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Edit: Arthur Rue

Hello, my name is Lisa Vincente, but if I had friends they would call me Lisa. I’m going to tell you about a sex toy that rocked me to my foundation and introduced me to a world of pleasure which I was wholly ignorant about. It was not just a world of sex, but of industry, luxury, money and most important of all, loving acceptance. But for now, I’ll tell you how this all got started.

First a little bit about me. I’m a 6’0″ slim, with long shapely legs. At one point I considered modeling, but no tits and my height put a stop to that. My skin is naturally tan from my Hispanic heritage, I’m kind of dark by Hispanic standards, but it works well on me. My measurements are 30-26-34, yeah, I know, like I said, I’m flat chested, but at least I am being honest. Unfortunately, boys don’t really like my body type and I am so tired of the old carpenter’s joke. My height can also be intimidating.

But over the years, I’ve learned to have plenty of sexy fun all by myself. Who needs anyone for good sex anyway? Regardless of that, I flaunt my body just the same. Umm…what else? I’ve small feet, I wear a size 5. Which I adorn with all kinds of shoes, sneakers, wedges, heels, boots, sandals, in fact, let me stop here, otherwise I will go on forever.

I have a pretty face, elfin is what I have been described as, demure ruby lips, dark brown eyes and long purple hair that falls into my butt crack in the shower with hot pink bangs. I think of myself as a sex android and tend to dress the part. Which also tends to draw attention in a crowd.

Well, this whole story being about sex, let’s start with my toy inventory. Under my bed, there are several trunks. Each with its own group of toys. Number one big trunk is full of an embarrassing number of dildos. I did try to keep them organized, but it looks like a children’s toy box. Some are glass and even fewer are metal. The majority are rubber or latex. I really like the flexible colored translucent ones. There are some realistic looking ones as well, complete with foreskin and veins. And one that I suppose would belong to a horse, but it’s too big for me to use. With much lube and some muscle, I did manage to get it partially in, but it was more painful than pleasure. So now it just sits in the bottom. I even have a couple that can ejaculate. On days when I’ve been masturbating for hours, I’ll collect my cream in a cup and then pour it into the reservoir and use it to creampie myself. It’s fun and messy, but the cleanup is always worth it. What I’d really love to do is to creampie another girl with it. But alas, it’s just a fantasy. Oh, this trunk also contains my collection of butt plugs. These are not as numerous and extreme as my dildo collection. The special one is electric. I like it because when it is up my butt, I can turn it on, low power, and it tightens my hole and vagina. I use it to push my juices out by strobing it on and off. It’s kind of a way of milking myself.

Trunk number 2 has all my vibrators, which are not all that many. Many of my older ones used C and D batteries, but I’ve found they have a high failure rate. Many of my new ones are now AC powered. A couple have a rabbit’s head on them, which is a little nub near the base to touch my clitoris when fully inserted. One of my favorites has a rabbit head and rotating beads down the shaft. Much to my shame, much of this trunk contains broken vibrators. I should have thrown them away as they broke. It’s now too embarrassing to throw away a partial or at least whole trash bag full of broken vibrators. What would the garbage man think if the bag broke open?

On the other side of the bed is a large trunk and a single device. One is a sybian, along with all its attachments. It’s about 1 foot wide by 2 feet long and the whole thing is arch-shaped. Kind of like a saddle that sits on the floor. It has a shaft built into the middle of it that either pumps up and down, vibrates or both. What you do is throw a leg over it like a motorcycle mounting the dildo and instead of fucking myself, it fucks me. And let me stay it’s fantastic, best money I ever spent.

The other, well, I have no other name for it except, “The fucking machine.” It’s also so large it doesn’t have a trunk, it just sits under the bed. It’s just a floor level pedestal with a motorized shaft that pumps forward and back. You mount yourself on the toy and have a blast. It’s well made, in fact, custom made. I paid someone to make me one, so it’s one of a kind. It is adjustable for depth of stroke and speed of stroke. It’s superb. Most people remember their first day with certain events, but for the fuck machine, I have a first week experience.

Lastly, I guess I should mention that most of my underwear are matched with a butterfly vibrator. Which is just a kind of remote vibrator you wear like panties, that go over your clitoris. When I’m out in public, close to cumming and don’t want to reveal anything. I can turn it on with my remote and blast my pussy with it. But enough about my old toys, on to casino oyna the new toys.

