Leelee Ch. 01

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While out shopping Lee Ann tried on a loose top in a changing room. The one she was wearing was too tight, after having her nipple’s pierced.

The idea was to de-sensitize them, and she really hoped it would work. The woman in a magazine article had found it a great relief, after years of discomfort. Hoping it would help her too, she made the daunting visit to a tattoo parlor. Twice she had walked passed, unable to enter the small store, eventually plucking up courage to enter.

A tall black girl pulled back the curtain and asked if she needed help. The blouse was buttoned up the back, so she let her fasten it. The girl was full of chatty banter, which she hardly listened to.

Her nipples were aching from the piercings. Through the material and padded bra, she could see her swollen nipples. They looked misshapen, with the little rings through them. Lee Ann was embarrassed when the girl commented on them.

“Did you get them done in Andrews tattoo parlor?” she asked.

“Yes, just a little while ago. That’s why I’m looking for a blouse,” Lee Ann explained.

“You’re brave, I could never do that. Did it hurt much. They look sore, are they painful?” she asked.

The young girl sounded so casual and disarming, Lee Ann found herself admitting why she had them done. She didn’t tell her everything though. She just said they were too sensitive, and hoped this would help.

“My names Maria, by the way,” she said, looking over Lee Ann’s shoulder into the mirror.

Lee Ann wanly smiled, letting her know how disinterested she was. She wasn’t in a hurry, but the girl seemed to be taking a long time. She wanted to tell her to shut up and get on with it.

“Well done you. Poor titties, they look so hurt,” the girl cooed.

From behind Lee Ann, the girl gently cupped her breasts and nipples. The shock of seeing a pair of black hands, touching her over the white blouse, stunned her. The smooth light caresses lulled her.

“Does that feel better?” Maria asked.

Instead of pushing the intruding hands away, Lee Ann simply nodded her head. The girl had such a light touch, it did feeling soothing. Maybe the piercing had worked already. Usually she became aroused from having her breasts handled. Though it was more from having the nipples pinched and mauled by a boyfriend.

This was different, it was more like a therapeutic massage.

The girl pulled her tighter, embracing her. She could feel the girls large breasts against her back, maybe even hard nipples, or was it her imagination. She thought it was safe enough letting a girl do this to her, as it was only boyfriends that excited her.

It was still wrong. She should be objecting, pushing her away. Lee Ann felt helpless, as the girl talked calmly to her, as though she were merely doing a pedicure.

“They certainly swell up, have they always been this big?” Maria asked.

“Err, no,” Lee Ann stammered.

“Perhaps it’s just the piercing,” Maria suggested.

“You don’t need to do that. Can you let me go now,” Lee Ann asked.

She should have told her, not pleaded with her. Her voice sounded so thin and fragile. The sensations were so powerful, it felt as though she had been drugged. At least she wasn’t becoming over excited, though her breathing rate was just short of panting.

“You like it, don’t you?” Maria asked her, demanding an answer.

“Yes!” Lee Ann whispered, now definitely breathing heavily.

“You’re a sexy little thing, aren’t you?” the girl demanded.

“Yes!” Lee Ann gasped, on feeling her nipples tweaked.

The inflamed buds hurt, yet it was arousing. The damn girl was exciting her!

She had thought it was only with a boyfriend this happened. She only had a little experience of men, but both had been interested in her breasts. They had inflamed them with caresses, and rough play. It always drove her wild, though she had managed to keep the guilty secret, pretending it was them that made her lose control.

At last the girl took her hands away. Lee Ann stood limp, with arms weak at her sides, unable to move. The girls strong hands gripped her shoulders to turn her around. Her t-shirt was pulled up, with the bra tugged underneath the light brown breasts. The large soft pillows were proudly pushed out at Lee Ann.

With a hand behind Lee Ann’s neck, the girl pulled her face into the deep cleavage. They were big and soft, with large, hard black nipples. The girl guided her head forcing her mouth onto a nipple.

“Your turn,” Maria simply stated.

Unable to find the strength to resist, Lee Ann sucked on the girl’s nipple. She no longer felt comforted from the nice massage, she was in shock. It had gone past embarrassment. She felt humiliated. Sucking on this young girls nipples was terrible. She had been coerced, somehow tricked into submitting to her.

Sucking on the other big rubbery nipple at least meant the demeaning act would soon be over.

“There, wasn’t that nice,” Maria smiled. “You’ll have to pay for the blouse, then you can go,” she casino siteleri pleasantly spoke.

