Gloryhole Gabbie Ch. 04

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Lately I’ve been taking advantage of the open swim time at my school’s pool. Technically, the swim team has practice at that time, but the pool is large enough that the administration lets non-team members swim as well. It’s great exercise and much easier on my joints than running or other forms of cardio, plus I don’t have to worry about my giant boobs getting in the way or causing me any discomfort. Since open swim is at the butt crack of dawn, and most of the students at my college prefer the rec center anyway, I am usually the only one swimming apart from the men’s and women’s teams.

If the posted sign in the locker room were accurate, the women’s swim team was out of state for a meet and for whatever reason the men’s team didn’t show up for practice this morning, so I had the entire pool to myself. It was equal parts eerie and peaceful. I enjoyed having it all to myself, but it was strange too. I did my hour long workout, hopped out of the pool, and made my way into the locker room to clean off and get ready for class. I’m one of those weird people that likes to scrub the chlorine off naked at a public locker room. I’ve never been too shy about it, I’m proud of my body and I don’t want itchy skin or to smell like chlorine all day. Plus, when it’s all women who really cares?

I hung my bikini in the locker I was using to let it drip-dry before I stuffed it in my bag, then wrapped myself in a towel and went over to the showers with my little bucket that held my loofa, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. The locker room was empty, so I turned on the first shower and waited for the water to warm up. It didn’t. I tried the next shower, and it was also freezing cold. One by one I tried every shower in there and they were all like ice. “Well, nuts,” I said. Freezing water wasn’t the end of the world, but I really didn’t want to start my morning that way if I could avoid it.

Maybe if I was lucky, the men’s locker room would have hot water and I could clean up and be on my way before anyone was the wiser. The men’s swim team didn’t show up today anyway, and I was the only one in the pool area the entire time so it was a safe bet the locker room was empty. Even if it wasn’t, I go to one of the few schools in the country that still has coed showers in the dorms. If anyone came in, they probably wouldn’t be too surprised, it’s not like they haven’t seen a naked woman before. With that train of thought, I made my way out of the women’s locker room and over to the men’s.

I opened the door and peeked my head inside. “Hello? Anybody in here?” I shouted. No reply. “If there are any dudes in the locker room speak now, a lady is coming in!” Still no reply. “Seems I lucked out,” I said. My flip-flops echoed through the locker room as I plodded my way to the showers. To be safe, I did a quick look around and confirmed that I was alone. A line of five pillars with four shower heads each stood in the middle of the community space. I went to the center pillar and tested the water. Nice and warm.

I stepped off to the side, unwrapped my towel, and hung it on a hook attached to the wall. Steam filled the enclosed space as I enjoyed the hot water for a bit, relaxing my muscles from my workout and taking a break before what would no doubt be a stressful day. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so a hot shower in the morning is the next best thing in my opinion. After a few minutes of relaxation, I picked up my shampoo and started to wash my hair. The vanilla scent never failed to relax me and bring a smile to my face. It’s funny how powerful aromas can be.

The door to the locker room creaked open. “I’m just saying, I joined the swim team to swim, not lift weights and run on a treadmill,” a young man’s voice said.

“It’s called supplemental training, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while,” another replied.

“Its stupid is what it is.”

“Whatever, let’s just get cleaned off and do a half practice.”

No less than ten pairs of footsteps echoed toward me. At first I panicked. A bunch of men I didn’t know were about to see me naked. I’ve had dozens of men touch me and use my body in various ways at the glory hole I worked at, but this was different. At the glory hole I knew what they wanted; I gave it to them, they’d leave happy, and most importantly none of them saw me. At the glory hole I was fearless, confident and totally in my element. Around other women I was proud of my body and unashamed. But the group of strange men stomping down the hall terrified me, because I didn’t know them and I didn’t know how they’d react. How they’d judge me, or what rumors they might spread after seeing me.

“Half practice? We just did an hour of your crap!” one boy said.

“Coach left me in charge while he was out of town. I was just trying to make things interesting dude, back off.”

