Friend in Need

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It all started a few years ago. Greg has always been a good friend to Gav and myself. Secretly I had always fancied him. He is tall, dark and very handsome with the sort of melting brown eyes that most women find it hard to resist!! He had often featured in my fantasies, what I haven’t done to that man in my own minds eye is no bodies business!! In my own minds eye I had explored every part of his body using both my hands and my tongue ,all while my hubby watched!

Never in a million years did I think I would ever get the chance to put my fantasy into practice. Then one night the opportunity arose and I guess I just lost it for a while!! Let me explain , I am a bit of an exhibitionist always have been, Gav always said it was one of the things that attracted him to me in the first place. I am about 5ft7″, brunette with a firm pair of 36c tits. I love to flirt and show off in front of men. The thought that they are getting a hard on watching really turns me on! I like nothing better than to wear a low cut top and do a bit of flashing! Gav loves to watch as I cock tease, it always gives him a hard on. If I’m feeling particularly sexy I put on my tight white panties and a short skirt and give some poor unsuspecting bloke a hard on by positioning myself so that only they can see what is on offer between my thighs! Then as he gets really interested I get up and walk way. Poor sod must wonder what’s hit him. I often feel sorry for them but what can I do?

We had often talked and fantasised about threesomes but somehow we never got to as far as carrying our fantasies though. That all changed this particular night!! Greg often came round in the evenings for dinner and a beer , he’s single and we kind of took him under our wings. I never understood why such a good looking bloke was single in the first place but that’s another story in itself! Anyway this particular night I was feeling really horny and would have been happier at first if Greg had left early as I just wanted a good fuck, little did I know that I was about to get more than I bargained for that night! The evening was the same as always I served diner and then I started to wash-up.

While I was in the kitchen I heard the two lads talking ,what I overhead made my ears prick up and my pussy juices run. The two of them were talking about me! Gav was actually asking Greg if he had ever thought about fucking me! Greg ,with a little coaxing from Gav finally admitted that he would love to but would never have brought the subject up if casino oyna Gav had not asked him. Greg was a little embarrassed at first then he began to warm to the idea as Gav said he would love to watch me in action with another man and he couldn’t think of anyone better than Greg to do the job.

As I sat in the kitchen listening I could hardly believe what I was hearing but my pussy juices were certainly flowing!! Never one to miss an opportunity I thought what the hell if that’s what they wanted why the hell not. I went back to the sink to finish the washing up wondering if this was the night I would get to put my fantasies into practice. Gav came into the kitchen and gave me a great big hug as I was stood at the sink I could feel his hard on under his jeans as he kissed me. It was then I noticed Greg had come into the kitchen as well he was watching us as Gav kissed and caressed me. I was feeling really horny by now and had got to the stage were I just didn’t give a damn anymore!!

I slowly moved my hand down to Gav’s cock and began to rub it though the material of his jeans. He was hard alright , REALLY hard! Slowly I unzipped his jeans and took his cock out. By now I had almost forgotten that Greg was there, then I became aware of another pair of hands on my body I could feel him caressing me all over, pushing his body firmly against me as I toyed with Gav’s cock. I felt Greg kiss my neck as his hands began to wander further down my body. Suddenly Gav pulled away and Greg turned me around to face him. I felt so horny by now I really didn’t care anymore. My white panties were dripping with pussy juice I was so turned on!

As Greg pulled me closer to him I felt the size of his cock as he pushed his body into mine,it was a lot bigger than I had expected! Slowly he began to undress me, taking his time he undid the buttons on my blouse and I gasped as his hands brushed against my tits. Gav was stood behind me and he helped Greg take off my blouse and undid my bra. It was like he was saying to Greg ,”it’s fine take her”, this was an even bigger turn on for me! Very slowly Greg began to feel my tits then he moved his mouth down and kissed and licked my nipples to the point where I almost came then and there. Slowly he moved his tongue down my body as if he was savouring every last inch.

Gav helped him remove my skirt and they got me to lean back against the kitchen table. As Greg moved his tongue further down my body and began to explore my inner thighs I felt like I was in heaven. canlı casino Gav moved across and began to kiss me deeply as I played with his hard cock. Suddenly Greg had pulled my panties to one side and was using his tongue to probe my dripping pussy. I came almost immediately, one huge wave of orgasmic pleasure was mine. As Greg pushed his tongue deeper into me the pleasure just went on and on.