The demeaning attitude, telling her she was dismissed after sucking the girls nipples, left Lee Ann feeling belittled. She turned her head away, while the girl pulled her clothes together. She grabbed the old t-shirt, but before she could scurry away, the girl took hold of an arm.

“Don’t I get a kiss, for letting you suck on my big lovely titties?” the girl asked, with a sour pout.

Lee Ann just wanted to run away, but the firm grip on her arm warned her, the ordeal wasn’t over yet. On tiptoe she reached up to touch lips, as a parting peck, not friendly, just something to be endured.

The girl wrapped both arms around her, in a firm clinch, and sucked Lee Ann’s tongue into her mouth.

“Good girl, you taste sweet, not much of a smooch though,” Maria laughed.

Lee Ann hurried to the cash desk, with an awkward, half run, half walk. The tag was still on the blouse. Two customers were waiting behind her, as she awkwardly lifted the tag up to be removed. The assistant smirked at her, as the blouse was pulled tight, showing off the little nipple rings.

Lee Ann’s face turned from pale to puce, knowing the customers could see what she had done. They wouldn’t know it was from desperation, rather than from a perverse fetish. The awful girl suddenly appeared at the desk, and Lee Ann studied her shoes, not daring to look at her.

“Give the kissy girl a discount, Bea. She’s not much of a kisser but she has nice titties,” the big black girl loudly said.

Lee Ann didn’t hear a reaction from the other customers, she just imagined the shocked looks and smirks.

Sitting in her car, gripping the steering so tight her knuckles were white, Lee Ann cried. Big wet tears silently dropped from slits of eyes. Why on earth had she let that bully intimidate her. She was a mature woman, yet she let a young eighteen year old push her around. She had been forced to do those things.

She drove home, determined to put it behind her, and forget about it..Like so many other things in life, she would have to put it down to experience, and become stronger.


The manager had been sorry, but being the last in, she was the first out. Although not entitled to anything, a small redundancy amount was granted, on top of the usual month’s salary.

The only reason she had left the last job, was because the boyfriend insisted, after their breakup. If she had still been there this wouldn’t have happened, as she had five years service at that place. She was only twenty-six and already in the shit. No boyfriend, no job, and no prospects.

Something would have to be done, before she ran out of money to pay the rent. Everyone said it wasn’t her fault, it was the slump. When she was hugged for the third time, a guy was a little too close for comfort. His tie pin rubbed her nipples, and jarred against a piercing ring.

Both nipples responded, growing hard through the white blouse. She had to wear a sensible padded bra, to prevent such accidents. The piercings hadn’t worked. The nipples were still sensitive, maybe more so. Making her excuses she picked up the cardboard box, covering her embarrassment, and quickly left.

Lee Ann left the office building carrying a cardboard box. It felt as though she carried all her worldly belongings. She became angry, and heaved the box into a garbage skip. It didn’t help. The anger seethed within her. She should have put up more of a fight, maybe got some more money out of them.

She stood staring into a store front, not seeing anything, just thinking through her bad luck. After awhile she noticed the window displays, and recognised them. She looked around, noting she had wandered into the mall, not remembering the walk there.

Without a regular income, being here was more than useless, it was a reminder of the difficult situation. Passing the door she noticed someone waving at her. It was that damn girl! She halted in mid step, shocked from a recent memory. Her mind was being flooded by feelings of humiliation, fueling the anger.

“Damn!” Lee Ann exploded. She should have stood up to the rude girl. She was just a kid compared to her. Marching into the store, with a look of determination and a purposeful stride, her anger was about to explode. It was a matter of pride. The girl had touched her nipples while still very sensitive from being pierced.

It was a weak point with her. Lee Ann’s nipples were so sensitive when pulled or tweaked, at times it seemed to stun her.

“Hello, GIRL, we need to talk,” Lee Ann’s face must have been fierce, for the girl looked troubled.

“We can’t talk here, you’ll have to come back,” Maria said, looking shifty.

Determined to put the girl right, she locked the door, and turned on her.

“No need to worry about customers, we can talk in the back room,” Lee Ann said, feeling proud of her assertiveness.

The girl meekly followed, giving her a great sense of confidence. No sooner were canlı casino they in through the door than the girl wrapped both arms around her, and gripped her nipples.

“Hey stop that!” Lee Ann complained. The fierceness in her voice had evaporated.