My college isn’t very large, and people get reputations fast. At the glory hole I could cut casino siteleri loose behind my veil of anonymity, but here I was just some naked chick using the men’s locker room. For some reason this was way different from the men at the glory hole, and my heart rate reflected my anxiety. Then I remembered we were a coed campus, these guys were used to seeing their classmates naked. Even still, I figured I should head off any surprises as best I could. “Um, just so you guys know there’s a woman in here showering because the women’s locker room has no hot water. I’m almost done though,” I shouted down the hall.

The voices went silent, and the footsteps came to a halt. I washed the soap out of my hair and turned my back toward where they’d be coming from, then looked over my shoulder. Roughly ten of them stood, staring at me like a bunch of deer in the headlights. “What?” I asked.

“What are you doing here?” the man in front asked. I recognized his voice as the one that ‘coach left in charge’.

“Taking a shower,” I replied.

“Why not use the women’s locker room?” he asked. I saw him jerk forward as if someone behind him had given him a smack.

“I just told you, the hot water is out. We have coed showers, haven’t you guys seen a naked woman before?” I asked. Since I didn’t live in the dorms, I wasn’t sure the exact details.

“Yeah, but…” he began, then one of the guys behind him whispered something. “OK, well we have to get ready for practice.”

“I understand, I’m almost done. Don’t let me bother you,” I said. The pounding in my chest slowly came under control. They seemed nice enough. I just wanted to finish conditioning my hair, and then I’d run.

“Uh… OK,” he said. His team of guys went back to drop their stuff off in lockers and grab their swim suits. One by one they came in, wrapped in their towels, and one by one the towels came off and they all joined me. I was relieved when none of them came to the pillar I was showering at. Instead, they filled out at the ones farthest from me first, while the stragglers took the showers next to mine. That left a good six feet between me and any of them, which was fine by me.

I considered trying to be modest by keeping my arms over my breasts, but figured that would just end up making things more weird. Several of them attempted to keep their backs facing me, probably because they were self conscious of me seeing their dicks. Whatever, fine by me. I squirted a dollop of conditioner into my hand and spread it through my hair. As I worked the conditioner I noticed a few guys with lingering glances. That was to be expected, I wasn’t bothered.

Then I realized the motion from my hands massaging my scalp was adding a soft sway and jiggle to my generous bust, which no doubt caused their distraction. Nobody spoke. I imagined shower time with the boys was full of inappropriate jokes and ‘atta boys, but my presence seemed to bring down the vibe of the room. Maybe I’m wrong and they shower in complete silence without a naked woman in the room, but I doubted it. I rinsed out my hair, mercifully ending the gentle jiggle from my chest, and picked up my loofa to do my final scrub.

I squeezed a dollop of body scrub into the loofa and got to work, trying to finish up so these poor guys could enjoy the rest of their day and not be tormented by me. Though, if I’m honest, I kinda liked how I made them squirm. The power my body had over them was just a little intoxicating. With my loofa nice and sudsy, I bent over and started with my calves. I immediately realized bending over would show off some very private areas, but whatever, we were all in this awkwardness together. I scrubbed up my calves and to my thighs, giving my booty a little extra attention because it felt nice.

By now almost every one of them was facing away from me. As much as I wanted to believe it was out of respect for me, I found that hard to believe. “It’s OK to look, we’re all adults here,” I said. The boys glanced around the room at each other, then slowly pivoted their bodies to see me. A few got brave enough to blatantly stare. I continued scrubbing myself with my loofa, working my way up my stomach and to my arms. It felt like the longest shower of my life. I wasn’t stalling or anything, just being thorough. But with ten or so guys around my age ogling my body, time slowed down.

As I began scrubbing my breasts, I saw one of the guys nearest me was becoming hard. I know he can’t help it, but it was still a little off-putting. “Oh c’mon, like you’ve never seen boobs before?” I laughed. He turned red in the face and tried to hide his erection, which made me feel bad. I wasn’t trying to embarrass him, just lighten the mood a little. I looked around the room and saw a few more boners. “I can see you’re not alone,” I said to try to take some heat off of him. I rinsed the soap off my body and packed my things up.

