Fuck Swapping Beauties

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Two amazingly hot girls stood in front of me. Victoria had the perfect body, two medium sized round breasts decorated with small rosy pink nipples, a mesmerising hourglass body figure, long slender legs with the cutest round ass. Jess had slightly darker brown hair, but with the same insanely hot body. Both girls wore a short silky spaghetti strapped dress that hugged their beautiful bodies, revealing a tantalizing cleavage, and went down only enough to barely cover their ass. They stood there holding hands, awaiting my instructions.

I reached forward and grabbed Victoria’s breasts with my hand, feeling her soft skin and the weight of her full globe on my fingers. She looked shyly at me, letting me do as I wish, almost as if she wanted more. My fingers slid down her waist, back to her ass and under her skirt, feeling her firm butt, then moving to her front. Parting the soft folds of her smooth vulva I could immediately feel the moistness in her. She gave a little moan as I slid my finger inside of her. I lingered for a moment, savouring her little private chamber in which I entirely intend to penetrate in a moment. Then I removed my finger and lifted it to her mouth. She parted her beautiful soft lips and sucked her pussy juices off my hand. Pushing the two straps off her shoulder, I let her dress slip down her tall slender body to her feet. She stood fully naked in front of me, her breasts firm and alluring, my cock stiffened at the thought that I owned her.

I shifted my attention to Jess, removing her dress, doubling the sex fest in front of me. I made my way through her, her beautiful face, round lovely breasts, hot abs and round ass, then made sure she tasted her own pussy before I ravage her heavenly body.

I took off my shirt, while the girls knelt in front of me, undoing my pants, letting free my hard throbbing cock. Both girls started licking the entire shaft of my cock. The feeling of two hot wet tongues going down on me only made me harder and wetter. Jess took hold the base of my shaft and wrapped her lips onto my wet tip. She then pushed her head slowly but surely down onto my cock, letting my entire length slip into her until it hit the back of her mouth. She was skilful, keeping a tight warm and wet grasp on me. Holding me in her for a moment, she then started bobbing her head up and down, each repetition making my shaft wetter and wetter, mixing my pre-cum with her saliva. Our juices started to flow out of her mouth, down my shaft and balls, dripping onto the floor below. Her mouth came off, exposing my shiny long hard wet cock. Victoria took over and with slutty eagerness slid her mouth down on me, slurping up our combined juices. She went down further this time, the tip of my cock breaching the tight grasp of her throat a little. More juices flowed out as she gave her little performance.

Slopping wet from the double blowjob, I stood Victoria up and gave her a deep kiss, tasting the juicy cocktail of the three of us. Jess took over the cock sucking, giving me deep long strokes of pleasure while I fondled the beauty in front of me.

I beckoned them to the bed, and they heeded without hesitation. Crawling on all fours, they spread their legs casino oyna wide at the edge of the bed, Victoria’s right leg crossing over into Jess’ left, their pussies side by side facing directly back at me. The view was stunning. Two gorgeous pussies taking cover between perfect butt cheeks, their lips pressed together and glistening with moisture, ready to give my cock a warm wet embrace, yet just slightly parted as if luring me to pound them hard.

I walked up to them and caressed their private parts. Spreading both pussies with both my hands, I inserted my fingers into them. They were definitely ready, and I was spoilt for choice. I moved between Victoria’s spread legs and levelled my dripping wet cock to the entrance of her pussy. The connection sent a gush of lust through my body. Grabbing her ass with both my hands, I steadily thrust forward into her. I watched as my cock disappeared inch by inch pass her inviting vulva into her private most chamber.

Victoria gave out a long moan as I entered her. I held my position, savouring the feeling of my cock deep inside of her, and the thought that I am currently fucking this beautiful girl. I then withdrew myself in the same slow pace as I entered until I was completely out of her, her pussy closing its lips after me, my cock glistening in the moisture of her pussy. Then I entered her again, the whole of me, this time slightly faster, her moan slightly louder. And I pulled out again. And entered again. And again…

My cock was completely coated in Victoria’s thick juices as I pulled out one last time and shifted myself to Jess’ pussy right next to me. Without hesitance, I aimed between her pussy lips and squeezed my wet hard cock deep into her. She was ready, but not this ready. Her tight pussy squeezed the juices on my cock down my shaft onto my balls and all over her pussy lips, while replacing them with her own Jess flavours. I took my time enjoying Jess’ pussy as I gave her slow, long, hard thrusts. The urge was strong to just fuck her brains out and spray my cum all over the inside of her, but I knew that much better was yet to come.

Having felt enough of Jess, I pulled out, stepped to my left and rammed my cock back into an eagerly waiting Victoria. Her pussy as moist and as tender as I had left it. A few strong thrusts and then back to Jess’ pussy. Then Victoria. Then Jess… Each pussy swap getting more intense, the fucking getting wilder. Each pussy swap feeling tantalizingly different, but both girls were ever so good. Each swap eliciting a different moan from a different girl. My cock a juicy cocktail of these beautiful girls with their legs spread in front of me.