I could tell Gav was really enjoying this as his cock had swelled to the hardest and thickest I had ever known it to be. Greg suddenly moved his head up towards me and he smiled at me with those big brown eyes. As he moved up my body I stood up straight and kissed him really deeply tasting my own juices as I did. As I stood in the middle of the kitchen kissing my husbands friend I felt Gav behind me as I began to explode Greg’s body. I ran my hands over his entire body as I became sandwiched between two really horny men. I ran my hand around Greg’s huge pulsating cock and explored it with my fingers. I began to move my lips over Greg’s chest and slowly down towards that huge cock. I spent a while teasing the skin around his cock with my tongue but not actually touching his cock. Gav moved closer and I began to tease his cock with my tongue as well as Greg’s. As I knelt between their cocks I teased and licked them each one in turn then I took Greg’s cock as far into my hot warm mouth as I could get it! He gasped as I flicked my tongue over his head as I held it in my mouth. I slowly began to fuck him with my mouth, his cock grew wetter and harder as I teased and sucked his huge cock.

I gave Gav the same treatment making them take it in turns to have there cocks sucked. Then I took both their cocks in my mouth at he same time and I guess it just got too much for them!! They began to shudder and shake as they both began to cum. I felt their cocks twitch in my mouth as they began to surrender all the lovely hot spunk! I tried to swallow as much as I could ,not an easy task with all the spunk they produced!! As they came they pulled out of my mouth I caught as much spunk as I could! Nothing was wasted. I began to lick their cocks dry as they tried to recover! My face was covered in spunk and I could taste their hot spunk inside my mouth as I stood up and kissed them both deeply. Probing both their mouths with my tongue. At this point we decided to we all needed a break ,poor lads needed to recover . Hehehe

At this point we decided to move into the bedroom but somehow we never quite got that kaçak casino far! I still had my panties on at this point and I can tell you they were dripping wet from my pussy juices. To say that I was feeling Horny was an understatement!! As the lads followed me up the stairs towards the bedroom I decided for some strange reason I wanted fucking on the stairs. I turned to face them both and sat on down on a step near the top of the stairs. They seemed to sense what I wanted from them. As Gav slowly peeled my panties off Greg began to play with my tits again! I opened my legs wide so they could see what was on offer. As I always keep my pussy shaved they had a pretty good view, the result was an instant hard on once again for them both!

I reached down and began to finger myself as they watched. As I played with my own pussy in front of them they both began to rub their cocks. They were soon hard again and I knew I was in for a good fucking. They turned to look at each other and then Greg began to move closer. His hard cock in his hand he moved in towards my body and began to to position himself between my open legs. He started to move his cock slowly over my wet pussy. This nearly drove me wild as I just wanted to feel that cock deep inside my hot wet pussy. I wanted to feel his hot spunk deep inside me! Then suddenly in one action he thrust his cock deep inside me. His hard cock really filled my tight pussy and he began to slowly thrust back and forth allowing me to really feel him taking me! I really thought I had died and gone to heaven at this point. I was unaware of anything else that was going on around me by now I just wanted this cock to spunk inside me. Greg pumped me for a while before his cock finally began to quiver deep inside my pussy as he began to unload his spunk .

I had one amazing orgasm after another as he continued to pump his spunk into me. Almost as soon as he had finished he pulled out and Gav replaced Greg’s cock with his own. As he began to push his cock deeper into me I reached yet another earth shattering orgasm. Gav has a hard cock at the best of times but this was the hardest I had ever known it. I think the fact that I was full of someone’s spunk had something to do with it!! Gav thrust his cock as deep as he could get I told him I wanted every last inch of his hard cock, I wanted him to fill me full of his spunk. it wasn’t long before he did!

The thought of both lots of spunk inside me sent me into another orgasm. As Gav lay on top of me I leaned over and kissed Greg,. That was one night I will never forget. Needless to say Greg is round our house more often that he was before!

We’ve had many more great nights since. I might write those down for you on night!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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