Finding Lauren’s Fetish

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I don’t know why I had left them so exposed – usually I kept them well hidden, even when I wasn’t expecting anybody to be coming around. I suppose I had just been careless the last time I’d worn them, but it was still a stupid mistake to make. It’s true Lauren’s visit was unexpected – why the hell would she be coming round my place? I mean, she was a good friend, but we weren’t the sort to randomly pop around each others’ houses… Her excuse was that she’d been passing and she thought she’d pop in as we hadn’t seen each other in person for ages.

Whatever the case, it turned out to be a milestone Saturday for both of us.

I was in the kitchen, making tea. She’d been in the flat for a couple of minutes, looking round, commenting on all my posters and bits and pieces, little knick knacks, exploring my CD collection… How she got it into her head that it’s socially acceptable to go rummaging in people’s draws, their private things in their rooms, is anybody’s guess. But she opened the top draw in the chest of draws, and that was when she saw them.

My little secret.

“Paul,” she called curiously through from the bedroom.


“Can you come here a minute.”

There was a very odd tone in her voice, and it unsettled me slightly. Leaving the two mugs of tea only half-made, I walked nervously through to my bedroom, and when I reached the open doorway my heart sank to my boots and I began to shake slightly in terror.

She was standing there in her jeans and purple top, her long wavy brown hair tickling her shoulders, holding a pink thong up in one hand, smirking slightly.

“Yours?” she asked, barely suppressing a grin.

“Give that here!” I snapped, heading over to her. She held it out of reach.

“It can’t be a girlfriend’s,” she reasoned, still smirking. “Because you haven’t had one of those in… oh, ages…”

I leapt forward and made a determined grab for the pink thong, which I ripped from her hand and stuff back into the draw, which I slammed shut. My face was crimson with embarrassment, but she just stood there with her arms crossed, looking at me thoughtfully.


“So what?”

“Are they yours? Do you wear them?”

She sounded oddly fascinated.

“Look, just drop it will you…”

“No! I want to know! Do you get a kick out of wearing knickers?” She laughed. “Knicker-fetish boy!”

Before I could reply, she did something I didn’t expect at all, and leapt forward, grabbing the fly of my jeans, zipping it down and popping open the button at the top. I wasn’t wearing a belt, and she was easily able to yank my jeans down, revealing not only my rock hard cock, strangely excited by the discovery of my dark secret, but the thin cotton material of the frilly white cotton knickers that barely contained it. She stood back and grinned gleefully.

“Lauren!” I shouted, reaching to pull my jeans back up. She slapped my hands away.

“No! Leave it!”

She sounded very authoritative, and I found myself obeying her. Yes, the discovery was mortifying, but there was an electric sexual tension in the air, only increased by her giving me an order. So I stood, doing nothing, not knowing what to think as I stood there with my jeans around my knees and my cock bursting out of a pair of knickers.

She said nothing for a few minutes. Then she laughed.

“Turn around!” she instructed.

“Lauren, I…”

“Turn around!” she snapped. “Unless you want everyone to know about your weirdness. Come on, do a twirl Paolo!”

Feeling almost sick, I shuffled around in a small circle, so that she got a perfect view of the frilly white material crinkled over my arse, pushed slightly up the crack between my cheeks. As I turned to face her again, she was smiling approvingly.

“Very nice Paolo!” she said, using my nickname again. “Or should I say, Paula.”

“Lauren, please, can’t we…”

“Ah ah ah…”

She moved closer, reaching down and taking my balls in her right hand through my knickers. She squeezed, and I winced, moaning slightly.

“You do as I say now,” she whispered into my ear, which she flicked with her tongue. “You’re mine now Paula, this will be our little secret as long as you do everything I say, right?”

I nodded.

“But what about Terry?”

She laughed.

“Terry’s out all day, that’s why I was doing some shopping and came over here. We’ve got plenty of time…”

Giving me a final squeeze that made my hard cock shoot up even more, she stepped back and studied me thoughtfully.

“Strip!” she instructed. “Everything but the knickers. Come on!”