“I noticed how hot you got when I pulled them before. Wow! They sure do swell up,” the girl commented. “It’s no good squirming, you’re just pulling your own nipples,” she added.

Lee Ann watched a hand pull the shirt out of the skirt to reach inside. The other hand pulled it up over her head. The bra was quickly pulled off while she tried to escape. The girl was bigger and stronger than her, yet hat was no excuse. She should have shouted and demanded to be released. Lee Ann was stunned from being so quickly stripped to the waist.

“Please, let me go, please,” Lee Ann whimpered. All confidence was gone now. In a mirror she watched the girls hands manipulate her breasts, pulling on her nipples, rubbing them, squishing her breast, then the other. She was working her hard and Lee Ann was lost to the wonderful sensations.

“You love it don’t you,” Maria demanded.

“No! You must stop, please, let me go!” Lee Ann pleaded.

She tried to squirm away from the big girl. She was nearly six foot, with a muscular frame. Lee Ann was a mere five-four with a slight figure, except for her breasts, which looked out of proportion. As a mature woman she should have kept control of the situation, with words if nothing else.

From a jeans pocket Maria hooked out a phone, and pushed it into Lee Ann’s face. Lee Ann couldn’t focus until the girl pulled it away, and she gasped. It was a video of all that she had done in the changing room.

Damn! The girl didn’t say anything, but Lee Ann could feel the awful smirk of triumph behind her.

“Take off that crap skirt,” the girl demanded.

“I can’t, your just a girl, you can’t tell me what to do!” Lee Ann stated, trying to sound confident, only sounding pathetic.

“I lifted your phone. So now I can send the video to your friends, family, boyfriend, job, who else?” she grinned.

“I haven’t got a job, I was made redundant,” she whimpered, almost crying.

“So you came to me for comfort,” the girl laughed.

“No! I came here to tell you off,” she retorted.

“Get that skirt off. I’ll get you a present, a nice dress, something pretty to cheer you up,” the girl said, in a sympathetic tone.

The demanding girl had her complying, despite the need to refuse. She fumbled with the zipper on the skirt. Hoping to get the humiliation over, and get out as quickly as possible. The girl almost ripped it from around her, when she moved too slowly.

She wished she had worn a better pair of panties. Her nipples were still sore so she had worn an old bra that didn’t match, leaving her feeling shabby. She felt naked and vulnerable.

“I’ve got to go, I need to get home,” Lee Ann tried to tell her.

“If you’re in a hurry to leave, best do as I say quickly,” Maria growled at her.

“Get the panties off, I’ll get you some expensive ones to cheer you up, a little present to remember me by,” Maria ordered.

The switching between sympathy and strict demands, had her mind in a whirl.

Lee Ann hurried to do as she was told, thinking this was the end of it. She looked up to see the girl had released her own huge breasts.

“Kiss my nipples,” the girl ordered.

Lee Ann was weak at the knees, but she managed to kiss the nipples pushed in her face.

“Properly!” Maria demanded. The girl rubbed her breasts all over Lee Ann’s face, almost smothering her in soft flesh. “Kiss and bite!”

Lee did as she was told, thinking to escape all the sooner. She would have to steal her own phone back, and this girls phone, to make sure there was no evidence of her humiliation.

“That was almost good,” Maria laughed. “I’ll get you a nice girly present,” she said.

Lee Ann was glad it was all over. She shook from the ordeal. The girl was right, she enjoyed having her breasts expertly handled. It was humbling to think this young girl could do what a past boyfriend had done to her. She was worked up and hated being so vulnerable.

She was fired up ready for anything. She had better not bump into a handsome young guy, the way she was right now. She cuddled her body, feeling more than naked. Why wasn’t there anything to wear in here, this was a damn clothes shop. There was a box of hangers, and other stuff, but nothing she could wrap around her naked body.

She felt a fool for letting an adolescent take over like that. The damn girl had stripped her naked, in a crummy store room. It was humiliating, and infuriating, to be treated like her little friend, when she was a mature, older woman. Where was the respect she was due?

“You want these, and this?” the girl asked, holding up a pair of panties, and a phone.

Lee Ann reluctantly nodded, looking sorry for herself. She was feeling so very vulnerable. She was naked, and the girl had something over kaçak casino her.

“Lick my pussy, and do it well,” the girl demanded.

“I can’t, I’m a woman, not some lesbian lover girly,” Lee Ann protested.

“Off you go then, you useless whining lump,” Maria shouted at her.

