back a little to look at her. Except for kissing Becky in college, I have never been with a girl. I had often fantasized about what would happen after the kissing. I grinned nervously at Amber. “Why, miss, I hardly know you!” I fluttered my eyebrows. My heart was racing.

“I know, I’ve only ever been with Becky. She still fantasizes about you, though. She’s called me ‘Charlotte’ once or twice when I’ve been making love to her. And you look enough like her that I feel I almost know you.”

“How did you and Becky become lovers?”

She chuckled. “It was an accident at first. Our husbands went on a hunting trip together, and that night there was a big thunderstorm and all the lights went out in the neighborhood. I’m scared of thunder and don’t like to be alone in the dark, so I came over and she kept me company. After a few glasses of Bailey’s Irish Cream I was settled down and ready to go to sleep. She leaned in to kiss me, and next thing I knew I was kissing her back.”

I nodded. “The time I kissed her I remember thinking that it was a good thing our friends were there, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.” I had a sudden flash of Becky’s hand on my breast that night, my nipple crying out for her touch.

“Just then there was a huge thunder blast, and next thing we knew Julie was in bed with us.” I smiled; Julie is Becky’s 3-year-old. “We sang to her, and cuddled her, and eventually she went back to sleep. As the storm ended, I got up to carry her back to bed like it was the most natural thing in the world, and came back to Becky. She said, ‘where were we, now?’ and smiled at me, and we were kissing again, and then taking each other’s clothes off. I was so turned on that when she reached down to touch me I was really ready.

“Next thing we know, we’re both giggling like mad, ‘cuz touching another woman is completely different from touching ourselves. ‘No wonder boys never knew what to do, no feedback!’ We’re rolling back and forth, laughing and kissing and licking nipples. Then she turns on a light and gets down between my legs so she can see what she’s doing, and in about bahis şirketleri 10 seconds she’s giving me the best orgasm of my life. The hard part that night was staying quiet enough not to wake her kids.”

I gulped again. My skin was all gooseflesh, tingling. And my nipples were showing through my bra and T-shirt. Amber was looking at me quietly, a little smile on her lips.

“I wish I had been there,” I murmured.

Amber laughed. “For Becky or for me? Or just to watch?”

I blushed again. “I don’t know. Becky for sure. Watching would have been fun.” I fluttered my eyes at her again. “But I still hardly know you, miss.” I took her hand and brought it up to kiss her palm, and then put it on my hardening breast. “But I would sure like to.”

Amber leaned in to kiss me again, and this time my lips opened and her tongue touched mine. She tasted of raspberries and cream, so sweet I could not believe it. I was touching her face, stroking her soft blond hair, tickling her neck as she gently tugged at my nipple. My entire left side lit up, seemingly all wired to that nipple.

I sat back and stared at her. She was breathing shallowly, mouth slightly open, pure lust in her eyes. “So what would you like?” I echoed her earlier question.

“I don’t know either. Becky was sure you’d be intrigued, but didn’t know if you’d react positively. She said it was 50/50 you’d be offended. I’m OK with whatever happens, I think. And, really, I don’t know you either, but I’d like to.”

I turned away, reaching for my coffee cup, trying to get my breath under control, not to mention my arousal. My mind played my Becky-and-me fantasy tape again. “More coffee?”

“Please, I’d like that.”

We walked into the kitchen holding hands. “How long are you in town?”

“I have some more meetings this afternoon. I was thinking about driving back tonight, but maybe I’ll stay over and go back tomorrow morning. My husband went out to California for a couple of days so there’s no hurry to get back.”

“Why don’t you come stay in the guest room here? You can have dinner with me and my girls if you like.”

“You sure? It won’t be too much trouble?”

“Not a bit. We’re having lasagna, and there’s plenty, ’cause I didn’t realize John would be out of town when I made it.”

“In that case, I accept. Much better than late-night cable in a hotel room.” She leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. We smiled shyly. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but I knew I wanted to be friends with her now.

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