I pulled the jeans down the rest of the way and pulled them off, followed by my socks, then my t-shirt and sweatshirt, leaving me standing, cold, half afraid and half excited, casino oyna in front of her, with only a pair of white knickers on.

“And the watch!” she instructed.

I took off my watch and set it down on the top of the chest of draws.

“Now, where are the rest of your knickers, Paula?”

“I… I don’t have any more…”

“Don’t lie to me! Where are they?”

I reluctantly reached down to open the bottom draw, and as I did so she playfully slapped by knicker-clad backside. I wondered what she had in store for me in the rest of the afternoon.

“Take them all out,” she commanded.

I pulled out the eight various pairs of lacy knickers and thongs in my collection, and laid them out on the bed for her to see.

“Quite the collection,” she said approvingly. “Where did you get them from?”

“I ordered them, off the net…”

“Oh I see. Yes, suppose it would be difficult for you to walk into a shop and get some… No bras? Stockings, anything like that?”

I looked at her, shocked.

“Um, no, just these…”


“Lauren, what do you want?”

She looked up at me, with a lascivious look in her eyes.

“I want to make you cum in your little panties,” she said, deadly serious.


“Come on, put your hands behind your back Paula.”

“Lauren, I…”

“Do it!” she snapped.

I put my hands together behind my back. She walked forwards and knelt in front of me, so I could feel her breath against my cock. Before I could react, she had taken the part of my cock poking out of the top of my knickers in her right hand and pulled it down level, taking it into her mouth. Moving her hand down to gently squeeze my cotton-clad balls, she began to swirl her tongue around my engorged cock head, which was throbbing with pleasure as I felt the adrenaline slosh around my blood stream, and could do nothing but sigh as she pleasured me. Her tongue ran up and down the length of my cock as her lips, clad to my skin, moved up and down in unison, all along my length.

Her tongue was amazing, she would tease the skin underneath my head, then flick it across the very tip before running it slowly up and down my length, all the time moving my hard cock in and out of her mouth. She would force its length right to the back of her mouth and the top of her throat, before pulling out almost the entire way to plant a kiss on the end. I could feel the pre-cum seeping out, which she took on the end of her tongue and spread across my head, and I could feel a stirring deep within my balls as I prepared to explode into her wonderful warm, wet, sensuous mouth.

She could sense it too, however, and moments before I was going to cum wonderfully, amazingly into her, she pulled her mouth away and almost painfully tucked my rock-hard cock into the thin, flimsy material of my knickers.

“Cum for me,” she instructed simply. “Fill your knickers.”

I didn’t have my choice in the matter anyway, biology had taken over and I did as I was told, filling my white knickers with cum, feeling it press against my skin as it splattered against the material and ran down the inside. A large translucent patch appeared across the front of the knickers where it had soaked right through. My cock was already softening, covered in its own juices with the knickers sticking to it. Lauren stood up and looked at me approvingly.

“Good girl,” she cooed. “Good little Paula.”

I felt sick, disgusted, humiliated and yet at the same time it had been the most intense and wonderful sexual experience of my life. I moved my hands to the sides of my knickers to take them off, but she stopped me.

“Ah-ah,” she admonished. “Those are staying on…”

“But Lauren…”

“No buts. Remember, I’m in charge, and I want you to remember just that a dirty little slut you are. Only sluts cum in their panties and make a horrible mess like that, right Paula?”

Not having much of an option, I nodded.

“Now put your jeans back on.”

“But I…”

“Do it!”

I put my jeans back on, feeling the cold, slimy cum pressed against my hardening-again cock as I did so. I dressed fully, and Lauren let me put my other knickers back in their draw, leaving no sign of what had happened apart from my cum-filled knickers.

“Now, how about that cup of tea?” she asked.

It was two weeks before I saw her again after that. We didn’t talk at all in the mean time, she left the flat later that afternoon as if nothing odd or unusual had happened. I spent the next few days in a complete panic, worried that she would tell one of her friends, feeling guilty about not only having been found out in my secret knicker fetish, but also having allowed myself to be sucked off my Terry’s girlfriend. True, I didn’t care much for Terry canlı casino and had always thought he was a bit of a tosser, but still, they were attached and I wasn’t the type to take another man’s girl. But then again, she’d been the one doing the taking. She was the one who knew my secret, she was in charge.