The girl gripped an arm, leading her from the store room. In the bright lights anyone looking in would see her naked body. Terrified, Lee Ann tried to protest, only the panic had struck her dumb . It was so outrageous her brain couldn’t cope.

By the door Lee Ann finally gained her voice. “Please don’t send me out there! Please, let me suck your pussy,” Lee Ann whined. She was willing to say anything to keep from being turned out into the busy mall. A couple of young guys had noticed her, and were pointing.

“That’s a good idea, about being my girly,” Maria laughed, and looked at Lee Ann with a mean expression.

Lee Ann wrapped her arms around her naked body, knowing she was beaten.

“Please Maria, don’t send me out there. Keep me here to suck your pussy, please,” Lee Ann said, playing up to her.

“Kiss my pussy, girly,” Maria ordered.

Under the bright lights of the store, Lee Ann sank to her knees, and pecked at the girls pussy. She had never tasted one before, and didn’t much care for it. Especially when a young girl was forcing her into the demeaning act.

Damn and shit! She was in a well lit store, with people walking by outside. She was not only naked, she was on hands and knees, kissing a girls pussy. For hell’s sake! Any moment someone might come to the door and see her.

“That’s enough, crawl with me to the store room,” Maria ordered. Once there, Maria kept her on hands and knees. Lee Ann had become docile and compliant, under such dire threats.

“What do you say, pathetic girly?” Maria nicely asked.

“Thank you Maria,” Lee Ann answered, playing along.

“Go on, little pussy licker,” Maria cajoled her.

“Thank you for letting me lick your pussy,” Lee Ann murmured.

She stifled a sob. She had given in fighting the girl, if she had ever really tried. As soon as she had some clothes, she would run for dear life. Maybe even shout at the evil girl on the way out. This humiliating situation was all because her nipples were so sensitive.

“So where is your boyfriend?” Maria asked.

“We split up a few weeks ago. I changed jobs when we split up, now this new job has finished,” Lee Ann said. She was hoping for some compassion, though she sounded defeated.

“Can I have my clothes back, please,” Lee Ann said, looking up at the girl, trying for a winning look, as though she were a favourite pet.

The double humiliation hit her hard. This young girl had stripped her naked, and behaving like a stupid little girly friend. She had been tricked all along, while the girl concentrated on the single purpose of humiliating her.

“Sure, lovely girly, you have done well. You can have some clothes. I’ve got to close the store now. Why don’t you sit up and beg for me, just this once, before you go,” the girl said.

As humiliating as it was Lee Ann dare not anger her. The thought of being thrown out without a stitch to wear was horrible, a real nightmare. She sat back on her haunches, with both arms up like a cute, pet bitch, begging for food scraps. The humiliation hit her hard, but she whimpered and woofed as commanded.

The girl patted her head in the most condescending way possible. She held her chin with one hand and stroked her breasts with the other. Lee Ann kept telling herself it was nearly all over. Just go along with it, as closing time would be here and she could go. It could all be forgotten once safely home.

“You just love being a cute little pet-girl don’t you,” the girl commented, still gripping her chin hard, indicating an answer was required.

“Yes,” Lee Ann murmured.

“You would love to be a pet-girl simply forever wouldn’t you, lovely girly,” she again demanded an answer.

“Yes mistress, I’d love to be your pet-girl forever and ever,” Lee Ann said, beginning to wonder at this girls game.

The girl pointed Lee Ann’s face at a camera, to show her this demeaning act was caught forever.

“I like to play games, little pet girly,” Maria explained, while squeezing a nipple.

A mixture of fear and arousal on Lee Ann’s face amused the girl. Lee Ann was prepared to do anything to get that camera phone. She would kiss the girls ass to escape her. The demeaning thought made her cringe. She was going to have to get her nipples seen to somehow, as this weakness had proved costly.

“We’ve had so much fun, but it’s time to go,” Maria announced.

Lee Ann was so pleased, she wagged a non-existent tail. A loud buzzer sounded stunning Lee Ann into stillness.

“That’s the manager. Oh! Hell! If he catches you here he’ll throw you out, as you are,” Maria said.

The tone of voice and hurried instructions panicked Lee Ann. The girl led her to a corner of the storeroom.

“Quickly hide in here, he won’t be long, then you can get dressed and go,” the girl hurriedly instructed.

Lee Ann crawled into the corner behind a packing case, thankful to the girl for hiding her. The buzzer sounded a couple of times, hurrying them up.

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