I had been hearing about this great toy, that you could program anything you wanted it to do and it would do it, vaginal, anal, vibrate, spin, fuck, reshape itself whatever. All in a pair of expensive looking set of black panties. The reviews were saying that it was not just revolution in the sex toy industry but that technology alone would change the future of humanity. I recall rumors that the company had mastered nanotechnology. How? Well, the sex industry has that kind of money. But with my tech background, I was a bit skeptical. Who throws that much R&D into toys for masturbation. It was time to go to my local adult store to have a look in person. Thinking about the toy and reading all the reviews, got my motor running, which reflected in what I wore that day.

Let’s get dressed! The first thing I picked out was just a plain black dress, but behind that was a hot pink stretch cotton/spandex tube skirt I bought for a rave I never went to. I’d forgotten all about it, as well as how revealing it was. Its top hem ended about 2″ above my nipples and the bottom stopped about 3″ below my crotch. It was literally just a tube of material that I slip into, with a kitty logo on the front. For shoes, I go with knee high pink All Star Converse, I have shoes four times over for every outfit. I have clothing in the range of super professional conservative, to ultra porno star slutty, it keeps people guessing about me. A lack of a social life leaves me a bit materialistic.

Finally, I braid my hair into one long French braid down my back, with a cute little pink ribbon to tie it together. “Looking good,” I say to my reflection in the mirror. The dress is tighter than I remembered, or perhaps it shrunk when I washed it. Walking in it made the hem rise a little, emphasizing my petite butt. My butt is not flat, but it’s not a full size either, another thing that kept me from modeling. If it wasn’t for the fact all my physical features are feminine, you’d swear I was just some skinny boy in drag. My nipples were trying to poke their little heads through the material with a soft circle of small dark brown areolas around them. One glance will show that I’m clearly not wearing anything under this small number, nor will I. The thought of going out like this makes me wet. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. Outfits must be cute and most importantly, I need to access my tits, pussy, and ass at a moment’s notice. Don’t judge, but when I need to get off, I need it. Which now reminds me as to why I really bought this dress.

This dress made the cut because I could fold down the top and bottom, leaving me easy access to all my pleasure areas. Without realizing it, I had already folded down the top and bottom. So, to go with my flow, I grab a towel, sit on my bed, put one foot on the edge of the bed and pat dry my slightly moist pussy. I don’t want to stain this awesome dress now, do I? The feel of the towel had the added effect of arousing me more. Always one to be a creative and chronic masturbator, I tried something new.

I reached down under the bed and pulled out the Sybian. I wrapped a towel over the surface attempting to protect the internal mechanisms from fluid destruction. Then straddled it and I began to hump my wet genitals against it.

I daydreamed about this high-tech toy while humping my towel wrapped Sybian. I remembered the looks on the women’s faces as they just lay there wearing these panties shaking in orgasm. I abruptly got up retrieved my laptop, and began watching a compilation video of all these girls, squealing, yelling with legs shaking. I especially liked the girl whose orgasm was so powerful her eyes rolled to the back of her head. My pussy was gushing now, I could hear the towel squishing beneath me, it was saturated with my thick, milky white pussy cream. I have been masturbating for less than 10 minutes and already the towel is soaked. I could see my juices flow down on the floor and begin to pool next to the Sybian.

A little bit of skepticism sprouted in my mind. These panties may not be magic at all. The real magic maybe in the acting of the girls on screen. This little bit of doubt diffused like smoke in my mind as I watch these women on my laptop. The women would lay in an obstetrics chair and got off while just wearing a pair of seemingly plain black panties. Now the smoke of doubt was completely gone. It was their reactions that I knew were genuine. Their skin was flush, some women would rub and pinch their nipples. The real tell was that some girls were clearly squirting while still in the panties, I could see it flow from around the sides and down onto the floor. Damn these videos got me so wet. I could feel myself approaching orgasm. I don’t want these panties, I need them.