All of them were staring now, as if trying to get one last canlı casino look before I disappeared from their lives forever. I almost laughed at how hard some of them were. For a college with coed showers, they seemed pretty ecstatic to see a girl naked. I picked up my little bucket of cleaning stuff and said “Well, have a good swim boys, thanks for the pleasant conversation.” A few gave me a nervous chuckle. I felt kinda bad leaving so many of them hard like that. I like to tease, but I can empathize with a guy’s horniness. Working at the glory hole has given me a certain weakness to their carnal needs.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, knowing I would probably regret my next few words. “If anyone wants to touch my boobs before I go, come on over.” As I said that, all the eyes in the room went from my body to my face.

“Seriously?” the guy in charge asked. I was used to strange men touching me at the booth. The only difference here was that there wasn’t a wall between us.

“Knock yourselves out. I feel bad I got some of you worked up, it’s my olive branch.” They exchanged nervous glances again. “Hurry up before I change my mind,” I added. The guy closest to me, who I called out for having an erection, stepped forward. I put my hands on my hips and arched my back a little, pushing my chest toward him. He looked into my eyes like a scared puppy. I swayed my shoulders to make my breasts jiggle for him. His eyes bugged out, and I had to fight back a laugh. Men are so easy. Slowly, carefully, he reached out with both hands.

His palms cupped under my breasts and lifted them while his fingers wrapped around and squeezed. He swallowed hard and stared down at them, gently massaging for a moment. “Whaddaya think?” I asked.

“Amazing,” he mumbled, “Thanks.”

“No problem. Who’s up next?” I asked, and quickly a circle of boys closed in around me. At first they took turns reaching out for my chest, playing with it a little, and then making room for the next person. Eventually, though, a few became impatient. I felt two hands reach around me from behind to feel my breasts while a guy in front of me felt them too. A new pair of hands squeezed my booty, and I saw someone come back in for a second feel. Yet another pair of hands gripped my thighs and slid between them, gently probing for my vagina. “Woah, woah, easy boys, one at a time,” I said as more hands than I could discern explored my body.

It was as eager and exploratory as any of the men at the glory hole, but without a wall to slow them down the intensity and desperation ratcheted up fast. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I enjoyed it. Hot water sprayed from all of the shower nozzles and steam continued to feel the room as no less than ten guys reached out for a piece of my body, clawing for any bit of soft, womanly flesh they could find. Caught in the center of it all, I struggled to keep my balance. Someone spanked me, and I let out a surprised yelp. A guy in the back, too far to reach me, started masturbating as he watched.

Perhaps I foolishly opened Pandora’s box by allowing them a quick feel. Maybe I should have seen it coming. But as a pair of lips wrapped around one of my nipples, a hard cock pressed against my thigh, and a finger dipped inside me all at the same time, I knew I couldn’t let any of these men leave unsatisfied. I put us in this mess, it was my job to get us out. I wasn’t exactly sure whose mouths, hands, or cocks were touching me, but I knew I wanted to empty every pair of balls in here if I had time. Even if I could finish them as fast as I do in the booth, five minutes times ten or more guys was still an hour of my time, perhaps too much.

Oh well, these guys needed me and I needed them. The same sense of duty I feel at the booth, the desire to satisfy as many of them as I could, filled me. I’d never done this without a wall before. It was kind of exciting to see their faces filled with hunger and lust. It meant they would probably miss out on their swim practice, but I doubted any of them would mind. It also meant I’d definitely be late for class, possibly miss the entire lecture. Hopefully, I could convince one of my friends to give me their notes.

I reached out with both hands, gently searching for a cock with each, and when I found them I began to stroke. Two moans came from either side of me. Once the guys realized I was becoming an active participant in this little groping session, things got even more heated. The once timid, but hopeful, hands turned more confident. They squeezed my breasts, my booty, massaged my clit and pushed inside me with more direct purpose now. It was difficult to see, surrounded and being manhandled as I was, but from what I could tell most of them were masturbating as they watched and felt my body.

That was perfectly fine by me. Guys shooting their loads on me wasn’t new, and if I could help a few of them get there, I was happy to do it. Sperm is annoying to wash off, but otherwise safe. kaçak casino It wasn’t until a pair of hands put pressure on my shoulders, trying to push me down to my knees, that things got a little complicated. At the same time, somebody wiggled two fingers inside me and the sensation made my knees buckle, all but forcing me to the ground. The circle closed in around me, cocks in every direction, all trying to be first into my mouth.

