Ann: A Love Story Ch. 65

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The room was a mess. The rose petals weren’t just on the bed any longer; they seemed to be everywhere. Besides the remnants of the food in our room from the night before, there was now also a large tray on the desk, filled with dirty plates and dishes from our midday breakfast in bed. Most of our suitcases were open, and they looked ransacked, evidence that we really didn’t care what they looked like now that we were at the end of our trip. It was like Ann and I had been there for over a month…not less than a day.

Our clothes from the night before were strewn about the floor, and on various pieces of furniture. Ann’s bikini was in a wet pile along with the shorts I’d worn in the hot tub; lying on the tile hallway entering the room. The wet towels we used to wrap around ourselves at the hot tub were lying on the floor next to the bed. Still next to the bed were the various shaving supplies we’d brought out of the bathroom to use on our new friends, Penny and Garrett. We’d never bothered to put them away. Instead, Ann and I put our collective energy into spending as much of the rest of the day we had together in bed.

And then there was that bed. The sheet, blanket and comforter were pulled off, making a huge pile at the foot of the bed. The fitted sheet was half off, wrinkled, and wet in more than one place…several, actually. On the nightstand next to the bed, was the big box of sexual gifts Ann had gotten at the party…but it was half empty. There was a pile of packages on the floor next to that nightstand, opened and discarded after taking the contents out. The items we’d gotten out of them were strewn about the mattress in various places, and most of them had been used in some way. A couple of them were very well used.

Ann and I were lounging on the huge bed, the room filled with the light of the fading sun. She was in my arms. Or I was in hers. It really depended on your point of view, I suppose, but we were clinging to each other like we were desperate…not wanting to let each other go. And that’s probably what it was. We didn’t want our trip to end.

“This has been such an amazing week,” Ann said as she kissed my chest, licking around my right nipple.

I squeezed her bare ass, kneading her cheeks hard with my fingers. “Yeah…it has. I’ll remember this vacation the rest of my life. I doubt I’ll ever be able to top it.”

Ann looked up into my eyes and said, “You won’t…but we will, baby. We’re going to have a lifetime of vacations together.”

“Sure, but you have to admit, Ann. This one has been pretty spectacular.”

“Yes it has…but I honestly think our next vacation will be even better,” Ann said confidently.

“Wow, you seem pretty sure about that. I love your enthusiasm.”

“Why shouldn’t I be sure about it? I’m pretty sure our next one is going to be our honeymoon!”


It was hard to argue Ann’s logic about our next real vacation being our honeymoon. We’d be getting married in a couple of months, and I’d be starting a new job. And once we got settled in our new town, wherever we decided to live, Ann would be getting a job as well…although neither one of us knew what that would be. With all of that, the overriding fact remained that I was going to have to work a while before we could actually take a real, bona fide honeymoon.

Sure, we’d get some time together after the wedding, but it really wasn’t going to be a honeymoon. We’d be moving Ann, and all of our things, to West Virginia. I’m sure we could make some kind of adventure out of it, but it wasn’t really going to be a vacation. In fact, the trip from Indiana to West Virginia after the wedding would involve each of us driving our own cars…at least, that’s how I envisioned it. Maybe I’d be able to fly back for the wedding, but I was sure we’d have other, more pressing needs for the money. Decorating and furnishing a house we hoped to be able to buy being one of them.

When I thought about the trip I’d made with Tina to get that job, and how amazing it was, I never would have dreamed I would have had a better adventure than that one. That is, until the week I’d just spent with Ann, culminating in the incredible day we’d just shared at the hotel 30 minutes or so north of our hometown. If the long weekend trip I’d shared with Tina could be topped just a few months later by this one with Ann, it wasn’t so hard to believe that our eventual honeymoon would be even better that what we’d just done. In fact, now that it was brought up in conversation, I was pretty confident that Ann would somehow make sure that it was.

Ann was playing with my hair, her fingers running through it, grazing my scalp as we held each other on the huge mattress. We were just lounging, trying to avoid the inevitable, which was having to pack up and drive home. In fact, we’d been fighting time all day long, and we’d been pretty successful at pushing back our thoughts of what was to come later that night.