I was really drenching the towel. I placed more and more of my weight on the Sybian. The girl that did it for me was a petite but busty girl. She drove me over the edge every time. She would spread her legs canlı casino out straight, grab her ankles and pull them apart. She had to be a gymnast, she can’t naturally be that flexible. With her legs spread wide, she nods at someone barely on camera with a laptop on their lap with a cable running from the laptop and connected to the panties.

The video does have sound, but all you can hear is the girl giggle and moan. The panties do not make any noise. She was the girl that made me think, “These have to legit.” I have seen her in other videos and knew her orgasms well, at least by video. I could see her whole body flush red originating from the panties and spreading along her spread legs and up her body. She told someone just off camera that she could not believe what was happening, that this can’t be happening. After a little bit, she stopped talking and all she could do was moan. Her breathing became heavy, she was nearing my favorite part of the video. Wanting to time my orgasm with hers, I unwrapped the towel from the dildo, inserted it deep into my gushing pussy, causing a torrent of juice to flow out of me. I tossed the drenched towel off to the side and grabbed a fresh one from the bed. I wrapped the new towel around the base as the old one was. Using the remote I turned the Sybian to vibrate. I then brought my legs into me so I could grab my ankles, I would pull them back and up so that all my weight was on the Sybian and a little bit on my toes to keep my balance. I could also use my toes to bounce up and down. I wanted the Sybian to vibrate my whole body from the core.

All I could hear were the sounds of the girl on the video and squish, squish sound of the towel soaked in my juices. The girl in the video announced in a slurring voice she was going to cum, which brought me to orgasm. Her orgasm was beautiful, her mouth opened and a steady stream of drool began flowing down onto her perky tits. Her steady gaze into some unknown distance, gave a great view of her pupils dilating, just as they slowly rolled into the back of her head. What I loved most of watching her orgasm is that I could see her pussy pulse through the fabric. Holding her legs apart really pressed her sex into the material. She barely maintained her grip on her shaking legs, while her body bucked in a powerful orgasm. With each orgasm came a pulse of her pussy and with each pussy pulse, you can see clear thick pussy grool flow around the sides of the panties. She must have cum in gallons.

I orgasmed when she did. My head bent back and blinding pleasure exploded in my body. My vagina gripped the dildo while I held my ankles as fiercely as the girl in the video. I rode the Sybian for as long as my orgasm would allow me.

When it had finally subsided, the video had ended. I took a moment to compose myself and become aware of my surroundings. I slowly stood, sliding the dildo out of me, making a plopping sound as it exited my still quivering vagina. I used the towel to keep my juices from running down my legs and soaking the shoes I had on. I stood and took a deep and smiling breath, that was a good one. That girl always does it for me.

I first cleaned the soles of my shoes, I tend to step in my own pool juices. Next was to wipe up the floor and finally the Sybian itself. Then a trip to the bathroom to really clean myself off. Finally, I toss all the soaked towels, with all the other used towels into the washer and started the machine. I folded down the dress and checked myself in the mirror one more time. “Time to go to the store.”

The trip was anti-climactic. The store I frequent only had the box on display, not the actual underwear. Me being the horny and lonely lady that I am, I mean lonely because I had already worn myself out all my toys and was need of something new, stood there reading over the features. Pointless in a way, my mind was too fogged over with lust, again. I was just holding the box in trembling hands.

I put the box back on the self after seeing the price tag. “Son of a bitch,” slipped past my lips. The price for Super Sexy Fun Toy is $599.99. This will have to wait until next payday. I childishly stomp my foot, crossed my ankles still and stared at the box with thoughts of what could have been… What could have been today.

“I hate to see a pretty lady disappointed,” came a woman’s whisper from over my shoulder. I give her the half turn in mild acknowledgement. Then proceed to move a little down the aisle pretending to look at other items.

“Quid pro quo,” came in the same whisper? Whom is this weirdo following me. I turn to face whoever the person butting into my little world of lustful daydreaming.

She was a stunning. Her beauty was that of an exotic Swedish model. Her face could have been sculpted by the best artists using the best Swedish and Swiss material. Raven black hair fashioned into a tight A-line bob framed her face. Our same height brought me in direct eye to eye contact when I turned to face her. Her piercing green eyes conveyed lust and mock understanding. kaçak casino

I share an affinity with this woman. Goose bumps appear on my body in response to the sexual charge that is sub-audibly sparking between us. My smile gives me away. I am caught off guard by her beauty. Blushing, I take a step back and feast my eyes on her, up and down.