It was another Saturday when she phoned me, quite early in the morning, not long after I’d gotten up. I was still quite tired and bleary-eyed, but I perked up when I realised who it was on the end of the phone.

“Hello Paula,” she said brightly.

“Lauren! What… Where are you?”

“At home of course… Oh don’t worry about Terry, he’s gone away for the weekend fishing with Simon. That’s why I’m calling. I’m coming over this afternoon, at about one o’clock, and I’m bringing some stuff for you. I want to give you time to get ready.”

I admitted it, I was as much turned on as I was horrified.

“Stuff? What do you mean?”

“You’ll find out when I get there. But you have to do as I say. Now, are you wearing some knickers for me at the moment Paula?”

“No, I’m still in my boxers, I’ve only just got up…”

“Girls don’t wear boxers Paula,” she told me sternly. “That’s a no-no. You’d better be wearing knickers for me when I get there. Knickers and nothing else, do you understand?”

“Nothing else! But…”

“Good. The red lacy ones I saw last week, they should do nicely. Red is a good slutty colour for a good little slut. And one more thing. Make sure you shave your legs.”

“Shave my legs!?”

“Yes, nice and smooth. No, don’t argue, just do it. You’ve got plenty of time. I’ll see you at one o’clock.”

With that she was gone, and I was left feeling light-headed with anticipation. I ate my breakfast quickly then set to work doing as she had instructed – it never occurred to me to refuse. I couldn’t really, could I? My razor wasn’t designed for shaving legs and it was something I’d never attempted before, but I managed to get the hair off in the bath eventually, without cutting myself too many times. Did quite a good job overall I think. I admit I was pretty excited about the idea of what Lauren was going to do to me, what she was going to have me do…

One o’clock rolled around, and I made sure I was dressed as she had instructed, wearing only my red knickers and nothing else. My cock stuck out of the top of my knickers and rubbed pre-cum against the skin of my belly. When she rang the bell I opened the door carefully, making sure no-one could see in and also that I could shut it quickly in case it turned out not to be her. It was. She walked in and smiled at me.

“Good girl,” she purred approvingly, running a hand up my smooth right leg.

She looked pretty damn good herself. She wore a small black crop-top exposing much of her modest cleavage, a short leather skirt and knee-high black ‘fuck-me’ boots. She looked delicious. She walked through to the bedroom, tossing a carrier bag she had been carrying onto the bed, and looked at me.

“Have a look,” she said, indicating the bag.

I turned it upside down and emptied out the contents. Two very thin and tight-looking black stockings, with the rubbery latex tops that tighten around your thighs to keep them up, a bra, two falsies to go inside said bra and a flowery-patterned short summer dress.

I looked up at Lauren.


“Put them on,” she said simply.

Shaking slightly with anticipation, I picked up the first stocking led, found the hole and scrunched it up tightly over my foot before pulling it up. I hadn’t worn stockings since I’d been living at home and been able to sneak into my parents’ room and wear mum’s when I was a teenager, and the sensation was wonderful, the material felt to silky and alive and sexy against my freshly-shaven skin. I adored the feeling of encasement and feminisation as the rubber top slapped gently against my skin, the material at full stretch now.

“You seemed to have a pretty good idea how to do that,” she noted.

I said nothing, merely smiled slightly in embarrassment and put on the second leg.

“Very nice,” she noted. “Now, the bra.”

The bra was a little trickier and I fumbled for some time trying to do it up behind my back, much to Lauren’s amusement, but I eventually managed it. Slipping the falsies inside gave me an extra feeling of arousal, I was really entering fetishist territory now, but it was all my fantasies fulfilled and I loved it. Without even needing to be prompted, I stepped into the dress and pulled it up around me, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and being amazed at the feminine shape my body seemed to have taken on. I looked down at the stocking-clad legs escaping from my dress… ‘My’ dress.


