Doctor Iris Goes Out For The Evening

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Big Tits

Iris unclipped her ID badge and dropped it on the desk as she strode out of the Radiology department. Her white coat flapping, she ignored the farewells of the receptionists and headed out towards her car. It had been a hard day, with two patients to whom she had had to give very bad news and she needed to get home, have a glass of wine and relax. She took out her frustrations by slamming the door of her car more vigorously than it required, put her foot down and shot out onto the main road.

Back at her house, she stripped off completely, removing a bit more of her professional identity with each item. She closed the blinds, so she could avoid having to think about what to wear and wandered naked into the kitchen, where she poured a glass of wine, drank it off and refilled the glass. She made a quick sandwich and took it and her wine into the living room. She installed herself on the sofa, but dozed off, too exhausted to eat or drink.

It was getting dark when she woke up as the day cooled down. She glanced at the squashed sandwich still in her hand and finished it. Ten minutes later, she was roaming from room to room, still trying to make up her mind. (It’s almost two months since I’ve been up to the forest. There’s a risk, of course there is, but I love going there. Shall I? She gave her bottom a slap. It’s Friday. I’m pissed off. I need something to make me feel I’m a woman, not just a medic. Fuck it, why shouldn’t I?)

In the shower, she put an electric-blue rinse through her blonde hair. It would wash out when she got home again, by which time she hoped she’d need another shower, but in the meantime, the colour was what people noticed and made them pay less attention to her face. She went to her underwear drawer and selected a black bra. She had several, and she tried on three before deciding on the one that gave her the support her heavy breasts demanded, while only just hiding her nipples. She went to the wardrobe, took out a loose black t-shirt dress that only just covered her bottom and put it on over her head. Thigh-length black leather boots completed her outfit. She checked in the mirror and nodded to herself. (Doctor Duplexis? Never heard of her!) Finally, she opened her bedside cabinet, took out a black domino mask and tucked it under her arm. Not giving herself time for second thoughts, she grabbed the keys to her other car and trotted downstairs to the garage. She’d kept her old, anonymous car with its Paris plates for evenings like this one. She had no intention of risking her successful career for the sake of an evening which might turn out to be satisfying sexually, but which, on the other hand, could easily not. She headed for the motorway, drove along it for twenty minutes and then turned off, onto a series of steep minor roads that led upwards and into the forest.

The clearing where she stopped opened out on to a vista of the plain far below, with the glow of towns in the distance, over towards the river. Iris allowed herself a few minutes to contemplate the scene and then put on her mask as other cars began to arrive. A couple of minutes later, someone tapped on her car window. The man was masturbating. Iris shook her head. (Not impressed. He didn’t ask and besides, that wasn’t casino oyna an interesting cock.) The man wandered off. The scenario was repeated twice more before she saw something that appealed. A younger man tapped and waited until she indicated that she’d like to see what he was offering. He released a meaty and erect cock. (Good. At least he knows the etiquette.) Iris opened her window.

“Not bad,” she said. “A blow job?”

“Please.” He came closer and thrust his hips forward. Iris opened her mouth wide and took his full length straight down her throat. She pulled back, almost releasing him, then plunged forward again. (Why do I leave such long gaps between coming here? This is where I belong for my sex needs.) She kept him on edge for as long as she could, until he was begging her for release. The cock in her mouth twitched and she swallowed.

“Want to fuck?”

“Maybe later when you’re hard again,” Iris said, pointing at his limp member.

“See you later then. Thanks.”

(Time to show off a little.)

Iris pulled her dress off and adjusted her mask, then got out of the car. The air was cool, but not cold. Knowing that eyes were observing her from the cars parked around the clearing, she made a fuss of adjusting her bra, pinching her nipples and fluffing up her pubic hair, and then strolled back to her car and waited. Three men materialised beside her open window.

“Show,” she ordered them. Three hard cocks were put on display.

“You,” she said, pointing to the biggest one. “You two can watch and wank. Maybe afterwards.” She took her big vibrator from the glove compartment, gave it a perfunctory lick and thrust it into her sex. She winced. Not quite as wet as I thought. I need more space to do this properly. She opened the car door and spread her legs wide.

She was reaming herself with the dildo while sucking hard on the cock that was offered, when a movement behind the two who were observing caught her eye. There was a slim, dark woman standing in the shadows, watching and talking into a mobile phone.

One of the watchers waved his cock at the woman. She was listening to her phone and paid no attention. She looked up and moved closer, having a good look at the cocks on show.

“Hey, girly. Wanna suck on this?” (What a charmer! Subtle! Idiot! No idea!)

The young woman shook her head and walked away, still talking into her phone. Iris watched her go, half her mind on the blowjob she was giving, a little more on the sensations from the dildo buzzing inside her and the rest furiously digging into her memory to recall where she thought she’d seen this woman before. Iris’s split attention meant that she was suddenly gagging as the man climaxed in her mouth. She spat it out and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. He took one look at her face, zipped himself up and disappeared. The other two also walked away.

Iris turned off her vibrator. It wasn’t doing anything for her now that she was concentrating on watching the unknown woman, who had gone to the far end of the clearing, and looked to be texting. She stood still for a moment, eyes glued to her phone. She put the phone into the pocket of her leather blouson and took off her skirt, revealing that she canlı casino had nothing on under it. (Very nice! More and more intriguing. But who is she? I know I should know her!)