After Penny and Garrett left, Ann and I called down for the breakfast casino siteleri in bed that I’d first thought about the night before. And it was a feast. We ordered so much food it reminded me of the breakfast spread Ann’s Aunt Helen made for us in California. It wasn’t home cooked, but it was still delicious. And it gave us what we needed, which was energy. That is, after we took a little catnap in each other’s arms for about a half hour.

We woke up, and made love. It was sweet, and loving, and affectionate. And it made my heart warm. Ann was so tender and attentive; our hearts connecting in ways that made me feel more loved than I ever had.

But the best part of that lovemaking session that lasted almost an hour came after. It was after the extended foreplay, which took up over half of that hour; after the steady crescendo of passion and heat as we tested our stamina and our strength, and after finishing with the perfect climax of simultaneous orgasms that always proved harder to accomplish than one might think. After that, came what I considered the greatest way to follow up that touching, emotional roller coaster ride of passion.

After all of that…we played.

We were resting again, spooning together as Ann and I slowly recovered. We hadn’t been all out fucking, but had expended a lot of energy, and we were both breathing deep, letting our bodies re-energize. I was holding onto her, and we were both looking straight ahead. I wasn’t really focusing on anything other than Ann’s rising chest as she breathed in time with me. I loved it whenever we did that together; it always made me feel closer.

But Ann’s gaze must have been transfixed. She wasn’t saying anything…neither of us did for the longest time. But while my mind was kind of in a tranquil mode, Ann’s was spinning. So much so that she seemed a little restless after a while, and I knew something was on her mind.

“What are you thinking about, babe?”

“Hmm…I’m thinking about that box over there,” she said, referring to the huge box of sexual goodies from the bachelorette party.

“Yeah…what about it?”

Ann turned her head to look at me over her bare, sexy shoulder. “I’m wondering kind of fun we could have with it.”

“So you really DO have plans for it. I thought you just brought it up to the room because you wanted to wear one of the outfits.”

“I don’t have plans, Neil. I knew I wanted to wear that outfit last night, and it was in the bottom of the box.”

“Mmm…and you looked great in that, by the way,” I said, kissing her neck.

“Thanks baby.”

Ann let the subject of the box drop, but now I was staring at it. I couldn’t help it. It was like the elephant in the room…it was there, and now that it was on both of our minds, it was too huge to ignore. After staring at it for what seemed like an eternity, I finally got up, as hard as it was to leave my spot next to Ann’s sexy body.

“Where are you going?”

I walked over to the box, lying on top of one of my suitcases, and picked it up. “I’m getting our toy box,” I said with a grin.

And so, we played with our toys. Not all of them, mind you…we’d already established that neither one of us was in the mood for anything that related to bondage. We had both enjoyed what we’d done a couple of nights before, and we both knew we’d do it again someday.

But Ann said it best when she said it was like an itch that needed scratched…neither one of us was feeling the itch to do it at the moment. And that’s what it would have taken for us to delve into that again. So, the items that seemed to lean toward that kind of fantasy were set aside, and we explored what else we had at our disposal in our little sexual arsenal.

I think my favorite was the little remote controlled vibrator that Ann had bought herself…the exact replica of the one that she’d given to Penny the night before. I loved being able to have Ann lie there with it inside her, the little wire connecting it to my remote, and being able turn the little knob to change the speed and intensity of the vibrations.

“This might be fun sometime when you’re tied up,” I said with a laugh.

“Oh my God…that’s sounds like torture,” she said as I backed off the speed a little, preventing her orgasm again.

“That’s kind of the point. HEY…maybe there’s a way to do it when we’re out on the town, too.”

“Oh…FUCK!” Ann said as I cranked it up, bringing her closer again.

And that was one of dozens of vibrators, dildos, and other things I used on her. And it wasn’t like what we were doing was a one way street…there were some things in the box that Ann used on me, including a vibrator that she placed against my balls and shaft that had me so close to spurting in the air that I my hips couldn’t stop flinching.

“Hmm…I may have to do that to you when YOU’RE tied up,” she said, teasing me.