“Lovely,” Lauren declared kaçak casino happily, stepping closer and putting her arms around my, fondling my backside and planting a quick kiss on my lips. “Now go and make me some tea, my pretty little girl.”

Wearing those clothes, even just doing such an ordinary, everyday thing as making tea, felt… Amazing. Just standing there stirring the tea, with my legs clad in stockings, and a chest sticking out in front of me under the dress, was wonderful… When I carried the finished tea back through to the bedroom, Lauren was sitting on the edge of the bed, and she instructed me to sit in the seat she had placed opposite her, crossing my legs. The feel of the two bestockinged legs crossing and rubbing against one another was quite special, and the hard shape of my cock could be seen clearly under the thin material of my dress. We sat there, looking at each other for a few moments, neither of us saying anything.

“How do you feel?” she eventually asked me.

“Strange,” I replied. “Strange, but good.”

She smiled.

“You realise you’re going to be doing this a lot now?”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean you’re mine. My bitch. My little slut.”

I paused for a moment, taking it in.

“Yes. Yes, I know.”

She nodded.

“What’s your name?”

It took me a second, but I realised what she was asking me.

“Paula… My name’s Paula.”

“Good… and what are you?”

I took a guess.

“Your little slut?”

She nodded once more.

“Excellent. Come here, little slut.”

I stood and walked over to her, a small stain appearing on my dress where the dribble of pre-cum was soaking through. She shuffled backwards on the bed and put her arms around me when I reached her, pulling me down on top of her and putting her lips against mine, kissing me with a curious tenderness. I leant forward, pushing her down into the mattress as she kept me clamped against her. I moved my kisses down across her neck and to her cleavage, kissing her exposed breasts there. She moaned delicately in approval.

I was dimly aware that her right hand had moved away from my back and was fumbling for her handbag on the bed beside her, but I didn’t pay that much attention to it… I heard the clasp of her bag undo and knew she was fumbling for something inside of it, but it still came as a surprise when her other hand also moved from my back and flipped the hem of my skirt up over my back.


“Shhh…” she whispered.

Then her hand was under the band of my knickers and pulling them down at the back, leaving my backside exposed. I didn’t have time to ask what was happening before I felt the tip of something hard, cold and plastic pushing delicately against my arsehole.

“Lauren!” I cried.

“Shhhh,” she said again. “I’ll be gentle with you.”

Her left hand had returned to by back, keeping me clamped in place with surprising force as her other hand continued pushing the dildo into me, dilating my arsehole to painful proportions and sliding in to fill the hole beyond.

“L… lubricant?” I managed to stammer through the pain, my eyes watering.

“Sluts get it put into them as and when, they don’t have time to prepare themselves,” she simpered. “Relax, Paula… It hurts for every girl the first time, but you’ll soon enjoy it.”

She was right. The sensation of being filled, despite the pain, was an immense turn on as I felt the dildo fill me to bursting, stretching me and satisfying me all at the same time. My moans began to turn from those of pain to those of pleasure…

And then she turned it on.

I had thought it was just a dildo, but no, it was a vibrator, and as the low vibration began I jerked involuntarily.

“Good girl,” she cooed, “good girl, just let Lauren take care of you…”

I nodded meekly, and she began to gently, slowly move the vibrator in and out, gradually increasing the speed all the while as she held me close against her and whispered harshly in my ear.

“Good little slut… You know this is what you want, you want me to fuck you, I’m fucking you, oh yes…”

She seemed more aroused than ever, and all I was doing was being ground against her crotch in a parody of fucking her, when I was the one being well and truly fucked, having my virginity very roughly and savagely taken, and loving every second.

“Oh God…” I moaned as I felt it coming, felt the stimulation in my arse spread to my cock as it thrust against her skirt through my dress.

“Cum for me slut girl, cream your little panties,” she encouraged as I arched my back and felt the cum burst into my knickers and dress, cold and wet against my clammy skin.

“That’s it,” she assured me gently as she slid the vibrator out and I collapsed onto my back on the bed beside her. “That’s it…”

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply… That was, indeed, it. I had been fucked, dressed as a slut and fucked, and I had loved it.

I was hers now, for certain.

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