The woman began to walk briskly across the open space, holding her skirt in front of her. In the dusk, Iris had to strain her eyes to follow her. (Nice legs and a really sexy bottom. But it’s her face I know, so not from previous visits here.)

The woman stopped again, fished out her phone and read. After a moment’s pause, she folded her skirt and put it in a little backpack she was wearing. Now her sex, with close-cropped black pubic hair was also on display. She set off again, walking fast, but had taken only a few steps when the phone screen lit up again. (Somebody is controlling her and telling her what to do!)

Iris looked around. The only car that she hadn’t seen before was an old Citroën DS. She could just make out a shadowy figure behind the wheel, someone using binoculars. She brought her attention back to the half-naked woman, just in time for the Citroën’s headlights to illuminate the scene. The woman stood motionless, shading her eyes from the glare as other cars lit her up. The contrast between the woman’s pale, bare lower half and her black leather jacket was startling. She had set off again, walking very slowly, when her phone made her stop to read its instructions. She took off her backpack and put it down by her feet. (Is she going to….she is!) The woman had hesitated, but only for an instant before she unzipped her blouson and took it off, leaving her nude, apart from a quarter-cup bra that showed an adolescent’s breasts with long, erect nipples. Iris caught her breath. (Oh, to get my hands and teeth on those!) The jacket went into the backpack and the woman stood up straight. (Beautiful! A dancer’s body! So trim!) The stranger was reading again, perhaps unconscious that a ring of men was forming around her. She picked up her backpack and slung it on her back. The incongruity of a naked woman who was yet wearing a little leather backpack made her look even more indecent. She read again and then slid her hand down her belly, until her fingers slipped into the slot of her sex. (She’s really turned on. I could see her knees tremble when she did that. Her clit must be as hard as…mine is.) Iris felt between her legs. Her clitoris was like a pebble. She gave it a little rub, enjoying the shivers that it sent through her body. (Do I have time for a little orgasm?) She looked across to where the circle of men was closing in on the naked stranger.

(No! Time to intervene, before this gets out of hand.) Iris took off her bra, got out of her car and strode to where the woman, stood, visibly frightened and trembling at the centre of a ring of some dozen or so men, all eyeing her with barely controlled lust.

“Now, now boys,” Iris could feel her big, pendulous breasts swaying as she pushed men aside and went to stand beside the woman. “What have we here? It seems that someone has been kind enough to bring a nice lady. Your first time here?” she asked.

“F…First time like this anywhere.”

“So. Maybe this lady asked for a little fun experiment, or perhaps the decision wasn’t hers. Irrelevant. I’ve been kaçak casino watching her and she’s done her best to give us a show. If she goes home now, I’m sure she’ll be thinking she might come back sometime and go for something a little more intimate. I know you’d all like that. I certainly would. She’s a pretty lady with a nice body. But if you all come hunting her like a pack of wolves with your tongues and dicks hanging out, you’ll scare her away for ever. Piss off, boys!”

The ring started to break up. “You owe me,” Iris said to the woman. “Come over here and you can pay your debt.”

She led the way to a picnic bench-cum-table. Several men from the circle followed, keeping their distance.

(Got you! Your voice brought it all back. You’re Leila Something-or-other. You asked really good questions when I taught that course. That must be eight years ago now. I remember I rather fancied you then, but you were married.)

“Lie down,” Iris ordered her. The woman who was Leila put her bag on to the table as a pillow and lay down. “Knees up. Legs open.” Iris bent over between Leila’s legs and took a mouthful of Leila’s sex. She sucked at the labia, pausing from time to time to slide her tongue inside and play with the clitoris. Leila quivered.

Leila’s first orgasm came quickly, surprising Iris. She went back down, after beckoning one of the watching men to take her doggy-style. (Fantastic…a mouthful of a woman’s sex and a good, hard cock fucking me!) Five minutes later the man shot his load and pulled out. He was replaced by someone else. (Which one is it? Oh, I don’t care. One cock is as good as another. Oops! She’s come again. Let’s see how she likes this…)

Iris eased Leila’s buttocks apart. One finger probed, then penetrated her anus. Leila squirmed. Iris felt another spurt of sperm in her vagina and was promptly filled by a third cock. Leila moaned. (But that’s pleasure, not complaint. I can tell. One more finger? Two more, even and she’s loving it. That’s three orgasms already. I’m close to coming, too.)

The new cock was thicker and even more satisfying and when its owner reached under her belly and pinched her clitoris between finger and thumb, Iris came. Without any decision on her part, she was biting at Leila’s sex, making her come yet again too, a huge one this time.

Iris stood up and the man slid out of her, followed by the gush of three loads of come. Leila sat up. Iris couldn’t resist teasing her. She caught hold of both Leila’s nipples and tweaked them. Leila squeaked, and Iris watched a final ripple of ecstasy run through her body. Leila shook her head, as if to clear it, sat up and started to pick up her bag.

“Well, doctor,” Iris said. “That was an unexpected pleasure.” She grinned to herself with satisfaction as the contents of Leila’s bag scattered at her feet.

“It was eight years ago when we last met,” Iris said. “and then only briefly. I would happily have done that to you then. If I’d known how good you look naked and how easily you orgasm, I’d have tried my luck. Will you come here again?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.”

Leila finished gathering up her skirt and blouson and Iris watched her head back, as she’d expected, to the old Citroën.

“I bet I’ll be hearing from you before then,” she muttered to herself. “You were never one to be content with half an answer. You’ll want to work out who I am. I’ll look forward to that!”

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