It was just innocent flirting, and playful talk. But those were the first little pieces of kindling on the pile. A canlı casino pile we were going to start building that would eventually lead to the raging fire we’d feel the need to set the next time we WERE in the mood to do something along the lines of bondage. It was innocent, and it was fun to think about and talk about…but it wasn’t going to lead to anything at the moment. Later…down the line? That was another thing entirely.

Instead, we continued to play. And tease. Ann was on her hands and knees, her back bent low as her tits rested against the mattress. I was behind her, using a big vibrator on her clit while I ground a medium sized dildo slowly in and out of her wet pussy. A trail was running from that dripping cunt, flowing down both of Ann’s thighs, towards her knees. Her body started to shake again, and I didn’t stop. I hadn’t stopped…not since I started this latest toy trial.

After Ann came for the second time in a little over five minutes, she collapsed, screaming as she tried to catch her breath. That’s when she begged me to finally fuck her. And I did, climbing onto her just like she was with her body flat on the mattress, her ass sticking up ever so slightly. I put my knees against the outside of her thighs, pressing her legs together, and when I slipped my cock into that very wet hole, I’d never felt anything so tight in my life.

It was a hard, aggressive fuck. My hands were in the middle of Ann’s back, pressing her down as I abused her body. But it was the kind of abuse she lived for. She was panting and muttering things, all the while urging me to go faster, and harder, and deeper…cumming as I pounded my fleshy rod into her hot pussy. She was pinned beneath me, and I thought all she could really do was lie there and take what I was doing to her. But she still found a way to touch me, by lifting her legs at the knees and pressing her feet onto my back, kind of pushing me a little as she coaxed me to cum for her. And as odd as it sounds, that little touch had me cumming in seconds, filling her with my warm sperm.

Than time, I collapsed, falling onto her back. I pulled her with me as we rolled onto her sides, breathing as hard as we’d just fucked. And while I’m not sure, it couldn’t have been much later that I fell asleep again with Ann in my arms.

And that’s how I woke up, with Ann still nestled in my embrace. Only at some point, Ann had turned over, and was facing me. We kissed, and we touched…and then we talked…not wanting the last day of our adventure to end. We were trying to avoid going home. But we knew we had to. Just looking around at the room, we both realized it was going to take a long time just to pack everything back up. I was resigned to our fate, and I finally sat up in bed.

“We better get going, Ann. I’m sure at some point our folks are going to start to get worried.”

“I know, Neil…but it’s so tempting to stay with you like this forever.”

“I feel the same way, babe.”

Ann reached up and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me back down to my elbow. Looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, she said, “Then what do you say, lover. One more quickie before we hit the road?”


I’m not sure it counted as a quickie. But it was quick, in that we were multitasking; trying to utilize the time we had left the most efficient way possible. Ann wanted one last little dance, so to speak, and I was happy to oblige her. The only question was whether I might be able to get my cock to get hard one last time. Actually, Ann would see to that, so the real question was whether there was any cum left in my balls. But I was willing to give it a try, whether there was or not.

So, our quickie took place in the shower, with Ann’s back against the wall and her left leg help up by my right hand, just underneath her knee. And in reality, I at least held up my end of the bargain. I fucked Ann, and she had another amazing orgasm, her passion reverberating off the walls of the bathroom. But I was having trouble. I’d already cum three times, and even though I’d slept a couple of times, with all the times I’d had sex over the length of the trip, I was pretty well spent.

Ann understood, even though she tried to find a way to coax just one more load out of me. But it was one of those situations where we knew it wasn’t to be, because we were finally rushed for time. If we’d had another couple of hours, I’m sure it would have happened. I said as much, telling Ann that as hard as I was, I could cum, but it was going to take a while. She felt a little guilty for wanting one last fuck before out trip was over…because she was the only one that got off. But I assured her that it was okay…I loved fucking her, and cumming at the end wasn’t as important as her cumming for me. That made me happy.

“Are you sure?” Ann said, her own voice unsure.

I stood there, washing her breasts, the suds flowing down her sexy body. “Yes, babe…I love it that I was able to make you cum again. That makes it perfect for me.”

“And kaçak casino to think when we first got together, I wondered if you would be selfish in bed,” she said, putting her head on my shoulder as she hugged, the water raining down over the two of us.