Casually placed mirrored pilot’s style sunglasses topped her head. On her neck was a small leather choker with the letter A in the middle.

She was wearing a police-style leather jacket with a tube top underneath. Her milky white breasts were full and perky, with pierced hard nipples trying poking through. Her cleavage was visible both above and below the pink tube top.

Moving down past her bare, flat stomach were a pair of tight black jean shorts with frayed ends. Her legs were covered in skull patterned leggings. And wouldn’t you know it, we are both wearing the same style of All Star Converse knee highs, only hers are black and clearly steel toe, with the metal cap on the outside.

As my eyes travel back up to her body I take in her figure. She’s voluptuous. Her leg muscle definition was easily noticed through the leggings. I’ll bet she could crush me with those thighs. Her waist slim and she had tits I both envy to have and grasp. Her feyness was enhanced by her pale moonlight glowing skin.

“You have expensive tastes in toys,” she whispered to me. I stood looking at her beautiful white porcelain face. I was love struck. Her whisper was the distraction I needed to get out of the spell of her beauty.

“Quid pro quo? You scratch my back I scratch yours,” she said with a seductive smile. I knew I was naked before her. Those bright green eyes bore into my soul and saw my grinding lust. She tipped her head up sniffing the air, savoring the smell of diffusing sex like a predator.

I let out a nervous laugh looking left and right, thinking this is a joke. She must have some accomplice, who put her up to this. I see no one. My eyes lock back on shining emerald dragon fierce eyes. I realize she has not looked away from me. Who is this woman?

“Perhaps another time,” I replied and let a nervous school girl laugh. I stare back into her eyes and accept I will lose if she keeps this up. My heart skips a beat and my legs begin to tremble slightly. A new fetish manifests itself in admission that I am sexually owned by this woman. Body heat forces small beads of sweat to breakout all over my body. Heat was radiating from my pussy. Without touching me she’s making me wet. At her slightest touch, I would start dripping down my legs. Perhaps panties would have been prudent.

She sees my submission and takes that moment to close the distance between us. Our foreheads touch, we’re so close to kissing it was driving me mad. My breathing was manic. Her body heat mingles with mine and I feel her right hand slowly slide down from the back of my neck to stop where my butt and thighs meet. This fireball sex woman steps her right leg in between mine and presses her body against me, pushing against a rack of sex toys. I get tunnel vision. This can’t be happening to me, TO ME of all people. Right here in a porno store toy aisle. I gasp and submissively whimper into her control as her left hand pretends to lift the hem of my skirt and dare expose my private parts to all. She was just teasing. Her hand continues and ends up sliding up and settling on my right breast. The heat of her hand poured into me causing me to sweat. She softly kneads my small breast, rubs her finger over the small bump of my nipple. She then softly traps it between her forefinger and thumb. I close my eyes in pleasure. The smooth skin of her face slides against my face moving her mouth towards my ear. Her left hand goes underneath my dress. She slides the tip of one finger from the bottom of my wet slit upwards bumping my throbbing clitoris in the process. Each soft bump sent tidal waves through my body.

“You’re soaking into the back of that sexy skirt,” she whispered as her finger continued its slow trace of my yearning labia.

“I was playing with myself on the way over here,” under her control I could not lie to this woman.

In quick movements, she steps back while placing a card on the inside of my dress top. Her green gaze bore into me once again. She showed me how wet her fingers were by rubbing them together and parting them. I could see the sticky trails form each time she brought her fingers apart. She brought my juices to her face and took in draft of my scent. Her eyes flashed with surprise and satisfaction upon tasting my sweet secretions. I shuddered at the sight. It made her smile.

“I’ve got things to do. Get ahold of me some time, we’ll have some fun,” she turned and left out of the door.

“It was a pleasure having you here ma’am,” the counter lady said to her on her way out.

The silence after her departure was deafening. It took me several seconds to center myself only to find that the attendant had been watching us both the entire time. I shrug only to get the same thing back and step out to see if I could perhaps catch this lady. Outside all I hear is the wine of an inline 4 sports bike upshifting down the road.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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