Fuck swapping these beauties was too hot to handle and I had begun pounding them hard and wild. The urge to cum was getting overwhelming. One last fuck with Jess and then I took a step back, my cock hot, stiff and creamy from my unsettled orgy. Both girls got off the bed and knelt before me. Victoria held the base of my cock as she slid my creamy shaft into her mouth, tasting two pussies, one cock and two beauties in a single go. She began mouth fucking my cock. Juices oozed out each time my cock slid past those tempting lips. Jess joined in and canlı casino they took turns impaling themselves onto my rigid member. I watched as my cock moved from lips to lips, just like how it went from pussy to pussy barely a minute ago. The urge was too strong. I pulled my cock out from Victoria’s mouth and the two girls instinctively opened their mouths with their tongues out, as if begging for cum. I sprayed my cum all over Victoria’s face. A large streak into her mouth, across her left cheek and onto her forehead. A second shot onto her tongue and across her other cheek. I then turned to Jess and blasted cum onto her face and finally onto those perfect breasts. Jess sucked the remaining cum from my cock and then turned to Victoria. Holding Victoria by the shoulders, Jess leaned in and licked my cum off Victoria’s left cheek while trying to keep my cum in her mouth. Then hovering above Victoria, she carefully dripped my cum through her lips into Victoria’s open mouth. I watched the cum collect on Victoria’s tongue and then watched as she swirled my cum in her mouth, mixing it with our juices she sucked off my cock a moment ago. She then returned the favour by dripping the cum juices back into Jess’ mouth. Jess cheekily stuck her tongue out, showing me the product of their efforts, and then, without instruction, swallowed the cum cocktail in a single gulp.

All this cum swapping and swallowing got me hard again. The girls got up from their knees and climbed back onto the bed. This time they laid on their backs side by side, their pussies on the edge of the bed, their legs spread wide apart and lifted high. The view I had was mesmerising. The most gorgeous girls lying naked in front of me, faces covered in my cum, two pairs of the most lovely breasts resting side by side, long slender legs spread wide apart, and the two most tantalising pussies wet with juices from all imaginable sources gleaming between their legs.

I stepped forward between Jess’ legs and slid my cock into her deliciously wet pussy. Entering her now was as easy as a coin going into a slot machine. I started thrusting into her, her breasts bouncing in response to my movements. Jess moaned in pleasure, her hand moving up to caress her breasts. I pounded even harder, and then without warning pulled out from her warm depths, stepped over to Victoria, and slid in between her spread legs. I paused a bit, taking in the feeling of her tight pussy. And then I fucked the beautiful brunette. Initially impaling her with long firm strokes, gradually increasing my pace and tenacity. It wasn’t long before the fapping sounds between our bodies became noticingly audible, masked only by her desperate moans of pleasure, her breasts bouncing in ecstasy. Jess leaned in and licked the remaining cum off Victoria’s face, and then the two of them locked their cum filled lips in passionate kisses, reducing Victoria’s moans to a muffle. Each time their lips separated, strings of cum would hang between them. And then as if possessed by a lust for cum, one would lean in and suck the cum off the other’s lips.

I pulled my cock from Victoria’s moist pussy and stepped back to Jess. Sliding into her yet again, I grabbed her upheld legs, spread kaçak casino them as wide as I could and began my fucking. A couple dozen thrusts in and Jess’ loud moans of ecstasy turned silent as she hit her climax, one hand grabbing Victoria’s tits, the other held tight onto the sheets, her pussy spilling its juices all over my manhood. As her breathing settled down, I pulled out my Jess coated cock and penetrated Victoria once again, Jess’ pussy juices reaching the depths of Victoria as she moan in anticipation of the pounding she was going to get. I fucked Victoria again and again, watching her vulva stretch and contract as my cock slid in and out of her private parts. Jess turned around with her back still on the bed, but her head now hanging over the edge where her pussy was. With the cutest little act, she opened her mouth, beckoning for my cock. I couldn’t decline the invitation. From Jess’ pussy to Victoria’s pussy and now to Jess’ mouth, I slid my entire length in, my tip breaching the back of her mouth and into her throat. Jess resisted her gag reflex as I gently slid my cock in and out of her. Noting that she was ready, I began thrusting harder and deeper. Deep throating her had an extra tightness around my cock as her throat clasped down on me. Unable to swallow fully, our juices began to flow out her mouth, down my cock and balls, and onto her face. Before long, she was a creamy mess of cum, saliva and double pussy juices.

Out of Jess’ mouth and back into Victoria’s pussy. A couple of good hard strokes, if only to get my cock coated with the taste of her lovely pussy, and then back into Jess’ face. Victoria got off the bed and knelt down beside me, clearly wanting a taste of the cocktail between Jess and I. I swapped my cock between their beautiful cum laden faces, letting them taste their pussies and each other.

Another load was brewing inside of me and I decided to go all in. I slid back into Jess’ mouth. Resting and holding onto her round firm breasts, her head upside down at my crotch, I began pounding fiercely down her mouth and throat. Jess was gagging on the huge member in her mouth, but I could not stop, not now. Juices began flowing out where our body parts met.

I face fucked the beautiful bitch. Then pulled out of her overflowing orifice and fed my cock to a patient Victoria. I gave her the same deep throating I gave Jess, my cock thrusting deep into her, forcing a gag reflex that was skilfully stifled. My hands clasped her head, forcing her fully down the entire length of my stiff cock. Her hands grabbing frantically onto my waists for support as she obediently thrusted her head up and down on me.

Victoria was so tight and slick that it didn’t take me long to reach climax. Giving one last thrust forward while clasping her head towards me, her parted lips reaching my balls, I splurted my cum into her mouth and down her throat. Each shot of cum was greeted by a long swallow by Victoria which acted to milk my cock for more cum. Shot after shot… I drained all that I had left in me.

Victoria gave one last long suck on my cock as I finally withdrew from her. My cock was glistening clean, and her mouth filled with cum. She moved forward to Jess who was still lying on the bed and began to suck the remaining cum off Jess’ tits. Then as good girl friends do, she kissed Jess with her cum filled lips, sharing the final delights of the day.

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