“Did you really believe that?” I said with a little chuckle.

“Deep down, I didn’t think it was possible…you were my dream. But when I came back to Indiana the last time, I thought ALL guys were selfish in bed, Neil. I was so jaded.”

“Aw…I’m sorry,” I said, kissing her on the top of the head.

“Don’t be. I’m sorry for lumping you in with all those guys I dated before. I’m SO happy, Neil. And I’m going to spend the rest of my life making sure you cum as many times as you want to.”

“Hmm…I wish we had more time right now.”

“I’ll make it up to you baby…I promise,” she said, kissing me deeply.

And as much as I wanted to follow up on that promise at that moment, it was getting late and we had a lot of work to do to get our stuff together. We got out and dried off, and we quickly got dressed. I put on jeans and a grey T-shirt, and Ann decided to wear the same thing, only her shirt was white. Ann said she didn’t want to dress too outrageous her first time back at her parent’s house.

And that might have been a good idea, except she made a point to make sure I knew she wasn’t wearing anything under those ridiculously tight jeans…and her T-shirt was showing the outline of her brown areolas…as well as her hard nipples.

I ran downstairs and got one of the luggage carts, while Ann started packing up our clothes. We weren’t really worried about anything but getting them in the suitcases. I knew I had other things to wear at my parent’s house, and Ann’s one suitcase was still pretty organized, so she’d have things for the next day too. So, she was just putting things inside haphazardly to get us on the road sooner.

When I returned, she pretty much had our bags packed, and I put the ones that were done on the cart, waiting for her to finish with her last one. She had it lying on the bed, and she was just standing there, staring at it.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah…just trying to figure out what to do with all of this. I really don’t want all of it at the house. Not that Mom will go rummaging around in my stuff, but you never know.”

Ann was looking at all of the sex toys scattered about the bed, not to mention the ones that were still in the box.

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, Ann. You’re getting along better with her…I’m sure she’d understand. Just tell her they were gifts at a gag party.”

“They’re all out of the box, baby. And it’s not like we were careful opening the boxes…half of them were ripped.”

“Well, that’s you’re fault. You weren’t being very patient,” I laughed.

Ann smiled. “Yeah…it was a little like Christmas morning.”

“Really…you get a lot of vibrators for Christmas, do ya?”

Ann smacked me on the arm playfully and said, “You know what I mean!”

“Well, we’ll figure something out. Take the ones you want with you, and I’ll get something for the rest for now.”

I grabbed a plastic bag out of a drawer that the hotel had for people to put their dirty laundry in, and Ann started to fill it. But she’d also placed some selected items off the bed into her suitcase. When she put the sixth or seventh one in with her clothes, I started laughing.

“What?” she said with a smirk.

“Nothing…I just thought you were worried about you’re Mom finding them, and yet you keep putting more and more in your suitcase. Not to mention all of the Antonio dildos you said you have stockpiled. What is THAT all about?”

Ann sighed and said, “Well, first of all, you’re going to be gone for a while, so these might come in handy when I’m all alone and horny, and thinking about you! And I didn’t tell you about all the dildos because I didn’t want you to think I was obsessed about them.”

“That doesn’t explain why you have all of them.”

She grinned and said, “Missy gave me a dozen and a half of them for making it the top seller in her store. Do you remember the testimony that I did for it?”

“Yeah…the handwritten one, next to the display?”

“Uh huh. That was her idea. And that was the first one she’d ever done. And her boss loved the idea. It ended up working so well, they ended up doing those testimonials all over the store. And that got Missy a raise. So she gave them to me as kind of a reward for that.”

“Why? Why wouldn’t she give you something else from the store, instead? You already had four of them, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. And I kind of wondered the same thing at the time…but they were a gift, and I didn’t feel right complaining about it.”

“So, why do you THINK she gave them to you?”

“I know why now. The night of the party, she told me that she wanted to give me something from the store, but she didn’t want to give me anything that someone else might get me as a gift for the bachelorette party…or bridal shower…whatever that was. She knew no one else would give me a dildo that I already endorsed. And she said she gave me so many of them, because she knows how I am.”

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