Things were moving fast. Perhaps too fast. Again, this wasn’t new for me or even entirely unwelcome, but still a bit overwhelming. “Woah, guys, slo-” I began, but as I turned my head, the cock poking my cheek slipped into my open mouth and prevented me from finishing my sentence. Perhaps it was a reflex from working at the glory hole, but I immediately wrapped my lips around it and sucked. A sweet little bead of precum smeared across my tongue and I had to admit I enjoyed the taste. The boys stared down at me, holding their breath to see what my reaction would be. I glanced around, cock still in my mouth, at all the horny, expectant boys with their cocks in their hands or reaching out to touch me.

They wanted me sooo bad. It turned me on how absolutely desperate and eager they were for my body. As they waited for my reaction, the cock in my other hand softened and my gut reaction surprised me. It made me sad. I had riled these guys up, offered them a chance of release, and almost threw a cold, wet blanked over the offer. I liked giving head. No, I loved giving head, and I loved making men cum. It gave me a certain satisfaction to be the source of their pleasure, and since I was the only source of pleasure in the room, it throttled my desire to help them out even more.

In the booth I was the center of attention, but nobody could see me. If I was tired or unfocused I didn’t have to look the man in the eyes. Now, surrounded by horny guys, I was the center of attention and the source of their disappointment if I let them down. I couldn’t live with that. Instead of saying anything else, telling them it was OK, or that this was a one-time deal, I just bobbed my head up and down the cock in my mouth and got both of my hands busy stroking the cocks I held back to life. That was all the green light they needed.

Cocks came at me from all directions, and I’m not even sure how they all managed to squeeze in around me. More hands than I could distinguish pawed at my body, leaving no section of me untouched. If you think getting to first base is exciting, try getting to first base with ten guys at the same time. I tried to focus on the first guy I put in my mouth, but a second cock poked at my cheek and a hand coaxed me over to it. I let the first cock leave my mouth and started sucking on the new one as both of my hands stroked two cocks on either side of me.

The first guy to enter my mouth pushed forward, trying to get back into it, so I gave a few more bobs on his usurper and switched back to him. That made guy two greedy for more, so he started pushing in once more. I switched back and forth between them, giving roughly ten seconds of attention to each before I’d swap. This worked out for a little while, until the other guys caught on and tried to join the rotation. The two cocks in my hands pushed through the crowd and got close enough for me to suck, so I swapped back and forth, rotating my head between the four closest guys and sucking them just long enough to keep them satisfied until I got back around.

It was fun and new, having this many at once, but I knew from experience that none of them would finish at this rate and until they did, I was just going to be drowning in horny guys. A few fingers, how many I wasn’t quite sure, pushed inside me from behind and I involuntarily moaned onto the cock I was sucking. I looked back and saw a guy on his knees behind me, staring down at my booty while one of his hands fingered me and the other jerked himself off. This was a perfect opportunity to bust out some dirty talk, a tried-and-true method of helping guys get over the edge.

“Does it feel good in there?” I asked him, and somebody clutched my breasts to jiggle them while another put his fingers under my chin to try to get me focused back onto his cock. The guy behind me nodded and kept staring as he fingered me, his hand bouncing furiously in his lap. “You gonna cum on me?” I asked. I only had time to see him nod before a cock pushed its way into my mouth and stole my attention. Another guy pushed forward and tried to steal my mouth away from him, and though I loved the enthusiasm, the greediness was overwhelming.

“One at a time, OK boys? I’ll take care of all of you, I promise, but you don’t get to handle me like a sex doll. Got it?” I said, my voice firm but not angry. At the glory hole there was a wall to prevent this sort of territorial behavior, and I could only tend to two guys at one time. In an open setting like this, with so many horny guys, they were quickly turning into a bunch of dogs fighting over a toy. I wanted to tend to them, I really did, but I wasn’t about to be disrespected and treated like meat to do it.

“S-sorry…” one of them said.

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