Mina and Adara Ch. 02

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Adara pranced down the hallway, a satisfied smirk plastered onto her face. Complimenting her uniform were a maroon fedora and fingerless gloves, and black lace-up boots. At an hour before curfew, there weren’t many other students outside of their dorms, but Adara knew. She was going to be there.

Slipping into the library, Adara made her way to the very back. She was there, just like Adara knew she would be. She hadn’t even bothered to look up from whatever textbook she was studying, probably assuming the clicking of Adara’s heels were being made by the librarian. ‘Think again, little one,’ she admonished in her mind.

Continuing towards her, Adara circled around to the back of the table, pretending to get a book from the shelf behind her. Still, she did not look up. Her hair was pinned up, her sleeves were rolled up past her elbows, and her collar was flipped up. Adara thought she looked cute.

Still illegal bahis engrossed with her work, the other girl failed to notice Adara’s presence behind her until she felt a hand on her shoulder and a whisper in her ear. “Miss me?”

She jumped. “N-no,” she stuttered. Adara chuckled. This girl was a liar and Adara was going to prove it.

“Oh really?” Adara pouted. “I’m hurt, my dear.”

“Yeah, well, I’m sorry that you’re hurt, but I really must get back to my studying. I have a calc test tomorrow and it’s almost curfew, so I really don’t have much time left.” She turned back to her book.

“Really?” Adara crooned. “You know, I took calc last year. I could help you study.”

“No thanks,” she replied without looking up from her book.

“No?” Adara pouted. “Are you sure? Ok.” She stalked away, towards the front of the library. Once she was there, she stopped and removed her boots, then crept back towards illegal bahis siteleri the other girl. Her nose was still buried in the math book, and now she had placed it upright. Adara was completely blocked from her view.

Getting on her hands and knees, Adara crawled underneath the table, seating herself between the girl’s slightly parted legs. She waited, waited, and waited some more for her opportunity to strike. After five minutes, possibly ten, the girl shifted, which opened her legs further. Adara jumped between them, clamping her arms around the girl’s knees to keep her legs open. She struggled, but Adara was older and stronger.

Adara buried her face in between the girls’ thighs, teasing her with her breath. The girl was quivering, which just turned Adara on even more. Slowly, Adara took her left hand off of the girl’s leg and ran it up and down the crotch of the girl’s underwear, almost lovingly. canlı bahis siteleri Her quivering had stopped, and she’d resigned herself to what was about to come. Adara smirked. She knew the girl had wanted this all along.

With that knowledge, she thought it was safe to take her other hand off of the girl’s knee and run it up her thigh. Adara heard a sigh come from above her. She peeled the girl’s underwear to one side and, just like before, slid a single finger into the girl, pumping it once, twice, and then pulling it back out. This time she heard a disappointed whimper.

Adara laughed to herself. Not wanting to disappoint any longer, she buried her face between the girl’s thighs and took one long, slow lick. The girl hissed and jumped away, but a hand found its way into Adara’s hair just as Adara pulled away again.

“Please,” she said, “No more. Please. Either you do it, or leave me alone, but stop teasing me.”

Adara sat back, stunned. She hadn’t expected that. After a contemplative minute, she heard the girl talk again.

“You know what? Come out from under there. I think… I want… Let’s do this the right way, maybe?”

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